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Colorado Springs Gazette Newspaper Archives Nov 21 1977, Page 1

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Colorado Springs Gazette Telegraph (Newspaper) - November 21, 1977, Colorado Springs, Colorado Sadat promises no More War Cairo apr president Anwar Sadat of Egypt ended his historic journey to Jerusalem and returned to Cairo today after pledging with the Leader of Israel a no More millions of egyptians lined the route from the Airport to Cairo hailing their returning president As a a hero of peace a a in his final statement to Israel s Cabinet members in Jerusalem. Sadat said a let us raise two slogans a no War and Security. A no War let every girl every woman every Mother Here and in my country know that we shall solve All our problems through negotiations around the table rather than Start wars. A a we be had enough a four wars in 30 years a said the egyptian president who risked his political future and the Unity of the Arab world to speak in the capital of his enemies. Israeli prime minister men ahem begin echoed the senti a More stories Page 11d ment a we have decided no More War Between our nations we will establish peace and live in he then gave Sadat a gift of nine ancient candlesticks and said a from time to time have a glimpse of it and remember your friends in a i have already taken my share of risk in my decision to come the egyptian said at a joint news conference with israeli prime minister men ahem begin shortly before the conclusion of his historic 36-hour visit. A this visit is a real Success for both countries and for the cause of peace a begin declared. He said he had agreed with Sadat that there would be a no More War no More bloodshed. No More attacks and collaboration to avoid any event which May Lead to such tragic begin said that the chief achievement of Sadat a visit was the Start of a a serious direct dialogue. Not Only Between Israel and Egypt but with All the other a the key word is Contin a a t i o no said begin. A we agreed we Are going to continue our dialogue and ultimately out of it will come he read what he described As an a agreed communique issued by the israeli government a in response to the sincere and courageous move by president the communique proposed a that this hopeful step be further pursued through dialogue Between the two countries concerned. Leading to the signing of peace treaties in Geneva with All the neighbouring Arab the warmth he spoke of was demonstrated anew when he israelis unhappy Jerusalem apr Anwary Sadat a speech to parliament sunday disappointed Many israelis who said the egyptian president directed his remarks a More to his Arab allies than to Israel. A a Sadat a speech was aimed mainly at the Arab said an israeli official who called the address a much r tougher than anticipated. Both government and oppose Hon members of parliament praised Sadat for his courage in coming to Israel. But they asserted that he broke no new j ground with his peace suggestions calling for israeli withdrawal from the occupied Arab territories and the i cation of a palestinian slate. A this action in coming Here remains a historic turning Point but his speech was a Complete disappointment Quot said Moshe Shamir member of parliament from prime minister Menahem begin s liked bloc and a supporter of the righting land of Israel movement. A the went Over the same demands. The most extreme of the Arab position. I did no to see in his speech the same courage that tile Man showed in coming to the land of Israel movement opposes israeli withdrawals on the West Bank of the Jordan River and some of Sinai. A i Wasny to very optimistic before the speeches a said Yossi Sand of the opposition i a Bor party. A a in a even less optimistic but he also blamed begin for not returning some kind of gesture to Sadat whose visit has been denounced by other Arab leaders. Arab world reacts angrily Beirut Lebanon a anger Over Anwar Sadat a visit to Israel intensified among Many arabs sunday. Palestinian guerrillas vowed to assassinate the egyptian president and the syrian state radio urged egyptians to overthrow Bim. Millions of arabs listened in stunned silence to live broadcasts of Sadat a offer in the israeli parliament to make peace a Fth the jewish state. Usual activity in Beirut and other Mideast capitals came to a virtual standstill As people clustered around radios. Sadat a speech Drew mixed reaction from officials and Ordinary people in the Arab world. Leaders of Radical Arab states and palestinians denounced it. Official sources in Jordan praised the speech but other conservative Arab regimes like saudi Arabia were silent. A bomb exploded in the Amman Jordan offices of the egyptian National airline. Egypt air after Sadat s speech causing extensive damage but no casualties police said. The majority of Jordan s population is of palestinian origin. Egyptian newspapers under Banner headlines called Sadat a Welcome in Jerusalem a a thunderous and a a tumultuous but ignored protests in Egypt and other Arab countries. A the whole world watches the hero of peace a a said the headline in Cairo s a1 Akbar. Police in Cairo broke up a sit in demonstration by 400 palestinian students protesting Sadat a visit. Ten arrests were reported. A palestinian spokesman claimed Many students were injured but the government denied there were any injuries. Syrians state run Damascus radio broadcast every few minutes an Appeal by the Saida palestinian group urging palestinians in Israel to a demonstrate against the traitor Sadat and transform the zionist holi Day Over his visit into a Funer i a1.�?