Comic Clipping from Oxnard Press Courier, Wed, Aug 27, 1958.

Clipped from US, California, Oxnard, Oxnard Press Courier, August 27, 1958

Plea for Law to ProtectNationals Goes to CountyA request by county,” he added.Mr. Wolven indicated that theVENTURA. — the city of Oxnard asking county supervisors for legislation to safety precautions are not cov-insure the Mexican National ‘‘a cred by any federal regulationsdegree of safety which nor California vehicle codes.thehigherhe does not now have' inway of transportation has been referred ot the district attorney's office for study.The request was sent by Oxnard City Manager Paul E. Wolven.Mr. Wolven wrote that a “need apparently exists for county legislation to protect the Mexican National from unsafe transportation equipment and practices.In referring the matter to thedistrict attorney to determinethe board’s authority to control such cases, supervisors advisedthat the Highway Patrol andSheriff’s Department be consulted.Body FoundnRiverbedbody of an foundVENTURA. — Theunidentified man was yesterday afternoon in the Santa Clara riverbed, Deputy Coro-i'he council has investigated and found that the Mexican National is frequently transported in vehicles which are unsafereportedare used and the excessive numbers that are crowded into the boys, Jim Combs, equipment,” hew rote tan Beach, and his cousin,Legislation Needed Wiggins, 15, 711 Corsicana drive,“The Mexican National ap-| El Rio. The boys said they werepears to be without adequate [down in the riverbed near tn« legislation to insure his safety;Saticoy Ruck Company shoo while travelling between the la-1.22 rifles when they s um bor camp and the various shop- j on the body, face down nearUpiotf and raeroatioa cuoas of vvooU*.The bodv was found by twa16, Manhat*Mik*