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Colorado Springs Gazette Newspaper Archives May 11 1974, Page 1

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Colorado Springs Gazette Telegraph (Newspaper) - May 11, 1974, Colorado Springs, Colorado Tour Freedom newspaper Quot Socia Het May he willing to go to any length to unite Europe by government notion hut they will do nothing to achieve Unity in the null Way it ran he achieved by government Learge Winder Complete weekly stocks to. 33.051�? mini year Poth a an up Colorado Springs sat Day. May la 1974 10c daily 2.7c sunday four Section p Ges utilities ask Puc for More Gas Here males learn chauvinism from mom by w. J. Mcglasson Gazette Telegraph staff writer the department of Public by Alton Blakeslee a science editor Detroit apr mothers often turn their sons into male chauvinists and some wives restrictions including one on 500 coh natural Gas allowable i a Sorhia rut How or proposed now Pas a1-1 established by Puc order at the Eju a 01k�?T 3 put Cha re it to Wables would he distributed end of 1073 when the Gas Mora i. Robert Isaac attorney repro j thorium was lifted Drew support we in in in an analysis of la chauvinistic men a it was More often lit in a my 5�ys�i a in to p 1 11 Irvn i i in 11. A in a Ujj a jew unities with qualified support shooting the Uba asked the not Only from utilities and the from the Home builders Assoc Puc to meet or Market Stab. Bra but also the chamber of the a mothers who directly or at Ion of Colorado Springs Ash where the Gas goes Rath Commerce the University of directly taught or supported tuba. Friday urged the Public of than follow a distribution Colorado Colorado Springs and the idea that adequacy As a utilities commission Puc to schedule proposed by utilities Harrison school District 2. All of Niale meant dominance and Sura ise a he natural Gas allowable schedule of Distri Anfinn which Are in one Way or Aneth priority Over the said1 to accommodate new Industry f r a of the turn to Page 4- column 1 a Sherwyn m. Woods of the Community. University of Southern califor-1 in the to in u i. Mixing Plant would allot 80 per the Uba while supporting is a yes request to raise the it 11 it capacity to. Uses with the re-20 percent divided request to raise residential maximum allowable from 1.300 Mainino a to 3,500 cubic feet per hour i Jar among Industrial five Percenti co asked the Puc to go it t j commercial five percent offices and Banks five percent 1 and schools recreational Facil i cities and several other classifications splitting the rest. Even farther and lift some other tapes Shock Brotzman As disillusioning White Birdwell s quest fails Afa upheld a school of Medicine los an Giles. A this was found More i frequently than was identification with the chauvinism of fathers and often the Mother s j implicit message was that the a request to Grant former air father was not chauvinist Force Academy Cadet Bruce f. Enough Quot he told the american at the conclusion of the 34 Birdwell an injunction against psychiatric association hour hearing at the county of his Dis enrolment from the when men work through the j fice building. Pfc chairman Academy was refused Friday in conflicts determining their Edwin Gudborg gave the utile . Dist. Ourt in Denver. Chauvinism a there usually is a i Washington a White ios department to Days in after a full Day of hearings marked improvement in both House tape transcripts show Vav Barb a Imp end to the Uba thursday and arguments by at social and sexual relationships j a an attitude of cynicism by 1 r no or Ond it ions and Tho Uba tourneys on Friday . Dist. A women Are sought out who president Nixon and other pub annul Yvio Days in which to an judge Richard p. Matsch re Arp much More the patient s folic officials that is a most Dis Sopr the a to fused to Grant the injunction. Tell actual and emotional equal j appointing and a result Alit ruling on Birdwell filed suit april 29 Aad relationships demonstrate rep. Donald g. Brotzman r the matter probably wont be against the Academy Challenge greater mutuality and far less Colo. Said Friday. Handed Down for about 30 Days ing the