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Columbus Daily Telegram Newspaper Archives Apr 3 1965, Page 1

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Columbus Daily Telegram, The (Newspaper) - April 3, 1965, Columbus, NebraskaThe daily Telegram Rex. Columbus Nebraska saturday april 3, 1965______ evening except single copy mayor s race spices City election Habka of the gop arc seeking with the ticket spiced by Sev eral interesting races next tuesday s municipal election is exp cute d to attract a fairly Large turnout of voters. Speculation by Veteran political observers varies considerably ranging from to this year s election offers the first race for the mayoralty since 19c1, when Republican Cleo Kuntzelman Defeated Democrat Byron heed. The total vote was the off year ticket in 19s4 brought Oil 2.c11 voters. In when mayor Kunzelman was unopposed for re election the response was Only with Kuntzelman declaring himself out of the picture this Nave a new com Lor in third Ward so a pair of april 6 election ticket democrats Barney Micek no candidate Dick Gdowski Elmer Micek William held James Holmburg Carroll Krumland Robert Vaughan Mel Waters mayor water commissioner police judge Council first Ward republicans Gilbert Behlen Herbert Abts Noyes w. Rogers Ralph polls Council second Ward Herman Braken Holl Council third Ward Dwayne Smith Council fourth Ward. George Rambour Airport authority or. V. F. Deyoc Airport authority Leonard Babka non political school Board or. H. D. Kipper franchise question of 10-year franchise for Consumers Public Power incumbent. Leroy Oeden ing two year term. The Choice is new faces on the Between Democrat Barney l. Body is assured Micek a past City councilman for Many years Ami Republican Gilbert Behlen. Eight Man seeking the second Ward scat Are Democrat William held who ing As president of lie Council. Micek and mrs. Adam Kunsek also from first Ward lire the Only democratic representative Habka of the gop Are seeking re election to the Airport authority. Their foes Are democrats Robert Vaughan and Mel Waters both of whom have made prior bids for authority berths. On the non political ticket incumbents in Coy Deden and or. Ii d. Kuppr Are unopposed for new terms. Also to be decided tuesday is the question of a id year franchise for Consumers Public Power District the previous franchise having ended in Ifim. Cily clerk treasurer leu i Teitcher reported that there Are presently voters registered in Colimbus and that for the first time in a number of years the democratic registrants outnumber the republicans by a slight to there Are g6 independents. Since the first of the year. Effiee Mic Kwas acan Man Bakon Luff. Saigon communist Mig jets Challenge u. S. Navy aircraft of the phantom classification while the fighter bombers were engaged in a bombing attack against a Railroad and Highway Bridge in North Viet Nam a Navy spokesman reported Here today recent file photo shows a f4h phantom ii taking off from the flight deck of the attack Carrier Kitty Hawk. The spokesman said further that the Mig jets fled with the american fighter bombers pursuing them at Miles per hour. The migs escaped. Up telephoto for mayor in 1949, losing to the late Lee Nauenburg. Both men and their support ers have been Active in campaigning and Many observers anticipate a closely contested Buttle. Two gop councilman joined mayor Kuntzelman in declining re nomination Martin Slenger in second Ward and j. E. Kreid matched in Smith third Ward of the of i i Holmberg. Councilman seeking to retain their posts arc Democrat Elmer Micek in first Ward and Republican George Rambour Iii in fourth Ward. Ralph polls is matched against Micek while Carroll Krumland is the foe of Rambour who is currently serv presently on the Council. Mrs. The new registrations have in Kunsek and three republicans eluded 168 democrats. 