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Columbus Daily Telegram Newspaper Archives May 28 1966, Page 1

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Columbus Daily Telegram, The (Newspaper) - May 28, 1966, Columbus, NebraskaThe number 126 eighty seventh year daily Telegram , Nebraska saturday May 28, ,1966 evening except single copy governor Calls special session starting june 6 on full Alert bulletin by William b. Ketter United prets International Lincoln gov. Error. Morrison today called a special session of the Nebraska legislature for june e to remedy Hie state s intangible tax crisis. The democratic chief executive said no other subject matter will be included in the deliberations which the governor can limit by Law. He said the University of Nebraska s budget problem Stem Ming from higher than Alici Patel enrolments will be left to the next regular session which convenes Jan. 3, 1967. Morrison said legislative leaders have assured him t he University will be taken care of then. The school has pegged half a million dollars of its 1966 67 a supple mental appropriation in Early 1967. The governor had also been1 asked to include the controversial educational service units Law of 1965, fair housing legislation and the state judges retirement act in the. Special session Call but these were All left out. Morrison said the urgent need for remedial intangible lax legislation was the Only reason he decided to Beckon the lawmakers Back. He said he will submit specific Bills on the subject. He said they Are now being drafted. State and local officials have been extremely concerned about Revenue sources Ever since the Nebraska supreme court ruled april 9 that Stock held by nebraskans in. Non resident corporations must be taxed at Book instead of higher Market value reversed the traditional policy of the state with reference to the valuation of. Mor Rison said. It is feared the decision Cou d Cut state and local tax collections by As much As million including in Omaha atone. Last year Nebraska collected nearly million in intangible taxes on corporation Stock. The bulk of ibis went to the cities counties and school districts. One sixth went to the state. The mayors of Omaha Lin Coln and scots emf had urged the governor to Call a special session on taxes would not be forced to make up lost Revenue through higher real estate taxes. Morrison agreed a crisis existed. However he said the extra Ordinary session will hot seek Long Range solutions to the state s tax problems. He said this can be done later when the legislators have More time to consider All aspects of Taxa Tion. Weather to be pleasant 56 Low this morning 94 High Friday 64 High year ago 39 Low year ago by United press International partly Cloudy skies and pleasant temperatures Are fore cast for East and Central Nebraska tonight and sunday. Some isolated thundershowers activity is predicted for the Central portion late tonight and Early sunday. The weather Bureau said lows tonight will Range in the 4fls, and highs sunday will be in the 70s North and 80s South. Grand Island was the hottest spot in the state Friday with 96, one degree warmer than at Lincoln. The overnight Low was 45 at Valentine. The Panhandle will have lows tonight of 40-50 and highs sunday will be 75-s5. Scattered precipitation is forecast for the Western part of the state tonight and again sunday. Eastern Nebraska variable cloudiness tonight and sunday. Cooler tonight. Lows tonight mid and upper 40s. Highs sunday mid and upper. 70s North 80-85 South. Nebraska variable cloudiness tonight and sunday but Wilh isolated thundershowers in Central portion late tonight or Early sunday. Little cooler to night. Lows tonight generally in 40s. High sunday upper 70s North to 80s South. Astronauts getting medical checks gape Kennedy up astronauts Thomas Stafford and Eugene Cernan their eagerness whetted by postpone ment got final major medical checks today for their gemini 9 Blastoff now set Back until wednesday. Or. Duane Walterson Astro naut flight surgeon gave the pilots for the three Day Rendez Vous and spacewalk flight a 90 minute going Over Starling at . Edt. The physical was a repeat of one the astronauts received before their first launch try May 17. Agree on contract to open Job corps Center at Lincoln Washington con tract agreement to open a new Job corps Center at Lincoln air Force base has been announced by the office of economic Opportunity. Leo director Sargent Shriver said the Center will be operated by the manage ment systems co., a subsidiary of the Northern natural Gas co. The contract million in government funds will provide Job training and Basic Educa Tion including Reading writing and arithmetic. After the initial 13 months the contract May be extended for an additional four years Havana up the armed