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Columbus Daily Telegram Newspaper Archives Jun 14 1965, Page 3

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Columbus Daily Telegram, The (Newspaper) - June 14, 1965, Columbus, NebraskaThe daily Telegram monday june 14, iks Columbus neb. Page 3 safety procedures were not followed at Bien Hoa air base Dirksen no Choice except to follow. By William Theis dinner list who asked Dirksen -u--1j Lle or supper Washington Dpi the head of a special air Force investigating team says that safety procedures were not Al ways followed at Bien Hoa air base in Viet Nam where 27 americans were killed and 105 wounded last month in an explosion. But to. Gen. William k. Mar tin inspector general of the air Force did not Otter an explanation for the mysterious blast Wlinich also destroyed 12 u. S. Planes and damaged 36 others. His report on safety procedures was made in testimony Given a week ago before the Senate preparedness sub com lighter Side of the news by Dick West Washington bars of Congress sometimes acquire pet legislative projects i i at they keep plugging year after year in fair weather or foul whether the Odds be great or Small. Rep. Paul a. Fino in. Y., Tor example is a lottery Man. For years mostly in foul weather against fearful Odds he has been trying to persuade con Gress to legalize a National lot Tery. Sen. Everett m. Dirksen r iii., is a Marigold Man. For countless Springs his mellifluous voice has been raised in a fruitless or Blosso less at tempt to have the Marigold adopted As the National Flower. And rep. Joel t. Broyhill r va., is a Star spangled Banner Man. Wilh a dedication match ing that of Captain Ahab in Pur suit of the White whale he has relentlessly sought the adoption of an official version of the National Athum. Flower Competition up to now Only Dirksen has had any Competition. Enough other National Flower Bills rang ing from asters to zinnias have been introduced to replant the hanging gardens of Babylon. But in recent Days there has appeared on the scene another contender in the National an Ihm Field. Rep. Bert Bandstra a Lowa Lias introduced a measure in three Quarter Lime also propos ing Ilia an official version of the Star spangled Banner be approved by Congress. Mittee and made Public Sun Day. The air Force official said that casualties at the air base could have been higher had not an unfamiliar Navy plane arrived shortly before the explosion arid attracted curious All Force Crews. The arrival of us f8u and congregation of . Airmen around it probably saved their Martin said. He noted that 135 americans and 25 vietnamese were in the imme Diate Vicinity at the time of the blast. The inspector general Testi fied that the Bien Hoa Airfield was crowded by intensified air activity and these aircraft were parked much closer to Gether than the air Force safety criteria the qualifications of the am munition handling and loading parties some in Viet Nam on Slort duly Tours were found to be he said. But their efficiency was not As Good As it should have been due to the minimum supervision exercised by the limited numbers of Junior officers and senior non commissioned offi Martin testified that safety procedures were not always followed at Bien and said the investigation team has recommended a re evaluation of the Short duty Tours and consideration to assigning addition Al supervisory personnel on a permanent basis. Washington up sen ate Republican Leader Everett m. Dirksen believes Congress has no Choice except to follow the president in carrying out . Policy in Viet Nam. The 69-year-old Illinois re publican also feels strongly about the necessity for main Taining bipartisanship and Hie spirit of International cooperation set Forth for republicans by tie late sen. Arthur h. Van Denberg of Michigan. In an interview with Dirksen was asked if he would be willing to support the bomb ing of Hanoi or lied China if the chinese communists should intervene in Viet Nam. There is no Choice except to follow the lie re plied. Dirksen ordered quickly Steak Lima or Green Beans salad ice Cream and Coffee. Dirksen s final formal a Noin Tinct for the Day had been with French ambassador Herve Al hand an rid Friend the ambassador is on the receiving end of congressional criticism levelled at the null american actions of is Boss Charles de Gaulle. Aul Dougli Dirksen did t say he was assumed to have applied some Balm to Al hand s feelings. He also May have added a touch of astringent advice because. Dirksen also Lias had enough of de Gaulle. Other