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Colorado Springs Gazette Telegraph Newspaper Archives Apr 3 1965, Page 1

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Colorado Springs Gazette Telegraph (Newspaper) - April 3, 1965, Colorado Springs, Colorado Rom Freedom a in newspaper Colorado Springs Quot politicians Are a set of men Icho have interests aside from the interests of the people and �7io, to my the most of them arc at least one Long step removed from honest men. I say this tenth greater Freedom being a politician a Abraham Lincoln weather forecast pikes Peak Region a partly clout sunday with scattered afternoon and evening showers 0r thundershowers. Occasionally Windy. High today so. Low tonight to to 35. No. 30,005�?94th year Bolti associated press and United press International Colorado Springs saturday april 3. 1965 10c potty 30� dial 632-4641 three sections�?44 pages City squabble with Faa delays Pete Field work by John Kuglin Gazette Telegraph staff writer major const met Ion by the City at Peterson Field has been delayed by a dispute with the Federal aviation Agency Faa Over a taxiway. The Faa and City officials disagree on the length Width and construction of the taxiway which would parallel the new North South new runway. The taxiway would be built in connection with the proposed two too civilian terminal on land the City wants to buy West of the Airfield City manager John Bier said the City submitted a taxiway plan to the Faa it was for one 50 feet wide with a four Inch base covered with two inches of Blacktop. Love won t veto Biti on Daylight time . Will Send More men to beef up Viet Nam forces Denver i up i gov John a love announced Friday he would not veto the Bill instituting Daylight saving time in Colorado. However the Faa said it 1 bin completed its path wanted a 75-foot-wide runway j through the legislature earlier with an eight Inch base covered Friday. It was passed by the with four inches of Blacktop. House of representatives. _. Quot a Hope for approval of our March 18 and amended and / Anna y o v id a original plan not the passed by the Senate thurs a chm a ruins to Oloff Day manager said. Quot then we Day. The House agreed to the can go to the Council for final amendments Friday morning approval of plans. The measure is now on the Quot we believe for the Type of governors desk. Denver Tel paso county a person to give up his proper planes and the weight of planes a considering the conclusive senator William o Lennox tried to taxiway i would be vote in the House and the sub without Success Friday to pre Brown said be Law App be turn to Page a2. Column 3i vent passage of a special hous Only to persons who already general honoured a Gen. John pc. Gerhart who retired wednesday As commander in chief of Norad in a Multi service ceremony at Peterson Field receives a second distinguished service medal from pres. Lyndon b. Johnson in a ceremony in the White House. A wire photo housing Bill passage fielded surrenders arraignment april 23 Franklin Fieldon charged with embezzlement of t try Hospital fund appeared before District judge David w. Enoch Friday for his preliminary hearing and had his Case continued to Ajari 23 for arraignment. According to the 17-count charge. Fieldon. Of it formerly executive director of memo that this adequate. Quot we Felt a minimum amount of construction would take care of our . Two projects at the Airfield Are stagnated. A the first is the lease Pur Chase agreement for the present terminal. Last october the Council tent judge keeps Henshaw out of local schools Mcclellan says banking probe witnesses lied Washington Ltd sen John l Mcclellan said testimony on Bank failures before his Senate Suncin Smittee is bulging xxx Ith perjury Mcclellan chairman of the rial Hospital and now living in Denver purchased various items for his own use out of Hospital funds. Lumber paint Metal and plumbing fixtures Are mentioned in the 18-Page document. Approximately $2,500 Are involved on Friday he appeared with counsel Fillmore Gibson who told the judge he was representing Fieldon for this one appearance and that later his Jig Bill. Have decided to Quot Ell or rent Mcclellan chairman of the a blk a might come into court Lennox was one of five Sena Beir property requiring these subcommittee said he Waim an or attorney tors who voted no when the person to refrain from Dis mediately transmitting the Tes Gibson repeatedly accused Colorado Senate gave final Pas a ruminating against persons be Turrony to the Justice impart District attorney Bob rus Sage to a Bill strengthening cause. Race it Creed or men and asking the attorney Sci and his office of deliver Colorado a Law against racial. 