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Colorado Springs Gazette Newspaper Archives Nov 20 1967, Page 1

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Colorado Springs Gazette Telegraph (Newspaper) - November 20, 1967, Colorado Springs, Colorado Auxt Jour by a thur l. Gashon were divided Over the Likely of London apr Kep Ercus feds of evaluation but most of pm of St Xmas Sions to the 14 3 per cent deval them agreed the move should be nation in the British Pound advantageous to them rolled around the world today sir John Hunter chairman of and bitter discontent brewed at the Swan Hunter shipbuilding Home among labovites con firm said devaluation a should Serva Tives both and angry men go a Long Way to obliterate the in the Street. Price advantage which Japan the government s announce has lord Plowden chairmen saturday that the Pound Man of tube investments com would be devalued from $2.80 to rented a on the balance we $2.40 provoked Matching deval Jishou id gain More than we. Nations in Spain. Ireland. Den should lose but it depends what in8 keepsakes and pets under a Tanj Vert running in another 3,000 persons flee deadly chlorine Gas Newton Ala. A bus that thing because there s loads of residents darted Back 100.000 Gallons of chlorine in to their Homes for a few minutes sunday night to grab cloth Pate said Railroad workers might try to run a Spur track to and the Cost threat of the escape of 100,000 Tanker to Transfer the Gas. Mark Israel and the British col happens to wages ony of Hong Kong fifteen other of nations said they were unde eid Wilson s conservative de while other nations kept Tion reacted As expected tory 5owe, barricades briefly to their currency s ratio to the loader Edward Heath charged sen l 111 or busloads limited to opposed Gallons of deadly chlorine Gas. A a state agent said officials Dollar steady. That under labor leadership one member of a household. Prime minister Harold Wilson Britain had been reduced from he said More than too persons went on television sunday night a prosperous nation to an inter were allowed to Brave the Dan to explain that the devaluation National is meant to Spur British exports and will conservatives spread word a a they re going to have to Cradle it to move it because there Are valves underneath sticking in the dirt a said sgt. E. H. Jones of the Alabama Highway patrol. Officials also were considering using a Crane. Or. And mrs. Percy Bankston who Are among the evacuees Ger to bring out items essential for a second night away from that the limping Economy that they expected the entire Home for nearly 3.000 persons1 Saja they had been unable to to have a Chance to a break government to resign and Call who fled saturday after a 49 car Cate their tons. Joe 16, and out of the straitjacket of Boom new elections but Wilson Scab so a freight train derailed and Bobby 13, since they went to a and bust. I met had been unanimous on de-1 Eai ight fire. Two boys were re movie at Enterprise saturday most countries that devalued valuation and showed no sign of ported missing after the Evacula promising to be Home by mid Britain Are suppliers of breaking up. An emergency debate on the is scheduled in Parlia apartment of i Tion. Skeet with food and raw materials mean ing British buyers can import crisis from them at the same old ment tuesday and wednesday Ogent said six prices British salesmen stand to gain introduce a motion in countries that held fast. The but with a nominal majority of government is in effect giving nearly too votes. Wilson has no Pate an Alabama de Light. A police apparently Are too Public safety tied up with everything else to tankers of am 00 for Niy mrs. Banks the conservatives no doubt will Monia were burning near tank ton said. She and her husband a of and a censure ers loaded with propane Tanker of chlorine Gas. He said the outer Hull them a 14.3 per cent subsidy to Chance of being driven from of double Waper chlorine Tanker in fice. The devaluation was Coom no Surprise u. S. Population tops 200 million a the . Population passed the 200 million Mark this morning according to the demographic counter at the Commerce department building in Washington . Figure is computed by adding a birth every h1 seconds and an immigrant every minute while subtracting a death every 17 seconds and an Emigrant every 23 minutes a net change of an additional american every 14v-� seconds. Photo was produced by multiple printing from two negatives. A wire photo in i Sis # is # amp undercut their Competition i crease their profits or a combination of both. However Many prices on the England a discount rate which Home Market will go up result sets Tho pattern of interest rates sing in a curtailment of buying in the Sterling bloc from 64 to the government Hopes this will g per cent. Was cracked the i ires were being civilian worker at it. Rucker have been staying at the Ozark of the Community Center. She was among those who returned Home sunday and she con left a note telling the boys pan led by a boost of the Bank of tamed by civilian firefighters where they could find their Par and units from nearby