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Colorado Springs Gazette Newspaper Archives May 21 1972, Page 1

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Colorado Springs Gazette Telegraph (Newspaper) - May 21, 1972, Colorado Springs, Colorado On work a god gives every Bird its food but he does not throw it into the nest a a. G. Holland Complete weekly stocks no. 32,334�?101st year both a and up dial 6.12.4641 co lob ado Springs sunday m a 21, 1972 10c daily 2.�?o>c Sunray twelve sections 161 pages riot Mars Welcome for Nixon South Viets foil red assault Saigon apr South Viet North vietnamese tanks and in of its invading armies in South it added and two lock workers a key target in the current of forces trying to Clear Fantry saturday. were wounded. Pensive but no All out Effort to the Road to the beleaguered an american army officer the bombers also Are carry the North vietnamese As capture the City has come yet. Provincial capital of an Loc called it in All probability the my out sustained raids against Sault on Highway 13 leading to senior americans say it could fought off a Day Long attack by enemy so a last stance for an the rail lines linking Hanoi and an Loc a was a completely come at any time. J Loc a a rubber Plantation town China. The railroads must be abortive attack a said col. . B52 bombers kept up Missouri Man Dies the w Eal Lier 8�oort furnished by . We Othar Bureau station at rotation Laid in crash hasten virtually destroyed a a ced a a 44-Day siege. A government m it it operation the com the is in 33 an j pain concentrating on sos 19-year old Missouri youth pikes Peak Region a some ofter Day siege. A government Relief column had pushed to Wand said because North Viet the next two hours within sight of the town before Nam mobilizes workers to make peeled enemy positions in the 19-year was killed saturday youth afternoon associated press correspond an Loc and Korntum areas in after the automobile in which my my wow Ciot Ntow win of Conca the counterattacked struck at Quick repairs. A Navy a7 at ent Lynn c. Newland reported Huang Tri province which fell u j / of Thunder morn. Otic swim generally j a. Laa hive Ivy was Riding went out of conf in it through Munday occasional Gusty Dawn mod in he alter noon High inlay and Munday near 0 with the Lino tonight no Ltd cent today i tack plane was reported shot that fighting continued through q the North vietnamese three in the Central Highlands Dowtin Over the North and its i out the Day however and the Rol or u. S. Highway 24 some i near to Nith the pm Iconium ill my Iii Iii Aumi Avci my Iii Iii Gnu i min my Raj ainu hic a a to Bandtl to crnght.20 where the North vietnamese of lot listed As mussing. This enemy kept up its shelling of weeks ag0�?~ and Inua Nen 2.3 Miles East of Calhan. Tempi h tire s at Gazett i. T Elegra h saturday in. Saturday by. 12 Midnight 54 12 noon 74 i i m. 5.1 i p in. 7 2 . 52 2 i it in 80 j a in 50 p in. 82 a am 47 4 pm. In 3 . 51 5 pm. 83 6 a in 50 6 pm. 79 7 am 53 7 p m. It 8 . 57 8 pm. 77 9 a in 62 9 a. 70 to a in 64 to p in 67 la a in 71 la 62 pensive centers around the pro raises to Vinci Al capital of Korntum ene american 22 the number of an Loc and the Relief Force try province just South planes lost Over ing to Clear the Highway. Of Quang Tri where the enemy is be 74 my troops probed government North Vietnam since the re the town reduced to rubble lived massing for an attack on the Accident according to the state patrol occurred about i lines less than two sumption of Large scale bomb by Allied bombing and the the old Imperial capital of Hue. P m Miles from the City but no Maing april 16. Twenty six Crew a e a v i e s t sustained enemy new fighting was reported dead As a result of injuries a a Jor attacks were reported. Men have been listed As miss bombardment of the War has saturday in Phu my District of received in the Accident is been ordered held at All costs Binh Dinh province on the Cen Anny Boyd Walls ind Epen in the air War Over North ing in this period. 7o Vietnam the . Command North Vietnam said . By president Nguyen Van trial coast. Phu my is just South w0 Succur Jobed to no announced that american War platies bombed the Periphery of Thieu. A battered Garrison a three districts which full ear l1_. Planes had intensified their Hanoi again saturday a curium Lur 24 hums ended at la p in yesterday la Mir Unwor 24 hours ended at ii pm daily pounding of enemy Supply claimed two were shot Down by by air. Areas and transportation North vietnamese gunners. The routes. Possible broken neck a yesterday. 