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Colorado Springs Gazette (Newspaper) - October 24, 1976, Colorado Springs, Colorado A a a b Gazette Telegraph sunday oct. 24, 1976 by Dorothy Aldridge it staff writer it a. D. Fisher by the summer of 1880 had solved a problem of Cost cutting on his logging operation with Only one Large hurdle left to be crossed a How to get a train engine approximately 18 Miles to Manitou Park with no Railroad to run it on. Engine no. 5 was a sturdy Little narrow gauge Wood Burner formerly engaged in construction and hauling freight and special passenger excursions for the Denver amp Rio Grande Railroad. It was so heavy no available Wagon could haul it. The magnitude of the solution Fisher finally came up with resulted in the legend that his employer or. William a. Bell the founder of Manitou had swiped the engine from the Railroad. Through questionable Means Bell had acquired some of the More than 10.000 acres approximately eight Miles from the present site of Woodland Park. He used no conservation methods As he allowed Fisher to Cut Trees from one end of the Park to the other twice so that when Colorado College acquired the acreage and put a forestry school Laboratory on it the land was in a state of devastation. Belles total Cut probably was in the neighbourhood of 70 million Board feet Over a five year period with 17,500,000 Board feet Cut in trespass from Public Domain and settled for upon demand of the . Government. For this Fronzy of la Shprina Roll sultanic in Scenic Manitou Park 1880 hotel guests chose fish from it for dinner Phi Theta to support toy bowl Elpaso Community College will continue its student support of the toy bowl this year with Phi Theta Kappa the schools Scholastic society spearheading the drive. Peggy Umphrey Secretary said the society has set out donation cans and is looking to approach the $600 raised by the students in each of the last two years. A a we re going to try and equal last year a miss Umphrey said. The toy bowl matches the Flag football champions from f t. Carson and Colorado Springs for the pikes Peak Region championship. It will be played this year at 7 . Nov. 18 in Garry Berry stadium. But the unique feature of the event is not just the game. Proceeds which May be a new unwrapped toy or a Cash donation go to supplying Christmas toys for needy children in the pikes Peak Region. In the past six years More than $36,000 Worth of toys has been distributed from the toy bowl through the Marine corps leagues toys for tots. The game is sponsored by the league the Gazette Telegraph and Ordo. Tickets May be picked up and toys deposited at the Gazette Telegraph Ordo radio and televise Nall Mcdonald a restaurants the Marine recruiting station and Neal Starkey Sall american sport Center. Feed a net loss of $80,000. Actually the engine which had been named a you Ray was leased to Fisher to operate on nine Miles of track Laid out in the Park a by the rails and some Flat cars also leased from the Railroad became an entity separate from connecting rails of any other Railroad that would take the engine somewhere. Besides not going anywhere the strip of tracks which had no formal name and no depot at either end of the line had Only two tracks for switching and no Wye or Fork in the tracks. A Branch of the Denver amp Rio Grande went to Manitou the closest Fisher could come to running the engine on rails to the Park. The Only solution was to pull the engine by animal Power Over the narrow dirt Road up Ute pass and via a Wagon Road that branched off to the right Between Crys Tola and the present site of Woodland Park. Multi horse teams dragged Ouray by its tender Over the Rocky rutty roads All 18 Miles to the Park according to re search material gathered recently by Rhoda Davis Wilcox local historian and author of a the Bells of Manitou and a the Man on the Iron a history buffs say the threads on the flanges must have suffered dreadfully a mrs. Wilcox said. More than Likely the trip was made Over narrow Ute pass at night when there was less traffic she said which May have created the legend that Bell stole the engine. In 1871 Bell bought out Bona fide homesteaders talked other individuals into preempting lands which he later bought and made some direct purchases from the state of Colorado mrs. Wilcox said. He accumulated land extending four Miles East to West and 14 Miles South to North along Trout Creek with a View of pikes Peak to the South that was unsurpassed. Bell opened the Park As a ranch lumber Camp and resort with its own Garden Dairy and fish hatchery. He named the area Manitou Park to attract the tourist Trade and in 1883 built a three Story hotel with 16 guest rooms. At rates of $3 per Day and $17.50 a week for regulars the hotel offered the finest accommodations including a nine Hole Golf course All of which enabled it to compete with Estes Park for the tourist business. Bell built himself a cottage the remains of which Are on the Ridge Southeast of the present Stone buildings of the . Forest service experimental station where he and his family spent a Good Deal of time. Fisher had come to Colorado from Chicago for reasons of health and established a Sawmill at Cantrell a Gulch. He was put in charge of Belles lumbering operations about 1880 when the physician decided to log the Virgin stand of Ponderosa and Douglas fir. His Mill had a capacity for turning out 70,000 Board feet of lumber a Day with men working around the clock. It turned out timbers for Bridges and mines As Well As Telegraph and Telephone poles and Railroad ties. Between 1880 and 1885. Bell allowed Fisher to Cut the area from one end to the other. There were two distinct operations the first taking out Only the Timber that would Square to eight inches. When the cutting was almost completed they found so much Good Timber left that the entire area was logged again taking it Down to 12 inches Square officially 48 inches above the ground. Two wagons with 5.000 to 6, Gazette Telegraph photo by John Hall remains of or. William Bell s cottage built near his posh hotel at Manitou Park carved by or. William a. Bell too Board feet per Load were used in the hauling with the Driver Riding the rear wheel horse. The trips usually started from the Halfway House above Crystola and the empty teams drove to the Mill loaded and returned to the House for the night. Next Day they went to Colorado Springs or Manitou with lumber and returned sometimes with supplies. No accurate figures Are available As to prices but old timers Best recollection is about $20 per thousand Board feet for run of the Mill delivered by Manitou compared with today a Price of approximately $236. When Timber areas got farther away from the Mill where the teams brought logs Fisher marked the increase in costs in the operation. That was when he got the idea for the mini