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Columbia Missourian Newspaper (Newspaper) - July 13, 1974, Columbia, Missouri Insight Price tags Are required for miracles patients unaware of what they get for that they pay by Cheryl tells missourian staff writer almost everyone is aware of the increasing Cost of medical health care in this country. Many periodicals include an article denouncing a skyrocketing a a a soaring or a a rampant Hospital rates. Most of these articles Are written from the perspective of the patient emphasizing the effect of medical Bills on the consumer a budget. Joe Greathouse director of the University medical Center believes the Public has been misled by such presentations a there Jive been a lot of smokescreen spread and not enough presentation of factual Greathouse applies the fable of the Blind Man and the elephant to the Public viewpoint concerning medical health care costs. A it depends which part of the elephant you re looking he explains that raw statistical data does no to measure changes in kinds of care types of patients or additions of new equipment. In other words a what you see is not necessarily All you a Many times a patient does no to know what he a receiving for the Price he a paying a says Richard Mcwilliams president of the Columbia regional Hospital inc. For this reason Mcwilliams is preparing a fact Sheet which includes an itemized list of the services a patient takes for granted during a Days stay in the Hospital. The Impact of increased salaries for the services provided by Hospital staffs has played a major role in the rising Hospital budgets. A payroll expenses account for 70 per cent of our operating expenses a says Mark Stansberry assistant administrator of Boone county Hospital. The phenomenal growth of medical technology is another Factor. The Pone county Hospital recently purchased a Gamma camera and equipped a cardiac Cathari nation Laboratory a Chi order to survive these costs must be passed on to the persons using the facilities a Stansberry says. Medical supplies and equipment have been a significant Factor in the Cost of the new Columbia regional Hospital which will open in november. Mcwilliams cites a Bill of $55 for a pair of scissors used in Eye surgery. He estimates it will require a Quarter of a million dollars just to equip the hospitals five operating rooms. Greathouse says the Complex technical equipment which has made possible the treatment on once hopeless a Nesses has indirectly injected More expense into the situation a premature newborns 50 per cent bum victims open heart patients and cancer cases Are More expensive to care for than the average patient 30 years some methods being employed to reduce patient Bills Are the sharing of services expensive equipment and highly skilled personnel. The medical Center veterans Hospital and mid Missouri health Center share a network of contractual arrangements providing for the joint utilization of a Ray equipment and coronary and pulmonary care units. The this Fischel state cancer Hospital and the Boone county Hospital have similar reciprocal agreements. The medical Center and the Columbia regional Hospital have hired Industrial engineers to maximize efficiency to Hospital administration and use of facilities. Mcwilliams said this will result in greatly reduced labor costs. Additional Economy measures in the planning stages include increased outpatient surgery and ambulatory care centers. Greathouse expects planning for a new ambulatory care Center to begin within the next or three years. The medical Center has kinds of self care units which enable a patient who requires Only minimal care to save up to thirds of the regular Mil. The addition of a Day surgery division at the Columbia regional Hospital next year will provide for More than 145 surgical procedures to be performed without prolonged hospitalization. The medical profession has come a Long Way from Home remedies and travelling Medicine sideshows. Yesterday medical quacks peddled promises of Miracle health cures today Miracle cures Are a daily occurrence. What is the Price of a Miracle an 80-year-old Columbia widow who recently returned to her High Rise apartment with a new plastic hip does no to put a Price tag on her operation. A efm still getting Bills a she says. A i never would have dreamed this hip operation would Cost so much. But its Worth anything in the world to be rid of the 66th year no. 252 Good morning its saturday july 13,1974 16 pages 10 cents Ehrlichman convicted of conspiracy perjury in Ellsberg burglary Case decision predicted to affect House vote Bernard l. Barker guilty of violating the civil rights of a psychiatrist. Up telephoto United press International a senior Republican on the House judiciary committee said Friday that John d. Ehrlichmann a conviction on charges of perjury and conspiracy will Hurt president Nixon a Effort to stave off impeachment but Nixon Stop lawyer said it would not. A the fact that someone so close to the president was convicted in a watergate related matter which is also the subject of our inquiry is going to be Adverse As far As the presidents welfare is concerned a rep. Robert