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Columbia Missourian Newspaper (Newspaper) - October 10, 1970, Columbia, Missouri College speakers assist revolution report says Washington apr a Survey of the Campus speaking circuit by the House internal Security committee concludes it is a significant Money source a for the promoters o f disorderly and revolutionary activity among a speaking appearances Are not Only the report adds a but afford a forum where the radicalization process May be continually but the report to be released Early next week stops Short of concluding the Campus speeches finance revolution or disorder saying the committee had no Way to ascertain How the speakers used the Money paid. It says 67 speakers ranging from Weatherman Leader Mark Lucid no is wanted by the Fri on riot conspiracy charges to or. Benj Araia Spock who has spoken out against the draft were paid $109,243 for Campus speeches during the past two school years. It says the figure is based on questionnaires returned by 134 campuses across the country 3% per cent of All . Colleges and universities of which it says Only 7 refused to cooperate. Another 45 did no to return the questionnaires. The Survey stirred controversy within the committee earlier this year when rep. Louis Stokes a Ohio a member publicly announced he had advised Campus officials in his Cleveland District to ignore the questionnaire. The report said or. Spock and comedian Dick Gregory described As a having provided Public support for militant or extremist groups made the most Money. The report made available to a newsman says Spock was paid $21.550 for 12 speeches and Gregory $19,550 for 21. Mark Rudd was paid $1.069 for five speeches it says and rap Brown accused of inciting a riot at Cambridge my. Was paid $1,540 for one speech. Tom Hayden a students for a democratic society founder and one of five Chicago seven defendants convicted of crossing state lines with intent to incite a riot was paid $3,300 for four speeches the report says. It says Yippie Leader Jerry Rubin also one of the five convicted Chicago seven members was paid $2,024 for speeches at four campuses and Chicago seven lawyer William Kunstler was paid $6,000 for four speeches. Residents of Salina Kan., clean up Yards after two inches of heavy Snow Early Friday caused City wide damage to Trees and Power lines. Uni fax . To study air charter firms warmer Here but blizzards hit far West columbian bundled up Friday As the temperature dipped into the Low 40s. But As a special treat for the weekend the weathermen were optimistic and encouraging. Despite an earlier prediction that had mid Missouri residents digging out the covers for tender plants the weathermen said that Frost was out of the forecast. The prediction for today was a High in the 50s, a Low tonight in the 40s and a High sunday around 60. A a but to the West Kansas and Nebraska were among the states which were digging out from an Early october snowstorm. In Lincoln where the tigers will meet the Nebraska Cor huskers this afternoon there was a Snow cover of five inches on the football Field Friday morning. Friday afternoon Sunshine however plus a sweeping machine cleared the Field. The forecast this afternoon for warm hearted fans is clearer and colder in Lincoln. Cleanup of broken Trees and repair of Power and Telephone lines were under Way in parts of Kansas Friday in the Wake of a storm that dumped nearly a foot of a now in the Greensburg Mullinville area. Faa Calls a crash ridiculous hoax Carlsbad . Up the report of an executive Jet plane with an Oil heir and 10 persons aboard crashing into rugged mountains along the Texas Mexico Boarder Friday was termed a hoax by the Federal aviation administration. But it was several hours before the Faa and other authorities were Able to pin Down the phony report. A the whole thing was a hoax a said Ansel Winham assistant area Faa manager in Albuquerque. He said the Faa would investigate for possible criminal action. The bizarre Story began shortly before Dawn. By mid afternoon no one could find the plane and a search was officially suspended by the air Force. And no one could locale a Trace of the Oil heir his company fellow passengers or a Man who made the a a crash report allegedly by Telephone from Louisiana. Sheriffs officers there attempted to Trace the caller. They said they had a possible suspect but declined further comment. When asked How such a hoax could be perpetrated Winham replied a just like it happens to the Telephone company people use the phone to make hoax Nixon orders Fri to solve terrorist bombing outbreak by the associated press president Nixon ordered Fri director j. Edgar Hoover Friday to find the persons responsible for three West coast terrorist bombings for which underground groups have claimed credit. A Nixon said thursdays bombings which came on the third anniversary of the death of Che Guevara demonstrated the need for Tough Federal anti bombing legislation. There were no injuries in the bombings which damaged a military armory a Campus Roth building and a courthouse. There have been no arrests in the bombings. But police noting they had several leads were investigating the theory that the incidents were part of a Radical conspiracy. The presidents reaction came shortly after a group identifying itself As a the Weatherman underground claimed responsibility for the bombing that wrecked a courtroom and a rest room at the Marin county civic Center in san Rafael Calif. Earlier a Seattle group known As the Quarter Moon tribe said it planted the bomb that caused an estimated $150,000 damage to Navy and air Force facilities at the University of Washington. Another organization a perfect Park Home grown Garden society a took credit for the bombing of a National guard armory in Santa Barbara Calif., dedicating the act a to All revolutionary people throughout the world