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Columbus Daily Telegram Newspaper Archives Jun 14 1965, Page 2

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Columbus Daily Telegram, The (Newspaper) - June 14, 1965, Columbus, NebraskaThe daily Telegram monday june a 1h5 Columbus neb. Page 2 television in review religion in America p you your child and school by Rick do brow Hollywood up Sun Lav night s Abc to documentary about race Driver Phil Hill and the be mans grand prix May have been thrilling to fans bul for those who Don t care whether a Ford beats a Ferrari it seems pretty much of a bore. What was missing from the one hour program about the 1964 French Road race Phil Hill assault on be was inc depth of approach needed to illuminate the Man Hie event and the sport itself to viewers who Aren t particularly interested in any of the three but arc willing to be. This viewer for instance in t interested at All in the fiddling around of mechanics. In fact every Lime i see them 1 think of How my car broke Down Between Here and Las vegas and All the Money they look me for and i Don t feel Friendly at All. 1 am sure Herd Are other viewers psycho logically unlit to Admire Aulo mechanics. 1 was particularly interested sunday night in a Shol of a past Ace in which 9c spectators were killed by a crashing car because so far As i know there is of present no great outcry for legislation to outlaw Aulo Rac ing at a fast guess i would imagine that boxing in which i have no special interest a Kihei and which is subject to periodic campaigns of legislators who want to have it outlawed is not responsible for deaths in a Vear or even several years or More. Cassius Clay and Sonny Liston for instance can hardly even Hurt each other let alone the spectators. This saturday and sunday Abc to will use the Early Bird satellite to bring to american viewers live coverage of tie cry or him a Lull can movie t Cis rtt Wirtl 3 in Newl. Welther. Rin Riml my irom Uncle i Mamikan Wist Alfred he Lencyk Newl Tai Ulm 7 Niaj we tit a Fth Vown Tow Holim worry my Bonf crw Rcv l-6t. Melisa Mircouri l Btl Civ in. To non wait or Shruti Wal line Lluli Shu boned Lee Medill Tyml 8 5hs Pultr joining i a new Weller Jum i m to few Button of for Sirum flt Wendy and my bin t i iter b Ruby hints from by Heloise Cruse listen pals for months and months peo ple have written that wrinkles gel into just Aboul any Man made fabric. You must remember that these fabrics Are not to be washed in hot water and spin dried. That s exactly what sets he wrinkles that we can t Iron out. Drip dries arc just what they buy they Are they drip dry head flip labels that the manufacturer puts on a garment or article you buy. See what lie says Aboul laundering or clean ing and do it like he says. Then you should be Safe. reason i am Tell ing you about this Little hint actually it was a big one in my life is thai the dry cleaner wanted 27 cents a Pleat and my Nylon panels have 99 pleats i did them myself Al the self service dry cleaning place bul my curtains came on wrinkled arid i la Tell you the reason Why. I divided my panels put hem in three machines and was add coated enough to stall All three machines Al the same Lime. Natch i could l empty three machines at the same Lime so by the time i removed inc cur Tinas from the last two icy had permanent wrinkles. I tried ironing pm no Woi Kie. I tried steaming no Workie. I tried no Workie. Finally it dawned on me that i was ironing a Man made fab Ric on a Silicon ironing Board then my Noodle started work in anal i folded a thick Bath Towel Laid it Over the ironing Board cover ironed the panels and to and behold. Most of the wrinkles came out Why Don t you All try this when you get a wrinkle in some guaranteed drip dry it just might work on your material too. On a few embedded wrinkles thai did not smooth out i sprayed plastic starch which i had put in a incr plunger Bot and ironed. The rest of the wrinkles disappeared. I was so delighted when 1 Dis covered this when there had been no answer so that i just had to run to the Type writer and write you a note about it. Just remember the main Sec res Don t Start All of your dry cleaning machines at one time. Take All of the curtains not just one from the machine As soon As it slops. Give them a Good shake and billow them on the table let Cool then Slart folding. And Don t forget thai Bath Lowel when you Start pressing out 1 Don t know the words a chemist would use if he would try to explain Why it works Bill in on words. A just Plain docs pal Hel Oise. Tuesday june 8 10 to sol Rel or. Wi1 Rah Wil m4 he twi. Shtur spent kew_tv_7 Jan Fligl Spoll Dolth Day comm Lvi it Irma Sperti Chc Ynve Tut Deliri cd pm Nurm inn a Ulm Sperti Wilt Nurt wow to 6 Walkr cml Mil Nyrl Wilt Wev Spoti fax turf Nikurs Jav Altop Khz Sexton Allf Talta to