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Columbus Daily Telegram Newspaper Archives Jun 14 1965, Page 4

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Columbus Daily Telegram, The (Newspaper) - June 14, 1965, Columbus, NebraskaCaretakers May Cool off Dominica until election by Bruce bios5at Washington enter priv aun. The longer the present Junta is. Rebel stale male Coo lines in the dominican Republic lie greater is the Prospect that negotiators might go below the level of political irreconcilable to put together a Mere caretaker government of bureaucratic technicians. This notion has taken hold As the Outlook Compromise among the dominican contenders k5s grown progressively weaker. The Gulf is simply too wide and the attitudes on both sides too unyielding. A new approach is needed. There is agreement of course that elections Are the real objective. In the View of some latin american specialists Here taking account of inc present impasse this goal May now be Best achieved in one of these ways 1. Elections could be held in 30 to 60 Days Wilh a minimum of preparation. This course might become sheer necessity if the inter american negotiators should find it impossible even to promote a caretaker govern ment of technicians. Efforts in this Field Are still not much better than exploratory. 2. With some sort of interim government functioning elections might be scheduled More reasonably for a period three to six months after the provisional leaders took the reins. This plan would have the advantage of allow ing a real Cooling off among the dominican s fired up contending forces. Hopefully their Pas Sions would be channelled into fairly Well pre pared election campaigning. 3. Should continued Holliead Edness make this Avenue an impractical one elections could be postponed until the official end 16 months from now of the term to which the deposed exiled Juan Bosch was elected As president. In the mercurial mix thai cons flutes Domin ican politics this much delay in elections is seen As risky. A far earlier Slart Loward a new slab Tity is regarded As advisable if in can be managed. Furthermore in is accepted Hal inter american armed forces Wilh a Large u. S. Component must remain on the Island until after elections and 16 months is a Long Lime. Sensitive to charges from some quarters hat administration men Are in effect Black plotters Bent upon imposing plans of strictly . Manufacture upon the dominican people officials Here insist we have no _ the View offered is that the president and his latin american experts Are prepared to a a Cal any solution that genuinely moves the dominicans toward a hopeful government of their own choosing. To be sure. U. S. Ambassador Ellsworth Bunker is on inc team now exploring the whole Range of prospects but ambassadors from Brazil and Al Salvador round Oul the group. U is argued that neither Bunker nor any other u. S. Official will attempt to die late the course of this Endeavor. A Quick election however is clearly nol an appealing solution Here. The civil conflict on the Island has so polarized political altitudes thai some sort of party realignment now seems inevitable. A considerable Span of time is thought to be needed for these adjustments. Time May also be required for the Domin ican people to sort Oul la Weir notions about the kind of Constitution they wish to live by. Docu ments adopted successively in and 1963 enjoy varying degrees of Island support Loday but to most citizens they arc Little More than crudely grasped symbols. Responsible officials see continuing peril in these and other uncertainties. While elections Are the general goal on All sides in is not imagined that they will magically produce leaders of High governing Talent. This Lack is severe. Nor is it overlooked that a winning parly in a legitimate election might be infiltrated and Ulli Malelya taken Over by communist elements which Are said to be still highly visible in rebel held parts of Santo Domingo since our Landing of troops in sizable Lorce several weeks ago was explained As necessary to forestall a possible red Lake Over one might Lair by ask irow we can now contemplate this As a conceivable consequence of a future election. The Only answer that could make sense is that in late april president Johnson saw a communist Triumph As very Likely while the subvert. Sion of a fairly circled popular dominican govern in enl would have to be adjudged a far dimmer Prospect. Berry s world Jacoby on Bridge Luck Factor in duplicate by Jacoby f son 19.5 void Erbil cup who met newspaper enter flu Jon Shuster of Montreal