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Colorado Springs Gazette Newspaper Archives May 16 1990, Page 2

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Colorado Springs Gazette (Newspaper) - May 16, 1990, Colorado Springs, Colorado A2 Gazette Telegraph wednesday May 16, to digest nation work looses health risk flour Mill employees who worked with Grain pesticides for Many years face a risk of cancer that can be nine times greater than the risk faced by other Grain Industry workers said a study released tuesday in Washington. These workers were found to be at sharply increased risks of developing leukaemia and pancreatic charged in Al Aylings a Montana state University freshman was arrested and charged with two counts of homicide after allegedly shooting and killing two students in his dormitory at the Bozeman mont., Campus Early tuesday. The motive for the attack was unknown and investigators were not even sure the accused killer knew his victims./a5 associated press fighter of future Tho Pentagon unveiled those drawings on tuesday of two prototypes of the advanced tactical fighter a futuristic aircraft with a $63.5 billion Price fag designed to replace the f-15 fighter Jet. Washington/a8 associated press heading downstream a car is up to its windows in floodwater of the Trinity River near Dayton Texas on tuesday As water creeps up the stilts of the House in the background. Residents of Low lying areas along the Trinity braced for the worst As engineers released record amounts of water at the dam at Lake Livingston. Nation/a6 murder trial opens . Drug agent Enrique Camarena was tortured and killed because his work had Cost a mexican drug Cartel More than $5 billion a los Angeles prosecutor said tuesday in opening arguments in the trial of four men. The 31-year-old Camarena was kidnapped off a Street in Guadalajara Mexico in february 1985./a6worldchina bows out of contract China cancelled a $650 million contract with a major . Defense contractor to update its f-8 Jet fighters because of concern Over Cost overruns and a . Export ban . Officials said tuesday in Washington./a7 survivors report massacre liberian troops massacred at least 32 people before fleeing advancing rebel troops said survivors who showed reporters a pile of 16 bodies. The survivors who were interviewed monday in a Hospital on the liberian agriculture corp. Rubber Plantation said the massacre took place april 9./a7 City Region Colorado Springs forecast today. Partly sunny Windy at time a thunderstorm. High 60. Tonight Clear to partly Cloudy Chilly. Low 38. Tomorrow mostly sunny becoming warmer. High 67, Low 40. Friday mixed Clouds and Sunshine. High 73, Low 42. Saturday some Sun Chance of thundershowers. High 69, Low 44. Sunday some Sun Chance of a thundershowers. High 67, Low 44. Statistics air Quality 3pm tue. May 15 Ozone 03 47 Carbon monoxide 12 7-Day trends highs Normal b 24-hour time temp. Monday wind humid. 6 . 67 s 15 31 7 Pun. 63 s to 39 8 . 59 Ese 9 49 9 . 54 s 5 63 10 . 54 Ese 4 66 la Kin. 53 s 5 71 tuesday a ten 53 new 13 74 1 to. 53 e 6 79 2 Tun. Sine 4 86 3 in. 49 ene 5 so 4 in. 46 nne 5 89 Sam. 44 new 5 89 6 am. 43 n 5 82 7 am. 48 be 9 85 Sam. 55 e 9 61 9 Tun. 59 Seio 47 loss. 63 e 8 35 hum. 67 e 5 25 noon 68 be 8 20 i . 66 n to 20 2 pin. 69 be 4 is 3 . 66 nne 15 26 4 . 62 nne 14 27 5 . 65 nne la 23 today s records High. Ar<ls64 Low. Road conditions Cai slate panel 6367623 31� 1967 precipitation 24 Houri to 5 too tote for month to data .0.61�?~ Noma for month to data. 1.10 total this year to Date .554 Normal Tor year to data. 351 Low High a of 5 . Hah yesterday. 09� Low yesterday .42� Sun rom today. 