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Acton Free Press

May 1, 1958, Page 6

Acton, Ontario, CA

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OCR Text

Colorado Springs Hispania News (Newspaper) - December 21, 1994, Colorado Springs, Colorado 21-28 de do ombre de 1994 hispania no Page la tejano music awards Galar Dones entre Gados Para la Musica Tejana y serf televise do in los Esados uni Dos y sore 120 passes sex trans . Lettma is Una Organ in acid sin Especula Cion Fie Tada per Flestado y is Una corporation fun Dada Para adopter in Mejor Enten pimiento y apr cation de los Mii Sicos Tjanos compositors Artisia y grab adores de Musica Para mrs information in Corno oftener sus Volc tos Lamar a1 210 224-9600. Is quiere Audar a1 Scior Robert Armendariz Al editor in Cumpler us Sufragio por favor evian sus recommend Maciones a 15116,c. S. 80935. Rudy r. Trevino executive director of Texas musicians association Tama producer of the annual tejano music awards Tea announced the nominees for the 15th annual tejano music awards. The nominations originate from National radio stations throughout the United states the membership of Amigos of tejano music tejano artists and record companies. Approximately 50,000 voting ballots for the 15th annual Tea will be mailed directly to the membership of Amigos of tejano music Djus and to the tejano music Industry. According to Tama officials a the number of ballots were based on population per target Market. The metro areas and cities were randomly selected to provide a geographical balance for ballot translation by Nancy Castrillo Rudy r. Trevino director Eye Cuativo de Texas Talent musicians association Tama duct res Del annual tejano music awards Tea Anuncia Ron Las a Dinas Para Al 15avo annual tejano music awards. Los bomb Ramiento Furcron origin Ados in Las Estaci ones de radio air ave Sec los Esados uni Dos los Mie Bros do Amigos de tejano music baristas Tjanos y companies Disque Ras. In 6sta 15ava Tea Aroxi mad Amente 50,000 Sufragio serf Evi Ados por Correo direct gos of tejano music Dis a a saturday february la 1995 Industrial de Musica Tejana. De Cuerdo con los of Ciales Dettma a Tel Numero de Sufragio Estin Nasados in la population de los Mercado. Al area Metropolis Tana y Las Ciu Dades Queron Esco Gidas a1 Azar Para Prover in balance Geog fico Para Las Dis Tribuzi clones de los Votos. La Fecha Limite Para suf Ragar Esel Rubado 7 de Enero de 1995 los votes Deben de ser completa Dos Tan Pronto Corno Sean rec Ibi Dos y Dev Meltos a Ruben Jimenez y associates Para us Conte. Los ties 3 of Malista serf Publ Cados Enel Baile de Nom Ramiento que be effect Barf Al Ufa Rubado 21 de Enero de 1995 in Odessa Texas. La 15ava annual Tea serf Nevada a Cabo Al Rubado la de Febre Iode 1995 Enel Alam dome in san Antonio Texas Enel Cual los manadores de quince categories serf Anunciado. Al program de la Entrena de los Galar Dones Esta esperanto in Publico Estimada Mente de 42,500 expect adores y Oporta docs de la Musica Tejana. Al program serf grab ado y Testara Enel Aireen 114 Staci ones de radio song of the year g 1 Bidi Bidi bom bom Selena Quintanilla Pete Aat Dilk Selena y Loa Dino a 2 of Daniela Romo f g 3. Cor Azon a Dania Loa Pat Minoa g 4. Pesando in to Vale i Stephanie Lynn amp higher i 5 Quiero vol vane a ver Gabriel Candiani Fame g 6 silo oui Eres Ricardo Castillon Miguel c Spindola la Dif Renzia g 7 site Portas Mal Dar. Jay Perez a 8 the Amare in Milton de Martinez or. Fandango Usa a 9 to Vas Cordar Humberto Ramon Gary Hobbs a 10. Tres Samitas Agustin Ramirez Hometown boys a 11. A me g. Luna David Lee Garza y Loa Musicales most promising band o 12 Albert Zamora y Thiento _ 13. City Boyz a 14. Estilo c 15. La Dif Renzia a 16 lefty guv Al y presso a 17. Los