it. Ruck ends. Or Pate said but added that flames continued to erupt occasionally throughout the rubble turn manufacturers to the sex this prompted the . Feder Jef the Seaboard coast line port Market so that Britain s Ai Reserve Board to increase its freight train balance of payments will move discount rate from 4 to 44 per Pate said. Quot they can to t toward the Black again. Scent in an Effort to keep . The residents who re entered Newton filled suitcases and duffle bags with clothing Medicine and other necessities. A they gave us just enough Tow i torn to fag a a column 1 . Reaches population of 200 million the average s abroad. In the million f i g u r e the includes not Only . Residents americans. It took until first census Bureau counted in 1915 to by Joseph r. Coyne changed As Washington a the change. United states celebrated today e a Milestone a a population of american servicemen 200 million people. A in the Commerce department lobby a census clock has been 4 five arse of pm put Ltd n 8ai�s of a Princeton . Apr performance in office. Gallup timing is based on recent Richard m Nixon is favored byways More people now list them the first too million but the 1790. Bureau said the 300 million 3.929,214 Mark could be reached by the turn of the cent Ryin Only reach 33 years. Gallup declares Nixon favored by rank and file some top British industrialists turn to Page 6a,column 2 first human heart transplant planned i by Robert Goldenstein oratory which makes us conf Chicago a surgeons Dent we can take appropriate Stanford medical care a the at californians Center Are ready to make the worlds first human heart Tran persons were asked to select Plant whenever the Ideal donor cons Dere a he their top Choice from a list of and Ideal recipient appear Mere medical Center patient with a cardiac transplant a he said. The journal article said these types of recipients Are being Palo Alto than actual rank and file republicans selves As independents than As seven possible gop candidates. American medical Assoria arrivals and across the country As the cop republicans for the first time. Is averages rather births deaths departures and the timing is presidential nominee in 1968, a. A cording to the latest poll. The poll also showed that the independents and the j former vice president is also a democrats according favorite nationally with inde poll. Weather forecasts pikes Peak Region partly Cloudy _ Tuou a tuesday who currently express d i s a p an Early november Survey and York and sen. Mark Hatfield of of experience r or Proval of president Johnson a two earlier surveys in which at the same time the journal of the weather Lima Lay the . Weather Iti Itou at Lerion Field Low tonight 25-30. _ precipitation probability Lea than 5 the results show Nixon a Tjon Saul today. A. Rockefeller of voted by 42 per cent of the cop a we think the Way is Clear for Rockefell trial of human heart transplant or. Norman e. Shum a a dissident of Michigan 14 gov. Ronald Way head of Stanford s division the Reagan of California. 13 sen. Of cardiovascular surgery gov. Nelson Gallup new York is Only a few percent rank and file polled age Points behind Nixon among Ler by 15 gov. George Romney tation a a patient whose heart cannot be restored to Normal pulse when taken off a heart lung machine during open heart sur to Charles Percy of Illinois 5 and quoted As saying. K a Rny t i. Of t i. T list a Ontic Pendents and with democrats Gallup based the findings on mayor John v. Lindsay of new a we have achieved a degree a children born with heart de was facts for which there is no corrective surgery or Ideal donor would be a cent through tuesday. Five Day forecast for pikes Peak Region tuesday through saturday a some Light Snow about saturday otherwise Little or no precipitation through the period. Warming trend midweek cooler last of week. Highs averaging near 50 lows 20 to 25. Temperatures at Gazette Telegraph yesterday hourly today s hourly temperatures til 62 60 59 54 52 51 in 46 . 2 . 3 . 4 . 5 . 6 . 7 . Ii . 9 . 10 . 11 . Midnight maximum noon today Munmum for noon today Lor 32 30 24 temperatures 1 . 2 . 3 . 4 . 5 a in. 6 a in. 7 . 8 . 9 . 10 . 11 a in. Noon hours ended by George Esper i since thursday with Saigon apr entrenched missing. North vietnamese troops struck the belief grew among Amer a hard blow at a battalion of u. Ican commanders that the com with animal relatively Young person dying of i turn to Page 6a.column 1 heart transplantation in the lab causes unconnected with heart Shumway said the Ideal donor and Ideal recipient have not been patients in the Center at the identical time although patients of both types have been treated there recently. Experiments have shown that if the heart is removed from the donor within a half hour after death the Organ suffers no damage from Lack of oxygen. The time Span can be length red somewhat if the heart is la fliers dug in on a Hill 14 Miles South Nies fought four Miles South of Uyi Niersel in cold Salt water. Dak to and the South Viet reds strike at Oak to bombers blast North s. Paratroopers Jagt 18-Day-old Dak sunday in the munits at Dak to Are