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Columbus Daily Telegram Newspaper Archives Dec 27 1965, Page 1

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Columbus Daily Telegram, The (Newspaper) - December 27, 1965, Columbus, NebraskaThe number year daily Telegram Nebraska monday december 27, 1965 evening except single copy traffic death toll sets by United International the Nalion Sel a Black Christmas record of 721 traffic fatalities during the three Day ii Risemas More persons than had died Over any other Holiday period on record. Tie final total was greater than the american death toll in two months of the bloodiest fighting of the War in South Viet Nam. It was barely 100 less than half the total of american deaths in action since the Start of the vietnamese conflict. The United press International count of fatalities during the 78-hour period from 6 . Thursday until Midnight Sun Day traffic 721 fires 01 5 miscellaneous c4 total 851 late reports of fatalities sent the death count zooming past the previous All Lime Holiday record of 706 traffic deaths set during the 1956 four Day holi Day. This year s Holiday period was 24 hours Shorter. The 1956 Holiday had been called the Black Christmas because of us record Holiday loll. That title now belongs to Titis year s Christmas weekend. By comparison 716 Ameri cans died in South Viet Nam from oct. 18, this year to dec. 20. From Jan 1, 1961, until dec. 20, 1965, americans have died in action in South Viet 104 More than twice the weekend s traffic loll. Texas led the nation with 52 traffic deaths reported during the Holiday period closely followed by California with 51. Ohio had 49. Only Alaska Hawaii Montana and South Dakota had a clean record of no Highway fatalities. Twelve persons died when a san Francisco bound Grey hound bus skidded off an icy interstate Highway near rogue fiver ore., Early ii Risemas eve. A two car Auto collision near sublet to kan., claimed seven lives sunday and five persons were killed in a two car mishap near Buffalo minn., sunday. The worst fire of the Holiday look the lives of eight persons Early Friday when a Blaze swept an apartment House in Newark . Mercury slips to 4, previous Low was 11 20 at 1 . 4 Low this morning n High sunday 22 Low sunday 24. High saturday 14 Low saturday 2 High Friday 31 High year ago 15 Low year ago Sunrise tuesday Sunset tuesday temperature in downtown co Lumbus slumped to four degrees above Zero Early this morning coldest Reading Here so far this season. Previous Low was 11 degrees registered on nov. 30. T h c prior Low Point in december was 14 degrees which came on the 25th. Mercury showed a moderate climb later today under sunny skies and the 1 o clock Reading was 20 degrees. By United press International the frigid weather conditions which prevail across Nebraska today should Start moderating tuesday. The weather Bureau said South cry winds this afternoon will pick up tonight and tues Day and will bring More comfortable temperatures into t h e stale. Lows tonight will vary from 5-10 above and Ziglis tuesday will Range from near 30 in the North Centrallo around 40 South Easl. Some Light Snow is predicted for North Central Nebraska to night. Weather observers said the Strong High system which brought the cold temperatures into the slate was moving Raiher rapidly to the East and would be followed by gradually warmer conditions. The five Day forecast Calls for temperatures to average near Normal through Friday. Normal highs this Lime of year vary from 30 in the Northeast to the upper 30s South Central and soul heal. Precipitation in tiie form of Snow during the period is expected to be Light averaging around a Quarter of an Inch. The Panhandle will have lows tonight of Zero to 10 above Fol Lowed by highs tuesday of 25 35. Eastern Nebraska slowly increasing cloudiness to night and a Little warmer North portion. Partly Cloudy to locally Cloudy and warmer tuesday. Low tonight 5-10 above. High tuesday 25-30 North near 40 extreme Southeast. Nebraska the tempera Tures will average near Normal through Friday. Normal highs 30 Northeast upper 30s South Central. Normal lows 10-15 Over the area. Precipitation will average near .25 Inch occur ring As Snow. Home decoration contest winners or. And Martin Ace Apt Puet trophy in Tow Cor but Jayham do oration from contest chairman Bob Wini Amun. The re Monce located about Ana half milk North of dumb in at Mth extended used Multi eel red Light nativity and Many How Christ mat beautifully decorate their Hunt. Winner of a conf place trophy were or. And Curtis Kelsay 2411 2mb Street. Or. And retort Barm 37th Avenue were third place a group of Norfolk Torvold Ai in the Telegram photo two Marine patrols kill 56 communists new York City Pilot Phillips Ippolito left gives of sign to Joseph Brennan As both ret up in Columbia presbyterian Hospital this morning. Both escaped with minor injuries. Up uni fax correspondent lands plane on Bridge is ordered to leave Poland Warsaw up new York times correspondent David Halbur islam today was ordered to leave Poland within a week for taking a position of continued hostility towards the government. Halbertstam thus became the second new York times pulitzer prize winning reporter to be expelled from Poland. A. M. Rosenthal now metro Politan editor of the times was ordered to leave in 