Railroad which probably was the first logging Railroad in the state. While the Little train kept hauling costs to the Mill to a minimum Fisher endeavoured to solve the problems of hauling lumber on the jolting trip to Manitou a trip plagued by accidents when brakes failed and loaded wagons overtook the horses. Why the narrow gauge at Manitou Park be extended to Manitou he wondered. He came to the conclusion that even a narrow gauge through Ute pass to Leadville Wasny to beyond the realm of possibility. With these thoughts Fisher became an Active Booster for the later construction of the Standard gauge Colorado Midland Railroad. A with the extensive logging operation losing Money a mrs. Wilcox said a the Little Manitou Park railway operated Only until 1885 and the Damp re dismantled it about 1887. The Grade is still visible North and South of Illinois by 1905 Bell had returned to England and was anxious to liquidate All of his holdings in the United states. A Gen. William Jackson Palmer his close Friend and business associate purchased Manitou Park from him for $60,000,�?� mrs. Wilcox said. A the allowed or. Bell to appear on the transaction As a joint donor when the general gave the 10,000-acre property to Colorado College. Gen. Palmer was interested in the acreage being reforested and was pleased when the College in 1906 opened a forestry school on the Campus with a forestry lab in the in october 1889 the Ouray was purchased by the Little Book Cliff Railroad at grand Junction where it was to switch Coal cars for a decade until the Road failed. Although the Railroad was later reorganized the new owners discarded the engine from service. It is probable that the Busy Little engine that went nowhere for five years was ultimately dismantled for scrap. Little train that could worked hard for Bel school presidents urge More student participation by Dru Wilson it staff writer the busiest time of the year for a High school student body president is the first couple of months of the school year when there Are activities to organize plans to be made the All important football season with Homecoming festivities and the setting of goals for the coming year. Because of this Burden of leadership local student presidents Are difficult to pin Down but several were distracted from their duties Long enough to make a few comments on what lies ahead for their school. Kevin Cook has assumed the leadership at Doherty High school and announced that the major goal for that school is to bring the student body and faculty into a closer relationship with the Community around them. As the newest High school Cook said Doherty is just beginning to become acquainted with the Community and the Community is just beginning to know the school. The High school students he added wish to become a participants in the Community and also wish the Community to take part in the Many activities planned at the school. Students will take part in the Fine arts activities of the Community and become informed in the political issues. The student organization is urging students who Are Eli Gible to vote to become involved and has set a goal of getting at least 65 per cent of those qualified to cast votes in november. Plans for Doherty include a cultural week a Fine arts Day and guest artists. Students will be going from door to door on halloween to collect for Unicof and will conduct clean up projects for the Community. Alison Walker is the student president for Mitchell High school and lists student involvement As the key to building Overall Good school morale. The participation by both students and faculty in the past has been a great a she said and hopefully it will continue to grow. A project that will be of interest to the Public As Well As the students is the Homecoming activities that begin monday under the theme of the a greatest show on personally Alison said a i am looking Forward to an exciting and All around number one senior sue Duffy has been a Busy Young lady at St. Mary a High school and has just completed t h e Homecoming activities which included a bit of horseplay with a tricycle race Between students and faculty. Improving the communication and relations Between the students and faculty is a major goal at St. Mary a sue said. This year there is a new principal and Counselor with whom students must become acquainted. Toe proposed activity designed to assist in reaching that goal is the student faculty Tea. Other activities Are a dance Marathon planned in december. Wasson High school is under the leadership of Judy Nott who sees her position As one of a Liaison Between the principal and administration and the student body. One of the major projects this year will be the student request for a senior trip. Once again student involvement is one of the Foremost concerns of the student Council. Judy said she would like to see people of All Ages involved in school projects and would like to see a everyone As enthusiastic As i some students she said a take school too lightly a and the purpose of their High school years As the student organization would like to encourage More students to take their studies seriously and not wait until the last few months of their senior year to make plans for the future. College is the big concern she added. Wasson has encouraged the formation of a Junior Council at Horace Mann Junior High school which will provide some background and experience for students who will be More involved when they reach the High school level. Jim Benton said that efforts at Coronado High school have been directed toward reaching students at their own level through a variety of student organization sponsored activities. Weekly announcements and news of student activities Are broadcast daily Over the schools Public address system in the form of radio news on the student circuit Kern. Members of the student Council and Cabinet visit classrooms each tuesday and thursday to present an update on activities and to answer questions. It is a an effective form of communication a Jim said. Forthcoming activities Are the Christmas program and the Sadie Hawkins week. The Sadie Hawkins highlight will be a powder puff football game. Fernando Berrios plans to give Palmer morale a Booster shot with a number of activities including Pep assemblies and a special series of Spring symposiums. The first week of december he said has been set aside for a cultural awareness week to be followed by Hollyhock week and Christmas activities. Fernando said that he would like to see More input from students into the student organization and into the some 34 student clubs and groups. Jody Silverman Cheyenne min. Alison Walker Mitchell Dave Ruschke air Academy Fernando Berrios Palmer Kevin Cook Doher a sue Duffy St. Mary s Judy Nott \ Bisson Jim Benton coronal

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