questions and answers if president John son s Bill to guarantee negro should augment our profession Al staff especially on the i Orlly Side. There s nothing you can do about the seniority sys tem. Election of committee chairmen would mean cutthroat there any other Job he would resign his Senate seat to take answer is no. The morning after the 1048 election Tom Dewey called me to say he did t feel sorry for himself but for me and others who had helped him. He said if we had won i d have made you Secretary of agriculture i told him nol make me anything i Don t wan to be bothered with administrative Opelousas la. Up Robert bar Natl 23, of Neder land Tex., ran into a Bear Sun Day. His car was heavily dam aged. The Bear was annoyed. Ii swatted a flashlight out of the hand of an investigating officer and chewed it. The Bear caused a traffic tie up on . 190 until slate policy capt. Lonnie Rogers Lassord the Rangy mangy animal. The Bear was removed from the Road and Lakin for treat ment be wounds Ami Burrell had his car Lowed into town. In Miles to the West. Read the Telegram want ads anthrax is not limited to Eal Llu Only remnants of. The ancient Hii is a severe contagious i cily of Corinth Are. The seven Sease of higher animals and doric columns that once wife plan. Par of the Temple of Apollo. Asthma formula prescribed most by now without prescription stops attacks in minutes Relief for hours nil him fur Miln More limn try Ivy doctors for their private Liati edits is rcvmlablc1 sufferers without prescription. Medical tests proved this firm urn stops asthma at locks in dives hours of Freedom recur rence of painful asthma up Jimmis. This Forouhi is so effective annl it is tie physicians Learline prescription so Safe Uscila directed hint now it can lie without prescription in Moat states in Liny in blots Coll cil re Csc i Rin Tonc tablets open bronchial tubes loosen relieve taut nervous tension. Am., Walhout Imin Cul injections. The secret in full prescription sri in huh found most combination Tor is Lenin distress. Sti took for Nril to at night i of acc Lum from asthma spasms. Look a the psychology of voting rights does not com er1 decision on viol Petely fulfil its the next step will be to build up tie Justice do Parl men and snarl the enforce ments wheels. Tipiere is still some respect for enforcement. Actually resistance is breaking about a resurgent Kun flux klan will die of its o w n weight. Tie members can t gel enough Money to sustain it. I Don t think in is gaining ground. The to fat thing that would Hap pen on the klan would be for the press not la report ils meetings. 11 would die on the likes Senate seat heavy Rains cold Over wide area 11, however advocates a Dif Ferent arrangement from the one set fort by Broyhill. Broyhill wants Congress to legislate in a Flat which his Bill describes As the conventional apparently that is the key used when the. In them is Sung at conventions. Bandstra on the other hand or other Rote champions a Flat As the key Best suited to All authorize alternates both however would a in Orinc alternate keys. Which is a Good thing. I personally can t Roach that High note near the end in any key except a Sharp minor. If i try to go that High in any other key i get a nose bleed. A for Bandstra told me that although his con Gressman knows very Little shout music he had consulted several experts who declared that his proposed arrangement was better than Broyhill s. A spokesman for Broyhill said his congressman did t know much about music either. How Ever he said we be got the . Army band on our both measures have been referred to the House judiciary committee headed by rep. Celler a new York Democrat and baritone. The next step presumably will be a sing along with Manny. Graham talks in Montgomery Montgomery Ala. Up Billy Graham said sunday that in Viet Nam the United slates has a Tiger by the Tail and communist infiltration in this country is greater than most people Graham opened a mom gom Ery crusade in a downpour be fore an integrated audience of about in Crampon bowl. Despite the rain he said it was one of his Best opening nights. Only a great spiritual revival can save us from the great est convulsion since the civil War the american people had belter get ready to tighten their Bells and begin disciplining themselves for a Long hard so niggle in a War that is no longer the evangelist warned Graham said Montgomery could Lead the nation in a spiritual Awakening. A great religious revival Here would have an Impact throughout the entire he and his team were welcomed