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Columbia Missourian Newspaper Newspaper Archives Nov 20 1971, Page 1

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Columbia Missourian Newspaper (Newspaper) - November 20, 1971, Columbia, Missouri Board okays 15 Washington up ii Over Sharp objections of its five Public members the pay Board approved a first year pay increase of at least 15.8 per cent for the nation s Coal miners Friday As Quot not unreasonably inconsistent with its anti inflationary guidelines. The increase Oarl of a three Vear contract signed by the soil coat Industry and the United mine workers shortly before the wage Price freeze expired last saturday night is nearly three times higher than the boards Post freeze yardstick of 5.5 tier cent a year for average wage Lio osts. The Board s Public members two of whom abstained in the to t vote to permit the miners increase declared that it was a unreasonably inconsistent Quot and predicted it was a highly improbable a that the government s inflation cutting goals could in. Met if boosts of such magnitude were permitted. Quot it s said teamsters president a rank k. Fitzsimmons one of the Board s lax it a members. A i think management understood pay hike for miners the Board did not me on the last two years of the contract which totals an estimated 119 per cent increase including a doubling of payments to the i my pension fund. One management it Timateo the first year Cost was 15.8 per cent. The Public Board members said it totalled ib.8 per cent. The government meanwhile reported that the Cost of living s rate of increase dropped to 0.1 per cent in october with adjustments for seasonal factors its slowest Pace in 4 a years. Or. Solomon a member of the president s Council of co nomic advisers said the report confirmed that Quot the 90-Day freeze brought a virtual halt to Price and rent and that the soaring rate of inflation m recent years was Quot something of the the freeze affected 80 per cent of the items whose prices Wen cheeked by the labor department. Higher prices for new ears and fall and Winter clothing accounted for nearly All the increase last month. The october Price Rise if figured at an animal rate would amount to 2.4 per cent and fall within president Nison s goal of cutting tiie rate of inflation to Between 2 per cent and 2 per cell by the end of 1872. While the pay Hoard acted on the Coal miners contract alter private discussions with ump president Quot Tony Quot Hoyle and West Virginia gov. Arch a. Moore or. The Price commission aun outed it would meet monday to discuss the Coa settlement Nixon warns labor stand Miami a Eauil Fla. Aim president Nixon challenged his harshest labor critics face to face Friday and told them he will use his Powers to the fullest to control wages and prices whether they cooperate or not. A we want the participation of labor Quot Nixon told al Cio convention delegates who voted thursday to refuse cooperation with his pay hoards wage controls. Quot hut whether we get that participation or a not. It is my obligation As president of the United states to make this program of stopping the Rise in the Cost of living succeed and to the extent that my Powers allow it. 1 shall do exactly that Quot Nixon added. The president got a Cool reception. There were Ripples of derisive laughter from some of the More than 2.000 delegates officials and others when Nixon said his recent 90-Day a huge freeze a Quot was a remarkable Success a and Quot if you done to think so. Go Home and ask your wives who go to the grocery when Nixon finished his speech he started to shake hands with some delegates near the speakers platform until al Uio president George Meany said. Quot will delegates and continued a Ai Page a r a a. 1l president Nixon makes a Point at the fix to convention in Miami Hea ii As he tells labor delegates he will make his economic program work with or without the help from labor. The president was coolly received. Lupi telephoto acc letter lists cat is a letter received Friday by Robert c. Smith local attorney for cat of Columbia inc., from Thomas g. Shack jr., an attorney for the Federal communications commission in Washington states that no Cable television firm has grandfathering rights in Columbia. Grandfathering rights allow cat firms providing station signals to a Community to continue to provide those signals despite changes in Federal communications commission rulings. A shacks letter says in effect that since there was no cat service in Columbia prior to dec. 20, 1968, no firm now proposing cat far Columbia can provide More than the nominal local stations one Independent and one or More educational channels. Smith said he was providing Carbon copies of the letter to members of the City Council City clerk Glenn Wood and William Toler chairman of the local citizens advisory committee on cat. Toler had not yet received the letter when he was contacted by the missourian. He said however that acc attorneys previously told his committee that since no finn has a fran Chise to provide cat to Columbia no firm can have grandfathering rights Here. International Telemeter of Columbia inc., a firm competing with cat of Columbia for a local franchise sent a representative to the City Council meeting last monday night to urge the Council to Grant a Short term License to a cat system before the acc proposal takes effect. William Henchy vice president of Athena communications corporation of new York the Parent firm of International Telemeter asked the Council to a please take action soon or you won t have the facilities to take shacks letter indicates that the City never will have the facilities to bring in More than one Independent station and one or More educational stations on a cat system. A it is technically True that a Cable system which commenced operation in Columbia. After dec. 20, 1968, can receive certain additional Distant signals but Only temporarily a the letter states. A the additional Distant signals would