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Colorado Springs Gazette Telegraph Newspaper Archives May 31 1986, Page 2

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Colorado Springs Gazette Telegraph (Newspaper) - May 31, 1986, Colorado Springs, Colorado Of my to to Bra pm 8wurdiy. May �1,1968 a t to the it. To mate a complaint or a. Soma Issue in our Community it by phoning 473-1919. Tho i i by in Mong in column Arf not necessarily the views of the Gazette Telegraph who think Tim Wirth is a moderate he is a co sponsor Resolution 515-69, which would make it a crime for citizens to Send Aid to the nicaraguan Freedom fighters and to refugees in Costa Rica and Honduras. If the Bill becomes Law Amene caught sending food Medicine an clothing to beleaguered nicaraguan exiles could be sent to jail for three years or lofted to pay $250,000 Fine or both. The Resolution imposes no sanctions against individuals to help soviet backed groups. Other co signers of the Bill include Rabid opponents of president Reagan a David Bonier and George Miller who the sandinista a have termed their Best friends in Congress. Is this the Type of compassionate action we want from the Man who could be our senator we Road be fixed this time Are we being conned again it ranks with the lottery. How Many times does it make that the Colorado gasoline tax has been raised supposedly to fix the roads will they be fixed this time taxation of poor a disgrace i waited in hunger through the entire month of May for my tax refund. I thought my refund would help me to find shelter and food in june. Much to my Chargin i have discovered that the taxes on my poverty level income is la percent not to percent and my us refund has been Cut in half. I cannot afford food shelter and taxes anymore and soon the Rich will get yet another tax break while our it Ion a poor go hungry. We can be proud of our defense buildup i our fight against communism but the taxation of the poor to Benefit our Rich is a National disgrace. Natii so apply stricter penalties Mach has been said concerning handguns and the regrettable murders at the Grandview lounge and Kwik Way store. I am in a Law enforcement related Field and believe me that stricter and More severe penalties should be applied when a firearm of any Type is used in the commission of a crime or act of violence. Gun control will Only bring about a Black Market in weapons of All Type being smuggled into the country for use by the criminal element in our society. Law abiding citizens would be unarmed and at their mercy. What amazes me is so much is being made of the Wuu Poos aspect of this Case and so Little of the Fite Airdrop involved that Are such a contributing Factor in organized crime acts of violence and the moral decay throughout our country South Ames protect Blacks in regard to the confused person who is justifying the raids by the South african government into neighbouring territories and Speaks of the right of that government to protect its citizens is it protecting the Black residents by murdering them every Day and robbing them of their rights and is the caller simply thinking of them As non existent non persons tip Tyft to pay for mistake our City Council members did it again. They Are too Chicken to Correct their own mistakes on Northgate so it will Cost the taxpayers 950,960 for a election to do it for us Tor Steelton outlay for a special election to a far better use than that h be Are going to have a special election let us include an amendment tothe City charter Tim no More taxes or Utility rate hikes without voter approval first poles must slow Down Drivers fatalities were almost double this memorial Day weekend. Not sir press. Speed kills. As Long As Drivers insist in driving 70 Mph in the interstate and so Mph in so Mph Speed Sones there will be accidents injuries and fatalities. We have to have More Law enforcement before any inf is going to change. The state has raises the traffic files Tati the traffic police have to enforce the Law. It will happen again in the 4th of july weekend unless our police decide to get Tough and slow people Down. No ohs Corss shout Polit the casette Telegraph published several pictures of calves being branded. I could not decide from the pictures who were the banana and who were the animals. No one seemed to care about the terrible pain inflicted upon the calves by the branding Iron. Soling the suffering in the eyes of those struggling calves maybe people will be More aware of what we do to the animals that share our world. Hands Sood Stein on problem few would argue that the Usa for Africa band Aid and the like re obviously very Noble and it was a Good idea to try and feed starving abroad perhaps the one thing we forgot was there i. The efforts of the starving abroad perhaps the one thing we flt thousands of people starving in our own Borders farm Aid and hands Aarons America seem to have the right idea and have got the Ball rolling but in the face of How much Money was raised for foreign countries we have a lot further to go before