Cadet Honor code Asun a in reviewing the transcripts from Friday. Constitutionally vague and Chal it a number of wives and 1 the increase from 1.30p to 3. Longing several Cadet regu Long time partners became in-1 lotions. He was Nistra creasing by emotionally upset As Tivoli from bios found myself repeatedly disturbed by the failure of the president and his top assistants to recognize factors other than political expedience As they shaped their strategy for dealing with the watergate related offences a said in a prepared statement. Armstrong hits or in of for killing Reform Washington a timely segregated from his their men stopped relating to classmates following a decision them in the previous manner. By the Academy disciplinary they had chosen male Chauvin Quot top a _ its in order to meet their own i a 21�?~yea, Texas Cadet emotional needs and were rep med �"2egaton in Law Riby threatened by their newly William l Armstrong r-Colo., fully prohibited him from com a Knowles d status in the while it would be improper Friday accused House demo plating his Classwork and Grad relationship for me to speculate As to crafts of a dragging Congress rating in june. I women like Man have whether or not the transcripts Back into the 19th Century by Matsch refused to Send Bird Fuir it i i a t i. I ii if ii u i i their own anxiety envy and portray the president As having voting to kill proposed reforms Well Back to class saying it a earnings for the past a or obstructed Justice or As having in the committee system. Would serve no useful purpose goods Gard committed some other in Reform recommendations at this he warned air up rep Finch Mal chauvinism reachable offence i can say were postponed indefinitely by Force officials against trying to a a Blind ally Pianca and that the judiciary committee secret ballot in a democratic place Birdwell on Active duty c r. Min. Rov or Orward wih is m , la Lreh cd Retes it court a with i would . Tic federal6judgexp, that the committee will in its form package in its present that his refusal to Grant the in ,.tt.l i ail accor Atod discretion use the subpoena said Armstrong. A in my Junction was due because of the. 1 Powers accorded it by the opinion. Some amendments Brief class time remaining this can car. Of House to procure All of the Rele were needed to improve the semester and Bird Weill a Testi a. Anxiety eng vant evidence. It is the com committee recommendations Mony thursday that there was 1 nut tee and not the president 0 have the proposals Dis inadequate time for him to Ful which must ultimately deter posed of by such a High handed Hhall the requirements for mine the relevance it the Evi arrogant process is a throw graduation. Do nce Back to 19th Century Bird Weill a attorney Robert t. _ a the whole Issue of com Broom said that Bird Weill a distal or i Mittee Reform has been swept enrolment would do a a Irepa i ii a cattier under the carpet and i feel fable harm to the former irm i air Nohad or National Weaner that the democratic caucus has Cadet. He added that Segre role non Reid committed a major Blunder in t Ion a flies in the face of free their appraisal of the Public at speech and free Assembly provi turn to Page 4a, column 2 on Way to jail a Eugene a checkers Quot Smaldone Denver manacled and with a Cigar in his hand watches an unidentified Law officer unlock a door As Smaldone is taken to the Elpaso county jail Friday after he was arrested in a crackdown on organized gambling in this area. Gazette Telegraph photo a a a pikes Peak Region a generally i fair through sunday. Cooler today with tit Nhuc a Armstr Nurt Cair a High near 70. Low tonight 40-45. High us it it m Hish Ullig Sulu sunday 70-75. Ocolor no partly Cloudy through sunday. Cooler saturday. Lows saturday night its with mountains. High saturday and sunday 70s and sos with 60s mountains. Am Friday 12 Midnight 1 . 2 . 2 . 4 a in. 6 . I . 7 a in. . 9 a in. 10 . 11 it Mim it All rest Gazette Telegraph noon 55 i . 53 2 . 50 3 . 4 . So 5 . So 6 . 53 7 . Hoft . H4 9 . 