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Combat Stars And Stripes Newspaper Archives Nov 5 1943, Page 1

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Combat Stars and Stripes (Newspaper) - November 5, 1943, 5th Army front, 5th Army front The fifth army vol. I. No. Xiv combat equip Ripe Italy 5 november 1943jap Fleet beaten by radio nov. 4�?a fairly Light but Strong japanese Fleet has been Cut to pieces off the Solomon islands in the Southwest Pacific. The Fleet made up of cruisers destroyers and cargo vessels had been rushed into the new Britain Island Region to intercept any Allied attempt to drive the japanese from their last big stronghold Rabaul. Allied warships and planes attacked the nip ponese and gave them their worst beating since the defeat of the bismark sea. Hirohito lost two cruisers three destroyers seven cargo ships and two tankers. Aircraft engaged in the Battle. Extending their operations Over air bases destroyed 67 nip fighters in the air 18 on the ground. In the whole operation our losses were 18 bombed London nov. 4 a two widely separated German Industrial towns were targets for 4,000 tons of Allied bombs during a 12-hour period yesterday. A Little More than half of this tremendous Load of flattening destruction was dropped on the Rhei Bank City of Dussel Dorf by the Raf Early last night. In Daylight just a few hours earlier. British based american bombers carried out a Daylight raid on the seaport of continued 911 Page 4 cossacks mop up routed nazis More planes Washington nov. 4�?artier-ica�?Ts War plane production for october reached new records of 8,362 planes chairman of the War production Board Donald Nelson ours Berlin nov. 4 a the German news Agency quotes Berlin military quarters As saying that British troops have landed behind German lines in Eastern Italy. These would be troops of general Montgomery s eighth army. There a no confirmation from Allied sources sixty More villages fall to reds fifth army hq., nov. 4�?in the quiet darkness throughout All of last night various elements of american forces on the right flank of general Mark Clarks fifth army made their Way across the Volturo River and Early today had occupied key ground. The area crossed gives the fifth a Semi circular stretch of territory some seven to eight Miles Long on the German aide of the River. The nazis surrendered the Section with its strategic Heights without much continued on Page 4 germans build shelters uncover old ruins Berlin nov. 4 a in the ancient City of Trier on the Banks of the Mosel where that River runs through the Idar Wald Forest workmen have uncovered remains of a still More ancient culture that of the romans dating Back to the last part of the first Century of the Christian Era. The ancient remains of decorated temples and roman houses were uncovered the other Day As work progressed on the building of air raid shelters and reservoirs for emergency water Supply. German archaeologists say the Long buried ruins resemble closely the buildings of roman origin uncovered in Pompeii. Excavations immediately in front of Trier Cathedral revealed remains of a fire dating Back to the fourth Century. Holes for shelters dug in the Palace Square uncovered roman houses of the same period. In the ruins was found a Beautiful mural painting dated second Century and depicting common scenes of the daily life of the people. Another finding was made in the Ida Wald Forest South of Hochscheid. There workmen discovered the Structure of a roman Temple and several Well preserved figures. One of these is a statue of the goddess Sirona wife to Apollo. One painting shows an old Man with a Lyre. The painting is so Complete that All details of the old instrument can be studied. Moscow nov. 4 a clean up squads of Cossack horsemen and crack russian Mobile units Are Clearing the last germans out of the Steppes country East of the lower Dnieper River cutting to pieces the isolated groups that try to make a stand. Some 60 new villages fell to russian hands in the area Between the Dnieper and the coast of a Krinitski As red army forces drove relentlessly towards the crossing East of Kherson. Meanwhile other russians who Are heading Southwest upon Kherson from the Bridgehead they established in taking a Kovka Are advancing without much opposition. It was mostly cossacks who drove the germans through the streets of a Kovka which they reached by traversing Cross country when other russian units had cleared their flanks by surprising attacks made in the enemy a rear from the cover of High roads along the Riv lors bordering marshes. North of this Region the russian attack was reaching the crossing below Nik Opol valuable manganese Center along the Dnieper. Germans were trying desperately to marshal what few men they could gather of their shattered divisions to defend the City. Most of these Battles in this Southern Region of the vast russian front Are being fought in the ghastly pall of smoke from burning wheat Fields of the Rich Ukraine country. To capture these wheat Fields Hitler spilt the blood of thousands upon thousands of the youth of Germany. Now his weary and battered soldiers Are setting fire to the wheat As they flee. Russian ail assault Over the Southern front is gaming in Fervour every Day with the taking of an Airfield Chain the germans had constructed South of the Dnieper. Over the scene of German chaos and ruin broken and abandoned trucks and tanks and guns hover the War Birds of Russia like vultures Over a scene of i death
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