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Colorado Springs Gazette Newspaper Archives May 1 1965, Page 5

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Colorado Springs Gazette (Newspaper) - May 1, 1965, Colorado Springs, Colorado Peyton news a mrs. Leroy Cotton a phone 742335 Lac. And mrs. Cecil Farthing made grilled cheese sandwiches attended the Golden wedding and egg celery sandwiches. Oas explained article by associated press Goren Bridge Aandre Ersary reception sunday afternoon banana or and mrs. George damns of Calhan. Dor of rag the afternoon. Or. And mrs. Fun us Farthing Abo called or. And mrs. Robert Chacon and Earnest Duncan mrs. Leroy Cotton and Terry were wednesday evening visitors by the associated press what is the organization of mrs. Marvin Jennings and american states which is now dealing with the crisis the i the morning of tuesday. Dominican Republic a. A the seniors of Peyton voluntary organization of by cunts. Howard Rainbolt. Marty Mcclelland and Boh established Imi to Deal with Mutual political and economic problems. Who Are the members the 19 la tin american re pub evening visitors of or. And mrs. To trip was principal Clinton is the whited Sites to charge Doven and family and Hightower after reaching Den by exceptions the Hemi mrs. Ruby Cotton of Calhan. Ver the group ate breakfast and Spiere Are it Uba. Which was Leroy Cotton. Sherrie. Terry visited the state Capitol and suspend Law Foro Icove member and Robbie called upon mrs Toro museums after lunch they e crri�?�1u Ruby Cotton of Calhan satyr to the celebrity sports Jansen Drogster were Fri the seniors Are Leona Scott Day evening visitors of or and mrs. Caca Farthing or. And mrs Lamy Cotton. Thornton the car was furnished Terry and Bobbie were monday by Howard sponsor for the Day nist bloc Canada which has by Charles Goren i my at m own wan weekly Bridge quiz q. As South you hold a Kyj t Ucli Inabit the bidding has proceeded East sooth West North pass pass pass 10 pass ? w hat do you bid now q. 2�?As South you bold j43 Vic Oris 4assis the bidding has proceeded North East sooth West i a pass 2 pass 3 a pass ? what do you bid now q. 3�?As South you hold .\qsts3?ak�4 oq7a2 the bidding has proceeded pm a West North East sooth a pass i o pass i a pass 2 a pass Jav pass 3 it pass ? w hat do you bid now ? q. As sooth you hold a ?akss32 0 Ati Alt the bidding has proceeded sooth West North East i it pass a pass 3 v pass 3 it pass a what do you bid now q. Cd As South you hold a 13vkq3 Orisak 2 the bidding has proceeded North East sooth i a 20 ? what do you bid q. 7�?As South you hold a aka j ?s4 3 0 a7543 the bidding has proceeded gaze he telegraph�?5-a Colorado Springs Colo. Saturday May i 1965 Mutual funds new York api Laws bos u.9 to inflow it my la rat Gray Sari asked Quot mat u h u w Ste sits 235 sates jew 1123 Var a 7 9 l it i.75 it the Nail at anon s i ssh iaet1 tatar Ati 7.37 i actual Las Reah la Tim but Ara icel pm my a i the West pass pass North 2 a East pass pass Cas 7 1 cuts r3 to 13 Cus ill a it 4 Cas Al Kusie St pm k. Ass Cassi traits Ca s3 15 Miti l As s3 u is jul Ticas is j u 35 int of 15 5 i 9 7 3 07 i 3 i what do you bid now Day evening Center where Thev bowled and t0 Jan and tee Susan rickets was a thurs swam the rest of the afternoon. Of Jamaica and trn did Day overnight guest of mane that evening they went to a Tobago which have not formal Camp. A re . Buck Teeter of Security show. They returned Home exit applied for membership Hausted at two . The next where is its Headquarters Washington about three mrs. Emil blocks from the White House enjoyed a visit with Chuck a wiring Camp thursday night while Ber mrs ted Pohlson husband along with the rest Porte of and Carol. Or. And mrs. Its permanent secretariat is of the flying w wranglers. Leon Ratteree and family. Or. Headed by Secretary general held a practice session at the mrs Ford Dugan and fam Jose a. Mora of Uruguay. Camp heme by. Or. And mrs Clyde Raiv mrs Arnold Gehring. Twy and Dolly Carl Brauer. Jana mane morning visitors of mrs