Clipped from US, California, Oxnard, Oxnard Press Courier, July 25, 1966

SHATTKR MORi n KK(OKI)Thp I'nilPd Stales' l.WMl-moler rela.v tram tumps for joy after the winning team were left to righl, Roh Frey. I,ee F.vansselling a new world record in the e\eni at the Times Interna lommie Smith and 1 heron I,ewi.slional (iames vesterdav vMth the time o| it fi .Memlx-rs ofBv FRANK O REILLY%LOS ANGELES (AP) - Two world records were broken and three American marks fell, hut a pair of weary decathlon mengaspinp through the shafk»us ofevening climaxed the drama.Track and field stars in the two-day I.os A'agele-^ Times International Games wore plentifulJohn Innoi set a w(»rld [ole vault mark of 17 feet 8*4 in(h-es; Au^traiian distance pheni^m-ennn Ron Clark was a double wirmer at S fMM) and meters, Jim Ryun won the half-mile. and the I .S. l.fitMI-moter relay team clipped a second off the world recordBut as the sun set on the rim of Memorial Coliseum vSunday night, 25,00(1 of the 34.150 attending remained. Russ Hodge and Bill Toomey, after consecutive afternoons of exertion in 90-degree heat, faced the concluding 1.500 meters with a possible world decathlon mark in sight.SET PACET(Hmry holds the ponding mark of H.234 points, set in Salma. Kans , earlier this month He broke fast and set the pace.As the runner^ circled the track n fbH'[)ening du^k. fans sent up a cheer—first on one Side of the (’oliseum. then on the otherMINUTEARRIERAs the track announcer called the lap times, the crowd stood to cheer the strugg'ing runners to the tape Toomey crossed the finish line and collapsed into thearms of team mates Hodge followedBoth had come just '-horl of the needed times, hut Hodge, who mis.sed hy only S seconds, was the winner with k.L’-lfl points and WHS \oted the meet's rnit-stHTiding (lerformer Tfomoy trailed with ft.'ilOThe onlv world mark to he broken Sundav was the l.fihd mctrr rclav standard The I S team of Hob Frey. Lee PAans. Tommie Smith and Theron Lew IS clocked a 2 59 fi. eclipsing the 3 00 7 run bv the Americanwteam in the 1%4 Olympics WINS 200 METERSSmith, who returned to competition after a leg injury, won the 2(K) meters in 20.5 before racing an incredible 43 8, 400 meter leg in the relay.Afterwards, the 22-year - old San .lose State ‘200-meter record holder said, “I really poured it on on the backsfretch. but I usually do Rut as long as I could finish I'm satisfied Ryun ran a record breaking 3:.ir3 mile weekend in Berkeley. Calif. but was unen-thusiastic about his half - mile time of 1 4fi'2 and HOf) - meter clocking of I 45.5 Sunday.The If) \ear-old Kansas fresh-|man said. ‘T wasn’t really sure about getting a record, since it's pretty hard to get yourself keyed up every week Something went wrong with the pace, and then I felt heavy the last 200 yards l.onkmg back on a reason of tw'o world records and the of more. Rvun added. This IS n It's belt;‘n a long season— a good season, but now it's limeto call It quits Now I'll probably run only three, four, five • *milev a day—if that *%A (iOOl) K( \Clarke, a 29-year-old veietan and holder of a bundle of rec ords. called his lO.IMiO-metcr win in '2k: 1.3 0 a good run ” It was the ever in America, but short of his 27:.‘W 4 year inOslo, .Norway.The Australian also won the 5,000 meters in 13:28 4 Saturday. He wanted to go for records, but the heat was prohibitive, he saidTo |oo.sen up after 5.000 meters and prepare for the longer(li.sfanee. Clarke ran ‘25 minutes Sunday morning And to pass the time while running far in front, he said I watched the javelin as I wont byI’rnnel. whose world record was set Saturdav. said he has Hdopicd ii cerebral approach topole \ aulting On the way down the runway I concentrated on (iriving those last f:ve steps Then the way up I ron(Wtrated on kicking m legs right ”Then on the way down, the 2n rar-o!d \rleran. now living m (ilendale. Falif ^aid. Ilooked lip and aw the bar wa-Ntoadv. and I thought. Boy,this IS If ■Pennol's vault broke the record of 17 5*.^, el h\ hb apa.t-meni r(»onimaic r»oh Seaurenearlier thiv -pnncRl ( (IRHS SI II'he three \im' nutik-v\erc Satiiidav heiore 27.S|fi Triple iiini[M'r \ri W.dkerof I.os ;\ngeU*s hopped, -stepped andjumped 54-11. evcoeding IN' 54 7'*4 he registerofi a w’ook be fore in Herkelevfharlntto Cooke the IS-year old high school student from Lor Angeles, was timed in 2 for fiOO meters and 2 04 6 for fifiO yards, bettering her prevnoiismarks of 2 04 7 and 2 05 0. respectivelyOther top winners in the competition that came about w'hen the Russian team refused to come—were Jim (indie. 1.50nmoters. 3 44 a. Rrdph Boston long lump. 20 9, M Oerterdiscus. 205 - 7. Rands .\IalS(»n shot put. F\an. 400meKTs. 4.V2. and Charlie (ireen, 100 meters. ID \