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Columbia Missourian Newspaper (Newspaper) - September 26, 1970, Columbia, Missouri A Atlantic 0cs ans a dominican rep u2 detects possible base in Cuba up it. Haiti w a Caribbean sea rico1 Roosevelt. A roads a a puerto s $ cd Agu Aramas Washington up . Tj2 flights have detected evidence suggesting that the soviet Union is building a submarine base on the Southern coast of Cuba the defense department announced Friday. A High ranked White House official said the United states would View any strategic soviet base in the Caribbean a with utmost nearly eight years after the cuban missile crisis a Pentagon spokesman said a we can to Rule out that possibility that the russians were seeking a base for support of missile firing nuclear submarine operations in the Western hemisphere. The White House official who declined to be quoted by name said that the warning president John f. Kennedy issued during the 1962 crisis still was in Force. Kennedy said on nov. 20, 1962, that peace could exist Only if the soviet Union withdrew All offensive weapons from Cuba and kept. Them out of the hemisphere in the future. A the soviet Union can be of no doubt that we would View the construction of strategic bases in the Caribbean with utmost seriousness a said the official. A we Are watching events in Cuba. We re not in the position now to say exactly what they mean. But at the right moment we will take whatever action As i both the Pentagon and the White House of v facial said it still was not Clear exactly what Type facility was being built but the official cd said the United states a wanted to state its continued on Page 2 to this newspaper Enterprise Assn. Newsman pinpoints Cuba in the Caribbean a Short hop from the tip of Florida and a key to Central and South America. It was announced Friday that . U2 flights have detected evidence suggesting that the soviet Union is building a submarine base on the Southern coast of Cuba. Good morning its saturday september 26, 1970 3 sections�?24 pages 63rd year no. 7 Nixon called unfair with administrators Washington a president Nixon was told bluntly Friday that College administrators Are indeed standing up to be counted on Campus unrest As he suggested they do in a recent speech. A i tried to stress to Nixon the Point that administrators were being unfairly blamed for things that they had or had not been doing a said or. Logan Wilson president of the american Council on education Ace. A i done to think there was any question about the Point getting Wilson and sol m. Linowitz chairman of the aces special committee on Campus tensions met with the president to discuss recommendations made by the Council last Spring and the Progress that has been made since then. See related Story Page 8. The president indicated that he was very encouraged by Progress being made and by the Tenor and direction of the recommendations in the report a Linowitz stated. He said that he Felt the report and the recommendations were constructive and important and he commended the academic Community on what it was doing on its own initiative.�?�. In a speech at Kansas state University on sept. 16, president Nixon said a it is time for responsible University and College administrators faculty and student leaders to stand up and for . Reform a by Lillian Wilkins curators should concern itself missourian staff writer with finances Broad policy William Berry democratic issues and communicating the candidate for state represent needs of the University to the native for. The 119th District told Public and elected officials supporters at a Public meeting a was a legislator i would be Friday night he believes a con concerned that the atmosphere Stith tonal convention is the Only of peace and order was main Way to make a any real changes trained on the Campus that no of far reaching significance at infringement would be made on the University. The Freedom of inquiry and Berry called for a change in questioning which Are so Essen the Missouri Constitution which tial a part of the learning pro would prohibit one governor cess.�?�. From appointing the entire Berry criticized r e i s c h a s Board of curators. Stand on a joint committee he also said the Day to Day substitute for House Bill 9, administration of the University which contained a n a should be conducted by appropriation for a to r b o Mist raptors while the Board of Generator at the University and. Funds for the cancer Center. Rulo v Reisch said Friday he had voted against the original Bill daily record. 2 because. Contained a $309,000 editorials. 4 appropriation for a Chain link women a news. 5 Fence. Sports news. 9-11be Readlyn fr.0�1?1� n y stocks. 