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Colorado Springs Gazette Newspaper Archives Oct 22 1972, Page 1

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Colorado Springs Gazette Telegraph (Newspaper) - October 22, 1972, Colorado Springs, Colorado Colorado Springs Quot government is inevitably naturally and inescapably the enemy of personal Liberty Quot a Fred g. Clark and Richard s. Rimanoczy Complete weekly stocks no. 32,488�?101.1 year both a and up dial 632-4641 Colorado Springs sunday october 22.1972 10c daily 25c sunday eleven sections 152 pages peace agreement is claimed new York apr time Magazine said saturday that United states and North Vietnam negotiators in Paris agreed in principle last week to a Vietnam War settlement providing for a cease fire formation of a new South vietnamese government and National elections. Time said it obtained an outline of the agreement from unnamed sources in Saigon. It said the Accord was worked out by presidential adviser Henry Kissinger and Hanoi sle due Tho. According to the sources time said the White House wants a to be Able to announce an agreement a in principles on the package before election Day although the first step of a cease fire might not be possible that soon. Time said that under the agreement the International control commission presently consisting of Canada Poland and India a would be enlarged to include other nations and More manpower to Monitor the cease fire. A a cease fire freezing All forces in South Vietnam a in place and halting All military activity including the . Air War on North Vietnam would be put into effect initially a the Magazine said. Then negotiations would begin on the final withdrawal of . Forces coupled with the return of the american prisoners of War in communist hands time said. New York a North Vietnam a Premier Pham Van Dong said in an interview with Newsweek Magazine made Public saturday that current secret negotiations to end the Vietnam War a Are in an extremely important Dong said his government has done a everything humanly possible for a successful conclusion to the talks although he did not elaborate. He indicated that any peace settlement would have to involve three stages a cease fire followed by american withdrawal communist Saigon negotiations for a three part interim coalition government and National elections in South Vietnam. He said the National elections could be held six months after a Vietnam ceasefire. At another Point Dong said All american prisoners of War would lie released As soon As a general agreement had been reached to end the War without waiting for the Complete withdrawal of . Forces. 50 red rockets slam into Bien Hoa air base by Richard Blystone tack on a major . In Force Squadron of attack hours before Henry a. Kissin Saigon apr communist spallation since the communist bombers based at Bien Hoa. Ger paid an Early sunday morn a led forces sunday fired More command launched an often they Fly missions in support offing Call on president Nguyen than 50 rockets into the big a1 Sive in the Saigon Region oct. 5. South vietnamese forces in the Van Thieu. It was their fourth lied air base at Bien Hoa 15 senior military sources say Saigon area and the Mekong meeting in four Days in appear a Miles Northeast of Saigon. The offensive is timed just Delta and in support of Cam ent efforts to Hammer out a the . Command said pre ahead of the . Presidential Bodian forces across the Bor peace settlement. . Am a luminary reports showed that 18 election in efforts to Embarrass Der. Bassadore Ellsworth Bunker a americans were wounded Ini president Nixon. Sources said the air Force Squadron at companies Kissinger to the Tiai reports also said to South the communists Are trying to Bien Hoa had been deactivated presidential Palace for the vietnamese were injured in the create the impression of oct. I but this order was can meeting pre Dawn attack. One strength far beyond what acceded and most of the unit was the enemy offensive also truck and one South Vietnam tally exists. Kept there because of the com flared in other areas on the out Mese helicopter were damaged the United states has two Monist offensive. Skirts of Saigon and in the Cen-1 it was the most serious at Marine squadrons and one air the attack came Only a few trial Highlands. Boggs search continues scores i they re a. Navy rooters a Smokey a stand in Goat from Black Forest for the famous Navy animal receives the attention of Pamela. 