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Colorado Springs Gazette Newspaper Archives Nov 29 1982, Page 2

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Colorado Springs Gazette (Newspaper) - November 29, 1982, Colorado Springs, Colorado A2�? Gazette Telegraph monday nov. 29, 1982 Tell it to the it Call 473-1919 have a suggestion to make a complaint or a comment about some Issue in our Community Tell it to the it by phoning 473-1919 the opinions in this column Are not necessarily the views of the Gazette Telegraph fire strikers not coach Reeves coach Dan Reeves of the Broncos should not be blamed for Denver a loss to Seattle. He is one of the Best coaches Denver has Ever had. On a Day when nil defences were expected to dominate the games Denver a defense Wasny to up to the Job. If anyone should be fired it should be the players who went on strike. Ghosts May visit White House or. Reagan had better mind the doors this coming Christmas eve. The ghosts of Jacob Marley Christmas past Christmas present and Christmas future Are bound to be knocking on his door. Sergeant major qualified for Job to the civilian who griped about the uneducated Veteran getting the Post office Job in preference to himself with a College education. The Veteran must have had something upstairs to have worked his Way up to sergeant major. I too am a Veteran lacking a College education but i can Correct your grammar. Other a traitors of Vietnam War i m willing to speak of the traitors who caused All the problems in Vietnam lets speak of the traitors in the Pentagon who invented the Gulf of Tonkin incident and lied to Congress to get the Resolution passed let s talk about the traitors in the state department who said the Resolution would not allow the president to get us into a shooting War lets talk about the traitor who ran for president and was elected on a peace platform and then made War until the people forced him from office. Let s talk about the traitors in Chicago who tried to destroy our right of free speech and Assembly. Finally let s talk about the Little traitors All Over the country who sat Safe and sound at Home making stupid remarks and sending their sons and daughters off to die for no reason except that they were Good kids who loved their country and believe that anyone was lying to them. Reagan a remarks degrading Many of us Are worked about president Reagan getting us into War. No president has Ever been so careless and a statesmanlike in his talks and his remarks. Perhaps wed be better off if we had president Carter Back. He did much for world peace and had More dignity in office. Its degrading to All americans to hear our president go on National to and Call his opponents jackasses and angrily Tell one of his own party to shut up. His anger always shows when he a opposed in any Way. No comparison with watergate ted Koppel and Carl Bernstein on a late night newscast compared the watergate break in with the inquiry of the Beirut massacre. How there can be any comparison is beyond my wildest comprehension. Caller family not buying presents i finally sold my relatives on an idea for this Christmas. We done to buy Christmas gifts and Exchange them. For a change we not Only have saved the Price of the presents but also the High postage. Thank god. What a Relief. Little sympathy for victims family in regard to the heart rending sympathetic Story on a convicted murderer convicted murderers at least get to talk and meet with visitors at the prison. The victims visitors get to stare at a gravest. Public officials done to have to run we Are living in a very strange country when candidates who have been elected to office in Washington Are asking for a $16,000 per person salary increase stating that they can make More than that in regular civilian life. Now the thing that strikes me As Odd is these candidates hold $100-a-plate dinners to raise funds and All other things of that Type to raise More funds to advertise their candidacy and be elected to office then if they say they can make More Money outside their office than in their office Why do they run for office in the first place non graduate can read write a week ago i complained about the air Force not letting me enlist due to my lacking a High school diploma. Well i just finished Reading a reply to my complaint. I done to think that this person knows the meaning of literate. It Means not knowing How to read and i done to think they had the right to Call All High school dropouts illiterate. Also i do have a ged and i passed it the first time taking it. There s not a lot of High school graduates who can do that and i take it As an insult to be called illiterate. City should replace Light bulbs i feel that the decorations downtown Are quite Lovely but i do believe that the City should replace some of the bulbs. It gives our City kind of a cheap look and we really Are not a cheap City. Many have Little to be thankful for even though thanksgiving is a National Holiday there Are still More than to million people who have Little to be thankful for. A my deaths from Page a1 Sipe about 50, of Manchester term., was an employee of Sverdrup technology inc. Of Tullahoma. Fourteen of the civilian employees injured saturday were released after treatment at a Center infirmary two others fireman David Harmon and Security officer Luther Cross both employed by pan am world services which provides Security and food at the Center were overcome by fumes from the Blaze. Harmon was released following treatment at Harton memorial Hospital in Tullahoma Cross was in stable condition Early today. The nov. 17 Accident that destroyed the my missile engine caused no injuries. It was made Public wednesday. Officials did not know for sure whether saturdays fire consumed All of the solid fuel left from the Accident but the test Shaft was considered at a a very Low danger level when pumping began Blackburn said. A we wont actually be Able to Tell if