0,1airet the so called Penera to quickly take approx lately hiding the information i discrimination in the Sale or i?.1. Holk5 by a wry Cut Bens private action cd against Fieldon and refusing rental of property a a a r�?zh.f5s a i can t say to is gouty. A a inn soc it additional equipment also going judge David w. Enoch said in the vote was 30-5 the Meas Atn Ely approved a plan to lease District court Friday that Lloyd ure now goes Back to the House William Lennox r Colorado 80 Shock is and a it a >0 a her in a James Henshaw a has a penchant for agreement with some map Quot a a a and Zoh Lam r Thal somebody 15 a it we or Ern ment for payment of $27,500 of burglar izing then Jor amendments made by the in a a a we have listened to wilful la t n flt Mcclellan said Quot the conflict is Quot my employment a he told the burglar izing sentenced the Man to not More Senate a year to the City. After to years the government would re Han 10 in state re. Chive a deed to the terminal Lakewood Lennox and Able has been an it fort to what charges have led and i have been in to find satisfactory an at that time it was planned turn to Page a2, column 81 cattlemen protest zoning for a tory. Mrs Stockton sat Monts that Are false these the key amendment was the both look the microphone to Quot item anti arc pertinent to it it add a. Elimination of a penalty clause explain their votes saving they has m9, la on 4 my rat Quot judge Enoch commented Pri which provided for a Fine of up opposed the occlusion of Quot own Date. He sub commit Lee a or to sentencing that Hinshaw to $500 against violator of the or occupied Quot discrimination Law. A a heard a detailed testimony 20. 59 s. Hayman dr., had been Law. J at present such Homes be closings of the san fran involved in other burglaries with Jim adhering to the Princi tally occupied by their owners. Cusco National Bank and the Whit he had not been charge pee that a Man s Home is his Are exempt from provisions of is National Bank of Marlin. He was found guilty March 5 cast e a a Lenox told the sen the Law 1 to a charge of burglar izing East ate you have taken this right the charges were not filed turn to Page a2. Column 4 Canon City up Fremont county ranchers expressed Junior High school. 1600 n. I away from every Homeowner Union blvd. Feb 4. M the state Strong disapproval thursday the defendant s father the a a a think i speak for a Good g approval Nikurs a a y Rev Lloyd Hinshaw. Said he Maria Neon m this state who night with a proposed master f i t a. Many people in mis state who zoning plan for their county ? .n7a>e 500 Bas a com fed the same zoning Pun for their county. Plex from hemp raised in a min about county 40 members cattlemen a of the Assoc a ister a Home Quot sen. George Brown. A Den ver the Only negro in the sen lion and the county regional Jan a Loyd Perr n r judge Knoch also sentenced ate and the author of the com Senate okays Pari a Mutual at state fair Tex. The san Francisco Bank was shut Down Jan. 22 and the Marlin Bank closed March to 1964. Sen. Fred r. Harris. A okla. Also said that the hearings clearly showed a need for closer administrative and legislative King orders escalating Boycott Baltimore. My. Up a it Lewis Gluck Vav is Hing ton up _ sex Oral thousand More military personnel will be sent to South vie my during the coming months. Las officials said Friday night. Thi a As Dit As of Ashe i ii to lot wound up a week 5 strategy review with pits def a it it Nivon and other administration leaders and to 1 Al reporter he be scan Cliance of Sivit or red chinese intervention in the Guernia War Taylor said a me More men and equipment would be added to the american fori e of about 28 too now m the Southeast Asia country though Quot i am not anticipating a Large the ambassador who is returning to Saigon saturday also reported plans for a step up a by a sizable 160 too a in South a let namese forces which now total about 530 000 these two increases in personnel Are the major items in a Long list of step approved in an Effort to boost the effectiveness tax of the Campaign against communist