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Columbia Missourian Newspaper Newspaper Archives May 21 1972, Page 1

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Columbia Missourian Newspaper (Newspaper) - May 21, 1972, Columbia, Missouri Ill workers what will they do when Peabody shuts Down a a Orla staff writers Spencer Debbie Bleger Joanne Gutjahr be Collins go where he goes. When he took the Job t know How Long it would James Walters 4609 Rice rd., is the wife trip mine worker. Her husband works for a Coal co. At its Mark Twain mine eight North of Columbia on . 63 North Many of the other 85 mine employees the Quot a have known the Mark Twain mine could Perate forever. In 1968 Peabody officials file mine would be closing in four years try Peabody Coal co. Announced the mine close next fall tentatively by sept. 1. _ ing those four years two things have Ved the majority of concern from Peabody and local officials a reclaiming the mines 5,000 acres and securing future Coal sources for both the City and the University. No doubt More such speculation will follow now that a tentative dosing Date has been set. But one subject exists which has not received much attention a what of or. And mrs. Walters and the mines other employees some of whom have lived and worked in the area since the mine opened in 1963? where will they go what will they do William Stockton Peabody Public relations director said earlier this year the mine s employees would be reassigned and those local persons who decide not to move with the mine will be Laid off. Sounds like a simple Man Euver. But what do the workers and their families themselves think most workers approached on the subject of the mine s closing either refused to talk or talked very Little because the closing is too far away. But a few opened up and told the missourian something of their plans and also something of their feelings. H. L. Smith 3205 Pioneer drive has been with Peabody since 1958. But his connection with mining goes Back much further. Smith began working in mines in the Harrisburg area when he was 16 years old. Now he is Only a few years from retirement. Quot i want to move and stay with the mine because in a a Coal Miner Quot Smith said. But such a move would mean leaving the Hallsville Baptist Church where Smith has been pastor for three years. Smith also must consider the effect moving would have on his family a his wife Carolyn and their two sons Mark 16, and Michael 8. Quot i done to want to move. In be lived Here 19 years and we d be leaving All our friends Quot mrs. Smith said. Her older son who is a Sophomore at Hickman High school shares his mothers sentiments. A a in be got a lot of friends Here. In a in concert band and on the baseball team a a he said. Smith said Peabody a policy usually is to Transfer workers. A but they re not obliged to Quot he said. Smith would stay with Peabody Coal if offered a Transfer. A like i said i want to move and stay in mining because i m a Coal Miner but i m established Here too. If 1 really Felt the lord wanted me to stay i James Walters voiced a problem Many of his co workers share in hearing nothing official from the company about a mine closing. His sources of information about what the company is doing come from rumours and what he reads in the newspapers. A i guess they Only have to give you two weeks notice a he said. But Walters said he has known for some time that the mine would close. A a we re running out of Coal a he said. Walters was bom near Mexico mo., and came to Columbia in 1957. His wife was raised in the Columbia area. They have three children Jimmy jr., 6, Sheryl 4, and Scottie eight months. A. Despite these Strong ties with Columbia waiters said he would like to stay with Peabody. A i done to have any idea where id go if i am condoned on Page 4 in year a no. 210 Good morning it s sunday May 21, 1972 4 sections a 48 pages 20 outs inside today daily record.4a sports.7-9a Young folks missourian.19a markets.11-ua classified.1m5a people amp living.1-5b forum Page.6b editorial.7-8b assassins reveal like psychology by Boyce Rensberger n. Y. Times service new York a As details come to Light about the life of Arthur Herman Bremer the Man accused of shooting George c. Wallace similarities to Lee Harvey Oswald James Earl Ray and Sirhan Bishara Sirhan frequently appear. The personal backgrounds of Bremer and the three assassins display consistent patterns of poverty troubled childhoods derelict or absent fathers domineering mothers sexual Inadequacy and perhaps the most widely shared characteristic lives of repeated failure and social isolation. A the was a loner. Never talked much with anybody. Just kept to the words in almost the same language each time have been said in descriptions of Oswald Ray Sirhan and now Arthur Herman Bremer who was shown As the gunman in a lbs film of the attack on gov. Wallace monday. A there is a fantastic similarity. This Man Bremer seems to have had much the same background Quot said or. David Abrahamsen a new York psychiatrist who has written several books on the psychological and social factors underlying criminal behaviour. A looking broadly at the political Assassin in our history a looking broadly at the political Assassin in our a history we see that he has always been a personal failure an isolated human we see that he has always been a personal failure an isolated human being incapable of exhibiting genuine human relationships and possessing extraordinary ambitions that were out of proportion to his intellectual and emotional assets Quot or. Abrahamsen said. Denoted As have Many others that those who try to kill leaders in the United states Are different from assassins in most other countries. While the typical Assassin elsewhere usually operates out of coldly calculated political motives american assassins Are almost invariably mentally ill persons driven by twisted forces in their own minds. Or. Abrahamsen suggested that in contrast with Many other countries government in America is so