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Columbus Daily Telegram Newspaper Archives Dec 13 1965, Page 1

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Columbus Daily Telegram, The (Newspaper) - December 13, 1965, Columbus, NebraskaThe number year daily Telegram Columbus Nebraska monday december 13, 1965 evening except single copy Washington at opening of hearings facing the camera from left Are Federal Reserve Board members Charles Shepardson c. Canby Peterson William Mcchesney Martin jr., George w. Mitchell Sherman j. Maisel. In foreground Are committee members rep. Wright Patman left chairman and sen. Jacob javits. Up uni fax Martin says administration kept informed Washington up chairman William Mcchisney Martin or. Of the Federal Reserve Board said today the Board had kept the Johnson administration continuously in formed of ils position both before and after it raised in Crest Rales. The Board has been accused of failing to coordinate with the rest of the government when it boosted the Pace setting Dis count rate from 4 to -1.5 per cent. But Martin denied this before the Senate House economic committee. I can assure you that the administration has been kept continuously informed of the of the Federal Reserve system and thai there has been a continuing Frank Exchange of views Between the Federal Reserve and administration officials both before and Afler the Board s Martin Lold he committee. While Martin under fire from the committee vigorously de fended the interest raise As an Issue of conscience integrity and judgment As i interpret tire the three Board members who opposed the move agreed substantially with the views of Liis foes. James l. Robertson who was in the minority in the 4-3 Board decision said in a statement submitted to the committee that he Felt the appropriate monetary policy for later in 1966 can be Best judged Afler we have the Benefit of. The official Federal budget message in january and Sevine Public reaction boar member George t. Said his position was that the action could have been delayed to await coordination with other government he said he did not think there was sufficient evidence that inflationary pressures Are Strong or acc inc significant difference be tween Banks raising their prices and unions and other industries doing likewise. They might feel justified in demand ing higher wages or actions justified Martin testified that the current fast Pace of the Economy and the Prospect of a big increase in spending for the War in Viet Nam justified not Only the substance of Hie Board s actions but also la Weir delaying action further would probably have made it necessary to Lake stronger measures he contended. Martin appeared before the House Senate group at the demand of his longtime foe rep. Wright Patman a tax. Patman chairman of the committee led off an investigation of the feds interest action by accusing the Board of flouting president Johnson Congress and even the the quickest Way to sink a ship is to have two Patman said in an opening statement. Pat Man said All Federal agencies were required by the employment act of 1946 to coordinate their economic poli cies. Criticizes Independent moves although no Agency was exempted time and time again the Federal Reserve has chosen to ignore this Public Law and to go off on ils he declared. The Texas Democrat said shortly before the Reserve Board boosted the discount Rale from 4 to 4.5 Treasury Secretary Henry h. Fowler said the administration opposed an increase in interest rates and warned any such move would be premature and unwise. For Patman an old foe of Martin and the fed the Hoard s action last week in boosting its discount Rale member Banks have to pay to borrow Money from the Federal from 4 to 4.5 per cent shows what s wrong with the Federal Reserve system or. Martin in Partick the 72-year-old Texas demo crat Sakl the hearings were called to find out who is in charge in this president who is elected by the people or the Federal Reserve Board none of whose members Are an outspoken believer in Low interest rates Patman believes the Board s action could provide him Victory he s been seeking for 31 strip the fed of ils Independent status and make it More responsive both to Congress and the White House. Rain and Snow mentioned the third member who voted against the raise Sherman j. Maisel said the move could cause rallies than prevent inflation. People might Iii Blakenly believe that the action was taken on far firmer grounds than it Maisel said. They might assume that the Board was convinced that inflation was imminent. Others might not understand s today s Index 14 paces .4 women t news Page 6 sports Page 