1959 for delving too deeply into polish affairs. Halbertstam won a pulitzer prize in 1964 for his reporting from Viet Nam. Lie had previously reported the Congo insurrection. He said today he would leave within the week. The official polish press Agency Pap said Halbertstam had written a series of slanderous Halbertstam was summoned to the foreign ministry today and told his accreditation As a correspondent had been with drawn because he had Dis played an attitude of continuous hostility during his 11 months Here. Halber islam said lie had been called to the foreign ministry numerous limes since his arrival to hear official objections on his reporting. He believed the Story which impelled the foreign ministry to act concerned the Lack of support by the polish people for the communist regime which to had said was a govern men installed by the occupying hed army in 1945. The report said the polish government was bound More closely than Ever to Moscow simply because of its Lack of identification with the people of Poland. York up thousands of motorists uie George Washington Bridge is just another Way of crossing the Hudson liver Between new York and new Jersey. To a teen aged Pilot in a disabled plane High Over the River sunday the giant Span suddenly became an alternative to a plunge into the frigid Hudson. Aeron a aircraft when the motor faltered and they began losing Power and Altitude. Ippolito said he considered setting Down the rented plane in the River but Wren Brennan said i can t he decided to try a Landing on the Bridge where traffic seemed to be relatively Light. The plucky Pilot guided the the Pilot Phillip Ippolito 19, tiny Craft toward a smooth of new York City and his touchdown on the two unused Sorensen turns Down Challenge by Carpenter Lincoln up i. Gov. Philip Sorensen sunday turned Down a Challenge from stale sen. Terry Carpenter thai he and slate sen. Hal Bauer team for governor and lieu Len and governor against the scouts Bluff senator in the May Pri Mary. Carpenter had suggested such a Campaign be based solely on Iho slate income tax Issue. Bauer sponsored he successful in come lax Bill in the 1965 legis lature and Sorensen supported the measure. Carpenter Nad opposed it. Carpenter who recently switched parties from Republican to Democrat had said he would file for governor in old Jamiar if sorer Uron and Bauer accepted he Challenge. In turning him Down Soren sen said the determination of his future plans would be made at the proper time but not in response to a person who for All f know might change Par ties again before the primary added Sorensen Only Terry Carpenter would spend Chrisl rfcs Day cranking out a Public Ity Accident report Fruy . T . 2 total Lait year _.____.501 iniurkt______________117 i passenger Joseph Brennan 23, of Hac Senack n. J., were soaring along in their Small u. S. Quiet about bombing Lull in North Viet Nam Austin Tex. The Texas White House gave no hints today on the extent or significance of the Lull in u. S. Bombing raids against North Viet Nam. I Don t have any information acting press Secretary Joseph Laflin told newsmen who asked whether the United Stales had instituted another pause in the bombings. Asked about the president s feelings on the ending of the 30 hour Christmas truce in Viet Nam Laflin again said i just have no la Fin said Johnson planned to work at his desk most of the Day on budget matters legislative planning and other governmental matters but when he was asked whether the president was spending a lot of his time on Viet Nam Laitin replied i Don t know what percen Tage of his time is being spent on Viet tie replies followed the recent pattern of avoiding specific comment on the yuletide cease fire in Viel Nam during which he bomb ing raids were suspended. But Johnson did Over the weekend express a renewed wish for peace in vice Center lanes of the Bridge despite High winds gusting up to 30 Miles an hour. He almost had it made but Wing lip grazed a trailer truck lipping Over the plane and damaging its wings propeller and nose. We were Palling ourselves on the Back for making a Good my right Wing up hit the the Youthful Pilot said later. The intrepid Ippolito suffered Only culs of the face. His passenger had broken Teeth and face culs. Both were treated at Columbia presbyterian medical Center in Manhattan. The plane had taken off at about 9 . From ram Apo Valley air port in Rock and county n. Y., and was proceeding to red Bank n1. According to Ippolito the Little plane s Gas Cap came off near the Bridge forcing him to land on the 450-foot High Span. Offshore Oil Rig collapses in Choppy sea gr1msby, England up big offshore Oil Rig which recently brought in a flaming Bonanza Gas strike collapsed in the Choppy North sea some 40 Miles offshore Loday. First reports said that 40 technicians including a number of americans had taken to life boats. At least two Rescue ships were standing by. Preliminary reports said one ship had picked up one dead three seriously injured and 14 other Crew members from the Rig. The sea Gem drilling Rig operated by British Petroleum sent a radio distress Call that it was collapsing. The Rig was perched on stilts More than 40 Miles off the Humber River Estuary in the North sea. It brought in a Rich Gas strike in october from a sounding feet below. Coast guard lifeboats and helicopters