Susan of the WAVES - Chapter III

Clipped from US, California, Oxnard, Oxnard Press Courier, October 13, 1943

DUtr. by Ult*4 Fiitvn Syndicate, la*.Susan Esterbmok, New York Clamour girl. has met Pierre Dupre, suave, handsome flibtlnc Frenchman, throng Carl Cooper, a man who seems greatly Interested In her father'soversea*Let's, thereplied. ButIImaybe 1 ought to tell you my name It’s Harvey Rogers.DIECINQ was difficult on thesmall floor, but they did well by themselves. Harvey was a good dancer, and he kept fighting off men who wanted to cut in. However. he dldnt always succeed. Other men were too insistent.An hour passed, two hours—and once more they were together, heand Busan.“I've lot to fo now.” Susan toldhim. ' “Karly morning flnt-aM class.Do X ass you again?*1 Harvey. He had a sudden How about skating? I watchedthem at the Rockefeller rink afternoon, and enviedcto skate, don't you?*I love it. mm flu Then how about lunch tomorrow, at the British resIn the sunken piasa? We cAd and skate, or nee versa.”“Let me think. said Suaai marrow’s a busy day. Butcould* «• +«Y#t *maxim. 1tvnlnmtIBarm?ItMIIiiss8usanmotherWhere's your camera and cameraman—‘the who usually follows you about?He eyedSuddenly, Busan caught her breath! Bitting alone In a corner was a young flyer who was so much like her cousin Rankin It save her s Utile shock. He had the sameblond hair, the same shaped fact.Bhe hurried over to him.Uke to dance? she asked.The flyer looked up, and arose. Thanks, no.Mind if X sit here with you?Not at all. Only I warn you I'm not very good company.”I'll risk it. said Busan.He eyed her. and asked. “Where Is your camera and cameraman?What camera and camera- Busan, ssan?Endless numbers, but none you would know. They got tryouts onthe road —and died a-boming.Now, taU ms about yourself.X thought you knew already said Busan. All those pictures and newspaper stories.The man laughed. I particularly Uked the one where you had a row with a fruit peddler who was mistreating his horse. You must have looked cuts sitting up on the■oat, 1driving the nag to theAflPCA/'X suppose you think I did It all father asked for the sake of publicity,“He'ehe talkssaidBusan shook her headX onlymot him last night, at the oanteom*But a dreamy look had^ ^ As a matter of fact. X did thinkThe one who usually follows just that—at the Hats. But X don'tBusan Ester- any more. Bines masting you. Iknow it was the publicity that •ought you. not the other wayaround.intohyou about. You're brook, aren't you?X am, said Busan. “How did you know?manr pictures of you.” “Thanks!” said Busan.father's plant.CHAPTER mUSAN made her way into the crowded canteen. It was a big night, and the place was packed with men from the Army, the Navy, the Marines, and the Air Corps. A name band was playing, and the girls who had come to dance with the men were being whirled about like so many colorful dolls.plant, Pierre falls In feove with her and, one night. be asks her to marry him. She refuses, telling him that she Is seriouslyConsidering joining the Waacs or the Waves. Dick Craig, another suitor, who Is about to leave for Washington to take a war job, has also proposed and received the same answer. 8usan’s patriotic seal Is Inspired partly baf the fast that her favorite, Is overseas. Afterleaves Pierre to go to a service canteen where she Is a hostess. Pierre is joined by Carl Cogper, who suggests that Pierre ask Su-to take him through herTveComing to the attention of people is one of the best things you do.You must have an extraordinarily good press agent.”I have no press agent,” said 8usan. And since you seem rather disapproving, perhaps I'd better toddle along.”Oh, no. don't do that! The man laid a detaining hand upon her arm. I’ve never met a glamourgirl—only seen 'em In the movies.Seeing one in person gives me something of a kick.** He grinned. And since you're sacrificing your time to entertain us brave men In uniform, stick around and do your stuff.”OUTU5 the first man Tvs metwho seems bitter about fighting—that Intrigues me.”Hey. don't get me wrong! I'm not bitter—only a bit weary andmaybe a bit disillusioned.”About what?”Oh, lots of things, but mostly because / don't have a good pressagent/*Were you an actor?Heaven forbid! Only I suppose being a playwright, or would-be playwright. Isn't any better. What plays have you written?the man replied. “Everything you have ever done has either been photographed or written up.I see/* said Susan, just a hit annoyed. “It's nice I came to your attention. It makes It unnecessary for me to introduce you trotwdtoo latefor yourhunch?meat a late breakfast, said.He took be out to a taxicab,Oood night—Busan, and thawfor being so swell.O004 night—Harvey. said Busan. I'm awfully glad you under-stand about the publicity.She gave the driver her address, and was driven away.C was one o’clock when Busanwent to bed, and eight o'clock when she went down to breakfast Her mother and father were already at the table.Well, well! Mr. Esterbrook said good-naturedly. What have I done to deserve this?Deserve what? asked and heV mother In unison.The company of both my wlf and offspring, so early In the morn ing. said Mr. Bsterbrook. Why early up. after so sarly In?Neatly put. my beloved parent Isaid Busan. X have a first-aid class at nine-thirty—work to do al a Red Cross place—a meeting to attend to hear about the shortage of stirrup pumps- and a luncheon engagement wtwi a the uniform a duty or a pleasure?Both. Busan’s face softened. Dad, he's so much like Rankin IIdoes things to BUT heart.Your heart r aald her “Then for heaven's sake, stay away from him. Poor Dick's got enoughcompetition as It is, with Pierre and half a doaen others. What branchof the servlet Is he In?He's a flyer. said Busanwouldn't talk about it. of eouras. but I've an Idea he takes bombers over. He mentioned havingover several times.'That's a pretty dangerous job.isnt It?Yes,Dad. Even the wayminds me of RankinMrs. Esterbrook looked at her closely. “I've always hading idea. Busan, that you wets Inlove withBo have It said Susan. Tve always had Rankin as a sort ef ideal—X mean I've always thought of tbs man X should marry as looking like him. being Uke him.”that mean you've fatal hi love with the young flyer? herstudied tne metre face mote closely, MI was drawn to you because you resemble a eoofttn of mine.And not for my own personalcharm?Your reflected charm only, said Susan. My cousin Is somewhere.He is? Perhaps X shall xnaot him.You mean yeu*rs going over?*9I've already been over, several times. But that's a forbidden topic.Yes, I know/* said Busan. Shall we dance now ?(fe be eoathmedi »rrke cAsreefer 1 in this eeriet areflcflfloasi