forces ministry said today the cuban armed forces have gone on full Alert and Are prepared for immediate combat if circumstances require it. Premier Fidel Castro ordered the cuban people and military on a state of Alert Friday night in the Wake of what he called thousands of provocation by . Marines at the american Guantanamo naval base. A communique issued by the ministry in the name of the joint chiefs of staff today said the nation s armed forces had been put on Alert and had adopted All pertinent Mea sures to go immediately into combat readiness if circumstances demand Castro gave the order in a radio broadcast after issuing two bitter anti american communiques in which he denounced a Border clash Between . And cuban soldiers Mon Day and called . Military chiefs "s.o.b. the first communique at tacked a statement by the Pentagon Friday which said six armed cuban soldiers penetrated the naval base monday and exchanged gunfire with . Marines on guard. In the second he rejected a protest Over the incident which Secretary of state Dean Rusk said was made to Cuba. He warned Rusk not to bother sending the protest because the cuban government will not receive the Swiss ambassador to receive Rusk told a news conference Friday that the United states was forwarding its protest to through the Swiss and communist czechoslovakian embassies in Havana the usual route for diplomatic messages. The incident monday the Lith of its kind reported since Castro seized Power in Cuba occurred about 48 hours after a single cuban who climbed Over a the base was shot and wounded. The cuban government said later the Man had died and there was speculation that monday s invaders were seek ing to avenge the death. But none of the marines was hit by gunfire and the cubans fled apparently unharmed Castro said the Pentagon account of the incident was As lying As it is false in the same Way As their version of the murder of the cuban we can assert categorically that no such incident or any other like it or of any Type was Ever provoked before nor now by any cuban Soldier who guards that Castro said. To the cubans Castro said the chiefs of the Pentagon Are nothing but a Bunch of soulless reactionaries reckless bandits and criminals without con science and cowards to he called the american imperialists sons of a the latter phrase apparently was devised specifically for the americans since the Spanish expression he used of female dogs has no currency among Spanish speaking Peoples and is not known to be used even in Street talk. Huelva Spain wreckage of a French mystery Jet fighter lies on the ground Here. Up no explanation for crash of 6 French supersonic Jet fighters traffic deaths running ahead of last year by United prets internat Tauri millions of americans flocked to the highways today in the first phase of a Long memorial Day Holiday weekend. The National safety Council had predicted that Between 460 and 540 persons would be killed in traffic accidents Between 6 ., Friday and . Tuesday. By 11 . Edt at the end of the first 17 hours of the 80 memorial Day weekend mishap this Driver is among the More fortunate David. Macken of Platte Center and safety patrol trooper. F. Savage inspect the wreckage of Macken s 1958 Auto which sideswiped a cattle truck this morning four Miles Louth of Humphrey on . 81. Macken told the trooper his car went Over the Enterline and struck the Corner of the truck shearing off the Side of his car. His Only injury was a nosebleed. Cecil r. Atkisson of Vernon Tex. Was driving the truck. Savage said that spilled diesel fuel on the Roadway caused a Hazard for some time Early this morning. Telegram photo kill 466 communist guerrillas Saigon up soldiers in two divisional operations killed a total of 466 communist guerrillas More than a full Viet Cong battalion Days of fighting . Military authorities reported today. A spokesman said units of the . 25th infantry division ended. Operation Wahiawa Friday night with a total kill of 155 Viet Cong. Ten others were captured during the 12-opera lion 35 Miles Northwest of Saigon. . Casualties were reported As Light. The . 