Comic Clipping from Oxnard Press Courier, Mon, Jul 22, 1957.

Clipped from US, California, Oxnard, Oxnard Press Courier, July 22, 1957

VOLUME 50 NUMBER 18—PRICE FIVE CENTSsicLOtane-ckadit-act.hea•heB.*edange»ysvnoftatP-iseedle.hesemHsaSiinjDeHe]coiontheRochcsajIChth(artsalSHERIFF’S DEPUTY Perry Barker sits impassively at right as his attorney, M. Arthur Waite, left, argues against a threat to cite his client for contempt for refusal to answer questions.—Press-Courier PhotohevieZO]PI;thtOxdo’Hearing on Demotion OpensFBarker Faces Contempt Threat: na:I d isfrc fersicri VENTURA — Sheriff’s Depu-| At a Grand Jury hearing last|to look at the notes, ty Perry Barker was forced toil-ct.toofe-il-otase-la,aper-311testify under threat of contempt this morning in a hearing before the Ventura Civil Service Commission.Deputy Barker is appealing his demotion from sheriff’s lieutenant after a recent dispute.month, the jury refused to take any action against Chief Weiner after hearing Deputy Barker’s testimony.No AdviceHe said that neither Sheriff William Suytar nor Undersher-ed,Attorneys Deem and Waite po clashed at the outset of theitll:th;with Santa Paula Police Chief!iff Volney Cummins gave him George Weiner. any advice as to what to do inrea-r)ese~»•i-tslitA series of minor clashes over the legality of procedures culminated in the contempt move by Deputy /District. Attorney Woodruff Deem representing the Sheriff’s Office.;ni-ty2risat3-tsKeeps MumTle move came after Deputy Barker refused to answer 15 consecutive questions “on the advice of counsel.”Attorney M. Arthur Waite, representing Deputy Barker, claimed that Deputy Barker did not have “to testify against himself.”The commission, led by Bis-mark Basolo, ruled that Deputy Barker should testify or be cited for contempt. The commission explained that Deputy Barker would not have to answer incriminating questions. Attorney Waite said the pro-the situation.Deputy Barker said that the sheriff told him, “I don't want nothing to do with it. You started this mess.”Deputy Barker also said that Undersheriff Cummins and thechief investigai or in thehearing over whether evidence from the Grand Jury hearing 'YY on Deputy Barker’s charges 1 should be admitted as evidence. meThe commission decided that va it would not accept evidence from the Grand Jury hearing as testimony.Other witnesses this morning were Mayor Everett Morrison of Santa Paula, Capt. Herbert L. Dynge of the Santa Paula police department and Councilman William L. Marchant of Santa Paula. o ............. — — v*1 - I, i —.IShasu:W€saina lex thweretrict attorney’s office friends of Chief Weiner.Therefore, he said, he felt that an investigation of Chief Weiner “would not be handled right.”Row Over Testimony■*«.ton-r1-it?rt-cedure was “improper.” He saidthat the district attorney's office was acting as prosecutor and also as legal adviser to the commission.Deputy Barker repeated hischarges that Chief Weiner hasbeen “feeling me out to see if I would stand still for vice in Santa Paula.”se/#Under Age,Find LoopholeEarlier Mr. Waite and Mr.Deem squabbled over testimonyby Albert J. Tate, former acting city engineer in Satnta Paula.Mr. Deem, who called the witness, wanted to ask only specific questions. Mr. Waite demandedy relate his com-n with Deputy part of it.■n ruled that i tie completeanenedft1tltthat Mr. T^tplete cr~Barker,The Cv;Mr. Fatestory.Mr. Tate said that DeputyBarker told him that “they were out to get him.”Deputy Barker told Mr. Tate that the morale in the SantaPaula police department was poor.Mr. Tate said that he and Deputy Barker talked to Sgt. C. T- Gaines of the Santa Paula police department, who told them that the situation at the department was the “worst he had ever seen.”Move to TransferMr. Tate said he had gotten a call May 31 from a Santa: Paula councilman sayirig that the council had taken action to transfer Deputy Barker from the Santa Paula area.Dr. and Mrs. O. IWorld Church LmmAnother flare-up occured • #when Santa Paula Councilman! rirst cousin as zJames Cau kins testified with, „ , ,1/u. , ... . , rn,written notes in his hand. Mr. Some 1-J0° S”0815 Sacred TlCaulking claimed that they were personal notes to refresh hismemory.Commission chairman Basoloruled that Mr. Waite be allowedyesterday afternoon at the World Church ranch on West Potrero road for a reception following the second marriage ofthe church’s founder.The Rev. Dr. Orval Lee Jag-__atthre best 12 u “Tn song