Mcclory r-ill., told reporters. Ehrlichman was found guilty of conspiracy and perjury in connection with a 1971 burglary by White House operatives of the office of the psychiatrist of Pentagon papers defendant Daniel Ellsberg. Outside the courthouse Friday Ehrlichman told reporters he expected a Complete exoneration when he appeals the verdict. A we have been concerned from the beginning about our ability to secure a fair trial in this search for Patty now in fifth month san Francisco up a after eight weeks of an intensive manhunt for Patricia hears and companions since the los Angeles sym ionese liberation army shootout the Fri conceded Friday it does not have any idea where the missing heiress is. Charles Bates in charge of the investigation said his agents have checked out thousands of tips from All Over the United states and around the world on alleged sightings of miss Hearst. A we done to know where they Are a he said. A if we knew we would go and get Bates comment was made in response to a television news report thursday that miss Hearst had gone to Guatemala changed identity and then May have returned to the Berkeley Calif., area from which she was kidnapped last feb. 4. She later announced she was joining her captors. Marilyn Baker a reporter for television station Kyed in san Francisco said miss Hearst along with Sla members William and Emily Harris went to Guatemala linked up with a terrorist group there and then May have returned to the United states with new identities. The guatemalan terrorists provided the fugitives with underground contacts in the ., miss Baker said. She attributed her information to unidentified a police Index opinion.4 people.5 Church directory.6 religion.7 sports.8,9 comics.11 classified.12-14 morning record .15 hundreds and thousands of other reports in the United states and around the world. It was run out and nothing specific was nonetheless in Guatemala City Friday col. Genaro Alvardo Robles chief of the guatemalan police Force announced he had ordered an intensive nationwide search to determine if miss Hearst was actually in that Central american nation. Alvarado said he had ordered a Check of a fall strategic Points in the country including Guatemala City. Hie last verified sighting of miss Hearst was on May 16 shortly after she and the Harris couple were caught shoplifting in Inglewood Calif. The next Day. Six other members of the group died in a shootout with los Angeles police. The 20-year-old daughter of Randolph a. Hearst san Francisco examiner president and editor is charged with More than 20 criminal acts and is described on Fri posters As armed and dangerous. District of Washington a he said. A it also is a concern to us that a great Deal of substance and background of the entire Case was excluded from the evidence by the court. I have and have had for Many years an abiding Confidence in the american judicial system. Nothing happened today that has shaken that then refusing to answer questions he walked off hand in hand with his wife. President Nixon a attorney James d. St. Clair said the decision Friday in the Ehrlichman Case would a have no affect on our Case at rep. George Danielson d-Calif., also said it would have no effect on the committees decision. A i done to think we Are lacking in resolved to vote impeachment regardless of the outcome of other Legal proceedings he said. Two other republicans on the panel agreed with Mcclory. Rep. Wiley Mayner Iowa said it does not speak Well of an employer Nixon to be found to have employed a Man who became a a convicted and rep. Hamilton fish jr., r-n.y., said acquittal for Ehrlichman in the Ellsberg break in Case would have been a a setback for the committee in the Public a View of the committee and its the Public then might have concluded that since Ehrlichman John n. Mitchell and Maurice stans All escaped conviction there was no Case to be made against Nixon fish said. A a they re impatient of us a he said. A they would have asked what Are these people doing spending seven months of the taxpayers Mitchell still faces trial on other watergate charges. Ehrlichman who also faces trial in the watergate coverup Case was found guilty by a District court jury in Washington of violating the constitutional rights of psychiatrist Lewis Fielding one count of lying to the Fri and counts of lying to a grand jury in May 1973. He was cleared of one count of lying to the grand jury. A jury of six men and six women deliberated slightly More than 3vs hours before handing Down the verdict which Ehrlichman and the others immediately said they would Appeal. Also found guilty of violating Fieldings rights were convicted watergate burglars g. Gordon Liddy Bernard l. Barker and Eugenio Martinez. The four defendants stood John d. Ehrlichman a piracy. Up telephoto guilty of perjury and con f All construction set for savings and loan construction of offices for the first a Federal savings and loan association to be located in Columbia will begin in the Early fall. The institution the eighth Branch office of the st Louis Federal savings and loan association will be located at the Southeast Comer of tenth Street and Broadway. St