1st air cavalry division sweeping the elephant grass of the Vinh Thanh Valley 275 Miles North of Saigon in operation crazy killed a Tola of 311 guerrillas during the same period. The division s latest assault came Friday when one of its units intercepted a platoon of attacking guerrillas 10 Miles Northeast of a special forces Camp. The communist attack on the Camp was one of n series on the Green Beret installations throughout South Viel Nam and May have signalled the begin Ning of the guerrillas much Buddhist mobs storm streets Saigon up of howling anti government buddhists led by monks on bicycles stormed through the streets of Saigon tonight. They waved banners calling Sorela of slate Dean Rusk and by s. Defense Secretary Robert Mcnamara warmongers. Police and South vietnamese marines used tear Gas earlier in the Day to disperse one howling group of Anil govern ment demonstrators and threatened to use vomit Gas diarrhoea Gas Gas whose foul smelling effects last Many hours. But the buddhists to overthrow Premier Nguyen Cao by ignored the threats and stormed out of the Viet Hoa Pagoda thousands Strong to protest by s government and made the first personal attacks yet launched on . Officials. In the Audiest anti american outburst Ever seen during eight Days of rioting in the streets an estimated to buddhists swung away from their Pagoda with a great Roar waving anti Rusk and anti Mcnamara banners. They rampaged Down the streets until they ran into three state alarm for Man who robbed Nebraska couple Cheyenne Wyo. Three state alarm was Broad cast Early today for a Short Man wearing a Derby Hal who reportedly robbed and threat ened a Nebraska couple late Friday just South of the Colo Rado Wyoming stale line. Officers in Wyoming Colo Rado and Nebraska were look in for a car belonging to or. And mrs. Larry Hess of Gering neb., stolen Friday night after Hess and his wife were forced to drive the Man wailing riot police and Batullo toughened paratroopers. The Buddhist hordes Cut Down a Side Street and away from the threat of More Lear Gas and possibly worse. In is first demonstration the government dispersed a mob of about buddhists barely five blocks from the Vien Hoa Dao Pagoda where they started. They did nol use the More toxic gases. Then Loni Ghl the Buddhist monks called their followers into action again and streamed out of the Pagoda pedalling toward the wailing riot police and government marines while their followers trotted along behind. V less participated in today s first demonstration than paraded through the streets Friday when police and troops finally broke up their protest by firing tracer bullets Over their Heads. Three children suffocate in old refrigerator Sioux City Iowa up three children suffocated in an abandoned refrigerator Friday afternoon at the farm of de Wayne Benson Miles East of Here. The children were the three youngest of eight Lien son Chil Dren. They were identified As Cindy Elaine Benson 5, Dwight 4, and Gerald 2. The children were in the custody of their 14 year old sister Connie Marie who was baby silting while the father worked in the Field Wilh three of the Benson boys. The children were last seen alive at The Rescue squad was summoned at Benson discovered the Chil Dren when he returned from town to pick up mrs. Benson at work. He did t notice any of the younger children playing out Side and checked the Nick in House where the refrigerator was located. Hotel manager says he was misquoted Chicago up former i accused of turning wounded Viet Nam War veterans away from the Conrad Hilton hotel because they would depress other customers said Friday he was misquoted. Porter p. Harris manager of the Chicago Hilton made ills statement refused to say it was an apology Veter ans groups had threatened to Boycott Hilton hotels. I would not do anything to Hurt Harris said. "1 did not say other patrons of the hotel would be depressed if the servicemen attended the show. I be done everything possible to alleviate the situation. I m sorry it vaunted Monsoon two Viet Cong battalions hit an Spe Cial forces Camp Dong Hod 25 Miles West of Saigon and 10 Miles East of the cambodian Border in one of the strongest attacks in hat area in months. About the time the 1st Cav s aril Ery and flare ships were driving off the communists in Ibe Vonh Tii Anh Valley units of the infantry division killed five guerrillas and captured three during an assault on an infantry position 12 Miles Northeast of the do co Green Beret Camp 215 Miles North of Saigon. Although All the attack s Camo As a Surprise to some military observers others saw method in the Viet Cong assaults on the Small Camps. One reliable . I Ilary source told United press International thai if he were heading a Viet Cong unit he would avoid big american ground forces and strike at smaller isolated As he special forces Camps. He suggested that the Viet Cong stood a much better Chance in these attacks of at least winning a propaganda Victory. Miss Columbus pageant will be held tonight final plans have been made for miss Columbus Page ant tonight at Columbus Junior High school Wildi orium. Vying for the Crown n o w worn by Mary Ellen Friend will be Joann Wozny Jane pet Erson Mary Kay Mielak Lin Broughton Barbara Ames. Jane Wisehart and suzanne1 Brown. Girls will be judged on Lal tiie Hilton s "swingin1 new personality and a musical ice revue in the Yearance. They will appear in Boulevard room was to have formal attire swimsuits and been the High Point of a night costumes for their