palominos d 18 Rodeo d 19. Ronny tee a Marcos Antonio u 2u Stef Ani a 21. Stephanie Lynn it High Energy a 22. Texas latino a 23. Up Iosiwo male entertainer of the year a 30. Javier Galvan a 31. Jay Perez a 32. Joe Lopez a 33. Ram Herrera a 34. Ricky Martinez a 35. Roberto Pulido a 24. David de Anda a 25 David Marez a 26. Dee Burleson a 27. Emilio Navaira a 28. Gary Hobbs a 29 Jaime de Anda female entertainer u 36 Agnes Torres a 37 delis Gonzales a 38 Elida Reyna g 39 Elsa Garcia g 40. Laura Canales g 41. Lefty guv Al male vocalist g 47. Emilio Navaira g 48 Gary Hobbs g 49 Gavino Guerrero g 50 Hugo Guerrero i 51 Javier Galvan 52 Jay Perez female vocalist of the year g 59 Agnes Torres a 65. Lefty guv Al g 60 Delta Gonzales a 66. Patsy Torres c 61. Elida Reyna g 67. Selena Quintanilla g 62. Elsa Garcia g 68. Shelly Lares a 63 Esmeralda g 69. Stefani a 64 Laura Canales a 70. Stephanie Lynn vocal duo of the year g 71. Arturo Gutierrez Agnes variety band g 72. Dee Burleson Delia a 73. Emilio it Raul Rio a 74. Jaime de Anda Edward Chamakos g 75. Jay Perez Chente Perez a 42. Patsy Torres a 43. Selena Quintanilla g 44. Shelly Lares a 45. Stefani a 46. Stephanie Lynn a 53. Joe Lopez a 54. Oscar g g 55. Ram Herrera a 56. Ricardo Cashion g 57 Ricky Martinez l 53 Roberto Pulido a 76. Joe Lopez Jimmy i Picky Martir my it a g 79. Mike amp Lee Villarreal g 80. Roberto Pulido y Bobby Pulido y los a 81. Roberto Pulido Emilio a 77. Joe it Ricky boys g 78. Johnny it James palominos Loa Deaper ador in Rusoo y Loeu Tsicos a 82. Ronny tee Marcos Antonio Ronny Tea it Marcos Antonio album of the year a 83. Amor libido Selena a 84. Baba Dice cultural a 85. Ena Morate Fama a 86. Insuperable ram Herrera a 87. La Dif Renzia la Dif Renzia a 88. Matanga la Changa Fandango Usa orchestra group a 89. Mien teme new variety band a 90. Miles de sue nos lefty guv Al y Gruppo presso a 91 Solo Ojo Para to Stephanie Lynn it High Energy a 92. Que esp Rabas Mazz a 93. Steel rain Jay Perez a 94. The Vas Cordar Gary Hobbs the top three 3 finalists will be made Public at the nominees dance scheduled for saturday january 21,1995 in Odessa Texas. The 15th annual Tea will be held on saturday february la 1995 at the Alom dome in san Antonio Texas where the winners in fifteen 15 categories will be announced. The awards program is expected to draw an estimated crowd of Over 42,500 tejano music supporters. The program will be taped and aired on 115 radio stations and televised to be broadcast via to in the us and Over 120 foreign countries. The Tama is a non profit state chartered corporation founded to Foster a better understanding and appreciation of tejano musicians composers performers and recording artists. If you wish to assist hispania news editor Robert Armendariz in filling out his ballot Send your recommendations to . Box 15116, . 80935. Psychic readings by Sophia advice on All affairs of life business marriage courtship tells past present and future a readings private amp confidential to special All readings 172 Price with this and phone for appointment 719 535-0070 la consent Ida radio in Espanol a present their gala Quot Quot a a a i a Itaf tar a Aal re dinner dance eur Ebil kure 1490 Colorado Springs do saturday december 31,1994 a 8 pm-1 an Dav Hall 2850 o Neal ave. A Pueblo co. Tickets available at Pueblo Cucas restaurant ,1334 e. Evans a Hola phone service 618 e. 4th Flores grocery 1305 Santa Rosa a Joel a formal Wear 1509 Moore music man600 w. Northern a Karu busine.off4211 n. Elizabeth Colorado Springs Misc. La Frontera 701 w. Colorado Colo Springs. Selena Quintanilla see tejano music awards Page 13 party favors for every one. Rhu kure too cd a to the first too to attend. 1400 1490 Many free prizes to be Given away. Pueblo Colorado Springs ;