took off logo to the assistance of the toppled Rig. Fire farm Home rising City fire gulled Hie farm Home of or. And mrs. Glenn White 3 Miles South and 2 Miles cast of rising City Early this morning. Rising City and Ulysses fire departments answered the alarm at Aboul a. M. And arrived in time to remove most of the household furniture before the flames enveloped the Home. Firemen said that a Healing unit in a Wall was the apparent cause of the Blaze. The White family fled the Home with out injury. Cost sharing Highway building dates to 1911 Lincoln up Cost Shar ing Highway building in Nebraska dates to 1911 when a state county Bridge fund was established. A portion of the property fax was initially earmarked for Road building purposes six years later to meet the Matching Money provisions of the Federal Aid Highway act. These and other facts Are contained in the first documented Booklet on the history of the slate holds department. The work was compiled by a. T. Lobdell who recently retired after years with the depart ment. The Booklet noted that 4he department was first established in 1895, but it was then called the stale Board of irrigation. The first stale Highway Engi Neer was former sen. . Howell of Omaha. His salary was yearly. Lobdell also recalled that the first Driver s License was issued in 1929 and Cost 75 cents that convict labor was used for Road building until 1924 and that the legislature first enacted a Gas lax two cents per gallon in is. 10th . Plane downed by Sam Saigon up a. U. S. Air Force Jet was downed by a surface to air missile Sam during a strike in North vice Nam on december a u. S. Air Force spokesman announced Loday. This brought to ten he Tola of . Planes downed by the russian made Sams since bombing of North Viet Nam began last february. The first u. S. Plane was downed july 27. In making Loday s announce ment the spokesman said the f-4c phantom Jet was hit during a strike against the Bac a Bridge 75 Miles North of Hanoi. Two missiles were fired at the phantom. Bolh missed. The debris caused by the explosion of the second missile however hit the Jet. Today s Index m pages women s Page 3 4 s classified Page 10 11 Saigon up two heavily outnumbered . Marine patrols battled entrenched vice Cong near Danang Loday and killed 50 of the communists n military spokesman reported. The fighting near Quang a Village erupted As he leather necks resumed full scale operations for the first time since the Christmas cease fire by sending three full battalions Inlo the Field. A Marine battalion runs from 1.200 to men. The two Marine patrols were operating about seven Miles South Southwest of the major u. S. Base Al Danang 375 Miles Northeast of Saigon. U. S. And vietnamese planes also have resumed attacks on vice Cong positions in South Viel Nam. Hut there have been no reports of bombings in North Viet Nam since the cease fire. A military spokesman said we have received no Insl Ruc Lions to Lay off bombings of he North Bill by he same Token we have received no orders to commence bomb in the Mekong Delta a Viet Cong terrorist posing As a re Niit smuggled iwo bombs into a Barracks filled with trainees and exploded one causing heavy loss of life. The second bomb designed to kill Rescue Crews failed to go off. Military Security prevented publication of the exact number of dead and wounded. A ton truck carrying troops of the u. S. Army s 1st infantry division later in the Day struck a mine in Bing Duong province about 30 Miles North of Saigon. Details were sketchy but a u. S. Military spokesman said heavy casualties were feared. The Barracks blast occurred at the Headquarters of the government s 9lh infantry Divi Sion in Sade about 70 Miles Southwest of Saigon in tie Delta. Hiatus continues a Christmas pause in the air War against communist North Viel Nam continued today. There has been no reported air activity Over the North since Christmas eve when . And South vietnamese forces began observing the 30-hour Yul Clide ceasefire. . S p o be s me n declined comment on the Lull or when or whether attacks against the Hanoi regime would be renewed. Huth bombs planted in the Sadyc Barracks were of the Claymore mine variety. The first exploded about 50 pounds of High explosive and the second was Sel to Send thousands of lethal steel pellets ripping into survivors and rescuers assisting the wounded. A vietnamese government spokesman said the terrorist managed to flee before the bomb went off. Execution ordered in the Central Highlands a military tribunal at Pleski Loday ordered four leaders of the bloody rebellion by Mon lag Nard tribesmen executed by a firing squad in a Public Square. The four were among 20 of the tribal mountaineers who went on trial for heir role in the recent uprising against government troops which later spread to four provinces in Centra South Viel Nam. The others received Long prison terms. The montagnard a arc trained and paid by . Special forces outfits and have often proved themselves in combat at outposts in he Highlands. About montagnard a live in the Highlands. Many military advisers feel the montagnard a joined the War Effort not because they Are anti communist but because hey Are which includes the vietnamese cambodians and laotians. An autonomous stale Long has been the dream of the 30-Odd tribes. They Are generally suspicious or hostile