6-7 legislative record said Resich comics 13 had voted a a yes on the House classified 14-15 Senate Compromise on the Bill. Church Page. 16 the Compromise Bill did not contain the University or Ellis. Fischel appropriations but did birthdays a a a authorize funds Tor the Chain j a link Fence. Howard d. Berkley Bob a i make a commitment to Calvin mrs. Jerry c. Calvin support those financial pro mrs. Charles e. Gore mrs. Grams which will insure at. Albert Hagan Edna j. Musick Tractive salaries capital Terry Wayne pm Filippe her improvements in an orderly Bert Pale pipes a. S. Plat manner and sufficient Revenue Ner Tina Lon Rottmann to allow our schools to perform David f. Rowe Florena Sapp even better than the past a Ber Badby Snodgrass. By counted. Only they can save higher education in America it cannot be saved by government. To attempt to blame government for All the woes of the universities is to seek an excuse not a reason for their Wilson said the Point of meeting with Nixon Friday was a to illustrate that administrators Are not sitting on their hands. Many Are being unfairly tarred with a Brush for the american Council on education issued a report last Spring comparing Campus protests in 1968-69 with those of 1969-70. Then it followed up in August and september with a questionnaire to colleges and universities on what they were doing to Cope with potential disorder. Apr identical coi Mission on student unrest which has made similar studies will Issue its already controversial report saturday. Voting Reform facing Senate next tuesday Washington a the Way was cleared Friday for what Senate majority Leader Mike Mansfield d-mont., termed a a Tell tale vote next tuesday on changing the presidential election system. Mansfield said All senators who Are not physically incapacitated should be present a to vote on this momentous the vote will be on a second petition to shut off debate on a proposed constitutional amendment to abolish the electoral College and provide for direct election of the president. A first attempt last week to put the Senate a debate closing cloture Rule into effect fell six votes Short of the required two thirds majority. The vote was 54 for and 36 against. Sen. Birch Bayh d-ind., chief Senate sponsor of the direct election amendment has accused opponents mostly southerners and Small state senators a of filibustering to prevent a vote. The amendment was approved by the House by 339-70 vote a year ago and subsequently was endorsed by president Nixon. It has been before the Senate since sept. 8 but has been put aside repeatedly to permit action on other legislation. Reagan inspects California fire area californians gov. Ronald Reagan winces from the wind and smoke As he inspects the fire damage to his ranch in the Malibu Canyon area. A series of Brush fires Friday destroyed thousands of acres of land in parched Southern California. More than 80 Homes were burned or damaged by these fires in the North and Northwestern areas of los Angeles. Uni fax jury finds Depugh guilty from a find by the Fri of weapons ammunition and explosive devices at a House South of truth or consequences ., in july 1969. Albuquerque A a . District court jury found minuteman Leader Robert Depugh guilty Friday on All nine counts against him of Federal firearms violations. J vu6 ty1?�?T men fear women the House which the Fri said served As deliberated less than two hours before minuteman Headquarters was searched after reaching the verdict returning with its Depugh and an associate in the minutemen decision about 5 30 . Walter Peyson were arrested july 9, 1969. . Dist. Court judge h. Vearle Payne set Depugh handling his own defense before sentencing for oct. 9 at 3 . . Dist. Court judge h. Vearle Payne said the 1969 Federal firearms Law carries a he never possessed any unregistered possible 10-year penalty for each count. Firearms. The charges against Depugh stemmed Friday was the fifth Day of the trial. Sun skips Missouri on Way to California with september still bringing in the rain Missouri is in for a second wet year. A september like last year has been unusually wet. So far this month 8.92 inches of rain has fallen. Last september saw .5.40 inches. Columbia weather has hot been Bright for students who checked into dorms sept. 13 since then the Sun has shown clearly Only 4 Days. Guns of War quiet in ravaged Amman cease fire ends nine Days of bitter fighting in Jordan Amman Jordan a the guns fell silent in ravaged Amman Friday., firing Between guerrillas and King Hussein a bedouin army ceased promptly after the announcement of a cease fire agreement Between guerrilla commander Yasir Arafat and the monarchy to end nine Days of civil War. A great pall of Black smoke from a fire on Jebel web Deh one of the capitals seven Hills and the scene of some of the most bitter fighting still drifted across the City. On the Northern outskirts of the City about 400 guerrilla fighters were held in a barbed wire stockade alongside an army Camp. Almost simultaneously with the cease fire came the announcement that 15 of 54 hostages held by guerrillas from three hijacked airliners had been found by jordanian soldiers in a heavily shelled refugee Camp outside Amman. None were americans. Later Amman radio said a 16th hostage a Swiss had been freed from guerrilla Captivity but it did not say where. The hostages found at the refugee Camp included eight britons five Swiss and