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Colorado Springs Gazette Newspaper Archives Nov 29 1982, Page 3

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Colorado Springs Gazette (Newspaper) - November 29, 1982, Colorado Springs, Colorado Himat Jet grounding test pilots Edwards air Force base Calif. Apr test Pilot Einar Enevoldson calmly mane Vered one of the worlds hottest planes through loops and turns no enemy fighter could Hope to match. When the sleek experimental Jet with its swept wings canards and singlets was safely Back on the ground Enevoldson summed up a a it a not very pleasant and i done to like it very much but you get used to his disdain had nothing to do with the stress of flying on the far Edge of technology. While the Jet soared nearly eight Miles overhead Enevoldson never left the ground. He flew the 13-minute flight from an open plywood cockpit deep inside the National aeronautics and space administrations Dryden flight research facility on the desert floor. The Jet a Himat or highly Maneu Merable aircraft technology is a scale Model less than half the size of a manned fighter. Dryden a remotely piloted research vehicle system raises Sharp philosophical differences Between the engineers and pilots at this High desert Airstrip where the military and civilians have pioneered modern aviation from America s first jets to space age x-15 rocket planes. A the test pilots Don t really like it very much but the writings on the Wall a said Henry h. Arnaiz Himat project manager he said remotely flown planes Are cheaper quicker and safer. Milt Thompson a test Pilot of renown and Dryden a chief Engineer said a there will be other Remote control applications. This is a Quick cheap Way of looking at a new configuration or doing hazardous testing. A but i done to see it playing a really big role Here. The Pilot can contribute a lot a he a part of the whole control system. We be got to fight off these people who want to overdo it and make everything with these Remote Dryden a Remote cockpit is a raised platform of Blue painted plywood. Enevoldson wore a to shirt sweater and Slacks for one recent flight. He sat in a padded Brown chair hands on the control stick near his Knees and watched a full array of dials and gauges a roughly what he would see if Himat had a cockpit. Enevoldson a every move is relayed by the cockpits computer to Himath a computer which manipulates the planets controls. The results race Back to the cockpit and Enevoldson a gauges dance a television set mounted about where the Windshield should be displays what Himat sees though a camera near its nose. Quot it s just like he a sitting in the air plane a said James m. Cooper jr., Himat flight test Engineer. A but of course they done to have any of the cues they re used to a such As the a photo experimental Jet the 21-foot Himat Jet makes a slow turn Over the Mojave desert during a test flight recently. Roar of the engine the vibrations motions and pressures that should occur when the desert floor Rolls by on the to screen. Arnaiz despite his enthusiasm for Remote control flying said a we Are not at the Point yet where we can get rid of the Pilot. You still need the right stuff a a a that undefined Quality that is supposed to set test pilots apart from almost everyone else. But for planes such As Himat in which a a we re pushing the technology on almost every major system of aerodynamics with a single plane Remote control saves time Money and perhaps lives Arnaiz said. At $17 million for two him ats the Cost is not High by aerospace standards. A the big thing is that we did no to have to Man rate it a with redundancies life support systems and Well tested materials Arnaiz said. A instead we just put a Load on it and when it did t break we said a of lets go Fly a built by Rockwell International the 21-foot plane was designed by computers into a unique configuration that includes four wings a two where wings Are supposed to be Rind two canards Shorter up swept wings near the nose. Its outer skin is mostly weight saving Graphite. The wings Are in engineering jargon a Aero elastically tailored a they twist and Bend under pressure into predictable new shapes to maintain Maneule ability. Those pressures can be intense. Arnaiz said Himat a is designed to out accelerate and out turn anything else around it has almost twice the turning performance of our Best its greatest value is at altitudes above 25,000 feet and transonic speeds a just above and below the Speed of sound around 700 mph a where most fighter to fighter combat occurs a Arnaiz said a this is an area where air planes have almost no performance at All a he said a a it a quite something to go up to Mach 1.2 and pull 6 that Means the plane was moving of 1.2 times the Speed of sound and the forces trying to tear it apart on a hairpin turn were equal to six times the Force of Gravity. The two him ats will be head ing into storage when the last of their 26 test flights Are completed by the end of the year he said. They Are not prototypes of some future fighter Arnaiz said rather they Are purely research tools to test new concepts Thompson meanwhile says any new plane that grows from Himat will carry a Pilot la no before its delivered a there will definitely be test pilots around for some time to come a a he said. A you done to give a fighter Pilot a lot of Confidence by telling him you flew this thing from the ground Quot court to consider exception to ban on illegal evidence Washington apr the supreme court Over Strong objections by three justices today agreed to consider creating a a Good Faith exception to its 68-year Rule Banning from trials All evidence obtained in illegal police searches. The courts eventual decision could Lead to a major overhaul of one of the key constitutional defences available to criminal defendants. On other subjects the court a cleared the Way for the eventual Public playing of tape recordings covering 26 years of president Nixon a Oval office conversations. The court let stand a decision that Nixon a non watergate tapes must be made Public possibly at regional listening centers throughout the country. About 126 hours of tapes relating to the watergate scandal already Are available for Public listening and were not Quot in did Pute in the Case acted on today. A refused to hear an Appeal by John Demjan Juk an Ohio autoworkers accused of having operated a world War ii Gas chamber at a nazi death Camp to regain his . Citizenship. A Federal judge last year ordered Demjan Juk to forfeit his citizenship. The Federal government has sought to strip Demjan Juk of his citizenship since 1977, after he was accused of having served As a guard at the infamous Treblinka Camp in Poland where 900.000 jews were killed. A agreed to review a ruling that nuclear waste disposal plans must be considered on a Case by Case basis by the nuclear regulatory commission in licensing nuclear