5 46 sets today. 8.05 rises tomorrow. 5 45 Colorado forecast Central Mountain today Wai a Windy at Tim with partly Tunny my and a thunderstorm or two. High raiding Horn 42 to of. Tonight will become mainly Clear. Lowe front Hanse today my bring Sunshine and a Taw cd oud. It we be Windy at time and thunderstorms win of our in a Taw emote. Highs m North to 74 South. Clear to Perth tonight Low 3045. Western slope today Wilt a Tunny to partly Cloudy and a info Fwy Morfo. Hight 06-74. Tonight Wui bring e mainly Citer tap with Low of 3642. Eastern Plains today win be partly Tunny with e Gutty wind or urn. A my or thunderstorm May occur in a my spot High 62-74. Dear to partly Cloudy tonight. Low Sims Freedom of religion romanian Baptist pastor Dom Hnatiuk will no longer hide like a criminal for living his Faith. A i Haven to words to explain to you what i Felt when dictator Nicolae Ceausescu fell a said Hnatiuk pronounced Han Chuk at a tuesday meeting of religious leaders at the International Bible society in Colorado water projects mulled the Denver water Board is contemplating $2.4 billion of water projects in Western Colorado to bring water from the Colorado River to Dillon Reservoir through a series of lakes tunnels and diversions. The projects would bring Denver another 169,000 acre feet of water annually ./b3man cleared in shooting Adams county prosecutors have cleared a liquor store owner of criminal wrongdoing in connection with the wounding of a robbery suspect last month Leonard Pomponio 65, co owner of pomp a liquor store in Westminster did not violate Laws addressing use of physical Force in the defense of property and preventing the escape of fleeing felons District attorney Jim Smith said./b5 business state Brothers defend father Brothers faced off against Sisters in court tuesday As two of Edward Rodgers sons rallied to his defense calling accusations of sexual emotional and physical abuse against their father by his two oldest daughters a a exaggerated inflated and extremely the daughters Are suing Rodgers a former child abuse investigator for the Elpaso county District attorneys office for Dow shrugs off warnings despite inflation alarms recession warnings and a barrage of other dire predictions the Dow Jones average of 30 Industrial stocks a synonymous to Many with the Overall Market a has surged ahead this week to record highs./b12love canal Sites in demand love canal once a Symbol of the nations toxic waste problems became hot real estate tuesday after the Federal government cleared the Way for resettlement of part of the former chemical dump./b12sportsrape allegation investigated Federal prosecutors Are investigating an allegation by a 17-year-old girl that four members of the Washington capitals hockey team raped and sodomized her this past weekend./c3 Chang loses Tennis match nearly one year after he made head lines by winning the French open at the age of 17, Tennis player Michael Chang hit Rock Bottom with a first round loss in the italian open at rome./c5 Derby runner up working out summer Squall the runner up in the Kentucky Derby worked five furlongs in 59 4-5 seconds in preparation for saturdays Preakness stakes at the Pamlico Racetrack in baltimore./c7 Hall of Tamer former new York knocks basketball player Earl Monroe overlooked three times by voters was inducted into the Hall of Fame on tuesday. Sports/c2lifestyle a festival you can smell More than 150,000 garlic lovers from around the world Are expected to consume More than a ton of fresh garlic at this years garlic festival in Gilroy calif., at the end of july. The festival includes the great