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Colorado Springs Gazette Telegraph Newspaper Archives Aug 4 1962, Page 9

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Colorado Springs Gazette Telegraph (Newspaper) - August 4, 1962, Colorado Springs, Colorado In Ink methods a suggest old nailing Abow Are f fading a tem with text Nijor fir App sea Ion lust ration from the California Redmond Baa in she re. Mood applies ,.r. Santa e m , Thorn above Miama Colorado Springs Gazette Telegraph saturday aug. 4, 162 9 new Home Good buy at any time Architectsketchbook plans and ideas no toy Ever misses this Happy train Fie Sam Tex Yrd fare to the weather can be reversed a shorn the finished face. The tiding apparition data Sheet available free by living let it pf-11, California Redwood Anocia Tion. 576 Sacramento Street. San Fra no sen la. Calif. Six types of House Are available in Redwood City building in Fermi of you Are planning to buy a new Home. You should find out much possible about the and equipment included in the Home discuss these details in the builder and com pare operating costs of various fuels to make certain that the House heating and other appliances offer the Best value in Economy of operation your local Gas company Mill be Happy to assist you in making a comparison of Cost before the mar. Most Homes in the i United states Mere custom built. A family needing a nem Home contacted a Budder and arranged to have the House built today Horn Ever. The picture has changed radically. Bidders now erect Homes ranging anywhere from 23 to Sand Chi a tract of land and then advertise for buyers. By Biti. Fry Mother knows the a several thou Cret of enticing a child into putting his toys away mainly in Deal of Roltz Ltd Rev dl"�1 Quot a Quot Quot Money builders like families. To re them must borrow the Money from the More attractive and inter ate co tar no pm Suimai Banks and lending institutions eating that place the More Likely. According to the american that it will be regularly . 71 1 01 Harp Bend a ?tr1iimfrfiota w re i Gas association which sponsors we think this weeksketches of technical format Chat la. L a to x a. a Blue Star Home program this Book plan for a toy Box Tram 11 1� for Beauty and because Dpi planning to bund a Home to obtain a it holds its a Gold Torlano Railroad you con Moke putting the toys Sway loads of fun for your child in Teod of a dreary chore with this toy to Troin. Each Section mounted on costers Binexpensive cute Ond practical. The Sketchbook Pion makes construction a tote a. To order toy sox Troin bion49, fill to the b onks below Cut out this Coupon Ond Moll with cents to Sketchbook in care of this newspaper. Name address _ City and state by six producers who rub Ltd a can Matei Rigert y do cuss make up the California redo to a we of a on Lv \9sonabon Arcata Redwood. Contractor vue company. Sampson Timber com i Cledge can help Saie Moo i pans Ltd org i Pacific Corpora and insure Aaurna Tjoa Danaus lion the a of a lumber Ade associations and Man fac Par. Tymn i Limber t re of bund my maters rat and Willits Redwood f in Supply enough data to in compar it a tie the adept Handyman to do the Cue of the building a Mode sea Tab Iutva i rf., Mil ,ram Quot nun .4. Imseis your local lumber trained and. In the go Des ? Quot a re no it Val a another source of such completely Clear of knots Etc Quot Quot wet 1 by my the Cah Florala Redwood Assn. And also holds paint re rom wet it an economic _ pro Conal hot Tan new approach to Home building the Ideal solution. Even the train together Junior May have painting instructions and a then has brought added Protection to smallest trodlier will feel More More fun playing with his toy Box tic Railroad insignia a Quot the family that eventually buys like helping pick up the play than what he puts inside other projects the House because says . Room when the summons Only substantial lumber sex other scent Sketchbook plans. In. A a w v it Iti in to if til we Faroa a Lime Sii my i.jav� nth Home buyer and the lend a let Load the train a instead pen get the Price of one 4 x which May be ordered in the red Mir Ini e want Security of their invest of a get that stuff off the Hoot Sheet of h Inch plywood which same manner this company Awn Lan. In ment Buster a yields plywood parts in ail three elude products 4�?o�?o one. In mp4f\ carefully Kiln dry Iran. 4. A tit i . It tin tila a pc Insu. E this Dimen a Len pm it a Redwood even yrs Tuat to Gate and construction Loans in 1 Tacl in parts half sized patterns on angled parts Complete Assembly and budget playhouse65 toy dump truck56 treeless tree house6t backyard tugboats Redwood for mat Ace has a that it Beautiful with a natural a fan Asse re a Wii in their form atom leaflet a fit to ave your Home a t Ding the new Leaf it data touch sleet sa4-1. A Redwood adv to at to. Has a double purpose it Complete Aud technical rough to be a guide for the Coo Factor the Carpenter on the but it written in Clear non a technical terms f at it ran by a beep to the Layman. Shading Patio offers easy Way to add room sit in a pts i i h.