Power plants. A Federal appeals court imposed the requirement on the Agency last april Basing its conclusions on a Law passed by Congress. A series of arc rules disallow consideration in each individual licensing proceeding of uncertainties in the prospects for Safe High level waste disposal. The Agency has imposed a single Standard applicable to All licensing proceedings. In the evidence Case the court said it wants to hear a new round of Oral arguments in an Illinois Case to study a the question whether the Rule. Should to any extent be modified so As for example not to require the exclusion of evidence obtained in the reasonable belief that the search and seizure was consistent with the fourth the constitutions fourth amendment protects against unreasonable police searches and seizures. In a 1914 decision the supreme court created the a exclusionary rules to deter unlawful police conduct. Under the Rule criminal evidence obtained in a search or after an arrest later found to be unlawful cannot be used against a criminal defendant. The Rule Means that convictions based even in part on such illegally seized evidence must be overturned. But As crime rates have mushroomed in recent years the Rule has come under heavy attack. The court on numerous occasions has been asked a and has refused a to allow the use of evidence seized in searches that were unlawful Only because of an a a honest mistake by police. But just last june 23, the court refused to tamper with the exclusionary Rule in deciding a criminal Case from Alabama. A to Date we have not Trade conference reaches agreement on new guidelines Thurgood Marshall recognized such a Good Faith exception and we decline to do so Here a Justice Thurgood Marshall wrote for the court then. Today Marshall was one of the three dissenters a along with justices William j. Brennan and John Paul Stevens a As the court agreed to consider creating such a Good Faith exception. The court will use the Case of Lance and Susan Gates suspects in a Bloomingdale 111., drug investigation. Geneva Switzerland apr an 88-nation world Trade conference agreed monday on a new set of guidelines for encouraging free Trade and halting a rising tide of global protectionism. The meeting of nations subscribing to the general agreement on tariffs and Trade a Gatt a had been scheduled to end saturday. Trading concerns became sidetracked by disputes that threatened to destroy the conference but Compromise was reached through an emergency working group of countries including the United states. Chief among the issues that caused the deadlock was that of common Market agricultural Export subsidies which the United states wants halted. Other issues covered in the final document included settlement of Trade disputes implementation of measures to protect threatened industries from foreign exports and the Extension of Gatt trading rules to non merchandise world Trade such As banking and insurance. The document was prepared after Long private discussions by the conference chairman Canadian foreign minister Allan Maceachen with various Trade ministers Gatt member nations had been hoping to find a Way to reduce the escalating number of Trade barriers that nations erect to protect Domestic industries. But wide gaps thwarted agree ment Ever since the meeting opened wednesday and at times it has appeared the Gatt conference was in danger of adjourning without issuing any joint statement. The debate focused on the following disputes a the common Market insists on subsidizing its agricultural exports to reduce huge surpluses. The United states contending this makes unfair Competition for . Goods is threatening to dump farm commodities on the world Market if the subsidies Are not ended. A the Gatt nations Are sharply divided Over How to limit imports that Hurt a weak Domestic Industry. The United states applies quotas to Cotton Dairy products peanuts and sugar for example. A Japan protects its own agriculture sector while Italy has imposed strict limits on japanese car Miramont Castle tour the French priest responsible for the construction of Manitou Springs stately Miramont Castle doubtless would have been pleased to witness the Fate of his one time residence. Hundreds of visitors toured the 85-year-old Structure As part of a unique Celebration the 7th annual a victorian Christmas Celebration which historical Monument into the City a Holiday Centrepiece. Page c3 beastly Winter Winters Chilly Call brings some rather difficult problems for Bill Aragon. One could even Call them downright beastly. Aragons Job is the care and maintenance of some of Colorado Springs most unusual residents at the Cheyenne Mountain zoo and the icy breath of Winter can make his troublesome task even More of a problem. Page c2 a state drug arrests police in Craig and fort Collins in each Case using an undercover officer loaned to them by the other City culminated separate drug investigations sunday by arresting 25 persons. Page a8 inspecting the Gas chamber while Maryland a highest court in Baltimore reviews the death sentences of 13 convicted murderers a Colorado firm is being asked to inspect the states Gas chamber a a a Idle for 21 years a just in Case it has to be used. Page a8nation peace talks egyptian prime minister Gamal Abdel Nasser tried in 1955 to reach a peace settlement with Israel in order to avoid an arms buildup according to an american who says he conducted the secret negotiations. Page a5world israeli demand Lebanon is expected to reject israelis demand that talks on the withdrawal of foreign forces from Lebanon be held part of the time in Jerusalem lebanese Media said today. Page c4 under fire former rhodesian strongman Ian d. Smith is under attack for criticizing Zimbabwe a Black dominated left leaning government and one state owned newspaper suggested he go to South Africa. Page Ai sports a never changing even in this f strike shattered mini season it has become apparent that some things never change. Dan Fouts the san Diego Charger with the Golden touch is still Dan Fouts. Kellen Winslow the ultimate Man among boys is still Kellen Winslow. Charlie Joiner the old Man with All the moves is still Charlie Joiner Page Alstock Market j at a glance business the Good news depending on How you choose to look at it the coming week will bring a dose of either Good or r bad news about the National Economy. Page a lifestyle looking for a Job the list of the unemployed is Long we All know. What Many of us done to know is How to get our names off the list. The three part series looking for a Job begins today and is full of that needed knowhow Page c8health slipped disc americans suffering from slipped discs in their lower backs finally can have their problem treated by injection in the ., rather than face major surgery or the Prospect of going to Canada or some other country for the injections. Page a12

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