in nurse Walt Attr sp4rtl 3 i Pkt wet Tutti set Rel mme i by Louis Cassels United Prew Many . Religious leaders Are troubled in conscience about this country s military activities in Viet Nam. And they Are beginning to say so out loud. Thoughtful churchmen have been reluctant to. Engage in Public criticism of the nation s foreign policy. They Are Well aware that the Vienna mesh situation is Complex and that Pri vate citizens do not have the information available to president Johnson. Bul they also know thai his consideration carried to an extreme could silence All debate in a democracy. And some feel it is becoming urgent for All americans not merely a hand Ful of decision makers in the government to examine the moral questions raised by our growing involvement in an undeclared War in Southeast Asia. This attitude was reflected in a statement this week by the editors of christianity and Cri one of the nation s most respected protestant journals. Among the signers were such heavyweight theologians As Kin Lipold Niebuhr John c. Ben Nett Hob Crl Mcafee Brown and Harvey Cox. Doubt Wintom they said that Many men of insight doubt the Wisdom of our policy in Viet Nam. Have not turned Back the aggression1 from the North despite the fact that we have stepped up the War. Much of what we Are doing in Viel Nam has the opposite effect of whal is intended. We May be destroy ing our Chance to cooperate with the soviet Union for peace in Asia and we Are Likely to drive the North vietnamese into inc hands of Hie chinese. Furthermore by continuous bombing North of the 17lh parallel we Are risking a War be tween major Powers Hal no one wit Boul claiming that their viewpoint is the Only one compatible with Christian fail and the i rot Esland thinkers voiced three Strong convictions Aboul . Policy no Case can we Sanc by David Nydick up education one of the More difficult decisions facing parents at this Lime of the year is that of mov ing to a new residence. The parents Are concerned with the adjustment problems of their c h i i d r Engtro will change schools. When is the Best time to make the change if parents have a Choice the beginning of the school year september is the most appropriate Lime. This is because new class groups Are formed and the new student docs not have to Force his Way into a social group which has already developed. He is pres ent when Many students Are making new friendships. If a move can be made Early in the summer there Are some advantages. H gives the child an Opportunity to become acquainted with his new Home the neighbourhood and even the school. Most important is the Chance to meet and become Friendly with other children who live in the neighbourhood and will be attending lie same school. Should a child s Grade level Tion the bombing of population centers in North Viet reflect awareness policy needs to reflect awareness that the disorder in South Viet Nam is in part an internal conflict and cannot be overcome merely by action taken from the United states must clarify the apparent conflict be Iween ils offer of unconditional Negolia Lions and its insistence on an Independent South Viel Nam As Ilio outcome of Nego there Lias been comparatively Little criticism of the administration s Viel Nam policy from Catholic leaders. On the contrary msgr. George Hig gins director of the social a lion Depar Lenl of the nation Al Catholic welfare conference let go recently with a blast at uninformed clergymen who insist that the United states get out of Viet Nam immediately regardless of the Conse msgr. Higgins also refused any official Catholic participation in an interfaith March on the Pentagon which was staged last month by some 500 religious leaders to dramatize their concern about the Viet Nam situation. World War i artillery shells being hosed Down Charleston s. C. Up a Navy Barge today begins Tak ing on 150 tons of world War i artillery shells left buried in mud for More than 25 years and found by Accident. The two three and six Inch shells unarmed but with fuses still usable if connected were being hosed Down by Demoli Tion experts to keep hot Sun from setting them off. A wide area in Marshland near the Charleston army de pot eight Miles North of the City was roped off and guarded. The area has been guarded since late february when the shells were found. The army kept the discovery quiet until a Charleston news paper the news courier published a Story sunday about the find. The army gave no reason for its months of silence. The shells rusted together in huge chunks Are to be loaded by Crane and cables onto the Barge for disposal at sea with in a week to 10 Days. The shells apparently were dumped in the area in the late 1930s by ordnance workers Al the depot. Be considered yes this can be of particular importance. An Ideal level is when a child is about to