wherever they fight for love and Freedom and life the Seattle and Santa bar Bara groups said they timed their attacks to coincide with the death of cuban revolutionary Ernesto Che Guevara who was shot to death in Bolivia oct. 8, 1967. Nixon a announcement that he had directed the Fri to try to solve the bombings was delivered to newsmen at the Nixon vacation Home in key Biscayne fla., by presidential press Secretary Ronald l. Ziegler. Nixon claimed fast congressional action is needed on the anti bombing legislation and said he would sign the measure As soon As it reaches him. The Senate approved and sent to the House thursday a Tough new a Law and order package a which includes several anti bombing measures. Among them Are provisions for increased penalties for interstate transport of explosive material and authority for the Fri to launch immediate investigations of arson and bombing incidents Index. Daily record. 2 editorials. 4 women a news. 8 sports news. 8-11 . Stocks. 12-13 comics. 7 classified. 14-15 cd Orch Page. 16 birthdays. Mrs. Ivan Acton Riley Alexander jr., mrs. William a. Crane Dean Mchaven Perry Devore Gene Glenn mrs. Josie Johnson Diane Kallenbach j. O. Keller Robert l. Kemper Lila maker lie mrs. Gladys w. Moore Ralph Thornton. On federally subsidized University and College campuses. Those claiming credit for the bombings in Seattle and san Rafael made their statements to news Media while the Santa Barbara group delivered its announcement to a University of California radio station. In its letter to the associated press in Seattle the Quarter Moon tribe also said it was responsible for the bombing of a former american legion Home in Seattle last month. A we intend to disarm disable and destroy the military and pig might of amerika sic wherever we Are. However we can. We have no b52s our bombs Are lovingly constructed by hand a the letter said. A the Weatherman underground took credit for the san Rafael courthouse bombing in a letter to the san Francisco examiner. It said in part a last night we bombed the Marin Hall of injustice. We dedicate this act to the prisoners of Soledad san Quentin and new the three bombings came two Days after Bernardine Dohrn a fugitive Leader of Weatherman threatened her group was ready to launch a a fall Weatherman is a Radical faction of the students for a democratic society. In a tape recorded message played at a new York news conference. Miss Dohrn said a now we Are everywhere and next week families and tribes will attack the enemy around the miss Dohrn is in hiding sought by authorities under an indictment charging her and it other Weatherman members with conspiracy to Cross state lines to incite to riot. Guerrilla Leader arabs meet to discuss peace settlement by United press International palestinian guerrilla Leader Yasser Arafat has returned to Amman for the first time since the height of the civil War for talks on a new Accord for peaceful coexistence Between the jordanian government and the guerrillas Arab reports said Friday. The Middle East news Agency reported the Arafat visit As a Beirut newspaper said the egyptian army had forced reversal of an order by the late president Gamal Abdel Nasser to move missiles out of the Suez canal cease fire zone. 41 the newspaper Al Hayat said pressure by Junior officers was responsible for a pledge by egyptian foreign minister Mahmoud Riad that Egypt would not withdraw a single missile from the canal front. Official Cairo radio Friday said Egypt would not remove its Sam missiles from the Suez canal area and said if they were to be moved anywhere they would go Forward to serve the objective of a liberating occupied a a in Israel Premier Gilda Meir told the nation on the eve of the yom Kipper Day of atonement that the cease fire with Egypt still held and that fighting had eased on other fronts. Volpe names Aid to head investigation Washington apr Secretary of transportation John a. Volpe ordered Friday a sweeping investigation of the air charter Industry and the Way the Federal aviation administration regulates it. Volpe said the probe was prompted by the 30-death disaster in the crash of a rented Wichita stale University football plane in the Rockies a week ago. The Faa has said it warned both Wichita state and another school two months ago against using the Small firm flying the plane out took no action to Stop the firm itself. Volpe bypassed the Faa in ordering the probe and put it directly under control of his office. He named a newly appointed aide adm. Willard j. Smith to conduct the investigation. Smith former head of the coast guard was confirmed by the Senate this week As assistant Secretary of transportation for safety. The Senate aviation subcommittee will conduct a separate investigation into Faa regulations governing chartered aircraft sen. James b. Pearson a Kan. Said Friday. The Faa cracked Down a Day earlier on two Oklahoma City firms that leased the plane and Crew to Wichita state for its ill fated football trip to Utah state oct. 2. The Agency lifted the License of Golden Eagle aviation inc. After ruling it did not have a certificate to Fly a passenger plane As Large As the one that crashed. It handed a $50,000 Fine to the plants is owner Jack Richards aircraft co. Inc., and grounded All his other planes for emergency inspections. However the Faa conceded it did not know until the crash that Golden Eagle had been flying Wichita states basketball and football teams for nearly a year. And despite two warnings in August to Wichita state and Tulsa about Golden eagles Lack of a sufficient passenger License the Faa took no action to caution the firm itself. Volpe announced Smith a will examine Faa regulations governing charter operations with a View toward correcting any deficiency which May be he added the investigation will a spare no Effort time or resources in determining the True condition of every chartered