03 ,0 . So la . Friday pm Hart has Lead Here governor race tight maximum for 2-1 hours ended at la p. In Friday minimum for 24 hours ended at la . Friday. . Weather Bureau data Peterson Field maximum for 24 hours ended at la . Friday minimum for 24 hours ended at u . Friday wind velocity at la . 26 Mph wind direction at la . Nne relative humidity at la . 41r,� sea level pressure at la . 29.84 and rising precipitation for 24 hours ended at la . Friday to 83 i 85 82 Roel paso county remains open for democratic candidates seeking nomination for governor and �?~52 u. S. Senate. 85 precinct caucuses were held so monday and in some of the meetings the democrats counted Heads. They did not have to k according to the rules and so in 47 other precincts the discussion turned to the work involved in an election Campaign with eyes focused More on the november general election than on the by the same Eugene Smaldone Bond is $25,000 grand jury indicts 9 in gambling crackdown ceiling gambling information Possession of gambling records this is the result of Tabula precipitation for current month Normal precipitation for current month september primary. Precipitation so far this year 3.05 i Sunset saturday 8 . Sunrise sunday 5 50 emotions of the informal counts in Colorado temperatures Hilo Alamosa 75 34 Fraser Colo spas. 82 47 grand jct. Craig. 79 46 Greeley denier r4 51 la Junta Eagle 73 39 Lamar. Estes Park m m Leadville fort Collins 74 51 Pueblo. Hilo by the associated press the weather elsewhere Hilo Hilo Albany 51 45 Kansas City 73 51 album us 90 56 Las vegas 96 65 Amarillo 92 58 Little Rock i 60 Anchorage 52 36 Louisville 71 48 Asheville 80 52 Memphis 85 60 Atlanta 85 cd Miami to 70 Birmingham 85 64 Milwaukee 57 32 Bismarck 59 47 mils St p. 54 43 Roise 59 46 new Orleans 83 68 Boston 53 46 new York 61 50 Brownsville 91 76 okla City 79 65 Buffalo 53 41 Omaha 63 51 Chai lesion 88 70 Orlando 91 67 Charlotte 80 61 Philada phia 75 58 Chicago 50 40 Phoenix % 66 Cincinnati 64 47 Pittsburgh 63 47 Cleveland 55 39 pm land. Ore 60 47 Denver 84 51 pts land me 46 43 Des Moines 63 44 rapid City 54 43 Detroit 58 47 79 36 Duluth 49 35 Richmond 79 60 Fairbanks 63 39 St. Louis 70 43 fort Worth 79 70 Salt Lake 66 54 Helena 53 37 san Deigo 68 59 Honolulu is 71 san fran 65 49 Houston or 62 Seattle 58 45 ind Apolis 63 43 Spokane 58 38 jacks Villa 88 64 Tampa 92 67 Juneau. 55 42 Washington 76 59 the precincts As reported by 62 26 mrs. Gloria Groth vice chair-79 55 woman of the party. 92 551 a governor a Mark Hogan jul Denver 113 Dick Lamm Denver 112, and Tom Farley Pueblo 110. Two Hundred and forty eight delegates were listed As undecided. �?. Senate a Gary Hart of leaning delegates was 271, and that is 41 fewer than the uncommitted. Merson probably was shocked by his Low count. In an interview with the Gazette Telegraph last month he said his Campaign Here was getting going while he also acknowledged that he had a Long Way to go Here. He said then that he planned to appear at the county Assembly june i to bolster his Case. In the governor nomination race the candidate who can make a Dent in the uncommitted May come out ahead or the close race May be taken to the state Assembly in july. Republicans skipped count of delegates a Legal step to combat Orga residents Are Leonard boy Dineya a office said Many of the sized gambling was made Fri Swanson 46, bartender at defendants move from place to Dav when two Denver men and Jerry a hideaway 1223b n. Place and few give a permanent seven Colorado Springs res. Spade a a blvd Quot by Glen address dents were indicted by the Al Westendorf 41, indicted earlier the various charges against paso county special grand or perjury Andrew Washburn the seven include professional jury. A total of 49 counts were dry a 28, Dames d Carlin jr., 32, gambling transmitting and re returned. And Marvin bund. One of the Denver men is eur bund an .te5es,l idea or Gene checkers Smaldone 63. French Quarter night club 542 a n d maintaining gambling said to be a Rev figure in Orga-6 Costilla St Quot and earlier this premises. Ari the gambling sized crime in Colorado. In year was indicted on 21 counts charges relate to football april the u. S. Supreme court conspiracy loan sharking games. John Moore said Friday refused to hear an Appeal on his commercial