Comic Clipping from Oxnard Press Courier, Thu, Jan 4, 1962.

Clipped from US, California, Oxnard, Oxnard Press Courier, January 4, 1962

Music loverflees fromVENTURA — A 31 -year old guitar playing laborer executed a daring roof-top escape from County Jail yesterday afternoon while awaiting trial for a previous escape from Oxnard city jail.The laborer, Fabian S. Sanchez of the Buena Vista Labor Camp, was one of 18 prisoners takingthe sun on a rooftop compoundatop the jail, according to Sheriff m William Hill.Sanchez, believed to have been aided by other prisoners, climbed the chain-link and barbed wire fence enclosing the compound while the jailers’ attention was diverted. Sheriff Hill said.Sheriff Hill said that Sanchezthan made it to the roof of the mam county office building ad-joining the jail, lowered himself to a third floor window ledge,' . de- climbed in a window and walked ^ ‘ vice out through the building. “How 'ious the heck he got out of there ij J mdi- don't know yet,” the Sheriff said. ■l of )rat-iIbaps iting I bemirt,casethatptedtitu-ong-con-cted who a tedSheriff Hill said the prisoner may have taken off because he was lonesome for his guitar, nardj Earlier in the day he had sent ordi- a letter to the Sheriff asking that orce he be allowed to have his guitar1 ^ with him. The sheriff had not faclt; yet acted on the request.Sanchez’ letter to Sheriff Hill said in part:“Sir sheriff:“I want to tell you that I havebeen thinking 1 hat I would ask you 07' not let me have my guitar in here.”“1 know I have to keep on playing the guitar if I want to be a good guitarist some day. That's mp. why I’m pleading to you to have my guitar in here and make myself a little more pleasant life and give a little fun in here. If you say no 1 see no reason law absolutely for me to he denied have my guitar in here.” jicjjn I Sanchez’ previous escape took t jt place on Sept. 5 when he slipped saicj away from a road gang. He hadi j been serving a 180-day sentence 1 Jfor intoxication, disturbing the peace and resisting arrest. He, 1 ' was picked up in Los Angeles £°s,t on Nov. 27. ,KucReturned to Oxnard, Sanchez told Municipal Court Judge Philip West that he would not plead guilty. I don’t want to have it j® ^ on my conscience that I pleaded ®Pguilty. The Court must find me 1guilty,” he said through a court interpreter.Sheriff Hill said that Sanchez I00”1 has always been escape minded. I^e[e Whenever he is taken anywhere he takes his toothbrush and comb | along. ! . ,nonluraponTtheTraj T. i tod; i forr Bar HueMnoiiiconlgeleRlt; Veil A ssi wanicphseenBe-;0W-tingurtedConjRlt;diesisti-ior-ex-instrestfor i at t