49. Of. Weather Bureau oat a be Firmin Field maximum Lur 24 Luuis ended at la p in yesterday 82 Vietnam news Agency added ent David j and Force remains dug in supplied a in the offensive putting a some 200.000 persons and a a crushed Chest and internal in. Associated press correspond Jor Rice crop under enemy Eon juries. Paine reported try a the Northern third of Phu tile body was taken to the the command reporting on in mime Mot 24 hour ended at ii attacks of thursday said air heard a broadcast from Hanoi from the Central Highlands that my was reported held by the Gwen funeral Home by Calhan a in Tokyo that a Many i informed sources were saying my saturday although the. I wind velocity at la p.m., to Mph wind direr in at la p Iti. E. Relative humidity at la p m. 47 7 sea level pressure at la p in. 29 99 and a Leady precipitation for 24 Houri ended at la yesterday 0 precipitation for current month. To Normal precipitation for current month. Lis. Precipitation so far this year 2 39. Sunset tonight 8 09 Sunrise tomorrow 5 41 . Force bombers destroyed a fuel v i i i a n s a tank farm containing More wounded than five million Gallons of pet were killed or More than 600 enemy have government still controlled the ambulance been killed in fighting around distal Headquarters. Dis Korntum since last sunday in Parks another Vna oleum 34 Miles East of Hanoi Patch distributed by the North when attacks began against the spokesmen said about 75 per vietnamese delegation to the City s defense lines cent of the depot was wiped peace talks said . Planes government casualties were out with bombs leaving a one severely damaged part of a put at about 80 killed and 230 Index try weather elsewhere by Tho wooo fiord Pruni huge but some sources High Low High Low Albany 61 54 Liu in Rock 91 66 a ibo n unti 55 los Angeles 67 i Amarillo a 56 Louis Hie 81 59 Ani hoi use 43 40 Marquette 76 53 Asheville 70 54 Memphis 85 60 Atlanta 73 54 Miami 83 n Birmingham 79 52 Milwaukee 84 52 Bismarck 76 58 mils sep 84 41 bite. 75 54 new Orleans i 63 Boston a1 47 new York 60 54 butial to 53 of a City 8. 60 Charleston i m Omaha 84 62 Chart Otto 71 58 philae phia 65 57 Chicago 9 56 Phoenix 81 58 Cincinnati 78 56 Pittsburgh 69 58 Cleveland 66 52 in land Ore. 73 57 Denver 84 46 pts land me. 48 43 ires Moines 85 57 rapid City 75 53 Detroit s 56 Richmond 65 57 Duluth 12 62 St. Louis it 56 fort Worth 86 61 Salt Lake 74 49 Green Bay 90 56 san Diego 66 55 Helena 59 47 san fran. 62 52 Honolulu 85 71 Seattle 79 55 Houston 89 68 Spokane 74 53 ind Upolu 84 57 Tampa 50 71 j a mile 79 60 Washington 65 58 Kansas City 88 5 lock Friday in an attack on an wounded a communique said the strike installation and Dike in thai said they probably were higher Urther depletes North Viet Binh province. Explosive and than was being reported. A names supplies used in support antipersonnel bombs were used Allied officers say Korntum is Carson colonel splattered with blood an Antiwar activist saturday stance at with a Container of base officers took Tody John of Connor 22. A former air Force enlisted Man in base was the Rev. Bill 65 57 of troops at it. Carson Home solved in Antiwar activities in Man a Catholic priest but declined custody t e 11 i n g them they would face charges if they re into turned to the army base. One of those escorted off the Sulz from of the fourth infantry Divi Denver. Of Connor was charged Denver Sion. With assault and Battery re it. Carson held a Large re authorities took 12 persons leased on personal recognizance View of troops and equipment into custody including the in and ordered to appear before saturday in conjunction with Gazette Telegraph misting9 dial 632-4641 before 8 p in. Weekday 2 pm. Week end the blood. The officer involved. William j. Livsey said a a Well Springs. No Date has been set col. For that appearance however. Authorities at it. Carson said thrown by of Connor was dressed gentleman walked up a a bar letters were issued toll Man blood taken from six Dif and threw a red blood sub of the 12 persons taken into Ferent persons. Members of the Antiwar group said the substance he i amusements. 12 13 e astrological forecast 11-b i builders news 14-15-e business financial. I 8 c classified. 8-g-11-h Date line. Dear Abby. .4-f editorial. ,. 10-a Heloise. 6-r local news. 1-b news briefs. 8-a radio a to logs. 13-e society. 1-12-f sports. 1-10 e the Maverick 1-b vital statistics. 8 a weather map. 8 a today a Gazette Telegraph consists of 8 main sections. 