guerrillas. Ing Money to Cushion the Jolt millions Are postponing the in of this year s income tax Bill. Stable internal Revenue sen it 3k Tun Tau it a Bankers and tax consultants said ire Iris figures show increase Friday. The up sixty of an in 22 rat appear other taxpayer have told the usually Large flood of last min i a men who help them make out Ute return at irs offices just. 4 a. Feels the political their returns that they Are before the april 15 deadline. Siua Jon Niet am i working overtime giving up a United press International nip Nin it it in quite sat vacations or postponing Pur Survey showed increased de is. W1 1 of Stern of the air strikes a on North Viet Nam a Fielden leaves court a c Franklin fielder jr., former executive director of memorial Hospital municipal Hospital is shown As he was leaving District court Friday after hearing the Date co for i arraignment or. A charge of embezzlement. Gazette Telegraph Phi to americans borrowing to pay 1964 income taxes by United press International iffy an unexpectedly Manx americans Are borrow bite big scrutiny of interrelated corpor Martin la or King or chases of wanted goods to sat Mand for tax Loans in new Promise adopted today insisted actions and Banks and dealings Friday ordered an escalating Denver Upit a the Colo among them. Economic Boycott against Ala Sis a Etc arson 10 Quot of mor than no Chart Tenno a was mistaken be1 Sena e gave final passage Mcclellan and Harris made Tai including a final stage Cuburu Iuluse 10 discuss me Meas years state reformatory cause the Bill would not require and a to a in authorizing die statements after a Senate ban against Quot specific consumer ure do us parimutuel horse racing at the investigator testified before the products Quot state fair in Pueblo. Derm Anem invest Leat me sub he told a news conference three a a. Cd i. Jar Perrine had pleaded guilty to Bob Shoemaker president of Robbe March i the the Assw nation read a pre was from pared statement. He said the Alan Quot takes away cattlemen stated robbery according to the p us cattlemen s i information Perrine attacked rights and Grants certain priv. ,. A i u. John a rudder with a knife Liege by Law by decree and not. A a. By a vote of the a a .3 m a local Hoel and ook Allen Campbell consultant i a i11. A. For the Ken r. White co. Ofa Lvene opern nes request Denver which made the Survey or Enlaw it Enoch i Don t doubt your sincerity broader Carson unable to get More legislature in Alabama against bombing York. Washington. Minneapolis. Hie present time Dallas. Pittsburgh. Milwaukee or Den it non dec Ned to and Houston. Say feels soot checks showed Little if Situ Afkin up 1 Don 8� of Joi a Hulk. No Umile la Frt a j0d dental care i9t>5 session but was killed in described the Dlan As a Quot rough 1 ju111 us jul jf0ur Yentai care tor it. A cols a fuss and Sari it Balv but weren t equally sincere Carson dependents were turn Hobbs sue needed in amending d t a Iii iss. A a Raj so a six. Stets a a traffic into degrees of feeling any. Appreciable increase in up m Lowr plications for such Loans in to Chicago new Orleans. Denver wok n i salad sons m a Ash. Boston and Sacramento. Ca if ,. Egton has been very useful and Quot we be some Wjk Ople productive and the is to a i Ais la tic Resolution it hysterically and others make an Effort As efficient As a legislative Resolution it set tears in their inhuman Crimi said a Minneapolis banker Montgomery. Ala map it before made. A final decision was Ilar charge earlier the weather Milf . We not is Awn Al two sentenced to state pen William Lee Martinez 21, 215 e. Las vegas ave. Was sentence in District court Friday to Ajo Tissys. A saws mss hot less than four nor More than six years in the state penitent Permaner investigating the vote was 21-13. The Bill committee that two negro Fin that the plan is for a now goes Back to the House for Anders drained $446,000 from s,a8p Boycott designed to in concurrence in Senate Amend two Texas Banks they controlled Force the demands of the ments. I one of the Banks the first Southern Christian leadership a Bill to set up the racing National Bank of Marlin. Tex. Conference Sulc for equal passed the House Early in the turn to Page a2. Column 6> right for negroes in the As 1965 session but was killed in the first stage was an command efforts to obtain a Senate committee. Then on Najip he cafe immediate Call for industries