we even begin to get Down to the deeper Root of the problem. Whet our government has thousands of dollars of food being burned or stored in Altos it seems we Are not even approaching the problem from any Typ of rational standpoint mayor whisperer a warned from previous Page think it was the right time Quot he but even though he lost that vote the mayor said the City got a Good Deal by grabbing up the dells City has much rules than the and the Olive go. Is agreed to 4y Many costs of building and maintaining the area. Tbs anti Northgate group has Long claimed that adding the l,500-Aere Aren to Tho City a Northern bord would tap City funds and a to Attias. Isaac disagreed saying that of retire to repel Northgate they a lose not Only the future tax Srim a whim our own or wont be drained if an area is pulled into the City he said. Instead City water will be pumped in. Ground water is scarce in Many parts of Elpaso county and building Large business Parks or housing developments that rely on Wells i in later years Mai charged with lacing drug capsules with rat Poison in Stock profit scheme Knight Ridder newspapers los Angeles a a former stockbroker trainee was arraigned Here Friday on charges of putting rat Poison in Over the counter drug capsules made by Smith Kline Beckman corp. And scheming to profit from a hoped for plunge in the company s Stock. Primarily to California Arizona Utah Colorado and Arkansas. Edward Arlen Marks 24, of Temple City Calif., was arrested without incident thursday May a up sources he warned. A i done to want to see High density development on ground water a he Isaac had hoped the county to control would write better rules what can be built in county areas where ground water is used. But the Elpaso county commissioners have either been unable or unwilling to write those policies he a of. A the county i thought was moving towards a water policy of that teat would take of out bind who said. $ night in connection with the adulteration of Contact cold capsules Tel Drin allergy Medicine and Dietsc appetite suppressant. The arrest was the first in a series of drug tampering cases that have resulted in at least nine deaths since 1982. No one was harmed by the rat Poison found March 19 and 20 in nine capsules in Orlando fla., and Houston. But the incident prompted the Philadelphia based manufacturer to recall the three Over the counter drugs in a move that Cost $8 million. Richard t. Bretzing Fri agent in charge of the los Angeles office said Friday that Marks hoped to make Money when the Stock of the company dropped because of the contamination scare and subsequent recall. Quot his purpose was to engender hysteria which he thought would result in a decline in Stock prices a Bretzing said at a press conference. But the Stock did not plummet and it Quot is unlikely that he made any profits a Bretzing said. Quot Marks devised a scheme to defraud shareholders of Smith Kline Beckman As Well As the company itself 1>y purchasing a put options for Smith Kline Stock by tampering with consumer products of Smith Kline and by disseminating information on the tampering nationwide All in an Effort to cause the Price of Smith Kline Stock to drop a said an affidavit by Fri agent Robert s. Jones unsealed Friday in Philadelphia. The tainted capsules found in Orlando had been scheduled to be shipped outside the state . Magistrate James w. Mcmahon ordered Marks held without bail. Marks was to be sent to Orlando for a preliminary hearing. Cyanide Trace found in anacin-3 capsule Austin Texas apr chemical tests showed a Trace of potassium cyanide in one anacin-3 capsule from the bottle taken from the apartment of a chemistry student who died after taking another tainted capsule. Officials testing capsules from other bottles of the painkiller after the death of Kenneth Wayne fanes 24, said they have found no other traces of the Poison. Walgreen drug stores officials announced Friday that All packages of snack 3 capsules have been pulled. Colorado a Rocky Mountain Poison and drug Center advised Consumers who have bought anacin 3 with a lot number of 6-b-ll and an expiration Date of october 1988 not to take any of the capsules. Rec its look for Bodiot after a but plunged into a River in a Atam California on Friday. Associated prs. Bus crash death toll is worst in nearly six years from previous Page the 22 injured were taken to six hospitals in Reno and Carson City nev., and Bridgeport Mammoth and Bishop Calif. Four of the seven patients taken to Washoe medical Center in Reno were in critical condition said or. Jerry Calvanese. Quot from what i saw i think some May not survive a he said. Quot they re not Home free by any of internal head injuries a said Marine gunnery sgt. Daniel Tretteen one of More than two dozen marines who helped pull the injured and dead out of windows. The passengers were mostly residents of the Santa Monica Tower retirement Home who had been on Quot a relaxation tour due Back Friday evening said Penny Hanson a spokeswoman for starline Tours. Quot there was a lot of blood and