two West germans. They expressed belief the remaining 38 a All americans were somewhere in. The Vicinity. A group of 64 foreigners including 22 americans were flown out of Amman to Beirut hostages not among them. At the Airport wounded were being loaded aboard aircraft for evacuation to Beirut. Embassy families and other foreigners clutching a few possessions took their turn to Board evacuation aircraft chartered by their governments. Evacuees were taken by a roundabout route to the Airport bypassing the Center of town. Although the artillery bombardments had stopped diehard snipers were still at work. The Airport was still ringed by concentrations of tanks and armoured cars. Soldiers guarded every plane. The cease fire pact was jointly announced by Hussein Arafat who Heads the Palestine liberation organization and president Jaafar al Numajiri of Sudan mediator appointed by the Arab Summit meeting in Cairo. After failing to make Contact with Arafat on an Early peace Mission to Jordan wednesday Numajiri finally got together with him at a secret rendezvous Early Friday to Seal the Deal. Arafat had rejected a cease fire two Days ago. There was no immediate explanation for Arafat a change of mind except that the guerrillas were suffering under the remorseless pounding of the bedouin guns. The resignation thursday of Jordan a Premier Brig. Gen. Mohammed Daoud while attending the Cairo Summit appeared to be an important Factor. The terms of the cease fire were a Transfer of guerrilla bases from Amman and other towns to the israeli Jordan cease fire line of the 1967 War on the River Jordan. A withdrawal of the jordanian army to positions consistent with their duties of maintaining Law and order and defending the country. A respect by the guerrillas for the sovereignty of the jordanian government and the country a Laws. Debris seen near site of balloon new York a a . Air Force search plane reported late Friday it had sighted a a yellow object with Orange lines floating in the North at Lanlie in an area where fibres balloonist vanished mob Dajic Ca an attempted tra n a Atfah Fie flight. A one coast. Guard Cutter was reported Enro Ute to the scene about 500 Miles South of Newfoundland where the search was to resume at Dawn saturday. The object and what appeared to be a raft were first sighted at 4 ., Friday. Bud Clark publicist for the missing balloonist said the object matched the description of the balloon a the free life a in which the Trio departed sunday on a launching from Eastern Long Island. He said the 80-foot balloon was yellow White and Orange with a solid yellow floatable Gondola. Riding in the Gondola were Rodney Anderson 32, a new York commodities broker his wife Pamela Brown Anderson 28, an actress and Malcom Brighton 32, an English Aero Quot nautical Engineer. They said in their last radio dispatch monday evening that the balloon was at 600 feet and descending into the Ocean in a rain storm. Defenders office without defender bar association considers three replacements. By George Kopf missourian staff writer the Boone county bar Assn. Is looking for a Good lawyer. As of nov. 1, Boone county May need one. All that a required Are the proper credentials plus a willingness to work nearly full time defending criminal indigents. The pay is $10,500 a year. Minus expenses. If the bar can raise the Money. Boone county Public defender Hamp Ford resigned last week. His term expires oct. 31. He said the excessive time required by the Job was detrimental to his private practice. Ford had handled about 132 assigned cases in 10 months a while the office of Public defender is not a Legal necessity Public defense is according to the Legal profession Columbia lawyer Chauncey h. Fay says that a formerly it was the custom of the circuit courts to appoint an attorney for defendants whose financial situation was such that they hire one. A with our growing population and growing number o f criminal cases. The difficulty in securing Legal assistance for people is growing. Particularly now that the High court has demanded that a defendant have an attorney from the time of his preliminary Fay is me of three local at Orneys being considered for the position. He a so Are Larry Marshall a member of James butchers North eighth Street practice and Paul Nettleton whose office is in the guitar building. Marshall who earned his Law degree from the University in 1962, also sees Public defense As a necessity. He feels that a a it a the responsibility of the bar to defend indigents whether or hot there is a Public defender a. A however a he. Continues a the Public defender office is a much More satisfactory system when its run Marshall says that without a continued on Page 2 Melon Moo Diers couldn3i Budge this whopper its Good enough to eat hut or. And mrs. Hunt John 2205 country club ed., can to figure out How they Are going to Cool a Watermelon with a 64-Inch Girth and weighing 105 pounds. It took a Bulldozer just to move it around. Misc Quot Rian photo by Chapin Day

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