9, and David la children of it. Cmdr. Norman by John Morrison j Jonz was Pilot of the Cessna the Hunt Anchorage Alaska a 310 that vanished on a 560-mile Mansfield would focus on the have been added if the Peninsula about 12 plane had landed on a St Palermo of the naval Reserve and mrs. Palermo during saturdays air Force Navy game in Falcon stadium. Holding the Goat is e-5 Bob Hodges of the Prospect Lake naval training station. Gazette Telegraph photo a a report of radio flight transmissions monday that Juneau May have come from the miss Begich ing plane carrying House aboard. From Anchorage to Miles Southwest of Juneau with Boggs rep. And a Begich Nick the californians Ai land or Beach and took again later. Other reports from a the radio operators indicate a aide and Victor Parker of Nevada Light plane City Ronald Crawford of Oli Beach and was May veto Bill democratic Leader Hale air Force maj. Henry Stock Behurst Roy Harris of grass off again. Boggs discounted earlier in or coordinator of the massive Valley and the week led searchers Satur five Day old search said a Day butter were Day to concentrate their Hunt Long interview of the radio of Elmendorf a feb saturday on an area near Juneau. Aerators a helped us to better in meet with search officials. Five California men All Citi de stand previous i consist Zens band radio operators told envies based on our initial in received a transmission a news conference Here that formation and although the 10 20 evidence indicates they May general area we re talking time have talked last monday with about has been searched re hours had landed on a trying to take Joe Tatum of two air Force rf4c Phan flown to nearby Tom reconnaissance jets took to off from Texas saturday to join the search. The supersonic the radio operators said they planes Are equipped with opt about Cal infrared and for chronic . Pacific Daylight cameras capable of Day and monday nearly eight night use the air Force said after the twin engine searchers had logged More Thurmont my. Apr John Ehrlichman head of the Nixon earlier successfully be Pilot Don e. Jonz who reported heatedly an intensive search of planets fuel should have been than 1,000 hours in the hour and exhausted the air Force said. Had covered nearly 75.000 but Stocker said it is possible Square Miles through saturday president Nixon said saturday presidents Domestic Council toed the hew labor Money he was combating 70-mile-per that area will if re elected hell not hesitate to said further a i would by to Bill. In re passing it Congress hour head winds and was Low some 50 planes were in the take unpopular actions when he Means Rule out the possibility Cut Only about $9 million from 0n fuel. Thinks he a right. And an aide of being Able to avoid higher the figure Iii the vetoed Bill but indicated Nixon a ready now for taxes next did include discretionary a a step that will be unpopular Nixon said in a paid political Hority for the president to cut1 with Congress veto of a major broadcast from his Camp a expenditures to $29 3 billion. Air saturday and Stocker said the extra flying time could a spokesman said. Mcgovern attacks Job record of Nixon Rule appropriations Bill. The weal Lier a port la Rnic had by . It Oiw Burovi station at Paterson from Vid Retreat near Here a i will under a continuing resold not begin at this stage of my Tion the affected departments life to shy away from making can operate until feb. 28 at a hard decisions which i believe spending rate of $28 billion a Are year unless a regular approx the 15-minute talk was one by Gregg Herringto despite the proximity of the Mcgovern said in nov. 7 election and noted Nixon Reading a. A Man to Mcgovern the South Scranton at his first of five ral is far ahead in the Public Opin George Mcgovern campaigned Dakota senator said later just yes 6 in Bethlehem quoting Ion polls. Sen. Muskie in Scranton had said pikes Peak Region through monday with in by Tho Mountain with the Low tonight 30-35. High on Mon a i precipitation prob ability to per tonight. Partly Cloudy a series of vote appeals he has 0, orations Bill is enacted prior to Pennsylvania a mud strip before leaving Reading. Quot no i