Susan of the WAVES - Chapter I

Clipped from US, California, Oxnard, Oxnard Press Courier, October 11, 1943

Dlitr. fcjr United Feature Syndicate, Inn*Re smiled and gave her a little salute. Lovely at all times, he thought, but breath-takingly love* ly when in evening attire. The red*ER IE sat alone at irummed uponender fingers, gold hair, and the clear gardenia*ith taking white skin. She was Just the typeof girl he wanted for a wife. 8hein evening, watched her 11, handsomehat she knowsespeciallywould be an ornament in his home, and a Joy to his heart.EANWHILE, Susan, after wav*ing to Pierre, had turned her attention back to her partner. What did you Shy, Dick?'* sheitasked.ik. the news-f the New York opera, and first ater. Beautiful, desirable beyond st as unpredict-rd about her and n the newspapersr. And then Carl it them together, ing an intermis-“Dam It I Can't you forget that Frenchman long enough to listen?** Sorry ,*• Susan said. “But after all. he did bring me here.**•i“Only because he beat me to it by about ten minutes.**“You haven't yet told me what it was you said.**“I was proposing for the 'steenthtime. said Dick.v premiere, when in whom he hadige.1Oh. is that all!'* laughed Susan. “I was also saying that Wash-were having a ington would be pretty hectic,**Dick went on, “but that we could“Good for her!** Dick exclaimed. “It's impossible to talk sensibly with you. Dick! Susan flared.“Proposing is talking sensibly.**said Dick. “Come on, darUi g, marry me!**I cant, answered S*Tta.D1CK frowned as several men inuniform danced past them. “If you think it's any fun being turned down for active service because of this knee of mine, you're crasy. I wish I'd never seen a football fl eld.**“Don’t get all wrought up. Y *mve going to be doing important wuk in Washington, so forget the r.ii-form part of it**“That's easier said than done.Dick smiled crookedly. “Maybe Iought to let you Join up, after alt A man who can't wear a uniform ought to have a wife wearing one.“sniy! '* 8usan laughed. “8teer me back to my table. I'm treatingPierre shamefully.“Listen, Susan, Dick said seriously, “be careful with these suavehe sat, impatient and annoyed, while she waltzed with another man.\ a huge factory [and, Carl hadmake a go of it—being in love.“But, Dick, I—“Besides, he interrupted, I*U be doing some pretty important work, and you'll mix with all the right people.“I'm sick of mixing with the right people, said Susan. “I've been doing it all my life. X keep feeling that 1 should be doing the right ^ .things Instead of meeting the right Busan, bowed.foreigners. Dont forget your dad'factory Is turning out war mater ials. and—saidtineMM, Dick thanked hurried off.Utileyou're thinking WAACs or theoaeAt to marry•hell WAVES r* laid Dick. You knowher mother wen “You've known Dick were both Idda,•aide He hae theeh aboutaway doing non-essential I “You're an air raid wardenortiy after Pearl you dance at thehan r»a non IMA WAktiddontAnd that. Is onehedUto•ighod,of the W AInd he plans to Bin plant.[ream—walking!bd replying» nottime that Carl ested in the fae*Irl* “I'd like veryW arranged. saidknow her?I met me alon sure.hed their way hat was milling the new play. Arre was bowingdt. he had seenas often as herweuld permit, sat, impatient die she waltzed n, one who was 6eriuus, to Judgeon ea he talked«to the table,at Pierre,\you?Of course, hut-“That's not enough.“Nonsense I retorted Dick. If're so eager to win the war all yourself, why dont you get gJob in your dads factory?perfectly well* Susan, that yoi “I only know that Rankin, myfavorite cousin, is off somewhere fighting while X fritter my timeI'd thought of that. • But Dad hit the ceilingpeople. X keep—“Dont tell meof Joining the■Qoodt^HAnd when!ytalk like an _Bumo. Anyway Plerre’a a rifht-log Frenchman.Dick ehrui g«t “Oh, wan, I up.poaa he’a all rlght5^Aa they reached the table where«nmn ftltnoted his sUgni ump.Always so active____like that I Maybe themarry him. After in marrying aall your life?Now, she foreedthinking aboutto Pton* , . ,Pierre wee alt