67 re Lee clan on Gene Jones Anil publicans and three i depend Ronald Apthorpe still have a cuts. These do Noi include per sons merely moving from one voting area to another. Has made a previous try for Kunsek and three republicans eluded 168 j7 re this is Behlen s first bid for the office and her year left on their terms. Republican Herb Abs Long time City water commissioner. Polls will open at 8 a. 10 unopposed for another iwo and close Al 8 p. M., and poll year Saint. Ing places Are the same As in candidates for police judge the last election Are Noyes w. Rogers re As returns Start to come in publican who has been holding tuesday Nigil they will be Posi like office by appointment de on a giant Board at the City and Democrat Dick Gdowski. Hall for Hie information of the or. V. F. Deyke and Public. Jets Challenge american Wara Sanes Over North Viet Nam today Saigon up soviet built rating trom the jets challenged american War cock and Cora planes Over North Viet Nam combination Railroad and inti was Bridge Al Dong Phuong on route 1 just g5 Miles South of carriers Han knocked this would Cut specifically which shot starting move registered voters in in co Ufa us to broaden voting Bill cock and Coral sea struck a Hanoi s principal Communia Down any planes pm Lor the first time today. A . Spokesman said there was no fight and that an Armada of 150 . Air Force and Navy closest they come to the Northern capital. Tion link with the Southern part of North Viel Nam. There was no word yet on the have Phuong Bridge. Red jets interfere Washington up a group of democratic senators first Walil a democrats republicans independents Ken jews a Navy spokesman said three is Starling a move to broaden Rato and president Johnsons Bill to in Dong migs Rose and interfered g raiders Hilling the sir negro voting rights Wilh the soviet news Agency Dong a Giuong Bridge but fled first Ward b democrats. Republicans. Calling Hie bipartisan support independents. Jeff blasted iwo vital Bridges they ran into intense anti air tasvreported7 from Hanou hat nth tee near Hanoi. Communist North Viet Nam claimed its air sea and ground units shot Down 12 american planes and damaged Many More but did not report any Aerial Battle. The Navy acknowledged the loss of twi planes but the air Force with held any announcement. A Fleet of 100 Navy jet.-. Of Jim Craft fire. A group of 50 . Air Force jets Iii the dragon s month Bridge Al than Hoa seven Miles further South. They Loo encountered intense anti air Craft fire from massed batteries of red guns ringing the tar can air Force spokesman jul fighters of the vietnamese Peoples army engaged the american planes for the first Lime and that "111 american vultures Gol what they de Tass said coordinated actions of the air Force Navy Rimli aircraft units and Home Johnson Pearson to Confer Thurmont my. Up president Johnson Meels at this Mountain Retreat today with Ca Nadian prime minister Lester b. Pearson who Lias urged a change in . Strategy in the War in South Viet Nam. Pearson was expected in arrive at Camp David in Mary land s in Locklin mountains Al about noon est. Lie was id have lunch wit i Johnson who has indicated he is Dale ruined to keep up for the present his policy of pressure tin communist regime in North Viet Nam. The meeting at the presi Dent s weekend Retreat was announced Friday Nigil by he White House. The Canadian Leader in a said the than Hao Bridge was can planes bal it did not say Degaulle and Wilson reach Friday night at Phila Delphia suggested hat a pause in . Air strikes against North Viel Nam at the right Lime might open the door to negotiation of the conflict. Officials Saint the prime min ister a staunch Friend of the United slates would receive a courteous bearing for any proposals he might offer in the talks. But Ibert were no Indi cations of any impending change of policy in the guerrilla War in the near future. To formal news conference was scheduled but newsmen were permitted in the area and i Here was a Chance a state ment might be issued after the talks. Flip Wilh Navy fighters pursuing hem no 1.000 Miles an hour. He did not say whether any Shols were fired. There was no indication immediately whether the migs were North vietnamese communist chinese or russian. The soviets have supplied migs to both the chinese and Vietnam Ese and at least 50 were reported based on the outskirts of Hanoi. Pistols did Noi notice the National markings on the planes. Previously the migs have remained on the ground while . And vietnamese planes re peal Day struck Hie North Hil Ling troop concentrating Points or radar stations. Pilot bails out the Navy said one of ils Paris presi Dent Charles de Gaulle Ami British prime minister Harold planes was shot Down Over the Wilson announced agreement target and the Pilot bailed out Loday to develop close Anglo and parachuted Onlo comm Frerich cooperation in the