truly open and changeable through the ballot that conventional political assassins Seldom arise. Only the mentally ill of a particular Bent come to believe that it is necessary to kill a president to achieve their goals he says. Or. Donald w. Hastings professor and head of the department of psychiatry and neurology at the University of Minnesota has made a study of the lives of the nine men who have attempted to assassinate eight presidents four succeeded. He has concluded that All except the two puerto rican nationalists who tried to shoot president Truman in 1950 showed symptoms of paranoid schizophrenia and had similar personal histories. The assault on Truman is the Only one believed to have been part of a genuine political conspiracy in this Case to win Independence for puerto Rico. Hastings notes that although John Wilkes Booth hoped that his murder of president Lincoln would be seen As part of a plot in behalf of the Defeated confederacy Booth was clearly mentally ill and acting out of his own derangement. Relationships with people in general also appear to have been impaired in All four. Acquaintances of ail four have described them As loners with no close acquaintances of All of them have described them As loners with no close friends. Anyone who said hello was Likely to be greeted with a vacant stare. Friends. Anyone who said hello was Likely to be greeted with a vacant stare. Such behaviour psychiatrists generally agree indicates that the individual is unable to Trust people. Becoming friends with somebody Means opening ones self up to some extent and a person who finds he cannot Trust even his parents in childhood Seldom comes to Trust strangers. A gotten this kind of behaviour develops into a paranoid ideation Quot said Hastings. A the person distrusts others and feels that if he lets his guard Down they will Hurt him in severe cases the psychiatrists explain the person becomes unable to distinguish Between his own imagination and reality. Yet another similarity among the three convicted assassins and the suspected assailant is that they All led lives of repeated failure a a failure that the psychiatrists say should be measured against the persons own estimate or fantasy of his capabilities. Oswald expected to be hailed As a hero when he defected to the soviet Union and was crushed to find the russians did not want him. Ray was a constant drifter in and out of prison Many times. Ray fancied himself a Jailhouse Ceat Saaed on Page 4 protesters mar Nixon a arrival a protest March in Salzburg Austria ended saturday with the burning of an american Flag. President Nixon is making a 3&4iour Stop in Salzburg in route to Moscow. Austrian Chancellor Bruno Kreisky whose 28-year-old son Peter was among the protestors is president Nixon a Host in Austria. The sign at left reads a Nixon kills Kreisky keeps up telephoto Salzburg Austria up a president Nixon arrived saturday night on the first leg of his Summit Mission to Moscow barely an hour after Truncheon swinging police had cleared the Salzburg Airport runway of 200 demonstrators protesting the Vietnam War. As Nixon stepped from his a spirit of 76&Quot jetliner after an eight hour a minute flight from Washington to a brass band s Jaunty Alpine music a Small band of protesters who had managed to infiltrate the welcoming crowd of 5,000 austrians started shouting a a Nixon murderer Quot in German. They were dragged away immediately by plainclothes agents. Socialist Chancellor Bruno Kreisky greeted president and mrs. Nixon and escorted them by car to turreted Lessheim Castle where they will spend two nights before flying to the soviet capital for an eight Day visit. Before leaving rain swept Washington the president told a subdued group of official we wishers at Andrews air Force base md., that a a we re not going there to make headlines today Quot but to build a a better Chance for peace tomorrow and All file years the president is to arrive at you Koto Airport in Moscow at 8 . Cd monday for the Start of what he called a very important substantive talks Quot with soviet leaders. The Moscow Summit could Lead to important breakthroughs after 2hi years of hard bargaining in Helsinki and Vienna toward a soviet american agreement on the first cautious restraints on nuclear weapons by both countries. After asserting the Hope that America and Russia a can live in peace in the world Quot the president took off at 8 27 . Cd in the rain without even the usual military band playing for his departure on the 13-Day tour. By Tite time Nixon landed in late evening after a 4,350-mile flight about 100 steel helmeted policemen had forcibly cleared a Raway at the Southern Edge of the Airport of the remnants of 1,000 anti american students who had set out earlier against police orders to March of the. Airport. Among the 3,000 German and austrian students who had marched through this ancient City earlier saturday was Peter Kreisky 28-Yeartold son of the Chancell continued on Page 4. S. Viets Edge toward besieged City Saigon apr South vietnamese forces trying to Clear the Road to the beleaguered provincial capital of an Loc fought off a Day Long attack by North vietnamese tanks and infantry saturday. An american army officer called it in All probability the enemy so last stance for an Loc Quot a rubber Plantation town 60 Miles North of Saigon that has been virtually destroyed in a 44-Day siege. A government Relief column had pushed to within sight of the town before the counter attackers struck at Dawn. In the Central Highlands where the North vietnamese offensive centers around the provincial capital of a centum enemy troops probed government defense lines less than two Miles from the City but no major attacks were reported. In the air War Over North Vietnam the . Command announced that american warplanes had intensified their daily pounding of enemy Supply areas and transportation routes. The command reporting on attacks of thursday said air Force bombers destroyed a fuel tank farm containing More than five million