lot the marines stationed at the picket Meadow Markle corps Mountain warfare training Center a few Miles away were called to the scene about a half hour after the Accident. The bus left skid Marks on the pavement and apparently rolled two or three times before it hit the water Tretteen said and was Quot pretty Well beat up with the roof caved in and the Back ripped Judy Sobel of Guys Calif., was parked at the Side of the Road fixing a tire on her motorcycle when the bus went by. She Esti mated it was going 55 Mph to 60 Mph when it passed and said she heard the crash seconds later. She and her friends helped pull seven people from the wreckage. Officials could not immediately say what the Speed limit was at the Point where the bus left the Road but said the limit generally drops from 55 Mph to 35 Mph in twisting sections. . 395, the main Highway Between Reno and Southern California parallels the River As it winds through a Mountain Canyon. The National transportation safety Board dispatched a six member investigation team to the site according to spokesman Ira Furman in Washington. Ben Olandj general manager for starline said the bus was in service less than a year and had been inspected by tile cup last october. The worst . Bus crash in recent years was on june 5, 1980, when a tour bus carrying mostly senior citizens from Dallas to Branson mo., plunged into a 40-foot Ravine near Jasper ark., killing 20 people and injuring is. On feb. 18, 1981, a commuter bus crashed through a Guardrail near Quantico va., and Down an 80-foot embankment into a Creek killing la people and injuring 13. On Christmas eve., 1983, a bus carrying worshippers to a Christmas revival collided head on with a truck near Devers Texas killing nine people and injuring 14. Veto Lammas action draws criticism from previous Pogo the program going a Bird said. Quot obviously its not the end of the fight Sandy Kraemer a member of the University of Colorado Board of regents said Lammas veto of the Bill was Quot a step backward in the process of providing educational Opportunity to the military in Colorado at a parity of those offered in other Kraemer admitted that without funding the Bill really did no to contain the Quot substance to make it a viable program. However Kraemer said Quot the legislature worked very hard to make this Small step Quot in a disappointed that gov. Lamm vetoed the Bill because. It was Only one step. Quot the proposed Law needed a funding mechanism a Kraemer added. Quot it was my Hope that once the Bill became Law and people be Commerce which actively lobbied for the Bill called Lammas action Quot the governor is clearly attempting to treat the military As second class he said. Quot this Bill was a Start in the right direction a Freyschlag said. Quot if he had been a Man. He could have vetoed the Bill tuesday and Given the legislature a Chance to Lamm criticised the legislature for its handling of Senate Bill 54. Quot on amp again a he said Quot the general Assembly wants to take credit for the pleasure of passing something without accepting responsibility for the pain of paying for it. Ability for the pain of paying you pass stronger sentencing uttus but refuse to build new prisons that Strong sentencing Laws require. You Promise to reimburse counties for jail backlogs and Foster care but neglect to appropriate the came comfortable with the concept s would next year the legislature add the . Freyschlag president of the Colorado Springs chamber of Lamm said if the state does not pay the Money lost to special tuition rates for military people Quot then the Burden is shifted to other students at the College whose tuition jul increase the College itself will have to pay by reducing expenses in state tuition represents Only about a third of the average Cost of providing higher education the governor said. Quot if the military is to get a discount from full Cost somebody must pay for that discount a he added. The Bill would have left it to the discretion of schools to Grant Instate tuition rates to the military. Quot it is important that our Community colleges colleges and universities maintain positive relations with their communities and i believe they would have agreed to accept military students on an Instate tuition basis to be Good neighbors a Lamm said. The governor said he considers the matter important enough to bring up when the legislature returns in August. Quot i will recommend that a Bill be enacted granting in state tuition to Active duty military personnel and their dependents and i will recommend a source of funds to pay for it a Lamm said. Quot if the legislature acts responsibly in August the Law. Can be in place for the new school Gazette Telegraph uses 123-440 published morning and evening monday through Friday and morning saturday and sunday by Freedom newspapers inc., 30 s. Prospect St. Phone 632-5511. Second class postage paid at Colorado Springs. Colo. 80901. Postmaster Send address changes to the Gazette Telegraph . Box 1779, 30 s. 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