operation in the United in a new development Friday the Faa in Washington said it had indeed warned Golden Eagle in Augusta but the inspector it named in Oklahoma City contradicted this. The inspector Mel Hanson said contrary to the Faa announcements that no one Ever told his office that Golden Eagle was trying to Fly for Tulsa and Wichita state. A i did no to have any knowledge of that a he said. Hanson said his Only Contact with Golden Eagle was nearly a year ago when he cautioned the firm in general that it have any connection with flying larger aircraft. The Faa in Washington had said Hanson a read the riot act to Golden Eagle after learning about the Wichita state plans aug. 14. Hanson however said aug. 14. Hanson however said he Hadnot talked with Golden Eagle in months. Good morning its saturday october 10, 1970 Cly adv details on Page 2 10 cents 3 sections�?24 pages 63rd year no. 19 Rogers says reds ready for peace Secretary William Rogers. Washington up Secretary of state William p. Rogers a Aid Friday he believed the communists would Giva president Nixon a new peace plan a serious consideration because of favourable world reaction and their own deteriorating military situation in Indochina. Rogers also said in terms More explicit than anyone within the administration had used before that the . Combat role in Vietnam would be virtually ended by next May 1, the deadline for withdrawal of 150,000 additional american troops. As for the Middle East Rogers told a news conference the administration had serious doubts about the soviet Union Duke president attacks a slanderers of education c n. Y. Times news service St. Louis a Terry Sanford president of Duke University and former governor of North Carolina lashed out Friday against those in society who turn a their confused resentment Quot against higher education. A led by some of our highest government officials a Sanford said a they have labelled a Campus unrest As a bigger problem than any of its causes thus diverting not Only attention but constructive Effort away from the Root a we must not allow the institutions of higher education to accept this slander without response a he advised the closing session of the american Council on education meeting adding later a we must get off the defensive and we must assume the offensive Sanford was optimistic about the future because of what he detected As a greater sophistication among both College administrators and students. The problem he Felt was the assault from without and to illustrate this he Drew a parallel Between vice president Agnew and Shakespeare a Richard ii whose country was waging an expensive foreign War while dissent grew at Home. Without naming Agnew Sanford spoke of Richards tendency to a seize on a minor event and balloon it up with the hot air of his rhetoric until he is satisfied that it looks or at least sounds important and to Call his critics fools and traitors. Similarly today he continued restlessness has emerged from the need for social Reform and the government has reacted Abr sively to warning and criticism much of which has come from the College campuses. Sanford defended this role of higher education. A universities collectively Are the alarm clock that goes off in the Early morning of a new historical Era allowing our society time enough to get dressed and eat breakfast before it goes Forward to Cope with its own a instead of taking advantage of that Early warning society a or at least some of its leaders a would rather lie in bed at High noon pretending that morning has not yet come and ranting against the alarm clock for not allowing it More t i m e to society can ill afford the a discrediting of the entire academic Community a the Duke president argued because society must depend on the a humanitarian and intellectual resources of the universities to Lay the groundwork for social change. This concept was questioned Here yesterday by Daniel p. Moynihan president Nixon a adviser on Domestic affairs. Senator dismissed on bribery charge Washington a bribery charges against a former Maryland senator Daniel b. Brewster 46, a Democrat were dismissed Friday by a Federal judge. . District judge George l. Hart or. Said that members of Congress Are protected from prosecution for performance of their duties in committees or on the floor of Congress. Brewster who served one term in the Senate from 1962 to 1968, was indicted on charges that he accepted $24,500 in bribes from Spiegel inc., a Chicago mail order firm to influence his vote on mail rate legislation in 1967. Good Faith considering egyptian violations of the Arab israeli cease fire. Following the communist denunciation of Nixon a peace proposals in Paris Rogers said he had not expected Hanoi and the Viet Cong to a accept the plan but the administration Hopes the communists will agree privately to begin discussions on an All Indochina cease fire and other elements of the american plan he said. Rogers said the administration had the a a feeling that world demands for peace combined with continued worsening of the communist military position in Indochina would persuade North Vietnam and the Viet Cong to begin negotiating in Earnest. Parents see new form of theater by Jerry Wilson missourian staff writer Avante Garde theater in the round has come to Columbia College and through i t s workshop theater to the Community As a whole. Friday night As part of parents weekend the theater group performed improvisational skits in Dulaney Hall on the Columbia College Campus. Twenty four drama students took part in what drama instructor Richard Weaver Call a transformation a instead of a gentle transition we explode into the next continued on Page 2. National newspaper week oct. 4-10 Jefferson City jays defeat Kewpie 14-6. Story on Page 10 Freedom of the press Means the Peoples a Erht to know

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