10 11 Clau ruffed 12 Cornice Page 13 m at 32 Low this morning 34 High sunday 31 Tow sunday 51 High saturday 41 High year ago 18 Low year ago .20 Inch moisture Sunrise tuesday Sunset tuesday by United press International occasional rain or Snow is in he forecast for Central Nebraska tonight and Over the state tuesday. It will turn colder. With in creasing northerly winds in the Central portion tuesday. Lows tonight will be 30-35. Highs tuesday will be near 40 in Central Nebraska and 45-50 East. Nebraska s High Reading Sun Day was 50 at Hastings. The overnight Low was 15 at Chad Ron. Temperatures during the week will average near to slightly below Normal. Prec pita lion is expected again on wednesday Likely in the form of Snow. Nebraska thiere will be considerable cloudiness tonight and tuesday. Occasional rain or Snow Likely Central portion to night and Over the state tues Day Low tonight 30-35. High tuesday near 40 Central and 45 50 East. Two delegates have Point Slough eng. Up delegates arrived late at a meeting called to protest poor bus service Here. Their explanation our bus was surr Nebraska considerably Cloudy tonight and tomorrow. Some occasional rain or rain mixed with Snow developing tuesday. Low tonight -30-35. High tuesday 40-45. Nebraska f in e d a y forecast temperatures will average near to slightly below Normal for the five Day period through saturday night. Normal highs lower 30s Northeast o up per 30s South Central. Normal lows 13-18. Warmer tuesday Bui turning cooler wednesday and thursday and warmer by Satur Day. Precipitation tuesday and average .20-.40 inches. Snow is forecast for the stale. Three injured in Accident Here three persons were injured shortly before noon saturday in a four car Chain reaction Accident at 23rd so Root and 28lh Avenue. Aldine s. Mohrman route 3, Columbus and Howard w. Pol Ler 1718 8th Street Columbus received head and neck injuries. Ruby l. Schiks 2809 281 h Street Columbus sustained a broken right foot As Well As nose injuries. An Auto driven by Glenn f. Clark Columbus slopped to Jet an Auto in front of him make a left aulos driven by Potter and Mohrman stopped behind the Clark vehicle. Mrs. Schiks saw the autos stopped in front and applied brakes which did not hold. Property damage was not extensive. Court denies hearing to Prav voluntarily in Public schools Washington up tie supreme court Loday denied a tearing to new York City parcels who sought an order allowing if Weir children to Pray voluntarily to god each Day in a Queens Public school. The Case is the first to reach the High court involving the question of voluntary prayers by Public school pupils. In decisions in 1962 and 1963, the court barred use of slate composed prayers and the lord s prayer As Well As Bible Reading when done in Devotion Al exercises. The Queens parents demanded that school authorities gave their children an Opportunity to express their love and affection to almighty god each Day through a prayer in their respective the controversy arose Afler principal Elihu Oshinsky of Public school 184 in whiles tone forbade recitation of two prayers by kindergarten child Ren before they ale milk and morning and after noon. One prayer was god is great god is Good and we thank him for our food. the other was thank you for the world so Sweet thank you for the food we cat thank you for the Birds that sing thank you god for every the parents formed a group called prayer rights for american youth Pray and sued in Federal District court in Brooklyn for prayer privileges a group of students ranging in age from 5 to 11. District judge Wal Ter Bruchhausen ruled in favor of the parents but was reversed by the 2nd Cir Euil court. Russian farm output is second highest Moscow up the soviet Union announced monday that farm output for 1965, despite a disastrous Grain crop is the second highest on record. The government newspaper Izvestia said that despite of the Cereal Harvest plan the Harvest of other crops exceeded inc average figures for 195m4." bulletin space Center Houston up foreign object was found today in the Gas Generator of the faulty Titan 2 rocket thai blighted the gemini 6 launch sunday gemini control said. The object was described As a plastic dust cover. Marines find abandoned equipment Saigon Dpi of u. S. Marines in the sixth Day of a search for a communist regiment believed rapped in Jungle mountains 335 Miles North of Saigon today reached what appeared to be he base Camp used by lie fleeing hods. They Foi Sixl Only abandoned equipment. The leathernecks and accompanying government troops had been warned by the Marine commander he major fight ing was yet to come and today s events seemed