All of the solid fuel was burned until we pump out All of the water a he said. That process was expected to take much of the Day he said. Arnold a 41,000-acre site about 60 Miles Southeast of Nashville is the largest propulsion and aerodynamics testing Center in the nation. Court rules on water squabble from Page a1 the Complex appeals involved adjudication of water rights claimed by the Federal government in the systems of the Colorado Gunnison North Platte White and Yampa River basins. In All water for some 13 National forests and National monuments was at Issue As Well As approximately 1,500 Public Springs or waterholes on federally owned Public Domain lands managed by the Bureau of land management and two Mineral hot Springs. The claims of the Federal government were originally objected to by 169 parties represented by 70 individual attorneys in 1972 pretrial conferences were held before a Mas ter referee and 19 individual hearings followed Over three years. The hearings resulted in More than 10,000 pages of transcripts and in 1976 the master referee submitted a 1,084-Page final report to the water court. It heard Oral arguments Over two Days in 1977, and handed Down its conclusions in 1978. The water court decisions were appealed by the City and county of Denver and its water Board which did not believe the Federal govern ment had unlimited reserved rights. And the Federal government also appealed several parts of the decisions. Involved in the proceedings were several dozen Law firms specializing in water Law. The decision a directed the water court to determine what the Federal governments water needs Are in order to fulfil National Forest purposes of Timber and watershed Protection a affirmed a water court conclusion the Federal government has not claimed or proved i Stream flow rights necessary to satisfy National Forest purposes. A affirmed a determination that a Federal act approved in 1960 reserved no additional Waters in National forests for outdoor recreation wildlife or fish purposes. A affirmed the lower court ruling there is no i Stream water right for recreational beating in Dinosaur National Monument but sent Back to the court a question to be determined later on whether the reservation purpose of the Monument includes preservation of fish habitats. A affirmed a decision that the Federal government has six months to say How much water it needs in its claims for Dinosaur National Forest. A reversed a water court determination that priority dates in Rocky Mountain National Park Are based at the time of Transfer from National Forest to National Park status. The court said the earlier priority Date is proper for water used for National Forest purposes. A affirmed a ruling that reserved water rights exist for Public Springs and waterholes to prevent monopolization of water needed for Domestic and Stock watering purposes. A affirmed the water courts conclusion that Federal legislation passed in 1970 did not Reserve water for purposes of producing Power from Mineral hot Springs. A computers helping out shoppers a session set to Ope hard times noted in Rise of evictions Denver apr As economic hard times persist the Denver county sheriffs department is getting More requests than it can handle for help in evicting tenants who Haven to paid their rent. A ifs a very unpleasant thing to do and it can turn into something very Nasty a said sgt. Lois minor who oversees evictions for the departments civil division. A but now we have to do it even More she added. A right now i have a two week waiting list of landlords. Everything has increased dramatically in the last six months and in a sure it s tied to the in 1980, records show the civil division issued 1,131 orders to vacate for non payment of rent. In 1981, there were 1,875 such orders and through the first to months of this year the numbers had nearly reached the 1981 total. Sheriffs Deputy Carl Pinson one of those assigned to enforce evictions said More and More tenants Are trying to stay put when threatened with eviction. A we go on four or five Calls every Day a Pinson said. A it used to be that three of the parties would be gone when we got there. Now Only one in five is gone. Washington apr authorities say an autopsy will be performed to determine the cause of death of a Man whose charred body was found at the grave of president John f. Kennedy in Arlington National cemetery. The badly burned body lying three feet from the eternal it i from Page a1 whether the gift ideas Are for a male or female. Then the computerized Santa asks for two areas of interest and lists nine possibilities on the screen. Some of the selections Are sports cooking and foods clothing and fashion electronics rare items and collectibles games and pets and books travel and music. Doug selected sports and electronics. The computer then asks if the person is practical adventurous and fun Loving or unique and individualistic. Doug classified himself As adventurous and fun Loving. The final question asks in what Price Range the gift ideas should be from $1 to $5 $5 to $10 $10 to $25 $25 to $50, or $50 and above. Doug pointing out that the gifts would be coming from others selected $50 and above. The Santa computer then says a hold on now while i Check my lists a this might take a few after a pause the computer prints a wok a Here a what i suggest a and lists several gift ideas compatible with the information entered and the stores where the items can be purchased. When Doug a list appeared it suggested a b b gun portable stereo baseball Caps gym bag a camera and a tape recorder As gifts he would enjoy. Doug agreed especially with flame was discovered shortly after 8 . Sunday according to sgt. Michael Furr a spokesman for the military District of Washington. The body was lying face Down with the feet closest to the flame Furr said. The spokesman said no identification was found on the body i the portable stereo suggestion. A a in a Gonna