air nist held territory. Another Craft Industry and other advanced technologies. Thev said other countries Navy Jet crash landed ill the . Air base in Danang in South Viel Nam Wilh a dam might team up with them Laler aged Hydraulic system. In joint projects. The announcement was made the anti aircraft fire was in tense but there was no Indica in a joint communique ending Tion whether soviet built ground iwo Days of Summit talks which to air missiles were used. Dip it said have been of great Komats returning from Hanni and provided a basis for reported recently the russians _ i i i a Sivok on fhe Home front. The West that is so badly need by Laird Loomis this was the week that should t have been april fools Day passed and we Hope that we have heard this week have been in the manner of jest and not reality. But these stories seem to come from All areas of political action local slate Aryl and one does won Der. On the local scene one hears of the Lagoon Type sew age system being questioned and made into a political is sue. Surely for the Good of co Lumbus in one would change an engineering problem Inlo a political Issue for five years studies and experimentation have been conducted concerning adequate sewage disposal for Columbus. The final recommendation was for he Lagoon Type system As be ing the Best. Now it ill behoves Colum bus to drag its feet any longer. Five or More years is a Long enough period to work out a decision. Any longer time would become an excuse for on the state scene while in Lincoln this week we heard disquieting comic nos about our local Sta v senator ducking out and Mil voting on controversial a uses. We Are sure this could t be so As ducking out Only brings like Wrath and ridicule of both sides of the Issue and does t make for Stalwart Back ers at Home. On the National Side. It has been said Hal our congressional represent ivc Clair Callan will forsake his constituents and the repeal of right to work Laws. Surely Hep. Callan re members that his slate voted decisively for Rig lit Low o r k Laws. Rep. Callan campaigned on a program of what he would do extensive a to Nebraska. And lie must know that most of the inquiries we get aleut Nebraska from outside industrialists is because they like Nebraska labor Laws. Also rep. Callan seems undecided about medicare. This in contrast Bis stated position before lie Wen to Washington. We often have wondered Why most Young age mar ried people did t Rise up in absolute revolt at the proposals the development of Anglo French relations in a spirit of the communique made these Oiler main Points gave firm assurances to Gaulle that there would be no devaluation of the Pound Sterling and that the 1-a Exir government was doing All i could id strengthen the British Economy. Admitted frankly their disagreements on Southeast Asia but both recognized the had sent them to North Viet Nam but there has been Gress a serious mistake senators urged democratic Leader Mike Mansfield mont., in a letter Friday to support a broader Bill aimed at ending voting discrimination every where. There is a Federal responsibility to protect the right to the letter signed by senators said. The present Bill now under consideration by the Senate judiciary committee and a House judiciary subcommittee would establish a uniform Standard for registration in areas where literacy tests Antl other devices Are now used. It would apply in areas where less than half the population was registered or actually voted last november. A number of areas in Southern slates would he immediately affected. In addition to the eight Sena tors six others All members of democrats the Senate judiciary com mite republicans said they will begin work Mon Day on amendments to the Bill to make it apply in areas where there Are no literacy tests. The committee members were sen. Edward m. Kennedy mass. Thoma j. Dodd Conn. Philip Hart Mich. Birch k. Fiath or. Ind. Edward v. Second Ward a democrats republicans independents second Waud b democrats republicans independents third Ward a democrats republicans independents third Ward b democrats republicans independents fourth Ward a independents fourth Ward b democrats republicans 977 319 322 g 412 gel Al 4 1052 .231 if 740 Fred Behlen s Generator was one of the top attractions at the Columbus Junior High science fair held All Day Friday in the gym. Eighth grader Randy Kurtz left