to Bear out he prediction. Marines moved Over he of of a Mountain Ridge line and Down into a Small Highland area known As the pm inc Valley. They found what appeared to be a onetime communist Field Hospital and abandoned weapons and equip ment. The area is 20 Miles South of the Danang Marine airbase in the Vicinity of the Battleground where lie now trapped Viet Cong Force last week inflicted heavy casualties on government troops. Strategic air command 1152 bombers again today attacked the mountains known to have caves and tunnels big enough to conceal heavy trucks and targe numbers of troops. The area struck by the eight Jet b52s today was Southwest of inc target area plastered sunday with 750 and Pound bombs which probably caught the Viet Cong by Surprise. The b52s Fly so High they cannot be heard until their bombs whistle toward Earth. Troops of the . 173rd airborne brigade today accepted the surrender of 22 Viet Cong in the communist zoned stronghold about go Miles East Northeast of Saigon. It was believed to be the largest single group to surrender in Masse to . Troops in Viet Nam. Authorities said tie surrender was the culmination of a Long Campaign in the Region by psychological warfare teams which Piave urged the communists in radio broadcasts and by leaflet drops to surrender. At a news conference sunday night maj. Gen. Lewis Walt commander of the third Marine amphibious Force declared of the Phuoc Valley search i Don t think the major fighting has started the marines and government troops participating in an operation dubbed Harvest Moon so far counted 122 Viet Cong bodies but hundreds of other communists were believed killed and hurriedly buried by their comrades. In fighting elsewhere at least 288 communists wove killed during the weekend in the Mekong Delta 75 Miles South West of Saigon when govern ment troops surprised a Batta lion of reds in go Cong province. The vietnamese for Ces continued chasing the communists through the swamps today. The Viet Cong massacred 23 vietnamese civilians saturday night at the Village of Tan Huong 35 Miles South of Saigon in a terrorist Man Euver. A . Embassy spokesman said iwo platoons of Viet Cong machine gunned a Pagoda the workers including women and children were asleep. The nearby Highway was blocked by a line of corpses sunday. The Marine Force near Danang was driving toward the Phuoc Valley which is believed to have served for some time As the base Camp for Hie Viet Cong 1st regiment. The sur rounding Mountain slopes Are honeycombed with caves and tunnels Many Large enough to hide heavy equipment. The sunday b52 strike marked the second Lime the Guam based bombers have Given direct support to a ground operation. The first came during the Chu Pong Mountain Campaign almost a month ago heaviest fighting of the War to Date. Wall indicated at a news conference he believes the communists will select a spot somewhere in the mountains or a Small Valley area to stand and fight inc marines and government troops. He said if they retreated much further they would lie forced to abandon their Well equipped base Camp. The Marine commander said he did not have an up to Date communist casually report but added "1 know it runs into the Accident report saturday_____________3 total year he injuries._.1j3 .___._. _. 1 Cape Kennedy astronaut Wally Schirra s glum look might have been prophetic Early Sun Day Asho waited Tor launch of gemini i. The Tricky rendezvous Mission had to be postponed when the Titan la rocket engines shut Down immediately after ignition. It was the first Lime a manned space flight had failed to get off the ground after engine ignition. Rendezvous launch now scheduled for wednesday Cape Kennedy up ii the Federal space Agency Sakl today a new Bug cropped up in the gemini 6 rocket Bill that it was resolved without further delay to wednesday s Rendez Vous launch attempt. The problem developed in the Titan 2 Rockel s powerful engine system but after a Long series of meetings engineers said tie rouble was eliminated and we re still on space officials said sunday they Hope to Send astronauts Waller so Lirra and Thomas Stafford on Iligir Chase in space after gemini 7 wednesday but the new problem posed a serious threat to the Blastoff Date until it was resolved. Sunday s launch attempt was halted by an electrical plug that got pulled from the rocket an instant Loo soon. The new problem apparently was not associated with sunday s Trou ble. Informed sources said the trouble was in the Titan 2 rocket s propulsion system. They said there were indications that the problem was in a Generator that develops the hog gases required to drive the turbines that in turn