to the City by five area ministers represent.? four de nominations in ceremonies be fore the crusade began. By United press International heavy Rains and cold today left a Damp chill Over Hie South Midwest and sections of new England. Eleven persons were still missing and presumed Vic Tims of a Texas flood last week. Large Hail fell on Broadus mont., sunday night and caused damage estimated by the mayor at in nearby Bulte Snow piled five inches deep and cancelled the american legion baseball tournament. The teams scheduled a snowball fight in Stead. The heavy Midwest Rains took a loll of crops in Missouri Iowa and South Dakota. Thousands of acres were under from two to three feet of water As yield drainage systems collapsed from the overbid. South Dakota gov. Nils a. Boe asked for Federal disaster Aid. The Missouri flood damage estimate topped million after a Reed Springs garment factory found water had ruined Worth of material. One Man drowned us swirling Waters trapped Bis car. Eleven residents of Sander son Tex. Were still counted As mussing from Friday s massive flood. The Only thing left said sheriff Bill Coaksey is to pick up our dead and Start All the Flash flood killed 16 per sons destroyed 450 Homes and caused million damage. One thousand persons took meals sunday at a . Army Field Kitchen brought 300 Miles from it. Bliss. Rain fell also sunday in the Pacific Northwest. Tempera Tures fell to the 40s As far South West Virginia. Any counter Nam. Suppose Congress is at Odds with the commander in chief and says we re going to Cut him Down to size where does thai leave the country and the free what about bombing red China specifically knocking out the communists new nuclear Complex if peking the War in Southeast Asia up to military that would have to depend on recommendations of the Mil itary leaders. If there is a Cave Lul recommendation by the joint chiefs of suite the presi Dent and the officers Otil there where does that leave c o n Gress do Yon just drop the president and say no Dirksen a Veteran of world War i then added i m like Macar Hiir there is no substitute for Victory. Either we get Victory or Nego Aboul bipartisanship the vet eran of 31 years in Congress said the Way Congress and the country arc oriented you have no Choice. Our Western Stales almost All agricultural have no deep interest in civil rights. And our Southern friends forget that there is a Black revolution All Over Hie world not just in the states. In the United nations. The Voles of african countries Are just As effective As not a mistake the Illinois senator said he did t think it was a mistake for republicans to follow the bipartisan role created by Deribert during the 1040s. You have to look Down the Road and there is no escape from International cooperation. 1 have Only one exception i think Bill Fulbright semite foreign relations chairman i wants logo too far with Multi lateral Aid. We need a congressional Check on the Aid we pro vide. The interview look place in Dirksen s Capitol Hill office As the Republican Leader ended a work Day that had begun at 5-.30 . Not. He sat at his desk a Large portrait of Abra Ham Lincoln Over his shoulder. He paused to Lake two Tele phone Calls. Meets old Friend the first was from a negro youth at Belleville. Iii., w h o wanted advice concerning a military service problem. The senator asked the youth to Send him the details in a letter. The other was from a hotel a what changes or improve ments Are needed in congressional machinery or practices the Only thing Sec is our slating problem. We coming soon featuring a full menu of tasty snacks v treats prisoners get prep diplomas terminal Island the seven women and five men stepped to the Ros Trum proudly to receive their High school diplomas. The graduates included a Bank robber a con Man i thief a narcotics peddle and a forger. The exercises were conducted last week at the Federal prison. Afterwards the graduates and audience returned to their cells. Too Lett famous Fot prescriptions say hello to Jerry frieze newest and youngest member of our staff if the next representative from Becher Hockenberger and Chambers co. Happens to be a very pleasant Young Man of 17, with Blond hair and Black rim glasses say hello Jerry in a Friendly Way. He s Jerry frieze a High school senior to be who Wilt be making Calls and delivering claim checks to business firms and individuals this summer. He s proof of our company s willingness to offer employment to High school sly deals in summer. 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