writes you frequently while about the Luck Factor in duplicate but 1 am sure that you feel As i do thai this Luck fac Lor is far less than in any other form of cards. I opened the King of Dia the daily Telegram monday june 14, 1h5 Columbus neb. Page 4 nobody likes everybody by mrs. Muriel Lawrence enter priv n dear mrs Lawrence my Mother is very partial to our 3-Yeamd son u Ita Nae Meta my Side of. The named after my father. Though a Iris Litif Guys foreign news commentary for a bad score since my heart holding was such that South would surely make his contract and u appeared Hal few peo ple would be in a slam con tract. It seemed that desperate measures were necessary and i decided of risk giving an Over trick. South cashed his Ace of Spades and Ace King of clubs and ruffed his ten of dubs with the Jack of Trumps. He ruffed a Diamond Back to his hand and cashed two of his remain ing Trumps while i dropped a club. Then he led the Deuce of hearts and i played the King he won with Dummy s Ace and prayer for today almighty Iod in whose service is Perlecy Freedom save us from making ourselves the arbiters of others freedoms by our loyally to such civil rights As Are designed to provide Liberty and Justice for All. Live us our father the graces of consistency and in Legrita in private life and Public affairs to the end that thy will May be done through us until the whole world if the Home of he tree and the Brave in Jesus name. Amen. Raymond k. Balcomb Portland ore., minister first Metho dist Church. Copyright by the Dimori or education Natheal of churches of Chrisl in u. S. A by Phil Newsom up foreign news analyst noles. From the foreign news cables Oil on troubled Waters new French algerian agree ment on Sahara Petroleum is being held up by last minute wrangling Over tax questions and other financial issues. The algerians Are seeking to gel the maximum Price from the French who in turn Are anxious for an agreement which they believe would help relations be tween the two countries generally. Although Only a few such Jim Bishop reports the literature around this House is edifying. Gayle is absorbed in lofty periodicals called sick and cracked up. The Little ones Karen 12, and Kathleen 10, devour Nancy Drew mysteries and an Assort men of comics which if funny have not drawn a laugh in a year. On an end table is some thing written by a musician railed i love you i Hale you drop dead. Last night sleepless i picked up a Book compiled by Louis a. Ustian called insults for a occasions the Citadel it was i found categorized so that the insult is de signed to Fil the individual. Or give him one. Under the general title big Heads there Are these gems be careful when you speak of talking of the Man he his wife worships does someone should press the Down Button on Liis elevator Sweet in the birthday depart Rujel there Are some Sage observations. The Best years of her life were the Len Between Wenly nine and she s been pressing thirty so Long in s she has stopped exercising pushing fifty is enough calisthenic a for a Drinker of course can Al ways be drop kicked his friends Don l know what to gel him for Christmas icy Don t know How to wrap a his wife never Wor Ries Aboul germs when lie kisses always he can gel loaded on scotch if in was t for the olives in his martinis he d starve to he has Saloon a Lori night be s stiff in an other every Lime you blow on him he a fool and his Money Are soon pol Clever or. I could hardly Wail to read about bores. I be Mel a few and been one. He can slay longer in an hour Llian most people do in a that Man can throw a Wal Blankco the length of the he deprives you of privacy without providing you with he can wrap up a one minute idea in a one hour he never opens his Mouth unless he has nothing to say gels offended when others Lalk while he s in Oul of a cellar door the kids snarled a hockey he s like a blotter takes in All in bul gels in he was fourteen when he Learned to wave she was asked financial gossip his Mouth is so big he can whisper in his own her Tongue is so Long she can Seal an envelope after she drops in in the mail the Only thing that can cheat her of the last word is an she s getting a double much work for it is always open season on Chi Selers he has a Hydro Al in he talks in stereo Oul of Bolli sides of his give him a does t clash with the Tablecloth. For slightly less than Altarac live women she s had her face lifted so Many times that when by Jesse bocce new York up Oil and water do mix at least in inc Ledger books explained Morton h. Kinzler. The world wide search for nil and Gas reserves beneath