Power the engine s fuel pumps. In Houston flight director Christopher Kraft told gemini 7 astronauts Frank Bormann and James Lovell that. Cape workers do have some things they Don t fully understand about the launch vehicle but they Are pressing ahead with their weather was expected to be no problem for a launch attempt wednesday. Partly Cloudy skies were predicted with a foot Cloud ceiling. There was no rest for tie 200 gemini engineers and technicians who worked around the clock in a record breaking run last week to get the 109-foot space machine ready for launch less than eight Days Afler gemini 7 s Blastoff. To meet wednesday s new liftoff schedule Mission director William Schneider said their work schedule was probably even lighter than last week s. Proceed rapidly proceeding As rapidly us we said Merrill Preston launch director for the Kennedy space Center. We re going to launch As soon As we get if no further problems develop the twin engine Titan will shoot gemini 8 on ils spectacular Orbital Chase after astronauts Frank Bonnan and James Lovell at . Est wednesday. Even if wednesday s launch Dale is missed gemini 6 could be fired thursday Friday and possibly even saturday if Borman and Lovell were kept Aloff an extra Day o give Schirra and Stafford a target. Preston blamed sunday s failure on a simple but vital electrical plug that somehow was pulled Loose from the base of the Titan 2 rocket two seconds before liftoff. The plug s removal started i sequence of events that led to an automatic kill signal thai shut Down the engines 1.2 seconds after ignition. Plug Puzzle How the plug got pulled. In did not know. Schneider suggested that something May have knocked it Loose when the powerful rocket burst into life. I think it is the most ironic thing i can think said gemini flight director Christo Pher c. Kraft or. Astronauts setting records space Center Houston up space champions Frank Borman and James Lovell sped gemini 7 toward new records today cheered by word that they probably will be Able to rendezvous in orbit wednesday with gemini 6. New problems cropped up at Cape Kennedy on the Balky gemini 6 Titan 2 Boosler that failed to lift off sunday. But after a morning of Cliff hanging tension officials announced a problem with the Booster engines had been solved. We re still on engineers reported from the Cape As gemini 7 swung into ils 134lh Orbil and headed into its 10th Day aloft. Spinning around Earth in their underwear Borman and Lovell were kept updated on the Progress of gemini 6. Additional interesting information being sent up to them today Means the launch wednesday probably will come off As Mission control reported. Further delay was possible and time was growing Short. Gemini 7 was due to return to Earlh saturday Afler 14 Days aloft with the possibility it would slay up a 15th Day. But no longer. Borman and Lovell had a broken tape recorder to annoy them As they streaked through the heavens 185 Miles High. Their beards were growing Bustier and their diet was medically sound but not very appetizing. I believe we be lost a Little Borman radioed after Awakening from a solid night s sleep. Flight director Christopher c. Kraft updated them on the feverish preparations by 200 technicians at Cape Kennedy to try to prepare the jinxed gemini 6 spaceship for launch wednesday morning after Sun Day s dramatic failure of tie Booster rocket to lift off the p and. Gemini 6 astronauts Walter Schirra and Thomas Stafford had the Day off. Pow by launch we re hoping to get Oft on Kraft said. They have some things they Don t fully understand. He did not elaborate. Gemini 7 entered its wind orbit at . Est. The endurance flight record fell to gemini 7 sunday tonight at . Est the individual Orbital Lime record of 225 hours 16 minutes held by astronaut Gordon Cooper will fall to Bonnan and Lovell. The fuel cells that provide electrical Power for gemini 7 caused a Little difficulty. Water formed by the Hydrogen and oxygen used to feed the cells gathered in them during the night. Switching sections of the cells raised the pressure in Normal Levels. Once again the astronauts prepared for a laser Beani Lesl to try to communicate with inc. Ground via a Light beam from a hand held Ray every lest has been unsuccessful since the flight started. Dec. 4. Weight physicians on the ground confirmed a weight toss of the two men on their not very tasty space food diet a tape recorder aboard the Craft went blink. Thai recorder collected medical data for feeding to various tracking stations. Its tape would not rewind. Columbus stores will be open until 9 p. M. Tonight and tuesday

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