and science teacher mrs. Genevieve Cromer look on. Telegram photo wet weekend More rain predicted ixu11i mul ii Lili 11hj no confirmation of Hie reports. To. And Joseph d. Lyd a Navy Pilot who flew on the Ings my. Raid said the anti aircraft fire looked like horrible belches of Orange Fame from fhe River it was noteworthy that the communist report of today s air action mentioned red air units for the first time. The re port did Noi mention any Aerial encounters hut did say anti aircraft units and air naval Siom Jimi a Iii i in dangers of the situation and the and ground forces hit Back at need for a peaceful settlement in the Viet Nam. Agreed to continue working for Sec daily improving relations Wilh the soviets and other Eastern bloc countries. They agreed to remain in close Contact on problems of Africa and the Middle East. Was agreed that their finance ministers should meet soon to continue discussion of inner National payments prob lems and world Trade. In their letter the other eight senators backed a proposal that would leave i up to the courts or the president to determine whether there was a voting rights violation. Signing the letter were Sens. Eugene j. Mccarthy. Minn Vance Hartko. Ind. Stephen m. Young. Ohio Claylord Tel san. Wis. Frank e. Moss. Utah Waller f. Mondale. Minn Harrison Williams. . And Mccalf. Mon. The Senate committee is under orders id Clear the Bill by totals democrats .3045 republicans.29g1 independents .6g 6075 next Friday. The group has finished hearings and plans to Start drafting sessions tues Lav recover body from Lake ii Ickman searchers recovered the body of a Lincoln Man from Wagon train Lake near Here Friday. The victim was identified As the air marauders heroically. Accurately and previous communist claims have been exaggerated. Bomb scare Saigon itself was the target of a bomb scare today. Amer ican civilian offices throughout the City were evacuated when vietnamese police received a _ tip Hal Viet Cong terrorists a aft. Westfir in were cruising the City in a lied Dodge Sedan looking for n target. The . Information service building was the first to be evacuated. Later the . Operations Mission also moved out its staff. The fashionable Cara Nellc hotel across the is reel from the information office look precautions and made a car Load of Abc cameramen in a red rented car disassemble their cameras before entering. A 1 Joda farm news editorial women s sports comics 39 Low this morning 40 High Friday 44 High year ago 38 Low year ago Sunrise sunday Sunset sunday Sunrise monday Sunset monday .09 moisture by United press International inter militant rain is forecast for the extreme Eastern portion of the slate tonight Wilh Possi Bly heavy showers in the South St. Ii will be partly Cloudy Over Ost of the state lir Nugoli Sun y. Lows to Nigel will be 25-35 in he Panhandle the 30s North the lower -10s extreme Southeast. Highs sunday will be in the 40s Northeast and in the 50s in the Panhandle and Smith Central areas. Friday s High was 72 no Chad Ron while the overnight Low was 33 Al Alliance. It will continue to be partly Cloudy sunday night and Mon Day. Readings sunday night will Range from 25-30 Northwest to 30-35 Southeast. Slighs Mon Day will be in the upper 60s West to near 60 East. Nebraska mostly Cloudy tonight with inner Milant rain extreme East possibly heavy near Southeast Border. Partly Cloudy sunday. Low tonight 30s nor Ali to lower 40s extreme Southeast. Low tonight mid 30s North to near ids South. High sunday Northeast to 50s South Central. K a s t e r n Nebraska Cloudy through sunday with in Lermit Tant rain East tonight possibly heavy extreme South East. Low tonight mid 30s North in near 40s South. High sunday 45-50 North to lower 50s South. Hiring held up Well during past month deep coma Wiesbaden. Germany Iliili maj. Can. John k. Hester. Who suffered a severe brain in jury in a Parachute jump Fri Day. Was in a deep coma in a l a. Air Force Hospital Here today. A medical bulletin said Hes Ter s condition is still very the 48-year-old general who commands the . 