Chuck res and Lana Rose Gehring Camp. Cathy and James what is thoas Council it is the organizations exec Are mini Ratay a is urn Cotton and laugh Lavt and a compos a ,w1kse Quot a Quot a a a a a a a Hosp ul1 thursday or has Echt or and mrs and Cor it s is Jas to St Art ply Pettari we by a Hows a a Quot a a blood Transl Sentmo and Anniv All of up a jail just me act Ria festival be. _. _ _ Iowa v Mumm rut a birthday dinner was held tee 0 sunday at the Sam Carpenter at Miami Friday night. The Jim cams Home Honor Rue i the to coaids hat Boon ted Bidi re to of it Tetra i i a Var Atteo j to 41 be id 43 9.3 4mi re a m am rus 4.j7 4 3 am crib 4 07 am Ida 13 a it s3 a am nut will to Amo i d Loim Knack re amb turd <1 Iii Knack Gui atom pm so 19 Lumrud la 37 a Ysuf Busu Todut him 13.11 fib a 4 7 23 lit inv a 45 i 33 i land h to a ill Lluis Sib 7.33 t h oot 5 04 5 51 loom pm we 33 m i Kate 14 3 151 Loam say it h 17 la Rio Rad 13 33 14 4 Haw Gib 9 99 Roll ital Dollt set 15 Moas to it my 19 or Rte re italic Man ufos 130 it 77 Brood St i 54 17 Mort go 7 to i a bite 15 so 17 of Morton Lur 4 40 4 3 Coo goo 21 93 sort Mot nun ins i 5 Alt ado i d a 4 33 i Mif full to i a Camf or be 13.7 Mif it 5 a to Cost Ste a Ulm mat Lintel 1061201 cute Ste him i a mad Star Iii i 12 balata id Milt that 3 7 3 04 to Loo 15 05 not wite 13 33 1 3 h com i 213 3x3 a Lotos i nov Oil i grab 13 of 14 30 not Ltd nor Lortta t add 49 bout 13 33 14 4 lad no it lit Mai to 7 7 a 4 95 my 7 and til 44 Tim 9 of 4 93 a 9 31 10.19 9 41 to 31 la to 135iki la we to Inman to 3 11 it Nomad 19 15 19 15 Tat goo it St 11.31 ate wms 13 03 15 03 i Quot ted loss la 0 often cd 19m21.m Votek 9 73 to 13 pub so 33 of 22 of a mtr a i to Eva pts 9 4 to 3 it Anantr t o j.7 plat to id 13 i is jims re 9 by to 90 past 12 0 i 9 com. I d 9 9 to k3 fsr air to 99 11 to cd card la i 14 14 a Terr to 1314 9 i a a a a Cate to 1123 urn prot a adat 493 sat Jutes Beith Annc was taken to daughter. Or and mrs leu Rio a it to 422 Punton 10121 2. A or i 5 4 3 put Graal put i is i 04 Itacy liar to 0 to tri 54 Ort to Tell try to t St 4r3 $37 q a a with a to part score As South you hold a <?jj2 c of Jsu i a the bidding bos proceeded North East South West int pass pass 2 pass pass ? what do you bid now q. A As South you hold 4 5 Saij 0 k it a lift the bidding has proceed led North East sooth West pass 2 0 pass 3 0 pass 3 it pass 4 4 pass ? what do you bid now look for answer monday sm<30l 3 31 Abu re it i pc Cham cd 15 As i it i d so i 5 Thad of St Larom Sot g rat the i cd 1x50 14 75 a gab 14 14 ism not wet unit re 194 Rin a Jai now Hor Hamulic news by mrs. Pete Mckay ambassador each ambassador Lyons but he is progressing a Eblo or. And mrs. George rec it or ii 1344011 my. Dou cd 1373 1501 pro to Var Cut Quot Quot a a he a rahamim pm do a v0&Quot current u s it a Conan Una to Many and daughter Helen of r of Iff k stats ,18.15 5 a a a Wren Diplomat pm pro a. He w1�?z a we be Colorado Springs and or. amp Tow Felt Tew Iid be 1ot Eusworth bunter Tete to come motor wed . Pete King and Cary a to Fps to fists and mrs Boh a Ign Nooi gave 5oa. Us rent _ 7 a a a Foi hmm Quot into it ?41� to mrs. Adra Baker guests were or and mrs. Bob sror he a school gave Carpenter and daughters. Mrs. A it Rama Framk Carmen of Colorado mrs. Leroy Cotton and family Springs or. And mrs Dale a cd mrs. Melvin Bailey were have Beaman and family or and saturday morning visitors of mrs. Fred Carpenter and or. J mrs. Owen Owen and family. Dency which rotates is current mesday. By held by ambassador Bunker what Power does the Oas Kuwata rat of to St nun a a into i j4 i 49 i a 17 9> Ste fruity t 53 a a 94 3 24 5 v4te am 1119 12.11 King and Gary or. And mrs. Roy Winters or and mrs. Bernard bal visited mrs Gertrude Ness and re Ortii Lim Iii sum Cerovich and son and mrs. Neb family of Rush Friday. Is Ira a r Ife Alfred Bodhaine of Garden f3 we a vhf a a Voln lie Leischuck returned late last i City. mrs Forest Carpenter a1 of Calhan treaty of Mutual assist or a kid m Kansas Civ. Son of mrs. Mrs Leroy Cotton and Terry Ance. The