clean Waters is expanding rap idly and at present one of the problems remain to be cleaned up French officials say an agreement still could be weeks away. Borneo backtrack the same Issue which linked the Philippines and Indonesia two years ago is expected to split them Al the forthcoming second afro asian Summit con Ference in Algiers. The iwo countries refused to recognize Malaysia in 19g3, mainly Over claims in Borneo. Since then Indonesia has stepped up ils anti Malaysia drive and Hopes to prevent Malaysia from Tak ing part in the conference. On the other hand the Philippines has announced in would support Malaysia s participation despite indonesian president Sukarno s objections. Paris politics efforts to line up a demo cratic front Alliance of old Middle line French parties against Charles de Gaulle in the december presidential elections appears to be running into heavy going. The socialists Catholic popular republicans and others Are having difficulty agreeing on a joint program. Then be led a Diamond from Dummy ruffing with his last Trump while my partner false carded Wilh his Ace of Dia North aj3 v a 10 6 s 476542 52 West k j 4kqj10 q9763 South d akq1q97 East 852 v 983 a 983 4 none ak10 both vulnerable South West North 2 pass 4 4 pass pass pass 2n.t. By pass exit pass pass a is opening k him if much she ilk i h by you feel in so necessary to deny her dislike children we Are entitled to feel some astonished Hurt at the does t love us. But Alwn we grow up in Hurt or astonishment. As a grownup truth that everybody does t find you you regard Philip s experience of your Mother s such a phenomenally cruel one that you be had to deny its existence. Well it s not a phenomenal human Dis like is a most commonplace experience. Unfortunately by All this agitated sympathy you feel for Philip you have conveyed the impression that it is singular special and uniquely Felt for him. No wonder his grandma s dislike hurls him. No wonder lie school accomplishments. You be scared him with this pitying suggestion that he s the Only person in the world who has Ever been we Are profoundly mistaken to lie to children about some body s preference for another child. Like Philip they Don t be Lieve the lies. So All we succeed in doing with the lies is to leave them alone Wilh thai astonished Hurt Hal poses the frightening question what special hidden awfulness in me accounts for grandma s what they our own comfortable acceptance of the truth they need us to say yes grandma does like Jimsy belter than Vou. So whal nobody likes everybody. You won t play with while Smith because you Don t like him. Everybody does t like me either. My goodness there s that lady who lives fourth floor who won t even speak to me alien we meet in the elevator. That s How it is Darling. We re All in the same All rights reserved newspaper Enterprise the Well child Complete recovery usual with nephritis by Wayne g. Brandstadt . New paper Enterprise Assn. She raises he r brows she pulls of greatest concentration communists Are expected up her she d s in the North sea where Kinz 0 Veteran labor Union Lead Safe cooking nude in a lumber so Range. My girls have trouble remembering one Jol of i hair Homework. I la bet they can re Cile Llinat Book from cover to cover. Copyright he your he even gels Ca Vilies in his false a grouch or crab Rales some attention he s so narrow min ded he can look through a key Hole Wilh both he pays you a com Plimell As Iliou Gli he expected a he won t even listen to both sides of a phonograph he claims made a mistake in his life bul he has a wife who the timid person or Cream puff will Tinct sympathy under the s s he would t open an Oyster without first knocking on the he refuses to Wear con acl lenses what would he put on in Case of a fight when his psychiatrist asked if he had trouble making up his mind lie said. Yes and he always Stoops to he s so limit he tells the elevator operator second floor please if it won t Lake you Oul of your Way ripping wot bul How Aboul fashions her gowns Are Cut to see in choosing eve Ning gowns she goes All you can l decide whether she s on the inside trying to gel out or on the outside trying to get in. She wears atom bomb dresses 50 per cent she wears More clothes to bed hum she does going she goes to the Bench in a bailing her Slacks arc so tight she carries her kerchief in lick deep in t it under dumb Bells we learn that the Only thing Hal can stay in his head More than a min ulc is a the last Lime he stuck his head Wall Street chatter new York up Brad Bury k. Thurlow of Winslow. Colin Lelson inc. Says Hal the Short