not be consistent with any proposed rules would not be a grandfathered and would be subject to Toler said the acc would meet Early in december to discuss making effective its current grandfathering proposal. A a it a always possible that the Rule might be changed a Smith said. A according to or. Slacks report however it appears that International Telemeter was trying to Rush a franchise through the Council on the basis of Toler said the acc proposal is intended to protect viewers and station managers against competing stations on the same Washington aim the government s Cost of living figures crept up again last month during the Price freeze. Rising prices of 1972 autos clothing and shelter outweighed a har vast time decline in food prices the labor department said Friday. In resident Nixon called the increase the smallest in years. Other administration officials said there was no Overall increase whatever if delayed Price information is ignored. Democrats said the report showed Lack of Public Confidence in the 1�?Tresident s ability to handle the Economy. The Bureau of labor statistics said the consumer Price Index Rose 0.2 per cent for october. It said the increase was an even smaller 0.1 per cent if adjusted to compensate for the fact that prices usually Rise a Little this time of year. The seasonally adjusted Rise was the smallest since april 1967, the said. In perhaps More important the october report Means prices Rose Only 3.8 per cent in the preceding year the smallest 12-month Rise since the period ending february 1968. As prices Rose average weekly earnings for private nonfarm jobs dropped two cents in october to $129.11. One of the chief criticisms of the freeze was that it held Down wages More effectively than it held Down prices. The Price increase puts the consumer Price Index at 112.6 per cent of its 1967 level. This Means it cast $11.26 in october to buy what $10.00 bought four years ago. Food costs dropped 0.2 per cent for october Normal for this time of year. Rut housing increased 0.3 per cent apparel 0.7 per cent and transportation 0.7 per cent. The largest single increase was a 3 7 per cent jump in the Price of automobiles As 1972 models hit showroom floors. The bus said window sticker prices were roughly unchanged from comparable older models but dealers gave smaller discounts and so customers paid More. Freeze rules allowed Normal seasonal Price increases so Long As they did not go above Levels that prevailed a year earlier. All told. The Bureau said it was the smallest october jump in car prices since 1965. Clothing prices wont up As new fall and Winter items showed up in stores. However the res said that it samples clothing costs Only once every three months and so much of this increase could have taken place before the freeze was announced aug. 15. In fact the res said if the Overall Cost of living figure were a fixed Only on items sampled every month it would have shown no increase at All. However this ignores roughly 30 per cent of the Price Index. The Bureau said it made a special analysis of about half these delayed reports and found that of a total 10.250 prices Only 75 had gone up from september to october. For this reason said labor undersecretary Laurence h. Silberman. It is misleading to imply that the october increase came in spite of the freeze.4 buildings Kansas City the University Board of curators Friday approved the naming of four University buildings on the Columbia Campus and two on the st. Louis Campus in Honor of prominent missourians. The new Multi purpose auditorium Complex under construction Here was named the Warren e. Hearnes Multi purpose auditorium. It was during Heames first term As governor that state funds were appropriated for the Complex. Also on the Columbia Campus the business and Public administration building was named the Middlebush building. Or. Frederick a. Middlebush was the University s twelfth and longest serving president. The University a main Library was named the Elmer Ellis Library building. Or. Ellis was the University a thirteenth president. A fourth building Here the space science research Center was named the John m. Dalton space science research Center. Dalton Missouri a 45th governor was instrumental in expanding the University a research capabilities. On the st. Louis Campus the arts and science building was named Lucas Hall after Jean Baptiste Charles Lucas Louisiana territory Superior court judge. A second building in st Louis the life sciences building was named Stadler Hall in Honor of the late or. Lewis John Stadler University genetics professor. Stephens initiates program Stephens College students now have the option of earning a bachelors degree in three years under a new accelerated program College officials said Friday. Stephens officials estimate students can save about $2,000 Niider the programs four options. Any or All of the options Are available to qualified students. One option permits High school students to enter Stephens with Only 15 units of credit and no diploma which usually comes at the end of first semester of the students senior year. Another alternative is. Summer school on Campus in one of Stephens summer programs under the foreign study programs or at another accredited school students also can earn advanced credit standing by to eng examinations. The final option is to take additional courses during regular semesters with special faculty permission. In the past some stud Ems a were Able to graduate in three a years. In Robert n. Funk faculty Dean. Said no Weare a a Date gang the options to help it s saturday november 20, 1971 Page one inside editorials. Dally record a. Show my. People amp living. .5 sports news . Stocks. .6 comics. Classified. ________11-13 Church Page a a 14 details on Page 2 2 so irions a 22 i a its 64lh year a no. 57 10 cents City to Seok columbian a plans to seek Federal funds to Widen West Broadway and improve several key intersections were approved Friday by two groups which supervise transportation