bribery and felony the nine indictments were re Jonn Moore said Friday. H h f said nip and the other theft. Turned before dist. Court judge Moores comments were della11, i5maiaone Ana the Otenti. Unhurt w Johnson thursday made in an in Inion sent to eight defendants were Allar the remaining two men Are Hobert w Jonn on thursday made in an opinion sent to afternoon Gerald Purcell 49, owner of morning when he ordered them state treasurer Palmer Burch rested Friday Atie noon. Hideaway and Charles sealed and not made Public Smaldone Bond has been set Rev a a Lintn i m no Fri Ria at $25,000. He is charged with grub 28 no addresses Are i until 1.30 . Friday conspiracy to commit professional gambling and conspiracy j to transmit and receive Gam bling information by a repeat by the associated press vice president Gerald r. Ford after a private morning meeting with president Nixon said Friday he does not believe Nixon will resign in the face of mounting criticism Over his handling of watergate. Press Secretary Ronald l. Ziegler was quoted As saying Nixon would not be driven out of office by a Trumor speculation excessive charges or and Nixon s chief of staff Alexander m. Haig jr., said he did no to see anything at present that would cause the president to leave office. The statements of the High administration officials came As Nixon a support in Washington eroded slightly As some called for him to resign rather than be impeached. Ziegler acknowledged in a statement to a newspaper that Washington was full of rumours Nixon would resign but All administration officials denied them. Ford flew to Buffalo n y., following his hour Long meeting with Nixon. He said in an afternoon news conference there that during his talk with Nixon there was no discussion about the possibility of the presidents resigning. He said a i can infer from what he said that he has no intention of the new York times in its saturday editions said Ziegler telephoned it Friday night and issued this statement a the City of Washington is full of rumours. All that have been presented to me today Are false and the one that leads the list is the one that says turn to Page 4a, column 7 2 saudis die on Golan Heights Moore claims Gold belongs to Colorado Denver a eleven bags of Gold dust and Gold Ore discovered in february in a Dusty vault of the courthouse at cripple Creek rightfully belongs to the state atty. Gen. Ver 58 Joe Dolan Aurora 52 who had asked for a Legal opinion on the Gold a ownership. There was no record of ownership or the source of the bags and to packets of Gold dust found in a Corner of the vault by mrs. Nel Anderson a clerk of the 4th judicial District. The bags were brought to Denver april 4 by District court judge William e. Rhodes for safekeeping. Since then the District court has indicated the Gold might be converted to Money and be used to improve the court House. Thursday a member of the pikes Peak area Council of governments staked his claim to the dust and Ore. Jack Mitchell. Chairman of the Elpaso county commission presented gov. John Vanderhoof with a proclamation passed by the Council claiming the sacks for Teller county. The attorney general said Friday however the state has become the owner of items under a common Law principle dealing with abandoned items of value. And because of this ing gambling offender. Both charges Are felonies and carry one to five years in the Penitentiary plus fines of $1,000 to $15,000. The second Denver Man is to available As the District actor a Bey resulted from a lengthy and intensive cooperative investigation. Said the District attorneys office. Those taking part were the Colorado Bureau Banks hike prime rate toll 1/4% of investigation the Denver or i Gani Zed crime strike Force the i intelligence Bureau of the Colorado Springs police depart new York up a the in meat and the intelligence pert merest rate for prime business sonnet of the Elpaso county Seph j. , 27. Smal Loans to Are Custon lers Fri. District attorney s office. Done s Nephew. He is charged he Thor new records the alleged criminal Active with to counts one conspiracy t j e s crossed jurisdictional to commit professional Gam a. Bounds the agencies Coordie bling six professional Gam the Rise was touched of by rated air bling and three transmitting f St National City Bank of p 4 and receiving gambling Tabor new York and was followed a mation. His Bond is also $25,000. Quickly by Many Banks in the seven Colorado Springs eluding the nations giants Bank of America of san fran i Cisco Chase Manhattan of new uti i York Mellon Bank of Pitts i a 1974 Man Voght Syndicate r investigations column 7 j j -.