Louis Federal is chartered by the United states Massage Law on Council Agenda at mayor Tom Andersons request an ordinance prohibiting Massage Parlours from offering manual sexual stimulation to customers will be included on the Agenda of mondays City Council meeting City manager Terry Novak said Friday. Contacted at the Missouri municipal leagues seminar for mayors being held near the Lake of the ozarks Anderson would not comment on his request but said he would stand on the memorandum to be released this morning with copies of the Agenda and the draft ordinance. Boone county circuit judge Frank Conley ruled this week there was nothing illegal about services offered by the Vita life health spa. Conley denied pros. Atty. Milt harpers request to obtain a permanent injunction forbidding sexual stimulation. A it is the mayors concern that the Council Deal with the question either positively or negatively but they must Deal with it a Novak said. City Counselor Bob Roper said he was instructed to a engraft some changes on the ordinance presented but not introduced at the councils last regular meeting. The new ordinance with changes modelled after a similar ordinance in Alexandria va., will be a a More definitive statement on what particular acts Are proscribed than was the previous ordinance Roper said. The Council will therefore have alternative ordinances to consider but they May choose not to discuss either of them Novak said. Government and has assets totalling More than $107 million. Other savings and loan organizations in the City Are chartered by the state. The Purchase of the property was completed Early this week by the Boone realty corporation. Temporary quarters will be opened at the site until the new buildings can be completed. Members of the association s Board of directors Are e. Paul Smith chairman and chief executive officer John c. Davis president . My Niamey executive vice president and directors . Banister retired vice president of the st. Louis san Francisco railway co. Edwin e. Elzemeyer president of the Midland Container corp. C. Earl Giraldin retired president of Giraldin Brothers real estate co. David l. Grant retired vice president of Ralston Purina co. John r. Longmire partner . Simon amp co. And John a. Leschen a vice president of sales for the Granite City steel corporation a division of the National steel corporation. Jaek9$ Back on the track a a sports Page is four farms to fit new yorkers fancy Stewartsville to. Apr new York City a commissioner of consumer affairs will see something of the new wave in farming today when she visits four families in Northwest Missouri who produce pork beef and milk. The commissioner mrs. Eleanor Guggenheimer will find that Jack Runyan Dallas Pickett John Saunders and Cliff Deshon Are Young men with College degrees who done to fool around with less than 500 acres and have capital investments reaching toward $1 million. They get a lot of help from their families and lean More on machinery than hired hands. On behalf of urbanite whose first encounter with pork beef and milk is at a supermarket mrs. Guggenheimer is to spend 12 hours today in seeing How they get their Start and talking with people who get the Job done. Inasmuch As she is the perfect example of an Urban creature mrs. Guggenheimer has said it will be As strange to her As a trip to India. Among the four Farmers she will visit Only Dallas Pickett is Over 40. His 200-hectare 500-acre livestock and Grain farm just Southeast of stewarts Ville is the second Stop on the tour and mrs. Pickett will serve up a country dinner for or. And mrs. Guggenheimer and rep. Jerry Litton d-mo., who is sponsoring the tour and mrs. Litton. Hie picketts concentrate on raising jags and keeping cows whose primary function is producing calves. Pickett is a 1950 graduate of the University of Missouri with a degree in agricultural economics. On their Way to the Pickett farm the visitors will Stop off at the big beef cattle operation of or. And mrs. Jack Runyan near Osborn to. Runyan farms 800 hectares 2,000 acre about 600 of them in grass for his cattle. The focus will be on his feedlot which provides the final fattening for up to 1,000 head at a time. Runyan is a 1956 graduate of Kansas state University and the Jaycees at nearby st. Joseph mo., named him outstanding Young Farmer of the area in 1966. A at 32, John Saunders is the youngest of the hosts. He and his wife own and operate a 224-hectare 560-acre livestock and Grain farm near Osborn mo., in partnership with Johns father. Pork is the Saunders est specially from the Breeding of the Mother sow to the birth of her pigs and their Force fed growth until they weigh a Little Oyer 90 kilograms 200 pounds and Are ready for Market or. And mrs. Cliff Deshon have a 376-hectare 940-acre Dairy farm near Clarksdale to. Their place is the last Stop on the tour this afternoon. All four farms Are within 15 or 20 minutes of each other and within 20 Kilometres East of st. Joseph. The Day will end with an after dinner round table discussion with leaders from various segments of agriculture and from farm organizations

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