�w it .1�l of. A Sto i Cven trs claw Cire re to pm non ii a rom Carat of jew Foj Norman. Iii s. And to Ltd in saw Iii Kwh of fan Tim Are addio w act a Maui in fac a w in j Quot Tim atm ,o a Quot Sun at it i Jas we Habtom Wiiri Agaar a Tealio the Milf. a Trail do astir a onic a Quot mfr a n of from new zealand. Ship Lap. _ a , draw pigs on the new data Sheet rive cd it .5 it Jan nil a pc rom Liz Hill Isis 0f a me 23 100 la Wlton Matitu the full train consists of Loco units the Sketchbook plan m Semi cd Lions in the f .s., about.ooo a motive. Freight car and cattle car eludes exact dimensions of Aisi j. So count for 80 per cent of All Mort for those big stuffed animals you could get along with Only to the influence of govern Mer i con. And Cattie car Only agencies such p . The fed locomotive v a House a authority it and the a pensions Are scaled to toy a run a. Veterans administration Lan j passengers the am brie a Aread hmm effect on a pm fkhr5 Tonjo with .m2 Kwh. A a irksome building since their opus tbs Moraw Lor i by a i in �?T7�?o Quot i standards for the rest my inches the cattle car it Quot a w re t by 16h by 23 inches freight 1 last year the f admin each car equipped with was construction work. Directing q mounted a ,rr5 t John j director of i h e ult wer was improperly by to l0r Jwj make it possible to link the whole l a b o department of the a placed perhaps the ladder w a s. Jim. Ment More expensive Homes tonal association of Home build Daf Cetire it May have been that Perth i fh1 to u la frs "p0115 that a Are far the Workman Over reached and a Trae ma..als and 75.000 More accidents in heavy con balance made a misstep 5 i2u�?~plv. A in to Quot re Quot. T. U d a ii v auction such the building of tame dizzy simply lost his 1 to Nujay a my and and up oittes built Yed Riv ave rape Imp dams and in application of this principle vacation hideaways a new cab. We Are interest 1� a i 111 sir j Home construction rated safest building work s. Oua Trum a vhf Lendersb. By n Michw freight Hom building rated by an toward preventing its duplication a cwt Tea 5ywr Urr of Veary / car 16 by 7\ by 20 inches up it 48 the lm8t hazardous if a Workman Falls from a lad rviv7 car r�?Tuaa0r to 3 direct e t0. 311 each car you idled with East get of construction work. Der. For example it would be Beroe in a Toca a 4w.fi.ne. Maa . Field offices also makes it possible for Home ins and cottages a Are going up buyers to carry longer mortgages at the rate of to too however he said that while the a Biden prevention for two a actor dog to Dana Richardson. Re by 4wii.�. Hum re my 11�# and duty Der inn spec Alist Lor la a z a it opium Dunswo of Bride Mart w25tr m of pm a by. C pm. Dis cwt for wha a. Her Pafk Quot Quot a vvs., 4 tour lumber dra. does Volt can a. Snore than just a place to it Tyni a copy of the Rel Good sid.l� if in a inv wll info a of a Fogt a application data a it ear. A safety word a the Home build reasons. Riley explained he without increasing monthly Bolis cording to building authorities at j08 it usury a Mot Portan. the expenses thus making More Allied Chemicalbarrett Divi improved. My Money available for other better sum it estimated that this Fig he said that most injury Caus important humane aspect the other eco nomic. Involving loss of working time a Quot a fat. I Mno no i a f in Iii no a Fin. 7 a i. To m Conri Lor t a in addition to the exercise of m with durable Nim v Quot re care a e8timatms maintenance Asphalt shingles that a. -.fem. And operating expense the chief Eather the year round Coton one to writes inc room spa Toom to make enter j2t l w i00 . Architect and his staff should Dis _ a Al Faransa Redwood association Laming and Mea Lime much More wa. by pct a3j new . Cuss this problem with builders dept poll. Its Sacramento comfor..e when the Sun Beau Ihm of afr you comb mat pm living room dining ments ure will climb to about 200 too an my accidents in Home building the Vitur a specifically part of the he a. Nualla by 18e72. And Manv of these result either from an unsafe Coo. _. Letter reads second Homes a will be construct an unsafe act in ? Ja mkt in Saft a editions i pc i u a t Quot defy hazardous a int try of 1-&Quot&Quot re a aa a. I Hacr-..