Comic Clipping from Oxnard Press Courier, Fri, Aug 13, 1965.

Clipped from US, California, Oxnard, Oxnard Press Courier, August 13, 1965

—PHONF 4831101Aikens facestwo murderindictmentssa i \r upinn 11IUII* 111 l^/l IU fUl, yean. (Continued from Page I) whlc South Santa Cruz street, one P('( block east of Aikens* home, and Ar Mrs. Dodd lived at 499 South jm Hurst street, one block west of ....M Aikens.r Aikens has never confessedi • 11t to committing either murder. (0li‘ However, it is believed he may (;r'r have confided in someone close to him who |erhaps tipped off ■ 1 investigators. That person, pro- I sumahlv was one of the witness-% Wcs paraded before the ft rand ^ •fury todayOne source aid Vikcn^ had t claimed hr had gone tn the nuc Dodd home to burglarize n and to Mr^ Dodd surprised him when Ho she eajne home and walked in- aff to the kitchen where Viketis had the attempted to hide Reportedly, he grabbed a butcher knife andSrat' lunged for her. Mrs. Dodd G ^ ^ believed to have wheeled and‘ darted out the side door with I* her attacker in pursuit. maThe home was the last house on the west side of the dead* end of Hurst street and is ' bordered by a field which leadsto the railroad tracks. Police had theorized her attacker* caught her in the middle of the- field and raped her They pre-: sumed she might have pleadedfor her life, then made another [• frantic da^h for freedom, only to be caught after she crossed- the railroad tracks and reach-r rd the yard of a neighbor onVista Del Mar avenue \ neighbor hearing her i. screams, dashed out of the house and found Mrs Dodd f* draped on a wire wicket fence — dead Witnesses appearing before the Grand Jury were: 1'Mrs. Dodd’s husband. Robert, who is now a music teacher m I the Southland.Mrs. Claire McWilliams, Ventura police ('apt. John Mac Donald, Ventura police officer Ray Neal, sheriff s crime laboratory specialist Tom Welland, county pathologist Dr. Gerald , K Ridge, B G White and , Fredrick Frazier.Mrs F.aton's husband. Frank fit. is confined to a bed ai home and reportedly in critical con ditinn as a result of cancer i Yesterday. Deem and the court appointed attorneys for \ikens. Ren \shh and Kenneth Haymaker, spent hours at the Katon home taking a dcposition from Katon regarding the% ^murder of his wife.