term Market rend is now decidedly downward and matters should Lake advantage if rallies to do fur flier Selling. Thurlow says the Markel May need a breakthrough in inc 880 support level in the Dow Jones Industrial average or a threat to alack inc 850 support level to give the Markel a Selling in Max of sufficient Force to Lead to a worthwhile rally. Bache co. Says inc fad Hal nothing has happened to disturb the upward Benl of he Economy is favourable and sooner or later his should have ils ii Pacl on the Stock Market. Indicator digest inc. Says it would be most unwise to sell All stocks since in he last four Bear markets Here were always a number of issues which have Oiler disregarded the decline or bucked it. Ler estimates major Oil companies will risk More than million this year alone seeking natural Gas and Oil in the shelf lands beneath the water. Kinzler is a vice president of Barnwell industries inc. The designed for fool drilling. Ii is in the North sea search where Oil Industry sources by i Csc a dozen offshore rigs will be participating within the a Cal year. The Barge was towed to the North sea in and it was the first offshore drilling Rig to probe Inlo the German Continental shelf in the search for Oil. Company sources say. It is an open leg Structure with a Drill ing platform supported on Ullnee legs 40 feel above Walcer level. Ii is equipped with air conditioned living quarters for 48 persons and has a helicopter deck. Kinzler said he foresees a Busy future for the offshore searching activities nol Only in the North sea but off the coasts of inc United Stales As Well. Some Industry sources Esti mate that As much As Bil lion will be co milled to the Hunt Over the next few years they say that Boul Mil lion was believed to have been spent last year. About 35 firms Are in the Field of services of varying importance in inc search. Or Benoit Frachon As their candidate. Army Rule a Veteran expert observer of the indonesian scene insists the communists for All their apparent so Rengh Are not Strong Dent Sukarno is opposed to red Rule. The army representing in Donesia s vested interests there fore is expected to step in and Lake Over perhaps even before Sukarno s death. Whereupon South decided mat East had to be holding the Jack nine eight of hearts. Accordingly South led the four of hearts from his hand with the intention of end playing East. I took my Jack and cashed the rest of the tricks for Down two and a top score. Only Ihrcke pairs had bid the slam so my play had risked Only one match Point and gained quite a play or. Shuster s skill payed off. South was unlucky. A Mother writes Hal i w o years ago her daughter then 6, hereditary defect in the kidney or to an allergy. Much longer the child will have to take this Antibiotic. About 97 per cent of All Chil Dren who have acute kidney inflammation nephritis make a Complete recovery. During the acute stage bed rest and a Low protein Salt poor diet is advis Able but after the child begins to improve these measures Are no longer necessary in any child who has had nephritis usually As a complication of a could came contaminated with Loe Occi or other disease a generalized infection occur and this might affect inc kidneys. The thymus is a gland that is normally enlarged hypertrophied in children. This finding would therefore have no real significance. Q an examination of my daughter 10, shows she has i ___., Hole in fhe partition in her streptococcal infection in is in heart. Does this require an oper Portal to guard against rein action or will she outgrow if the has been Necta e almanac you. South. How Rajz what do you do with Ford u p. W. Brooks 4 co. Inc. Says pc Send evidence fails to sup port the belief Hal a major decline is under Way. Q s and a s 0 How do Alaska and Texas compare in site a Alaska is two and one fifth times the size of Texas. Largest living rodent is Sputh America s capybara. Which weighs As much As 100 pounds and sometimes is four feet Long. Q did the Star spangled Banner become the National Anthem a on March 3, 1931, by an acl of Congress. By United press International today is monday. June 14, the 165th Day of 1965 with 200 o follow. The Moon is approaching its last Quarter. The morning Star is Saturn. The evening Slars Are Venus and Mars. American novelist Harriet Bencher Slowe was born on this Day in 1811. On this Day in history in 1775, the United Stales army was founded when con Gress authorized the recruiting of 10 companies of riflemen to serve the colonies for one year. In 1777, the stars and stripes became the National Flag. In 1922, president Harding be came the first chief executive to broadcast a speech. The occasion was the dedication of inc Francis Scott key memorial Al fort Mchenry . In 1910, the germans entered Paris around Dawn. By 11 . He Swastika flew from the Marine ministry the chamber of deputies and the Eiffel Tower. A thought for the Day nazi dictator Adolf Hitler once wrote there is Only one real statesman once a Blue Moon in one nation. 