dental care for it thursday. Sen. Richard f. La we j 1101 lab and businesses to abandon any plans they might have for sex 8rowin8 official concern Friday pending facilities in Alabama Over racial violence in a usion for the racing. We a a a a a if this produces no results Bam a apartment of defense. I the other Bill originally had Berlin up the request for Quot Remote Sta applied Only to the name of the Border guard Friday Ken a d under this proposal state House of representative Tus Quot which would have author fair changing it to the a Colo harassed Berlin bound traffic in Pri Aje institutions churches joined As cosponsors of a pea Rances Ai Comsea sessions of sized such dental treatment on Tado state fair and Industrial an apparel display of their and Tabor unions Wou a re strongly worded butement of pea Rances Ai Cion of sessions of a limited scale had been sup j exposition a control Over the lifelines to this Amine placement of pension policy which declared Quot such a Congress wrote the Sii 5 the Senate so foreign ported by department of army. The racing is designed to isolated City. Funds in Alabama for invest threats to our Tranquility will Bubon la Cut measure it drop affairs an a a a a a a a a a ments purposes. The Federal not he tolerated Quot withholding from 18 to 14 committees per cent in 1964 but reduced the the House foreign affairs who reporters barred i a a r i it turn t0 Page a2.column 4 Tom to pa9e a2. Column 9 we can a Minneapolis banker Johnson. Taylor and other top nals Quot the bombers who blew up Quot there s no doubt some will administration Strat its gave a negro s Home underscored Bave Tarlian by in Way Ofia gup conference at the life temporarily end a 9p.m, e meeting of payroll withhold dog normally the National Security Council fails to collect enough taxes poor to Taylor a departure for comm stage two we g0 int0 effect ninety five members of the the a with owing a Kuk. Comm a apr this non Rev Al ii salaries. Hut the Winno Iamb earlier in the Daw the Ambas Friday under this proposal state House of representatives process did a Job than had a of a. Pea Rances at closed sessions of a Tux i wet Arad sunday Aero atonal Gusty Wadi Sto cooler East saturday High saturday Moet so weal. 60-70 Oast and 36-65 temperatures at Gazette Telegraph Tell into hourly Midnight a noon i . A i i am. 60 2 pan. 3 aaa. ____41 3 . 4 a a. M 6 . 5 a 3 . A . J a it m 7 aaa. To 7 a am a a a 9 . A j6 non. 10 . 54 to . La . To u . Man mum for 24 hours ended at ii yesterday minimum tor m hour Wadad at 11 . J Tutor toy. A a a Quot ask Quot is Quot maximum tor a hours a dad at la do. A merday a 63 diary by judge David w. Enoch Martinez was found guilty Mardi 2 of burglar izing the a Farmers Market 2915 e. High-�3 Way 24, dec. 23. According to the proposal had been expressed by Colorado dentists Felt that the Region has Suffi pm Vilim Dentate to meet from fief it Hsc the needs of the military Cam feared next week when the West German parliament meets in West Berlin Over communist objections. But West Berlin mayor Willy ii Ai 31 u 8 ii wind velocity Al la . La we Arn ottos at la Irh hip a Ithan at la pm. A j3w1 ism top la us i at u Jim tor 34 Haun us ment to All authorized military View pilots Back from the Lions of trucks carrying sup dependents. Strikes. Also where reporters plies to West Bertin. The slow the caries prevention service formerly could see the pilots at Down lasted seven hours. It was which entails a thorough clean-1 clubs and messes they Are now the first time in six months the ing of the Teeth is available to forbidden to do so by . Au-1 communists have carried out turn to Pogo a2. Column 1 thormities. A such Highway harassment. Trace Unity. Saigon South Viet Nam Brandt in a speech Here Fri military dentists will still pro a �?. Newsmen Are being Day said communist Quot Chican vide caries prevention service completely barred from a Ery Quot would not Block the City s a Ray service needed to Nang air base where Many of efforts to tighten ties with the a testimony by Deputy sheriff support civilian dental treat the strikes against North Viet West. Is Lee Quien. The defendant was ment perform examinations and Nam originate. J East German police Friday a caught dec. 23 at the Farmer s provide emergency dental treat-1 reporters Are unable to inter a carried out slowdown inspect u Market with five pork loins and several