garlic recipe contest and Cook-off./d3 amphibian phobia the debut of giant jumping frogs in a Small California towns annual Frog jumping Jubilee has prompted invasion jitters among residents. About 75,000 spectators Are expected after a flood of publicity on the african lbs Nightmare ends for the first time in two years lbs vaulted into the no. I spot in the weekly Nielsen ratings thanks in part to a movie about the battered wife of a Washington d.c., official./d12 weather nation world today s acc weather Fenu Seniv Nav May it. Today thur. Fol Akron 73/48 pc 82/38 70/43 72/44pc Alamo 64/33pc 67/31 68/37 68/38 Afton 64/37pc 59/3 Ink 63/40pc 65/39 pc do m/43pc 60/39c 70/44 68/45pc Dumm go 63/38 89/36 71/40pc 72/43 ugh ei/40h s2/33pc �/41pc 68/41pc fort Caton 84/44�h 58/3 7ft <5/42 89/42pc Grana Junction 75/52 71/42c 78/50 77/sopc gun it in 62/31 57/27 61/33 64/33pc it Junto �?�2/50 73/4spc 75/45 ?7/48pc lentil 52/22pc 43/18c 4ariot 48/21 Limon �?�9/43 3/4 us 70/48 70/4 7pc Pueblo 79/44 72/45c 74/44 77/47 no 59/4 or. 8#39 72/47 72/47pe Fie Alit if mini 7.44e 74/45pc 75/44 7�/47pc 3 Snow showers Ith to storms rain Miami 88/76 fronts cold warm shown Are noon positions of weather systems and precipitation. Temperature lines Are highs for the Day. Forecast individual ngh Low temperatures Are Given for selected cities. A 1990 acc weather inc stationary cry Yost. Today thur. I Albany. By 75/47pe 70/58th 72/57t 87/44pc Leo end sunny pc partly Cloudy a Cloudy so showers a by no 81/59pc 77/47 82/51 81/52 to Thunder storms a rain of Snow Flurrie in Enow i tee annatto to 91/83 80/48 74/51 78/54pc Anchorage a 56/45c 54/38pc 54/32c 52/30h Atherine no 81/53 84/eipc 82/56t 79/53pc qty Vest. Today thur. Re Atlanta a 88/85 91/68pc 89/58pc 80/611 Indianapolis in 70/57h 82/63t 75/51pc 71/54 ail City. No 68/50 75/65h 62/841 71/5 pc Jackson is 90/70pc 90/68pc 84/67pc 88/661 Austin to 93/74pc 90/70 87/70pc 86/69 Jacksonville Al 89/64pc 89/87pc 90/67pc 90/66pc Salmon to 74/51 �?�2/68 88/56 77/5 pc Kansas City 66/611 76/50pc 70/54pc 73/58pc Bangor. My 68/43pc 69/48pc 64/48r 64/42c in vegas. By 85/60 87/58 92/60 92/82 Billings it 57/36sh 56/39c 69/43 63/44h Little Rock. A 89/73pc 87/65t 81/67pc 80/66pc Birmingham Al 88/63pc 91/68pc 83/66pc 85/641 los Angelo 67/58pc 75/57pe 75/57pc 75/57 Bismarck no a 57/47r 57/36h 65/41 71/43pc Louh tie. By 72/80t 88/68 79/57c 75/57 Boti. To 84/28pc 66/43pc 71/43pc 66/42pc Marquette i 54/40h 82/46h 59/36h 60/37pc Bolton a 77/53 pc 88/52�h 67/54 68/50 Memphis. In 88/7 pc 87/89t 80/66pc 82/66pc by own it in to 91/78pc 92/77pc 91/74pc 87/74pc Miami a 87/7�pc 88/76pc 87/74pc 88/74pe Buffalo by 74/53pc 73/60sh 73/48t �0/43pc Milwit Kukoc i 54/44h 73/53t 66/45pc 67/47 Buffington it 70/45h 70/55c 66/52h 66/44c Minneapolis 57/50c 60/47h 83/47h 73/49pc Capa. By 82/43 52/30sh 67/37 86/38pc Mobile. Al 85/66pc �?�7/70pe 65/68 pc 87/67t Cedar City it 57/40pc 68/3 pc 75/44pc 73/44 Nat Etta. To 88/62pc �?�9/88 8l/63pc 80/81 Charleston so 85/65pc 88/69pc 89/7lpc 88/67t new Orleans 86/72pc 87/7lpc 87/70pc 85/691 Charleston by 82/58pc 89/68pc 85/57t 72/47pc new York by 73/53pc 74/62h 80/581 76/53pc Charlotte no 87/63pc 87/66pc 87/63pc 86/591 in ill a roof Rule a 74/53 87/70pc 90/66pc 79/59pc a a we rpm whew t 60/43pc 53/32h 82/38 63/39pc North Platte be 70/501 84/37h 68/49 73/54pc Chicago ii 81/49c 78/56t 70/50pc 68/48 of Tahoma City �?