planning in Boone county. City officials met Friday with the area transportation technical and planning committee and the area transportation coordinating committee. Member of both committees include representatives of the City the state Highway department the Federal Bureau of Public roads the Columbia special Road District and Boone county court. The University is represented on the technical committee. The groups agreed the City should proceed to apply for Street improvement funds from the Federal traffic operations program to increase capacity and safety topics. Under topics the Federal government pays approximately half the Cost of eligible projects and the City pays the rest. Without prior approval by these committees no municipal Street improvement projects Are eligible for Federal funding. The groups approved the City a entire topics plan Public works director Ray Beck said. Priority in the plan has been Given to widening �11 of West Broadway and improving intersections at Garth Avenue and business Loop 70 and Vandiver drive and . Highway 63. Applications for funds for these projects have already been forwarded to the Federal government. Beck said. The coordinating committee recommended that the technical committee review the current area transportation study especially the portion relating to downtown Columbia. Beck said the Basic Issue is whether Broadway should remain a major thoroughfare through the Central business District or whether bypasses using either Park Avenue or Elm Street should be developed. Sen. Jackson bids for democratic nomination a better Job of planning in <2vidually styled accelerated programs a by our wire services Washington sen. Henry m. Jackson formally entered the democratic presidential race Friday and said the country needs his commonsense approach to problems of unemployment crime school busing and National defense. He said he will a Tell it like it is at a time when he said americans Are Uncertain and uneasy about things other democrats and president Nixon Are afraid to talk about like drugs Law and order and school busing v Jackson then left Washington for a weekend of campaigning in Florida. It is the first of three trips he will make to that important primary election states during the next eight Days. The 5s-year-old Washington senator told a roomful of newsmen and supporters he is a starting froma Low base of support but said his strength is growing. He indicated he would run hard in four Early primaries now Hampshire Florida Illinois and Wisconsin. If his candidacy has caught on by then. Jackson is expected to enter several other primaries including Alabama Nebraska Oregon and California. The new candidates speech and a question and answer session with newsmen were taped by a local finn for broadcast in 37 cities Friday night at a Cost of about $60,000 to Jackson s Campaign. Jackson said the Economy will be the major Issue in 1972. He said Nixon a kept saying everything was getting better when in fact it was getting worse. Then he panicked and set up a Hodge Lodge of boards and a pack san has been a Strong supporter of the Vietnam War but is regarded As Liberal on Domestic affairs. However he has positioned himself to the right of other potential candidates and has denounced their support from the left. A i Call myself a Liberal a he said. A some people say pm too Liberal same say in a too conservative. If that makes me a Middle of the roader that Sall right with Jackson a Campaign is considered to be Well financed. He said his Money is coming from All Over the country in both Small and Large denominations. He said he planned to spend about a million up to the Wisconsin primary. Jackson said be fid not have to win in the primary but bad Only to make a a decent Jackson conceded that Muskie would probably win is neighbouring state of new Hampshire. Jackson said that losses there and in Florida would not Lead him to withdraw. Jackson is in is fourth term in the Senate. He was mentioned As a running mate for John f. Kennedy in 1960, but became do Moc Ratie National chairman instead and was instrumental in the late presidents Victory. In 1968, Jackson was asked by Nixon to become Secretary of defense but refused. He has been a supporter of Nixon a War policies but recently moved slightly away from the administration in disagreeing with the one Man Vietnam presidential election. City plan Tower at regional Columbia regional Airport has been granted $448,000 for improvements sen. Stuart Symington d-mo., said Friday. The Federal aviation administration in Washington d. C. Will pay $224,000 and the City will pay the other half out of the Public improvements fund which consists mainly of Revenue from the one cent City sales tax. The Faa is now accepting bids on construction of a control Tower a. O. A a Peter Cappadony Airport manager said. The bids will be opened dec. 6. The control Tower Wimch should be built next year will be paid for and operated by the Faa. City manager Don Allard said he will present an ordinance at the dec. 6 City Council meeting to hire Horner amp Shifrin consulting engineers of st. Louis to prepare plans for the entire Airport improvement project. Allard said he expects construction to begin next Spring. He declared Friday that the Economy was in a a however Jackson agreed with Nixon a method of winding Down the War and said that a residual Force should be left in ? Vietnam. He said America should not a cop out birth City amp on the world by. Pulling bade a from world j a one announced candidate. Sen. Fred r. Harris of Oklahoma has withdrawn from the race and three undeclared candidates senators Birch Bayh of Indiana Harold e. Hughes of Iowa and William Proxmire of Wisconsin have withdrawn from consideration. Sally Barrett Lawrence j. Caldwell or. J. I. Chalkley James Comley Hal Cunningham mrs. Johnny Dunbar mrs. Carl Holloway Roger Hulett Hudson Kibler Allen Mcallister Ann Peterson mrs. Edgar g. Wayland

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