enter the Junior High or High school. The year when a student must change build Ings within his school system would seem to provide a Good Opportunity for the Complete move to a new school system. It would be Best to avoid moving during a student s senior year in High school. This can be a most difficult period. This is often the year when the results of Many previous efforts Are achieved. Positions in the student government graduation awards appointments As ath Letic team captains and various other social and academic advantages might be missed by a move at a time close to any graduation year. If a move is required at a time when the child would have unusual difficulties special arrangements Are sometimes pos sible. Consideration should be Given to the possibility of the father commuting if the end of the term is close. In some situations when the new residence is outside the old school District the student might com plete the year on a tuition basis. This will of course depend on distance available transportation and school policy. It is always a Good idea to discuss your particular situation with the principals of the old and new schools. They Are familiar with such situations and can offer some valuable advice Judy is Back in Hospital West los Angeles Calif. Up Singer Judy Garland was in the Urcla medical Center s Institute today for treatment of emotional upset which Fol Lowed an allergic reaction to a miss Garland was Lakin to the Hospital last saturday night by ambulance from her Brent Wood Home. A Hospital spokesman said the Singer was admitted for observation of an allergic reaction to a. the spokesman said that when admitted she had a fever and rash and was emotionally she was expected to remain hospitalized a few Days. Miss Garland was to have succeeded Jack Benny tuesday night As the Star at the thunderbird hotel in Las vegas nev., for a two week engage ment believed her first appear Ance in Las vegas in three years. Sources indicated that miss Garland had asked to do Only one show a night at the hotel rather than the customary two or More. Two weeks ago miss Garland Cut Short a performance in Cincinnati Ohio because of a viral illness. The Bill called the Tariff of abominations was passed by Congress during the administration of president John Quincy Adams. Truck Driver quits because of traffic joins foreign legion Headley England David twit Clien 22, a truck Driver complained Long and loud that British traffic jams were enough to make a Man quit inc Road and join the for eign legion. A fellow truck Driver weary of Twitchen s complaints placed a bet that lie would never make Good on his threat to sign up As a Legionnaire. The situation reached the moment of truth last week when Twitchen was caught in the Middle of a monumental traffic snarl.1 that was the last Twitchen said sunday after mailing his application off to legion Headquarters in Paris. I m British and proud of it. But our country is going to the dogs. Traffic is a Nightmare for a Man who sits behind the wheel for a living. I m told that legionnaires Are smart Well fed and Well disciplined. They re just the mob for me the Friend with whom twit Cli in made the bet has not paid off yet. I m waiting until i Sec a photo of Dave in full uniform before 1 pay the Friend said. Read the Telegram want ads russian Salesman ready for orders Paris up a russian aircraft Salesman said at he be Bourges air show sunday that he ready to take orders from customers in the West but no one has placed one yet. A the Salesman Vitaly r. Vasin said the soviet Union is ready to sell the West airliners and helicopters for Cash or on credit. Vasin is an official of Avi Acx port the soviet state run air Craft exporting organization. He Heads a russian sales team at the 26th Lebourget air show. Vasin conceded he had received no orders. But we just got he added. Mary a hit Bonn Germany up Mary by. The Amer ican Jean Kerr was Given More performances in German Langu age Heaters in Europe during 1w4 than any other foreign play. In Send Flowers lbs on Cor plates Nof what you think Washington up that lbs on the License plate of a red Mustang seen on Washington streets does t mean what you might think. It stands for Lucille b. For Best Jones a government clerk. According to the insider s newsletter mrs. Jones had lil the trouble getting the plates from the District of Columbia department of motor vehicles by paying a fee required for initialled Auto tags. The plates on the car used most often by president Lyndon b. Johnson Are 9p421. The Mississippi levee system covers More distance than did he great Wall of China. Take the sizzle out of your driving this summer a Cir Heloise i you have a climbing Plant or a tall rubber Plant support it with a curtain Rod stuck in to the planter. The Rod can be extended As the Plant grows. Baby