�7/7 in 83/56pc 77/eipc 80/63pc . Of 70/59t 88/641 77/52c 72/54# Omaha be 78/50h 70/44h 67/51 75/58pc Cleveland of 72/57sh 80/62pc 75/521 68/s0pc Orlando a 92/7lpc 94/7lpc 92/69pc 92/71pc Colum he. Of 72/57h 88/67 80/slh 70/51 Philadelphia 78/49pc 81/6 7t 84/621 77/52pc Concord no 76/38pc 72/53c 70/50�h 66/44 Phoenix. Ai 94/87 95/68 99/68 99/70 Delia in 91/73pc 90/60 84/56pc 84/68 pc Pittsburgh a 77/56pc 84/641 79/491 84/44pc Davenport a 71/54t 72/50h 68/50pc 72/52 Portland Ort 63/48c 67/48pc 68/48pc 85/50pc Dee Monte. A 71/54 pc 74/491 68/5 pc 72/53 thai in. J. A Tye ii 76/50pc 71/57h 71/541 88/49pc Detroit. I 72/481 71/591 74/47h 87/49pc rapid qty so 83/49�h 57/33h 65/42 67/44pc Duluth in 47/4011 56/4 us 57/38�h 64/3�pc Reno no 67/37pc 74/37pc 74/42 69/43 Elmo to 91/72 90/55 91/59 89/81 fac Intond a 81/50 89/70pc 91/631 79/55pc Fairbank a 85/480 6q/40pc 60/38c 58/38sh 9v59pc 89/56pc 83/60 86/60 Fargo no 59/49sh 56/38h 6l/44pe 72/45 St Louis to 7l/65�ii 85/59t 74/56pc 75/62 65/32 68/30 72/33 73/44# Sibo 80/50 80/52 80/52 grand to be 73/5uk 68/428 68/50pe 74/s7pc set Uke a 62/3�pc 62/43c 71/48pc 72/45pc great fan it 52/38r 57/39c 87/40 62/41h 92/75pc 9v72pc 87/70pc 88/rope Green vote so 85/58pc �?�7/65 88/53pc 82/801 san Diego Ca 69/60pc 69/bopc 89/eopc 89/5�pe Hartford it 75/50pc 74/59h 74/581 70/49pc sen Francisco 70/50 85/52pc 88/51 86/50 Toto. To 84/86pc 84/6/pc 84/87pc 84/67pc san pm Ca 67/55 76/58 76/55pe 74/54 i Ann i in Ai or i 84.ope 88/70pc 88/70pc 86/7 Ope few to form 70/46 71/4 pc 77/44 77/48 Houston to 89/76pc 88/75pc 87/70pc 87/tot Seattle in 61/43c 63/45h 63/46pc 64/48pc qty yest. Today thur. Re Shreveport la 89/73pc 86/68t 84/68pc 86/69 Stan font so 58/45r 65/41�h 63/46pc 73/50pc Tampa a 94/73pc 90/7lpc 88/7lpc 91/7lpc Topeka is 69/601 76/49pc 73/54pc 75/60pc Tucson a 92/57 92/57 94/59s 90/58 tut of 08/74pc 85/59pc 78/83pc 83/63pc Wshington 74/55 84/70pc 87/65t 79/57pc Wichita is 89/eepc 79/51pc 74/58pc 77/60pc Wilmington of 72/49 81/65$h 83/621 78/56pc Canada at yet. Today thur. Fun. Calgary. My. 55/34pc 55/36pc 57/37�h 61/39pc Edmonton alb 55/36pc 59/37pc 57/39h 61/40c Montreal. Que 84/52h 70/54pc 64/51h 64/43c Ottawa ont. 67/50�h 72/54c 66/46sh 61/43c Toronto ont. 74/50pc 70/54r 64/45sh 61/43pc Vancouver 56/50c 59/45sh 59/43pc 61/45pc Winnipeg Man. 84/37pc 58/37h 58/40pc 64/39pc world qty qty Acapulco 93/79pc Madrid 75/48 i Amsterdam 66/54pc Maalie 98/80 i / Athens 75/57 Muik City 80/63pc i % fill in 3rtwf�% 80/54pc Mosca 61/48r. Bertin 72/54pc Nassau 68/75 t. Bermuda 77/67 Otto 99/men a. I 72/52pc fort a a peking a 72/54 Buenos Aire 68/50pc a 88/iopc $ Cairo 89/62pc to. De Janeiro 86/68 a i Copenhagen 54/43eh Tau f 72/55pc 60/4sc san Juan 90/75pc a Bra Seoul 77/54 him Tang Tong 86/74 Stockholm 54/4�c Jerusalem mum Sydney 70/�4i a 72/46 i a i 4 ump 78/62 Tokyo London 64/52pc Warsaw 7�/50pc i vet. No to. M Gazette Telegraph Meta Moi cutout every marring by Freedom newspapers mc., 30 s. Prospect St. Phew 630-661 i. Job ref Birri postage paid at Comrado Springs Colo. 80901. We rom pm so Sci Adown changes to me Comrado Springs butene Tele 1, co. 80 graph. . Bos i778, 30 s. Prospect St., Colorado Springs co 80901 8ub8c9hptkm Katis Monie delivery other Haic daily and sunday .$7.50 per month deity and sunday $ i 5.00 per month mail. M a paso Elbart. Fremont in sunday only.$10.00 per month com parti. Pueblo Fetter counties nut pity by mail Dady and sunday $ i of per month deity and sunday. $ j 5.00 per month sunday Only .,.�?zv $8 of per month sunday 10.00 per month a a a i your oaten Telegraph Flottm feet want ads. 47 i 2470 to fetal Aandy please a flaw news.630-0306 $33-8889 Salween 6 30 Ajr. Mail to amp Omro . Monday three Frt my. Please commercial classified. 636-0217 Caff Between 8 30 . And la Auto. Re i att advertising. 636-0306 on saturday and sunday. All departments i 632 ssi i

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