toward outsiders with the exception of the special forces troops who pay and train them in the Art of modern warfare. In air action Over South Viet Nam it was reported that . And vietnamese planes flew combat sorties against the Viel Cong sunday and Early today. Army sergeants charged with aiding the enemy first packs of pigs appear with health warning Kaleigh c. Impi the first packs of Cigar tics hearing the new health warning appeared on he stands in this tobacco heartland today. A Check showed Lig Gitl and Myers tobacco co., of Durham had begun releasing packs of its Brand with he warning. The warning Stales Cau Tion cigarette smoking May be hazardous to your Congress passed a Law requiring Cigar Lac companies to place the warning on the packs after a report from the surgeon general said evidence showed there might be a link Between cigarette smoking and cancer. The warning must be on All packs after Jan. 1, 1m6. Naha Okinawa up . Army sergeants freed by the communist Viel Cong last month and who later were critical of american involve ment in Viel a rom have been charged with aiding the enemy the . Military command disclosed today. The iwo Are sol. George e. Smith of Chester w.va., and spec. 5 Claude Mcclure of Chattanooga Tenn. They were freed nov. 28 Al the cambodian Border Afler two years in Captivity. A terse statement issued by military aul homilies on Okinawa said charges would be brought against the men for preparing furnishing and delivering to the Viet Cong certain documents statements and writings inimical to the interest of he uni cd the statement indicated Smith and Mcclure were being held for alleged dealings Wilh their communist captors and not for statements attributed to them in a nov. 30 news conference in phenom penh Cambodia. To gain they told lie news Confer ence the United slates has nothing to gain from the War in Viet Nam and said they would join peace movements when they returned to America. The army refused to elaborate on tie statement or say whether Smith and Mcclure Are in confinement on Okinawa. It is known Only Hal they wore brought to Nalia from Koral Thailand alter leaving cambo Dia which does not maintain diplomatic relations with the United states. The australian embassy in phenom penh handled their return to . Army officials. Tie . Army Headquarters Tor the Ryukyu islands said a two week investigation was conducted into the conduct of the two sergeants which warrants the preferring of charges in violation of the uniform code of military Justice article 104" aiding in e possible court martial charges were preferred dec. 21 and further investigation being conducted to determine whether they should be Dis missed or Smith and Mcclure be brought a court martial i spokesman said. Smith and Mcclure we re captured nov. 24, when the Viet Cong overran the Hiep Hoa . Special forces Camp 27 Miles Northeast of Saigon. Attempting to flee to West protest shooting of 2 germans Berlin up a wave of protest and indignation swept through this divided City today Over the fatal shooting by East German guards of two German men fleeing to Freedom through the Berlin Wall. A third companion was wounded and an East German girl captured when the men attempted to crash their car sunday into the fortifications Al the Heinrich a Cine Strasse crossing. No Nalion can put up Wilh said the mass circulation Bild Zeitung today in an editorial. The tabloid compared the soviet controlled Eastern zone to a nazi concentration Camp. Dining the night a Small group of West Berlin you ins demonstrated at the checkpoint where the incident occurred. They carried a Banner Reading How Long will we put up with the West German Driver of the ear carrying the Gibrec East germans to the West bled to death about 30 feel from a lighted Christmas Iree Sel up by the communists to show their Holiday spirit. A second Man fell wounded from the car and Lay on the Street giving no sign of life and was believed dead. The american. British and French commandants denounced the shooting As wan ton they said it was All the More shocking because it look place Over the Christmas holidays. It is time this senseless killing said the Allied commandants in a statement drawn up by the United slates the incident also placed a Damper on the Joy Over Holiday reunions of families split by the Wall. Bui the communists today defended their action blaming the West for instigating the attempted crossing and warn ing mat provocateurs will meet a similar Fate. Communist guards opened fire with about 50 rounds of Tommy gun fire from a Ival Clower As Heinz Schoene Berger. A 27-year-old West German raced his automobile through the checkpoint towards an opening in the Wall. The car crashed Inlo a pole set across the opening. Schoeneberge. Though fatally wounded staggered 15 feet Inlo West Berlin and collapsed bleeding profusely from a wound in his Throat lie bled to death a few minutes Lacr under a sign that read now you Are entering the american a crowd of about 80 West berliners shouted murderers at the Eastern soldiers and taunted Western police for not going into action. The incident however did not Slop traffic through the Wall today. By monday morning Aboul West berliners entered Kast Berlin with passes issued by the communists so they could visit relatives

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