� a Sadat has committed the us i Hest treason in the history of the Arab nation so the blood of the traitor must be shed a the Saida statement said. A the will be followed to a he farthest Corners of the world until the death sentence is carried Saida is led by Zohair Moh sen who Speaks for syrian president Hafez Assad on palestinian affairs. Mohsen also Heads the military department of the Palestine liberation or-1 a animation the guerrilla urn Brella organization under the chairmanship of Yasir Arafat. The Saida statement appealed to the egyptian army a to revolt against treason and turn to Page a column 3 drove to president Ephraim Katzir s residence. Thousands of israelis cheered and Sang from behind barricades As the motorcade arrived. And it was demonstrated on a personal level when former prime minister Golda Meir. Who led Israel in the 1973 october War against Sadat handed him a gift for his new granddaughter at a labor party reception. A marvelous marvelous a a Sadat murmured. Summing up his visit Sadat told the gathering of Cabinet ministers at Katzir a residence a let us raise two slogans a no War and Security. No War. Let every girl every woman every Mother Here and in my country know that we shall solve All our problems through negotiations around the table rather than Start wars. A a we be had enough a said Sadat. A four wars in 30 begin echoed the sentiment a we have decided no More War Between our nations. We will establish peace and live in he then gave Sadat a gift of nine ancient candlesticks and said a from time to time have a glimpse of it and remember your friends in at the news conference. Sadat was asked whether any compromises were discussed. He said he could understand israelis Security needs a but it be through any com Promise on land because it would mean in an interview with no cd a John Chancellor broadcast on the a a today show. Begin and Sadat said there was a possibility that a Geneva conference could be convened before the end of this year. Both men stressed however that adequate preparation was needed. A Waii the efforts now should be directed toward the convening turn to Page 4a, column 4 a wire photo All you need is love souvenirs bespeak Hopes of peace Sadat departs i after ceremony Jerusalem apr presi past and present Cabinet Mem Dent Anwar Sadat of Egypt left i Ben and rentals who eared Israel for Cairo today con a or ribbons Btu a a a eluding in visit that opened new chapter in Arab israeli history. The presidents Boeing 707, egyptian one a left at 4 14 . 9 14 . Est accompanied by an Eacott of israeli fighter jets. The flight was sex peeled to take about 55 minutes. As he had Ort his arrival saturday night. Sadat moved Down a Long line of israeli officials lined up on the Tarmac of Ben armies. With Many a exchanged some words and a warm smile. He stood stiffly at attention As the egyptian and israeli anthems were played by a military band. Then to the strains of martial music the egyptian Leader inspected an Honor guard. He walked Down the red carpet to his plane accompanied by israeli president Ephraim Balzir and prime minister Menahem begin four israeli a wire photo Sadat Waves goodbye at Ben Gurion Airport egyptian Leader ends weekend visit to Israel Sadat asks Israel to face reality to Stop conflicts Gurion Airport. 30 mile West of fighter planes roared overhead Jerusalem shaking hands with As he gripped begin hand. Jerusalem a president Anwar Sadat of Egypt pleaded with Israel today a to face reality and reach some a very hard decisions so that there would be no More Middle East War. A you must shoulder your responsibilities not Only for this generation but for coming generations a he told the ruling political parties of Israel a to give every Young Man and Young girl the Opportunity to build a Happy future a Sadat spent More than two hours talking face to face with israelis 120 members of parliament a an intense often emotional event in which some legislators agreed with him. Others i criticized him sharply and mrs. Golda Meir playfully chided him for having once called her a an old the session was carried live by israeli television. Sadat smiled applauded smoked adjusted his translation earphones and chatted amiably with mrs. Meir. Crammed Between legislators turn to Page 4a, column 5 we no a inside amusement. 6-7e business financial 10-120 classified. 2-1 in comic. 4-5e editorial.90 Horoscope. 4b kid Zette. S a lifestyle. 1-3b sports. 1-sd to log.41 vital statistics.4a weather.4a today s Gazette today a Gazette Telegraph consists of 6 main sections 64 pages of your paper is not Complete oat i 632-5511, ext. 316 Between 6 30 a 9 30 . Weekdays 5 30 a 7 30 . Weekdays 7 30 . A noon saturday a sunday Canon City 275-2772. Women s conference supports monday evening november 21 1977 15c daily j5e sunday six sections 64 pages thin ice a Colorado College student sue Fox waited for the ice to freeze on a Pond in Monu ment Valley Park so she could lace on her skates. Sue is used to skating on a Quot Peanut Pond near her Cheyenne wyo., Home but Colorado Springs weather has t been too accommodating. The Pond froze Over sunday night and Early today when temperatures reached 8 degrees. Sue s skating however probably won t last Long As the forecast predicts warmer weather through tuesday. Abortions homosexual rights Houston api the National women s conference on sunday endorsed the right of women to have abortions and called for an end to discrimination against homosexuals. In a session marked by emotional demonstrations pro and anti abortion delegates filled the convention Hall aisles after the vote on the abortion Resolution. Women opposed to abortion shed tears As they held High a huge sign showing the birth of a baby. A fall we Are saying is give life a chant a they Sang. Supporters of the Resolution who formed a majority of the conference delegates carried their own placards into the aisles. A Choice Choice Choice a they chanted in reply. When the Gay rights proposal was passed supporters chanted cheered and released hundreds of multicolour balloons Reading a we Are the conference presiding offi Amarr or cer Ann Saunier of Ohio permitted two speakers from both sides of the abortion question to address the convention before the vote Ann of Donnell chairwoman of the Missouri delegation expressed the anti abortion viewpoint. A it is the Antithesis of the feminist women a movement to oppress the less powerful a she said. A the Promise of the women a movement will absolutely be destroyed if you go on record in favor of this destructive the Resolution specifically endorses the . Supreme courts decision permitting abortions federally funded medical services for pregnant women and efforts to end involuntary sterilization. It also urges sex education in schools and suggests providing turn to Page 10a, column i your Freedom Quot the wont of it is that nature s Low of distribution which is not permitted to work is blamed for the necessity of government a Fred g. Clark and Richard s. Rimanoczy newspaper a watchful newspaper i06th year

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