116 pages plus 8 pages of color comics and a 28 Page Magazine Section plus a 4 Page Bankers commercial life insert and an 8 Page wards insert of your paper is not Complete please Call 632-4641. According to the state patrol the Driver of the car was David Wayne Johnson 18, also of Independence who had apparently fallen asleep at the wheel he was taken to memorial Hospital where he was treated for multiple bruises. The vehicle ran off the left Side of the Road crashed through a right of Way Fence and continued out of control until crashing broadside through a pasture Fence both occupants of the vehicle were thrown from the automobile. The Accident was investigated by patrolman Kenneth w shills and sgt Jake Abendschan. The death brought the Colo Rado death count to 235 for the year As compared to 180 High i Way deaths at the same time a year ago. The county toll was raised to 20, As compared to 12 last year. Not quite a Don Mcdonald of 702 s. Circle drive enjoyed a weekend Outing in the Vicinity of North Cheyenne Canon. Any attempt to get away from it All however did no to succeed As witness the transistor radio on his Back pack. Gazette Telegraph photo by Stan Payne soviets pledge again to Rebuff imperialists Moscow up the soviet communist party issuing a policy statement two Days before president Nixon a arrival in Moscow pledged saturday to Rebuff imperialism but to seek development of peaceful coexistence among nations. The statement was based on a Resolution passed Friday by the party a ruling 400-Man Central committee. Tile policy statement made no mention of Nixon or his visit but qualified diplomats said his Summit Here next week with Kremlin leaders was undoubtedly the reason for it and the Central committee meeting the Resolution said the soviet Union would continue to pursue efforts to develop a the principles of peaceful coexistence among nations but also pledged Russia to a a repulsing the aggressive policy of neither the policy statement nor other articles published in newspapers saturday was critical of the United states. Brief and Neutral reports on the War in Indochina were carried on inside pages of newspapers and there were none of the usually virulent anti american editorials and cartoons. The soviet news Agency Tass announced the launch Friday of a Molnia 2 communications satellite which apparently will be used to help handle the heavy flow of news during Nixon a visit. Centennial trek a a four horse teem pulling a real. Honest to sorted by local merchants As a Centennial promotion. Two motorcycle goodness covered Wagon left Colorado Springs saturday morning in policemen escort the Wagon along Colorado Avenue As the Wagon route to cripple Creek on the Gold Camp Road the drive is spore Heads into the Hills. Gazette Telegraph photo by John e. Hall Salzburg. Austria up president Nixon arrived saturday night on the first leg of his Summit Mission to Moscow barely an hour after Truncheon swinging police had cleared the Salzburg Airport runway of 200 demonstrators protesting the Vietnam War. As Nixon stepped from his a spirit of �?T76�?� jetliner after an eight hour 11-minute flight from Washington to a brass bands Jaunty Alpine music a Small band of protesters who had managed to infiltrate the welcoming crowd of 5.000 austrians started shouting a a Nixon murderer in German. They were dragged away immediately by plainclothes agents. Socialist Chancellor Bruno Kreisky greeted president and mrs. Nixon and escorted them by car to turreted Lessheim Castle where they will spend two nights before flying to the soviet capital for an eight Day visit. Before leaving rain swept Washington the president told a subdued group of official Well wishers at Andrews fab. Md., that a a we re not going there to make headlines today Quot but to build a a better Chance for peace tomorrow and All the years ahead a the president is to arrive at Vnuk ovo Airport in Moscow at 4 p m. 7 . Met monday for the Start of what he called a very important substantive talks with soviet leaders. The Moscow Summit could Lead to important breakthroughs after 24 years of hard bargaining in Helsinki and Vienna toward a soviet Ameri can agreement on the first cautious restraints on nuclear weapons by both countries. After asserting the Hope that America and Russia a can live in peace in the world a the president took off at 9.27 a in fat in the rain without even the usual military band playing for his departure on the 13-Day tour. By the time Nixon landed in late evening after a 4.350-mile flight about too steel helmeted policemen had forcibly cleared a runway at the Southern Edge of the Airport of the remnants of 1,000 anti american students who had set out earlier against police orders to March on the Airport among the 3.000 German and austrian students who had marched through this ancient City earlier saturday was Peter Kreisky. 28-year-old son of the Chancellor the Nixon so Host for their 36 hour Stopover in Salzburg. A Force of 1.200 policemen recruited from throughout the country stood guard to shield the Nixon from the protesters. The motorcade into Salzburg from the Airport took a different route from Innsbruck or Bunde Strasse a major thoroughfare where police halted the marchers about 500 Yards from the Airport. At least a dozen students were seen going Down screaming and bleeding As about too policemen charged the Airport runway their nightsticks flailing in the Glare of searchlights

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