Oas is legally Emprow visited mrs. Joe Davis Satur ered to take any diplomatic Rte St a into 417 417 he r a. It 3 it 3 the program at the end Day afternoon of thu Trail who h was to have or. And mrs Martin Finney to restore peace anywhere been Given by the Vanwig pee of Colorado Springs were Satur the Western hemisphere pie s group at the Peyton com Day Artemon visitors at the Muni to Baptist Church sunday Leroy Cotton Home night May j has been postponed or. And mrs. Dewey Arfsten until pm $ As or 79 7 42 3 a s 74 Iii St Fri inv i a Ait feet but 24 9 Al trite i i to 9 731 of mind Lull 12 s3 to or i 14 m 15 34 i Rusk Tasi to Xay f<1 135 15 25 a com Sik 7.39 la to tic Gilt 3 la 3 5 Helene no out Bodhaine. Arrived saturday u the american legit to held morning for a weekend visit. Native and even resort to Force ctl�., off it pm Lye Roberts Ltd a Plaa de third u Ime it Ken Towse elected were Andy Pas the sixth Grade division of the Julf a a to. Commander. Joe Sproch. Elbert county spelling contest. What specific Steps has the h ctr my we Der Leonard or arks Fri s eve cirt 0 7 us a a a Oas Council taken recently 0,"ma,k, accompanied their sons John and a ii it 2 i i last year it slapped Strong birr Ray to Linver Friday and were c.rt1 lid a a 1s vaa8,1 so tip # a or Guarfi kit a 44 Wal St la 14 12 it. Jonn Ham by 3 t9 s3 web my ii 53 13 9 cd rho family. After Cirbo con amp Vir sunday May 9 at 7 31 of Larkspur and mrs. Ben tam diplomatic and economic sane ten jts a Ltd Mance a Cert overnight guests of the of Falcon were sunday Visi tons against Fidel Castro s Kearfoot chaplain the next regu a monthly tors of mrs Nelie Wray and Cuba and warned it would be comi nation will be held suited his doctor saturday mom meeting of the Peyton Volunteer her House guests fire department will be held or and mrs. J forced to use armed Force if Al Lak or 00 a it 2 George Dou Cuba continued acts of Aggro or. And mrs. John or and by my they called the Steve Mykita Cirbo or. And Eugene cd rho 4 a 4 99 writ i of t 41 7 Ai i 3 3 Irva hit Hll 14 3 1$ re i a 9 34 Vander cd 17 i 7 19 9 43 71 9 32 by St 7 27 7 94 Winf Krte Raour j at 5 51 Wurtem saturday night at i pm. At brava of Bijou Basin mrs Chet Sion and subversion against Oas called upon or and mrs. Andy families. Teir son Joe brought a bums and Johnny of Floris members Ras a Are Michael wednesday them Home saturday afternoon and remained Over the weekend guests of mrs 0. C. Carter visited or. ?s0rs.lt Home mrs of the a any governing oper or. And mrs Pete Mckay were and mrs. Dean Cox thursday ro.,. A. Hmm 01.3? action of the Panama canal Bullet discovered Back of neck or. And mrs. Nick Kascak mrs. Walter Pentico of Good meeting tor the Sam and or. And mrs. Jim mediated the dispute Between evening carnival which win be Brkl june Owen and sons were saturday the United states and Panama saturday evening la visitors at i a the Easton Ville homemakers Nellie Wray. Extension Chih win meet May Bob Arfsten visited mrs Nel-13 at the Home of or George lie Wray and mrs Jimison and Mccune with the usual cover daughter monday afternoon de dish luncheon a demons a John Arfsten was taken to a two will be Given by mrs Elf Colorado Springs Hospital Fri Gar Smith. The Peyton pals 4-h Chib Der going tests dividends declared Day afternoon where he is Lousy Ille by. Tapi of or and mrs Virgil leak afternoon Jay Jackson son of or. And a it k land. Kin Rodney Nichols of mrs Jim Jackson celebrated is. I amp to Camp Potts miss and or and his fifth birthday april 16 mrs. Clarence Berry of brew joining the party were or. Mustor muss were recent guests and mrs. Claran Jackson. Mar 94k Al re. Ill Ria Rte my i Elaml 45 4, and mrs. Horace Billy Joe Houston. 