show this to my mom a he said the final question the computer asks is if the operator would like a print out of the list. Most of the operators wanted the list. Miss Roberson said some of the lists have 30 to 40 suggestions on them. She recommended selecting the highest priced category because the computer then will include All the gifts in the other Price Range up to the category selected. Doug also used the computer to select a gift for his grandmother. He entered his grandmother As an individualist who liked rare collectibles and clothes and said he would be willing to spend $50 or More. The computerized Santa suggested Pewter figurines pens a deluxe Curling Iron and a Blue and Gold Macaw for his grandmother. Madonna Ziebolz 14, of 215 e. Bijou used the computer to see what her father would like. She classified her father As a practical Man who liked electronics music books and travel and said she could spend $10 to $25 on his gift. Among the suggestions the computer made were stoneware mugs slippers and a key ring. A the computer has been running All Day a miss Roberson said. Various merchants in the mall reported people entering and most of the Many a clothing had been burned away. Preliminary investigation indicated the Man was Between 25 and 30 years old and died in the Early morning hours Furr said. The cemetery is located in Arlington va., across the Potomac River from the District their store and asking for specific items that showed up on the computer. When the computer was first operational miss Roberson said she entered her Boyfriend As someone she needed gift ideas for. The computer said it had no appropriate gift ideas for him and suggested she get him a gift certificate. A we done to see that As much now a miss Roberson said. She said several More items were entered by the mall stores. Currently each store in the mall has Between to and 20 suggestions listed in the article spoke against a fascist invaders new York apr a 1,500-word article on fascism in Spain written by Ernest Hemingway for an anti War Issue of the Sovi get newspaper pravda in 1938, has been published for the first time in English. The american novelist and Nobel laureate who reported on Spain a civil War for the North american newspaper Alliance spoke out in the article against the a a murder he witnessed by a fascist invaders during the War the new York times reported in today a editions. Of Columbia. Furr said it had not been determined if the Man died at the graveside if other people were involved in the death or if the Many a wounds had been caused by the Small Gas flame that Burns constantly at the graveside. From Page a1 a House votes on nuclear waste disposal and legislation to Force automakers to have a fixed percentage of their Fleet produced in the United states. A a Senate vote on televising its own sessions. A action on the administrations proposed package of tax and Trade assistance with Caribbean Basin nations. A votes to deny members of Congress a pay raise of Between $2,426 and $16,648 now set to take effect dec. 17. With the Economy still in recession and an estimated la million americans out of work the Highway jobs measure already has won the endorsement of Reagan Baker and House speaker Thomas p. Of Neill jr., a mass. A no doubt about it at All a one Republican aide predicts. A a it a going to while the formal Bill has not yet been introduced officials Are discussing an increase of four cents a gallon in the Federal gasoline tax and another Penny tax on truckers to finance it. The tax increase endorsed by Reagan would produce $5.5 billion and create an estimated 320,000 jobs in mass transit programs and to repair Bridges and highways. While there seems to be no doubt that members of both parties want to do More to assist the Economy they have widely different views of what Addi president Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas on nov. 22, 1963. Furr said the Only other similar incident at the Kennedy graveside was when a Man committed suicide by slashing himself with a knife there in 1973. F tonal Steps Are needed. Democrats Are drafting proposals for additional jobs programs but Baker said he doubts that will get anywhere now. A jobs. Has now supplanted inflation As the number one Issue a he said. A but we can to solve that in the lame Duck we can just finish the unfinished democrats also Are expected to propose an Extension of existing unemployment benefits a measure that republicans concede will be hard for them to vote against. For his own part Reagan is reported near a decision to ask the Congress for a six month acceleration in the to percent a personal income tax Cut a a it a going to be very Tough to impossible to get that through the House a one cop official Telegraph uses 123-440 your Freedom newspaper published daily and sunday by Freedom newspapers inc., 30 South Prospect st., phone 632-5511. Second class postage paid at Colorado Springs colo., 80901. Postmaster. Send address changes to the Gazette Telegraph . Box 1779, 30 s. Prospect st., Colorado Springs colo., 80901. Subscription rates delivered by Junior merchants in Colorado Springs suburbs and All other daily and sunday.$3.00 per month by mail payable in Advance in Elbert Elpaso Fremont Lincoln Park Pueblo and Teller counties daily with sunday.$3.50 per month sunday Only.$2.00 per month All other mail daily with sunday.$6.50 per month sunday Only.$3.00 per month men in service daily with sunday.$4.00 per month sunday Only.$2.50 per month rates apply to Continental United states Gazette Telegraph missing dial 633-9999 Between 6 30 and 9 30 . For morning weekday paper Between 5 30 and 7 30 . For evening paper saturday and sunday Between 7 30 . And it badly burned body found near Kennedy grave a photo before the fire a worker stands at the Bottom of the my missile test cell in Tullahoma tenn., in an undated air Force file photo

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