Talent. Final on the town for nearly 100 gis requisite for girls in Competition Viet Nam wi-1 be extemporaneous answer recuperating from Vii wounds at the naval Hospital. Great lakes Flower Beds Chicago up office of Chicago mayor Richard j. Daley announcing plans to Seville Spain up French authorities said today they had no reasonable explanation for the crash Friday of six mystery in supersonic Jet fighters whose pilots apparently lost their Way on a training flight ran out of fuel and bailed out safely. Five of the planes crashed in Spanish territory and the sixth was believed to Nave gone Down in in the southwestern part of the iberian Peninsula. French and Spanish authorities said no one on the ground was Hurt in any of the crashes. Tie Brief announcement by French officials did not add anything immediately to the facts surrounding the crash or an earlier statement by the defense ministry in Paris. Privately the officials said they were at a loss to understand tha Accident. Five of the pilots were reported to be ?.l the military airbase of Tablada in Sevile and the sixth was on his Way. None was reported injured. The French defense ministry in Paris said the six jets were on a training flight to Seville from the Cazaux air base near Bordeaux France. An unconfirmed report said the planes were to have refuelled at the civilian Airport of san Pablo aft1 Seville and then continue to an base in Africa. They could nol land the Airport san apparently because of meteorological conditions and subsequently crashed because of a Lack of the ministry statement said. A spokesman at the French consulate in Spain quoted one of he pilots Bertrand Olivier As saying be lost his the weather in the area was overcast making it difficult for Iho pilots to locate the Airport and one report said the pilots lost radar Contact with san Pifelo. Had counted 64 traffic Fata lilies. the same time during he last memorial Day Holiday the count was 58. The final 1965 toll was 490. Thus the 1966 traffic death rate was ahead of last year s rate and a safely Council spokesman said the worst Accident period was yet to come. Usually the final hours of the Holiday period Are the most dangerous on the High Way. Today s Index 10 pages 2 women s Newt 3 editorial 4 7 classified comics Hess told officers the Man had told them i have already killed one Man. I will not hesitate to kill again. I am running from the Hess said he and his wife had pulled off interstate 25 just South of the stale Border about 10 The Man carrying a pistol forced his Way into the car. After Hess drove in the area for about a half hour he said the Man look a Billfold and mrs. Hess purse forced the coup e out of the car and drove away. The Hesse walked Back to the Highway and hitchhiked Back to Cheyenne officers said. Accident report . 0 year s total .231 a will be constructed room for More than petunias. Harrison votes to finance school Harrison up voters have voted 293-220 for a 000 Bond Issue to finance a Sioux county High school Here. The margin was 57 per cent for the facility. To off the cuff questions. Pageant is being sponsored by the Columbus Jaycees. Mrs. Jaycees will serve As hostesses for the girls. Master of ceremonies for the pageant will be Bill Rogers of a local radio station with Janice Bohaty As narrator. Judges will be Art Heli Busch mrs. Ivan Milbourn or. And mrs. Wayne Szekler of nor Folk and Harold Parker of Cen iral City. Balaguer withdraws from election Santo Domingo up Bonelly s National integration former president Joaquin Bala movement Nim resigned and threw his support behind Ger today announced his withdrawal from the presiden tial elections scheduled for wednesday. Balaguer is considered the most conservative of the. Three candidates for the june 1 election. His withdrawal came shortly after a new party the Liberal revolutionist party joined behind his Banner. A source close to Balaguer who leads the Reform parly said the resignation was serious and that it definitely was not a political Man Euver. Only Friday the vice presidential candidate of Rafael support Balaguer. That move had led to reports Bonelly and Balaguer both conservatives were ready to merge their two political parties and unite against Juan Bosch another former pres ident who draws his political support from the left. Balagur s withdrawal today came after the Centra elector Board ice rejected his demand that women be exempted from having the required identification card to vote. To said this was necessary be cause his chief opponents Bosch s democratic revolutionary party were making it difficult forms supporters to acquire the cards. Balaguer s announcement came As a Climax to a Day of political developments Friday in which Bosch called on has own followers logo

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