m Kim Edy w0 a a had a govern is flight my a or he a that Date. Al Belt saturday and accused did t see it. I was t aware of card alone Ltd with him the Dav a residence a against such Hode saturday most of the increases of the Nixon administration High Wuy 5300 Een making on radio in recent Quot weeks. Hell make another ejected to by Nixon in his earlier preaching the Virtues of work campaigned with him the Day residency a against such Hope before Mcgovern said a we do less Odds but seemed to re Day will be near 60. I Thiis in in a i a Marl vac cent today and 5 per cent drop Casl temper Atu bks at Gazette Telegraph hourly temperature on the subject of veto were in the Fields of Edu without providing jobs. Veterans Day at 10 35 cation and health. Edt sunday Over the Ehrlichman said that 12 Midnight 1 am 2 . 3 . 4 a in 5 . 6 . 7 . 8 . V . 10 a in. 11 . Noon 1 pm. 2 . 3 . 4 . 5 . 6 . 7 . 8 pm. 9 pm 10 . 11 . Lbs and Mutual nets. Veterans sitting in on a lengthy review of pa., is Day is monday. A the 132 Bills sent to Nixon by Mcgovern Ehrlichman briefed reporters the just adjourned Congress he game crowd shouting on legislative pros feels there is Hope that the of Here you bum you no Good Mcgovern had gone to the not want a Leader who has his tract stadium at the request of the hand in the till his foot in his hem but the political activity was Kutztown president Lawrence Mouth his Tongue in his Cheek you after interrupted briefly in Kutztown. Stratton to speak briefly Dur and his eyes on the rushed rating halftime of the Kutztown when he there a no said a i say such thing to when a Man through the Bethlehem midday crowd cratic party unites behind College at the civic Center spread out candidate. Maximum for 24 hours ended at la pm. Yesterday 5 minimum for 24 hours ended at la . Yesterday 40 11.8. Weather Bureau data Peterson Field maximum tor 24 hours ended at la pm. Yesterday 36 minimum for 24 horns ended at la . Yesterday 38 wind velocity at la pm. Mph wind direction at la new relative humidity at la pm or sea level pressure at la . 30.01 and falling precipitation for 24 hour ended at la pm yesterday .13 precipitation for current month 33 Normal precipitation for current to ooh .69 precipitation so far this year 17.11 Sunset tonight 6 11 . Sunrise tomorrow 7 16 . 58 56 saturday is pets and said of the $30 5-Bil president will be Able to hold to bum a ii lion appropriations measure for a government spending ceiling1 the the health. Education and Wei of $250 billion and avoid higher seized a fare and labor departments taxes next year. Agents As he Quot i would be very pessimistic he said the president is de within about Over the possibility of the Bill Ter mined to do everything he Mcgovern. He surviving a can to avoid a tax increase and and questioned across the Plaza was described j. Unidentified Man by secret service football state Cheyney state get out pa., football game. After the incident Mcgovern by democratic gov. Milton wont ahead and spoke then left Shapp As the largest Polit was for a Street rally at Reading. Gathering in the history of Mcgovern told crowds area. Mcgovern Muskie and so repeatedly attacked Nixon he said it exceeded Nixon so we Are by no Means made leased without charge. Recommendations by about half pessimistic by the review a billion dollars. The pending legislation. Of police spokesman said not armed. Approached to throughout the Day that the Shapp to feet of country cannot stand four More Edmund s. Was handcuffed years of Nixon in the White who was a but later re House. A state a what i he was needs in the who can lift the Mcgovern and sen water pollution and or Muskie of Maine Day care centers for to campaigning with mothers and for the Wate the democratic presidential burglary and bugging incident believe America candidate frequently referred and charges of widespread to 1970s is a Leader saturday to the fact that Only Lotical espionage within the and vision of this 2vt weeks remain before the ministration. Colorado 20 Oklahoma. 14 Navy. 21 air Force. 17 Missouri. 30 notre Dame. 26 East. 42 Coronado. 8 Widefield. 63 Evergreen. 20 i Omaha. 14 Csc. 3 Adams St. 16 Westminster. 0 Central. 27 Palmer. 8 Abbey. 24 Lamar. 13 Nebraska. 56 Kansas. 0 cd. 24 Bethany. 0 Oklahoma St. 20 Baylor. 7 Pittsburgh. 