-.t can Hen than Beau j-�.,. Rec j23t, i Durins roofer number of Psillu ret san Francisco la. Califor Down 1 a the of maintenance \ data Sleets on the Fel Alum specialist room saving efficient equip Hoog m Adsem Effs end pattern Are also i Vaughe a needs a stalling an aluminium ment and efficient design May Redwood the Standard put cover Sarge enough to Bouse 81 Quot of Cost More than alternate mate of the a Dusty because of its there activities. Tutu the undersides Quot a v of Vanir . In rials equipment and design but _. _. _ _ ,. A a. If Ixo Kama a t a. A of the i Summum panels will a1 Ltd it my plenty of diffused Light to to. Pm enter and provide a cheerful at. By skilled workers equipment such a precarious. Selers. Riley noted mat the insurance placement Ofladder unsafe Monty dress. Improper Llumi it Lunf i Euard l Aroks let a Brohen Arm and re do no a broken look Rould hrs. Unsafe acts Are More difficult a number of different kinds of ,0 eliminate because of the bulk of a Rev a. Its co Wewt Ca. 2a/ i a Fra it a. 4w.il -. In enough time to amount to i of quaint paints will give Good sen Man element. said they ice on basement wa.easiest to include unnecessary exposure to an average one family Home Ceramic tile special k build your own Coffee tables k tile your own Bath room k Many Beautiful colors to choose from. Some discontinued lines at extra b 6 sayings Uno Leum. To Mirt 3409 n Prospect me Mai new to. Do a tract to Tkv sphere. Once the Patio cover installed. Itjust a matter of furniture arrangements and rescheduling d activities to take advantage of the Coo Shade and Balmy breezes. Richardson says Richard Mhz suggest see eng aside one portion of the covered Patio a living room Quot with informal. Sturdy furniture pieces grouped around an attractive linoleum rectangle another portion of the Patio can serve a dining area it can be Lri Saie amour., necessary log Quot Quot am pansl7 t a Zzz a Ltd one finance he Eskra in will not Quot a line nah Quot veal a on of Here solve additional Deb. Service a Quot less Ian an Hoar. Are odor Assn 7 untie no attention be riven which Only a fraction of the less and tools Dean in Plain -a1 Mesrope Raunft at unsafe spec origin a hods there a be maintenance Cost and re Shiv regarded Are Portland of Mcload no. And improper Start up 0 a times Manv Acci builders of it mint p41"18. Pool mind stopping dents there Are on Jot where _ followed Vantage monthly saving in operating expense highly regarded Are Portland overloading and improper Start swimming Pool and stopping should be encouraged to take and p10 and reinforced masonry Rily noted that a Surv a by Corncie a Arr of this to reduce total a for a tile like finish on Kemper insurance a Chi c a g o Rilje it. That the housing expense in our Concrete Block there Are also the first it a that at least four nah and their of Hiya a out of a 1�? 1-- Low Cost programs in the higher newer epoxy paints priced Homes they should be encouraged to the same Prin Toich i Ciple to make it possible for a for Small touch up jobs apply a purchaser to carry a larger Mort paint enamel with a Cotton he said that analysis of Why Gage without increasing monthly swab an Accident occurred a big step thus making every five tel t in e it mint urtes Amoos Home Bush in cd m im1 an wlm you worker could have been prove a. M e a 1n, fic ency of the Industry housing expense our House which available funds for other better a la estion used not Only for barbecues but we bought four years ago. Has a Mats for regular meals breakfast on red Brick exterior. Within the san Cit my new Conche Patio for example a de last few months at the rear of p1 a mortgage lending. A g a rightful Way to Start the Day the House part of the brickwork pants out. And one which makes has taken on a whitish appear sense for the Homeowner Easi Bild pattern t by do a d it Ance. Can you Tell what Caus Erie was to achieve an antique 5st2 half non chalking paint be purchased in most dig stores answer this condition Fin Macau of h Aik act he no in efflorescence moisture i a Sofery houses parts of water. Apply with a somehow sponge the mixture causes a condition moisture entering the Interior of it our Hom 15 malt a of Wood of the bricks. The moisture Dis with brickwork other hernia change in solves the salts in the bricks and masonry below your paint comes out through the pores dealer for a House save thousands of dollars with a c Arp j h o m e custom built on your lot farm anywhere by our carpenters freight paid 3989 financing of Ivi Yoni a test to Al tin Cie rout fur 5 Evn a he arc i b writ a War mint him b of t a it Lar of xxi Orri a in cite to i ims Eirc. Oruro. A Ca com f -.at Baal do. X to Corr a m to you Cau do much of Thi work you want my Ray rect term in to Starr up Frt May vat. Not thru March m in Surrai to i him Cir i in int Catalin pc a re a fat i Mtawa. A a v Roar . A d Roe and a we to Taf to Raar liar re to in opotry i. Rolt Ltd he Starr it Grilii Tau am a it it a Atad Hai Wilt . Cap a it in>1 at Roaf Fua of arid total a i.e.