13 Tod atts question your partner responds one heart. What do you do Altwer to Mctaw barbs by Walter c. Parkes u. S. Firms Are exploring ire land for Oil. Have they looked around Blarney Castle an and says smelling salts Are fun to use. That s faint Praise. Current controversy Over in Secl sprays gives kids another Section. This Means prompt treatment with an Antibiotic or a sulfa drug Al the first sign of a fever. Unless there is some other Rea son such As damage to the heart treatment with penicillin is not usually Given. 0 my daughter 4, was vaccinated and a week later she got sick. The doctor said she had nephritis. Could she have gotten in from the vaccination she died and the autopsy showed she had pneumonia Nephrosis and thyme hyper trophy. A the autopsy diagnosis of Nephrosis is technically More accurate than any diagnosis made before death. Nephrosis is a kidney degeneration which May be a complication of pneumonia. In children of preschool age Nephrosis is common and nephritis is rare. In addition to infections such As pneumonia Nephrosis May be due o a action or will she outgrow a a congenital defect in the heart is fairly common and the severity of the symptoms in produces varies widely. The Hole will nol close spontaneously bul on the other hand operation is not usually needed for tins Type of defect. If y o u r daughter develops marked shortness of breath on exertion and water logging of her Ankles after being up and around All Dav she May require an opera Tion. Taking a powder new York up eight out of in husbands who leave Home each year have passed their 40th birthday acc iding to tracers co. Of America firm that tracks Down missing persons. It says the number one reason for leaving borne Money problems and in estimates thai Over husbands Dis appear from Home each year. Golf am War 1o inv Iorii Punta their vege peking boasts of record egg production. May be True or another variation of the red Shell game. Across Unicorn fish 1------in one 39 i Thor for 5------Baurd 42 Southern 10 Oil yielding Constellation fruit 43 nitwit Brood 2hotmuiean dial dish 44idoliten 13 club for City in to tits 14glotfy a tilt aromatic resin 15 in Eru so entwine 17 feminine 51 Beer Muf appellation 52reopen poet 18 Loii Bourn w 24th letter i j it Colic Heller the Columbus daily Telegram i cond clan Poa Tagi Palil at Colum but Nebraska. Published even inc except sunday by the t1xegbam company incorporated our boarding House with major Hoodie director news Hail or manner manager Carrier one week 5c by mail in a Vance Columbus zone Platte bronc Butler Colfax Mer Akk Nance Polk counties. One year in Nebraska one year h other year possible intr Mitlon Columbus. Nebraska International wire heart Allau right the dentist shoots eat out a Back poor so they won t sit backs own an finish the Story at those Maga-z.1nes. That old Bov was huffed because it looked like he d have to he s huffed when his wait up heroes Abe made not Borm so they say in my judgment it would ignore reality to believe that race would not be a major Factor if not the controlling Factor in any referendum on the apportion ment question in several of our Stales for a considerable time to come. Former Justice dept. Civil rights chief Burke Marshall on the supreme courts one Man one vote ruling. Manners make friends 21 sicilian Volcano 23 Region in Garnet general 29 agents 27 none god 28 wide mouthed Pitcher 300bliealkml 34 Dwarf 37saud----- 3 Uvino 4 turn inside oat m Midway 5 pallid position b Euch Triatik 2fl wine Tunkl Africa a 7 animal Tia imn 29 group of wooden rub 33 sudden Effort 20 Creed 34 obstacle on the 22 rugged link Mountain creat 35 anybody 8 number 9 recount nations 38 Black Alloy 40 steals 41 exalt -45 Holly Genus 47 Cartier lab excelling sportsman laugh at another s jokes and he May laugh at yours. Insects Are the most eminently successful of All animals. They represent at least 80 per cent of All known animal life. They number about species. Some entomologists estimate the actual number of species at More than the most numerous in species Are the beetles butterflies and Moths ants bees wasps and flits

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