trying to West of Dak to killed 40 Para . Weather Bureau data fete so Field minimum for 24 hour and a Al noon today minimum for 24 hour and a Ai noon today maximum a Gar ago we of Trown it american planes hit the Hanoi this year just below the Demili Field today but there area for the fifth tamed zone draw Large Amer troopers of the u. S. 173rd air namese reported a Victory sat borne brigade and wounded 42 urday on Hill 1416. Five Miles to Battle As do what they achieved wind director Al noon Northwest relative hut ment Al noon 20 or in Haiphong sea level pressure at noon 29 96 and steady. Precipitation for 24 hour ended at noon. Precipitation for current month Normal precipitation this limits heart transplantation attempts at present to emergency situations in which in an All Day Battle sunday. The Northeast of the Dak to Airstrip. Donor and recipient Are the 4th division reported immediately available. U. S. Infantrymen and straight Day. Ican forces away from earlier j paratroopers swept the Battle was no three immediate report of How Many seven thickly enemy bodies they found. Stanford surgeons have per North vietnamese sol formed some 200 heart trans Diers killed and 12 americans plants in dogs with a 60 to 70 per month precipitation so far this year Sunset tonight 4-9 Sunrise tomorrow at 6 48 a in. The air raids included blows populated areas and pin them Field reports told of three wounded. The South vietnamese cent survival rate. One dog Tiol current Quot a against the fifth and sixth tar Down in the sparsely settled clashes within 800 Yards of each said their paratroopers and u. Turn to Page 6a,column 5 la w gets to come off the Pentagon a mountains. Other. Restricted list in four Days a some 6,000 americans and the Colorado temperatures huh Lim highs. Planes killed 250 North Viet North vietnamese broke namese regulars on Hill 1416. J Concrete Plant and a Barge Yard,4,000 South vietnamese now Are Contact after seven hours under this brought the claimed total Alamosa Crook Al Collins fun r Laming 15 la Junta 29 Mir 22 Pueblo 20 Sedgwick 27 Trinidad 28 Albany Albuquerque Atlanta Bismarck Boise Boston Buffalo Chicago Cincinnati Cleveland Denver do Moines Fairbank fort Worth Helena Honolulu Indianapolis Jacksonville Juneau Kanana City los Angeles a Ovule weather elsewhere High Low High urn 64 35 near Hanoi. Ground fire brought at Dak to 270 Miles North 71 26 66 29 67 22 62 22 a u announced plane losses to nine North vietnamese soldiers # sic it it of Down at least two air Force Saigon opposing an estimated f105 Thunder chiefs bringing 6,000 to 8,000 North vietnamese. A heavy bombardment by u. S. Of communist dead to More fighter bombers and artillery than 1,100 in the Dak to Cam elsewhere in the area two u. Pain. American casualties of turn to Page 6a,column 1 $ s. 4th infantry division compact a e 27 Memphis 60 37 Miami 79 37 Milwaukee 38 20 mils St Taul 32 33 new Orleans 65 32 new York 44 27 okla. City 66 34 Omaha so 34 Philadelphia 47 32 Phoenix 81 27 Pittsburgh 39 34 per land. Me 43 23 Portland. Oro 58 is rapid City 35 57 Richmond is St. Louis 72 Salt Lake 32 san Diego 37 san fran. 8 Seattle. 46 Tampa 62 Washington 32 win Nigg troop withdrawals May Start in a two years Washington apr citing a we have evidence through out of u. S. Troops a May be to the House armed services com a Quot very serious manpower prob our intelligence that the enemy Ken at first and remains Condi Mittee. 51 53 66 68 82 62 5s terns namese g Wulliam among the North Viet and Viet Cong Gen. C. Westmoreland says Token withdrawal of . G a troops from South Vietnam May a 37 be within two years. Has very serious manpower tonal on improvement in problems in the South a said the South vietnamese forces commander of u. S. Forces in Westmoreland a Vietnam. But he warned that any phase the Westmoreland appeared along with Ellsworth Bunker . Statements ambassador to South Vietnam sunday confirmed reports of the on the Abc television radio pro assessment he gave last week to Gram a meet the Index amusement. 8-9-a astrological forecast 3-a business financial 6-7-c classified. 3-7-d comics. 2-b Date line. 4-a dear Abby. 9-a editorial. 2-d Heloise. 4-b local news. 1-b news briefs. 6-a radio a to logs 8-a society. 3-4 b sports. 1-5-c vital statistic. 6-a weather map. 6-a campsite Road in Cambodia a a Jungle Roadway. Constructed of logs winds through the Jungle in Cambodia very close to the Border of South Vietnam just Yards away from a Well hidden campsite. A Cor. Respondents George Mcarthur and Horst Faas who found the campsite say it is very much like those built by the Viet Cong in South Vietnam. A wire photo no. 30,964�?96th year both a and up dial 632-4641 Colorado Springs monday november 20, 1967 die daily 20r sunday four Section a 34 pages Colorado Springs Gau _ today a 1 30 stocks your Quot there a no Public conscience there Are Only individuals several consciences. Dry those up or bind the life out of them and All the mental and moral life of the Public is stopped at its a William Ernest results of devaluation rumble through world

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