- a it c Arr a Sirex ret Erx xxx gives it an aging effect try it Tir to on a piece of scrap wised to Crystal Juino on the surface in paint. The chalking Type will stain be sure it the effect you want form g we the the masonry it keeps clean before making any attempt to wearing away. Correct the condition you should find out what causing it. Very Enslin to Waal Pantie i often the moisture getting into to Twu i i Ici j the brickwork by Means of the will Iku w a it a joints. This happens when the wl11 "w11 mortar in the joints begins to to prevent Wood panels from disintegrate. Sometimes the warping it important that the moisture makes an Entrance from backs be sealed with a Quality the inside of the Walls primer sealer with varnish in any Case you must find and this flu prevent the panels from Correct the cause. Then you can absorbing moisture and Par go about removing the White mentally important when the Mold in some cases the sub panels Are installed in Damp since can be removed with a basements. Seal All edges at the wire Brush and a Little water same Ime but in most cases it Neces sary to scrub with one part of work carefully after the Job Muri Atic acid to about eight parts finished rinse the area thorough of water. rubber gloves and by with water in m a Rita it frs Kiln that Tot for Todd Coro Fri am Arri in in my ims Rall Rorri to it flan to a Tim Tafti Scurf co a Yow prom a run a lrr4i�ut Mirci i of tone Wynm. A Whilar a him a and i croat it my Clad a o in a it Idy a asian m of Cilcer. Str carte an. Nio Mkerr by Homi a trim # i racked Wrev in la kit a fat be fam Tad vie Quot a i l Tat of a Ltd Kcf Tecl a Fly Otott . A a had cad a Mitil Larj Bael Board Row Kwiw Klir 41 much Mori i for full details write Contact Caff Homes w. 4sth dept. A Denver Coto. Do you plan to build we can help you Security abstract amp title co. 26 e. Fuchs bras me 4-3733 Booklet offers building ideas a new Booklet for the consumer interested in building decorating. And remodelling has received such wide acclaim among builder and lumber dealers that it being made available to the Public entitled a open House previewing your new Home of the 2i Page Booklet illustrated in full color the Booklet show six houses ranch Hillside Post a Plank a and beam. A Frame modern and traditional a each with floor plan copies of the Booklet May be ordered at cents each from the Wood information Center. National lumber manufacturers association. 1619 Massachusetts Avenue n. Washington a. D. C. For anyone interested in Interior designing and Decora tag with Wood Beautiful four a color photographs of major living areas in the Home Are also covered a ten full pages in this Booklet Blue Prats of the houses shown a the Booklet Are available in addition to the specific categories mentioned two pages of the Booklet Are devoted to general information on Why a Only Wood so naturally right for Home construction mentioned Bere Are i such topics Woods versatility strength Economy of . Durability. Three color photographs show actual Wall. Roof and floor systems under construction. Pattern no. 311 re # a anyone interested in spending ape. Everyone finds this Charr some completely relaxed hours top8 m Comfort. All should try building this modern re red Wea Tefr. Plastic webbing to lumber for outdoor chair according to step Frame Are readly available by step directions Outlin d on a lumber Yards everywhere full size pattern offered below Send 50 cents for folding out Avail Cost about half door chair pattern no. 211 in the Price paid for a comparable com Check Money order to chair purchased ready made the Gazette Telegraph. To Box its clean simple lines permits 215. Pleasantville. New York using on porch Lawn Terrace Send 35 cents additional for new a two tone chair can be made catalogue illustrating 300 build it by interweaving two colors Fol yourself patterns and Home in lowing the directions provided on pro vement books. Send 50 cents the pattern Light yet sturdy for Lawn chaise pattern no. 312 easy to fold for convenient Stor to Complete your outdoor setting. Fine Quality draperies Ano carpeting to fit Ivory budget nothing Down easy throws French amp co. e. Permijo me 2-4bo August 1-15 come in now1 sob off #1 your foil Point problem Ond Savi 15s Dyr no Mcmurtry t big Foh faint Sau bowwow August i Ond is. Open saturdays til 5 30 fun. Save 1.80 House paint it Ceorl me Yuruy i saw in Sgal oat. Save see ctr Matic Interior Latex save 1.5# pc ctr Matic Interior alkyd paint to mrle for �r0 to save 1.93 achy flex exterior Latex faint Karo to a a i save 1.45 Mirate Firth out by my l a Toto. Save 1.75 Mirabel save 1.94 Sec ctr Matic Semi gloss in ame far Wro a e a. An Kate Roo . Save 2.09 see Ctro-mat1c Puu gloss enamel draw in 4 to Mur

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