Cartons of cigarettes m stacked beside a window ready m to be taken out. Martinez testified that he had been drinking previous to another burglary charge and had been doing so before the Farmers Market burglary. He added Quot i think in Man in imposing sentence judge Enoch said he Send him to the reformatory because that had already been tried. Richard a. Myers 49, 110 n. Wasatch ave., in sentenced to not Ina than two no More than five years in the late Penitentiary at Canon City by judge Hunter d. Hirer win Myers was found guilty Jan. 20 of writing a no account Check for $20 to Harry a liquors 401 e. Pikes Peak ave., dec. M. In imposing the sentence a a judge Hardeman raw wit Index amusements. Tab builders news. 3-a business financial 4-5-a Church news. 9-12-a classified. 4-7-b comics .8-a editorial. 6-a local news. 3-b news briefs2-a radio a to logs Tab sports. 1-2-b vital statistic. 2-a weather map.2-a the Resolution swept through the House without a dissenting vote and went across the Hall for concurring action in the Senate. The Senate recessed for tile weekend before receiving the Resolution. The statement bore the endorsement of gov. George c. Wallace who thursday interrupted a flight to Washington and turned Back to inspect the bomb damage after word of the explosion in Birmingham reached him aboard his plane. I in Baltimore. Md., or. Martin Luther King or. Called for an turn to Page a2, column 3 and that application for probation i a a a a a a a a. M of Denim tot of act Cuttit tor j 1 the first two years of the term o vote Bill would alter political patterns editor s note the new voting rights Bill provide the Means for drastically altering political patterns i much of the deep South. This report based an a 12-state Survey and numerous statistics and data reflects the situation now and what is Likely to result from passage of the Bill Atlanta. A. Apr wholesale registration of negroes under the voting rights Bill now before Congress could wrest political control from White minor Wes in Many areas of the deep tors working against this Possi ers if the strength of White mod together with Alaska one coun ability. Deep rooted tradition apathy and economic dependence on the White Man seem to preclude a negro political uprising even whore negroes Are in the majority. A Survey of states and a study of past trends indicate that the most Likely immediate effect would be greatly increased negro registration and a growing moderation in the political climate. Crates continues to grow. Most to in Maine one in Idaho and 24 of the South already is becom in North Carolina a Are the ing politically More moderate Only ones covered by the Bill As on racial issues. An associated press Survey of 12 states or hiding some for companion a flows that the Brunt of die Bill a effect will foil of Alabama Mississippi and Louisiana. Negro registration would soften the South but Thoro Are Many toe Outlook of political Power hotel to a leaser Estop. South Cor Olina. Georgia and Virginia would be affected. This is True to the Fps states a preheat age of negroes already now drawn. Quot Here is no question but that the Bitt will be the Agency or stimuli to increase the negro the National association for the advancement of coloured people s. W. Tucker and Henry l. Marsh i said the effect might be a change in die composition of the state legislature. Virginia has Only one county in which Tho negro population outnumbers these six states. Ever vote Quot Saki Clarence l. Townes the White. Or of Richmond a. Townes a j of Alabama a negro office negro is special assistant to the Holder said that economic presets the Republican chairman. Sure would keep Many negroes Quot i think in general Quot he voting regardless of a Quot Dud negro registration is it us. Going to increase provided Dis or c g. Omit icon profs Crimin Atory practices Are Stirni at Tuskegee Institute and a sated with or without the member of the county heard Ai two Richmond attorney for turn to Raga a Oeter i 1 protests Boycott a Eider ugh foot s. Mph Aux of the gospel spreading Church led a group which picketed Tho dosed meeting of Tho Sohoni Christian leadership conference headed by or. Mania Luther King. The matting was Brid thursday la bait Toeroek Mac Hent said his Church was protesting Keogh plans tor an economic Boycott of Alabama. A wire photo

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