s old stairway Gale makes a wonderful trellis. Open to its fullest length Nail and hang it vertically. Paint it any color you choose. Ence Micka. Canary Isles attract Madrid up tourism in Las Palmas in the Canary is lands has quadrupled in the past four years according to the Spanish government. A n estimated tourists Are expected there this year. Prescriptions free 24 hour pickup and delivery Fleischer Rexall drug we give s h Green Stamps 13th St. Phone dear he Lois 1 have two Small children who love to Cal foods that contain noodles and Macaroni but icy i ave a hard Lime getting Hie noodles in a spoon without Mak ing a mess. I Lical the idea of mashing inc noodles a few times wit i a potato Masher and it works Fine. It cuts eating time in half. And also the cleaning up time Branch. O Morris paints Morris paints Morris add new Beauty f p i i and i to your Home o this weeks special o Leloise welcomes All mail especially household hints which she can pass on to readers As space permits. However be cause of the tremendous vol unc of mail she receives daily Hel Oise is unable to answer All individual letters. She will answer readers questions in her column whenever possible. Copyright 1965 King features Syndicate inc. Visiting hours new York up Yanieri cans made 844 million visits to physicians during the 12-month period ending june 1964, the . National health Survey re polls. The figure includes Tele phone consultations. This Avera Ges of to 4.5 visits for each person in the . Civilian non population. Masters painters Al nest Lead of paint on the Market. Master i All ors Whilo contains a r . Over rotors o choose Ortun no of tin Cost. E Reg. S648 Gal. S. Super Satin Lorlite Latex super Siton pert at pin Marci you an sex Tonj i s thick to easy with do term. Flows to eliminate Lap Marks. Covers Wasli Woodwork twin cent info with m dried in Lesi Fean m mutes. Fifth in Latex Yew can rt9 Gal. Buy now and save Vino Seal truly it Ficner evil pall to irn for Cemil Block ate Lei Riding arts Vino Seal Hai excellent h Kino Power and reib Tynce. With year brushes out with our cuff owners have reported excellent overage with this paint Rew Concree wok j7.2b Gal. Wet for a Tram Morris paint new Regency Newet Silvel our latest pro Ducr. Here ii paint with Backbone it. Regter it evil is Pottier one it Walii Ali flit ill Wall paint on Market. This a tick paint spreads like Butler and wet Coal Covert like two. While 9ft4 now Al special prices its j on or Quality Treadway to a Immell. To Mem str w s m i 5 to Wiwi radio Shor ski a Wal stir try Morris paint from Tempo 3103 z3fd phone 563-7246 Morris Points Morris paints Morris Points Nielsen s make it easy for you to enjoy the Cool Comfort of driving an air conditioned new Chevrolet or Buick now summer travel can be As Cool and refreshing As an Ocean Breeze. While driving on hot and Dusty roads you can enjoy an invigorating brisk Ness in the air that makes you want to take to the roads frequently. Miles that used to be sizzle and sweat Are now relaxing and restful in the Cool quiet or your new air conditioned Chevrolet or Buick. How about you would t you like to take the dust and the pollen and the wind noise and the humidity out of your summer driving Aren t you ready to join the sophisticated travellers of Columbus come in and see the air conditioned Chevrolet or Buick that suits you Best 8 of them Are in our showroom awaiting your inspection demonstration drives available too you re Money ahead installed pm your new in when you buy factory Harrison air conditioning Chevrolet or Buick Many Auto air conditioners that Are now being advertised claim to offer big savings Over the Cost of factory often motorists will have non factory air condition ers installed in Brand new cars. Before Mak ing a similar decision consider what you get when you specify genuine pm Harrison air conditioning in your new Chevrolet or Buick. Consider the extras you get included in the Cost of factory installed air condition ing 50% larger it Cotron Generator plus a heavy duty Battery to Cope with the higher electrical requirements of an air conditioned unit. Larger capacity Radiator plus temperature controlled fan to make sure thit your air conditioned car will not have Over heating problems. Special front suspension to compensate for the extra weight to make sure that your car steers easily stops easily for All of its life. Carburettor compensator an air conditioner reduces engine rpm s at much As 200 enough to stall an idling car that is not compensated. Re tale value factory air conditioning its value almost twice at Well As other units. Now Don t you agree that me Small additional amount for pm Harrison factory installed air conditioning it Worth the Cott Nielsen Chevrolet company Cumbus Nebraska

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