Gallons of Petroleum 3vfe Miles East of Hanoi. Spokesmen said about 75 per cent of the depot was wiped out with bombs leaving a one huge a communique said the strike a further depletes North Vietnam a supplies used in support of its invading armies in South the bombers also Are carrying out sustained raids against the rail lines linking Hanoi and China. The railroads must be attacked almost daily to keep Triem out of operation the command said because North Vietnam mobilizes workers to make Quick repairs. A Navy a7 attack plane was reported shot Down Over the North and its Pilot listed As missing. This raises to is the number of american planes lost Over North Vietnam since the resumption of Large scale bombing april 16. Twenty six crewmen have been listed As missing in this period. North Vietnam said . Planes bombed the Periphery of Hanoi again saturday and claimed two were shot Down by North vietnamese gunners. The Vietnam news Agency added in a broadcast from Hanoi Beard in Tokyo that a Many civilians were killed or wounded. In Paris another Vna dispatch distributed by the North vietnamese delegation to the peace talks said . Planes severely damaged part of a lock Friday in an attack on an installation and Dike in thai Binh province. Explosive and antipersonnel bombs were used it added and two lode workers were wounded. The North vietnamese assault on Highway 13 leading to an Loc a was a completely abortive attack Quot said col. J. Ross Franklin a senior american Field adviser. A they spent the first half hour in attack and file next two hours associated press correspondent Lynn c. Newland reported that fighting continued throughout the Day however and the enemy kept up its shelling of an Loc and file Relief Force trying to dear the Highway. The town reduced to rubble by Allied bombing and the heaviest sustained enemy bombardment of the War has been ordered held at All costs by president Nguyen Van Thieu. A battered Garrison Force remains dug in supplied by air. Hazards wont alter Campaign Mitchell predicts Washington up a former attorney general John n. Mitchell said saturday no Way exists to fully protect presidential candidates from assassination but the threat of death will never alter the american style of political campaigning. A i Don t think there is any Way presidential candidates can protect themselves a said Mitchell now heading president Nixon a re election Campaign. A they Are All aware of it. None of them will recoil from it and they will do what they have always bearing out Mitchell s prediction president Nixon and Sens. Hubert h. Humphrey and George s. Mcgovern worked their Way through crowds Only two Days after gov. George c. Wallace was shot in a shopping Center throng at Laurel my. Mitchell who resigned As the nation s chief Law officer to head the committee for reelection of the president offered this and other political assessments in an interview with five reporters. The interview was held in a conference room of his new York Law firms Washington Branch one flight above the Nixon Campaign head continued on Page 5 Happy birthday miss Rose Brodsky miss Julie Cooper Craig Corley miss Mary l. Cummings Donald h. Cunningham mrs. Homer l. Dunavant Marguerite a. Grathwohl Virgil Howell w. J. Menteer Teresa Elaine Rice Victor Lynn Rice mrs. James m. Sylvey mrs. Ruth Sparks. Happy birthday monday Vernon Bates James Emmett Belcher William h. Brown Steve Cal is John f. Dinneen mrs. Edith Griggs mrs. W. Roger Hulett mrs. Marguerite Kelly mrs. Noah Martin r. L Morton Susan Nelson mrs. Jack r. Rader Luther a a Sonny Sanders jr., l. E. Wickell Rex Wiggins. Given his reputation last night May have been one of the quietest saturday nights new York jets quarterback Joe Namath has spent in some time. Namath flew to Columbia on a private plane for dinner with the owners of jacks gourmet restaurant and was scheduled to leave Early today. Namath who has restaurant interests in several . Cities said he was in Columbia on business but did not offer details. Speaking briefly wills reporters and a few fans outside the restaurant he did mention one business offer he will not accept however. Namath said he a no turned Down an offer to pose for the Centrefold of cosmopolitan Magazine. Missourian photo by John Mccurdy senators gain strength in race for delegates by the associated press senators George s. Mcgovern and Edmund s. Muskie added strength saturday As democrats in five states selected delegates to the party s National convention in Miami Beach. Muskie who has dropped Active campaigning in the primaries picked up All 200 delegates from his native Maine. Mcgovern supporters who had hoped to pick up two delegates in Maine had to Settle for two alternate slots. But the South Dakota senator who is leading the democratic Delegate race had better Luck in another new England state picking up nine of Vermont a 12 delegates. Muskie got the others. Mcgovern also added to his total in Iowa As party members completed the state s 46-member delegation. Mcgovern and Muskie each will take 18 delegates to the convention with the other 10 uncommitted. Elected at the state convention saturday were five delegates committed to Mcgovern three to Muskie and two who Are not committed also selected saturday were a National committeeman and committee woman both of whom Are committed to Muskie. The remainder of the delegation was selected at District conventions in March. At those meetings Muskie had picked up 14 delegates and Mcgovern 12 with eight uncommitted. After Muskie dropped his primary Campaign however two delegates switched to Mcgovern. The Days other Delegate selections took place in Washington and Louisiana. Democrats in the state of Washington Home of candidate Henry Jackson met in seven congressional District caucuses to pick 46 of their 52 National delegates. Four other delegates Wili be named at the state convention june 24 and the National committeeman and committee woman Complete the delegation

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