16 unc. 14 to Florida St. 37 ii Colorado St. 0 the weather elsewhere by the associated press h l 53 17 Kansas City 59 42 Little Rock 64 42 los Angeles 35 28 Louisville 58 to Memphis 61 35 Miami 62 44 Milwaukee 53 25 mils St p. 62 45 new Orleans 49 33 new York 47 32 okla. City 65 44 Philada phia 58 32 Phoenix 49 42 Pittsburgh 55 43 ply land me. 51 40 pts land Ore. 58 41 Rapia City 50 42 Richmond it 38 St Louis 38 33 Salt Lake 72 59 san Diego 58 36 san Frau. M 75 Seattle. 84 64 Siw Kane 55 42 tamp 72 49 Washington Nader no �?~threats9 in Congress of Albany. Alba que Amarillo Anchorage Asheville Atlanta Birmingham Bismarck Boise Boston Buffalo Charleston Charlotte Chicago Cincinnati Cleveland Denver Des Moines Detroit Duluth fort Worth Helena Honolulu Houston ind Aioli jackal die Washington apr j the 14.000-plus pages of Docu because Ralph Nader a Congress pro mentation on individual Mem general popularity than be act saying a most people have hers represent the second por cause of leadership my never heard of 95 per cent of Tion of the Nader groups Mas a however the individual pro h l most part gave them credit at jealousy 73 54 the National legislators made Sive study of Congress. The fees 0f men in leadership posts the profile 649 $7 Public saturday detailed pro first an overview published As in the House and for the Succes Funy files of the 484 senators and a paperback Book concluded a 37 representatives seeking re elec that Congress rather than truly 54 56 53 71 50 45 49 46 57 55 56 70 65 54 57 ineffectiveness and by two unnamed colleagues Independent of special groups sonic jetliner and for a lock Albert was As Strong a Leader or heed Federal loan were pro the Republican House Lead jobs not pro business. In or rep. Gerald r. Ford of the profile of the As the House other opinions collected were avoided a a Senate that Albert Michigan. Told Nader inter a democratic Leader. Mike mans stirring viewers they rep a Ted that Field of Montana suggested congressional leadership is that he had been handicapped among committee a a purely a matter of persuasion to some extent by succeeding a 36 Tion a representing the people has i least for expert knowledge of chairmen that could work you can to threaten. Any in Leader of quite different style the Nader organization said fallen under the control of the the inner Workings of their in against passage of legislation turn ideation backfires. You done to Lyndon b Johnson who kept ,7 it enlisted More than 500 a non president and special interest Sti Tutins and for Talent in but also that a the has More of have much to threaten the Senate democrats on tight partisan volunteers to search groups. Maintaining Good relations with port unities to exercise Lead Ford said the first half of the rein before going on to the vice is records and conduct interviews this Book entitled a who the frequently Independent Reship than he Nader profile on him is bal presidency and presidency. Throughout the country. The re runs Congress the president minded members they Are As on their own the researchers danced but the second a smacks Mansfield was quoted As say a suiting information it said was big business or you a said signed to Lead. Reported that Albert a has a of an attempt at a hatchling he never campaigned for and reduced to that the party leaders of con the study of House speaker reputation for shunning Large the leadership Post i said no 56 supplemented i final form by a staff of 130 in Gress a have become More but Carl Albertd okla for sex Washington. Fers than Bosses elevated More ample quotes an assessment contributions. A reputation the Republican for being honest and financially his votes for the w v Leader said until president John of Ken-. Super turn to Page 10a, column 7 Index amusements. 12-14-d astrological forecast 5-a builders news. 10-f business financial 1-8-g classified. 11-g-15-h Date line.8-b dear Abby. 9-f editorial. 4-d Heloise. 7-f inside Washington. 11f local news. 1b news briefs. 10-a radio a to logs 14-0 sports. 1-10-e the Maverick. 1-b vital statistics. 10-a weather map. 10-a women. 1-9-f today a Gazette Telegraph consists of 8 main sections 104 pages plus 8 pages of color comics and a 28 Page Magazine Section plus a 12 Page aryans insert of your paper is not Complete please Call 632-4641. A a

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