17th Tacti a craftsman welder shipping clerk tool and die maker route despite unfavourable weather hiring activity held up Well Dur ing March in Platte. Butler col Man and lathe operator fax and i Olk counties the area served by the Columbus office of the Nebraska division of employment. Poor weather conditions those for women were experienced office workers service clerk Cai hic. Salesperson. Seamstress factory production worker and a number in the throughout the month kept pm service classifications. Ploy ment opportunities in out Side seasonal work Al a min because unfavourable weather curtailed recall of male workers inaction and delay rather than in medicare. Particularly at drowned Early monday when be v cum was jul Emma South korean troops came Unar Force in Europe he Der led out Ottum transport Lime. The Viet attacked f final sumo a reason for continued study. It would be a divisive in Stead of a cons Euclive action. We be even heard in said Hal he Lagoon Lypp could be flooded Nul. Well it is designed in withstand a flood five feet High lacking it to social Security. Maybe they will before in is ton late. Evidently our new Congress Man is being Hes Igor hypo Tomac pressure and the word from the Plains is Noi getting Bis Canoe capsized. The b3dy was dragged from their Camp Al i an and wounded 11 koreans. The koreans killed Al least one of the i Truia ninth i i the Lake by huge grappling communists. A spokesman said Hooks. Authorities had been search ing for the body for four Days. He was sure the Viel Cong had Learned a lesson. Mum. Hut manager Dallas bar to their jobs m seasonal m Ney said that the hiring Pace industries the labor Supply show other Fields led by manuf Acler de very March. Ing. Was encouraging. Non farm placements totalled 134. Down Only 11 from the at i 250 feel for the final jump previous month and 32 higher 120 higher than last year of a Parachute Miali cation ban in March of 1964. Of the 0 the 264 new applicants placements 104 were of a per registering in March isl were Man enl nature 11 More than in february. Seventy two of those placed were women. Manufacturing accounted for 70 of the Overall course. For undetermined Rea sons. Neither his main Chute nor his Reserve Chute opened properly. Weather conditions at the time of the jump were there were 452 applicants registered As of april 1, Only 13 under the preceding month bul under 22 years of age and this we urged employers to co Perale in keeping these Young Ink Isle in mind for any Job open Ings or which they Are qualified. They need to be kept occupied and Many Are also in need of the financial Aid to con line to Cir thirteen agricultural place ments were recorded in March Wilh demand increasing f o r both single and married farm workers. A n e m p 1 o Ymell insurance claims activities in March were Down from both the previous month and a year ago. New claims in March totalled 67. Compared to 116 in february and 74 in the corresponding month last year. There were age group will continue to show weeks of unemployment or than any one we have had through in him. And if the gels five feet higher than it did in 1017. We will be worrying about re building the entire Lown on the Bluffs especially if we still do brighter tomorrow now thai not have the protective Dike to april fools week is Over. Even a higher percentage of the labor Supply in the next two months. More students Are seeking insurance claimed 355 fewer than the previous month and 537 under a year ago. Information about training of in All. It was a had week what with depressing weather and the discomforting rumours. Hut maybe there will be a lost express Manchester e n g i a n d up were searching this morning for a thief who stole a truck loaded Wilh copies of the daily express. Y describe As Ideal none of placements More than half More students Are seeking information about training of acc tent report Kher men s Bolos of the total and 45 of hese empty men. Both temporary Man pow Friday this morning total this year last year injuries i 1 1 171 128 14 four other men who bailed out of the same plane was injured. Plesler who was torn in Mon mull Tell and permanent at the end of or development training act there were 50 unfilled open each school year and in is lie Ami also about the Job corps were women. Ericia Uriu jul Muir is married to Hie former Ings at the end of the month coming a greater problem to Helen v. Singer of Shreveport la. They have iwo children. 22 for men and 2ft women. Included in listings for men were find enough jobs for Bercy commented. For youth from Ages 16-21, inclusive is available at the employment office

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