-4 Jap go t"1 Elpaso county republicans did not take a head count for preferences in their hottest candidate fight of the election year at their monday night caucuses Moore wrote Burch the Gover Marty Miller. Littleton 42, and according to county chairman nor May exercise management Alan Merson Denver 8. Harvey Harvey Vieth. Control Over the Gold until the Phelps of Pueblo got none and contest is Between gov. Legislature determines its Multi 312 delegates were listed As un-j0hn Vanderhoof and National mate conclusion decided. Committeeman Bill Daniels the question of assaying the in most precincts the demo who wants the Job. Dust and Ore to determine its crafts did not take further head Daniels people hoped to flood value was also dealt with in the counts to determine preferences the precincts to get the major opinion. In races for lieutenant governor try of delegates to the county Burch has maintained it is and attorney general. Assembly and thus on to the not his responsibility to author Burgh for example. The increase began in new Macivor wants probe of his trip to Rome by the associated press saudi Arabia said Friday two of its 1,000-Man contingent on the Golan Heights front have been killed and four wounded the first such casualties reported in 60 Days of fighting on the Heights. The report came As tank and artillery duels erupted along the 40-mile front israeli planes attacked guerrilla sanctuaries inside Lebanon and syrian jets raided israeli positions on the Heights. Israel said it suffered no casualties in a raid by four syrian planes in the 300-Square mile bulge captured from Syria in the october War but Syria claimed heavy israeli losses. A Damascus communique said syrians ground forces also kept up a heavy barrage of tank and artillery fire along the Golan front inflicting heavy losses. The fighting flared As Secretary of state Henry a. Kissinger returned to Israel from Cairo where he met with egyptian president Anwar Sadat for three hours of a extensive and detailed talks. . Officials said Sadat has been in touch with the syrian government and believes Progress is being made toward disengagement on the Golan front. In the Senate race the total i state get together. Turn to Page 4a, column 8 Soviv York in spite of the fact that Denver apr Colorado business loan demand in the Bureau of investigation Chi metropolitan area fell this week director John Macivor has in comparison with the previous asked the Denver District actor week. Neyts office to look into Allega nevertheless Short term in tons surrounding a trip he Terest rates Are still rising and made to Rome at the expense banking circles said business of the uni vac corp. Loan demand remains very High the april 1973 trip was re in Chicago and several other sealed in the Rocky Mountain major Money markets. News Friday and dist. Atty. Presidential economic adviser Dale Tooley said Macivor re Herbert Stein told a joint con Quested the investigation later Gressional economic sub com in the Day. Mittee Friday he thought Short Macivor has denied any con it term interest rates which have Flint of interest in taking the forced up the prime rate will trip paid for by a company that i turn to Page 4a, column 7 turn to Page 4-a, column 2 in Dix. Amusements. Tab astrological forecast Ioc business financial. 12-14b Church news. 7-9b classified. 18b-9c comics. 10b editorial. 16b news briefs. 4 a radio let to logs Tab sports. 1-5b vital statistics. 4 a weather map. 4 Fie worry clinic. 9a today a Gazette Telegraph consists of 4 main sections 88 pages of your paper is not Complete please Call 632-4641, ext. 316

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