17. Louis Fred Isgar was a Brief Call and mrs. Leo Kosley a him .35 init1ai 1-teh i b it ate 275 by a inn it i i w Imp a nine i Knuth a .94 st04r or it re Kari d is s2"m t. i Jit a Tyr Quot a Vuk a a a a "�?op"1 Quot Quot a Dmn a a a. For a a Fote Buoo Day to a it Quot Nalt no a i i Tho Hoar of Houre Pieu. Mrs j Ion sen and Horn Lana to Gehring at 7 31 daughter were Friday supper Kis with Lana Rose and Sherrie guests of Tom Hiscox and family Cotton giving the Demontra of Colorado Springs. Mrs. Melvin Fields visited be held at the Ramah dam v cd Cubon. Carl Brauer was a thursday mrs Nellie Wray and mrs. Jim evening supper guest the Joe Tsen mid daughter monday Davis Home. Morning Kristi to Davis spent the or and or and mrs. Harold Zentz May 16 Are progressing Satis Rte Lar its it 5-14 5-Io v 14 9-1 Al i 9-2 5-1 5-Mi Al sir kit a rays revealed a 22 Caliper and Evelyn were easter sunday Facto Rily. Hite k la tilt Himm co a to is q 5-10 ecu 49 q 5-17 or. And mrs Joe Hartman. Bullet near the base of his Skull dinner guests of maj. And mrs. At the Back of the neck a a1 George Spaulding Gerry and or. And mrs. Andy Pasko and though the Only surface wound John of Colorado Springs. Son Michael were sunday aft Torkom corp or. And mrs. Joe Hartman of Moon callers upon or a a a a a a a a a a a a a a Colorado Springs visited John mrs Pete Mckay visible was a slight Nick his nos Hudson and Urff a a i i la till v la till i mrs. John Lough prf1ce Milt a the Bullet had Pasko sunday evening. Mrs Bessie Snell. Mrs. Tie to to ?.nrm?r sets of tired his nostril March is at the or. And mrs Edward c Jones and daughter of Denver son made shooting were visiting friends Ramah Springs mrs Dobson sunday or. Jones is a former had to consult her doctor. Or and mrs Tim Painter or and mrs Nap Pieper and re a a toward Lee Gill Colorado a pump Friday. family o i Calhan whore Thev for Howard Lre Cill. A tet re i_____________w.,4. A jaw a Louisville during my Ltd Moor. E r me of to id Lissa Snell and mrs. Myrtle Dob to Colorado w�0 p a go i is i is 15 Lui .59 Napaul its a am i us is <5 a trip w to it or sob is 0 Al u u q y w u u o u u a a u 1 two other members of her Sun enjoyed a visit with Dick Jones Vii or 5-7 5-19 Al Al 5-11 310 Al c-19 Al a 519 44 5-14 317 91 Kio Al 3-35 .29 9-33 5-15 5-24 Kin k 25 5-21 Al of Al a a k is 7-1 Kos 5-19 315 k24 7 k9 s kl5 it 9-59 incident. Day school class she was treat who had been a business pm Skiro. Teacher k. /4.n_ ss.-. I two. Gill was arrested a charge learner. De to dinner at Furr s cafe tor trip the East. Dick had also a . By her teacher. Betty Bow visited his Mother. Mrs Amelia lir a a. As a Reward or competing Jonrs. Of Comoroto up nip to. Her Workbook and memory work both were residents the com or. And mrs Clarence Hen of malicious shooting and mrs Clarence Hendricks has Dricks and or. And mrs. Paul was sent to the Jefferson much better Case been ill with flu but is feeling Wingard were among the Many four mrs Joe Davis attended the Trinity a number of years ago state meeting of United Square women Springs Friday county grand jury. Mrs. Fred Isgar attending the 25th wedding Anni returned Ersary reception Simla for Princess Grace Given woman of year award Philadelphia map or and mrs John Lough and. _ Colorado or and mrs Clarence geese Buddhist moms attended a past matrons and Home from the Hospital tues or and mrs Scott Richardson Prncess race of Monaco has Day mrs Ronald Cook visited mrs. Past patrons dinner at the Nap arrested Burma Joe Davis last week the annual sports was held saturday night at the Pieper Home Calhan Satur a Quot it hoi want bum it a Quot Tio mry a a. Peyton school gym. A Large Olhan were Friday dinner number of guests had a meal guests at the John Lough Home it of baked Ham buttered Corn hot Rolls mashed potatoes Gra Oto Henne of Topeka can by. Jello and cottage cheese were saturday morning visitors ment has arrested another j4 Buddhist monks accused of anti or and or. Go of Quot dinner guests sunday of the woman of year j or and mrs. Robert Kosley and mrs Fred Isgar were or. I award from the Philadelphia f and Patty or and mrs George adj mrs Harold Jordan of Coll Council of the ladies auxiliary Gotch or. And mrs Jim Kos Rado Springs and or and mrs. Of the jewish War veterans Rangoon. Burma a Ley daughter Penny Kay Guy Nicks of Matheson the recognition of her work with were Donea guests sunday of occasion was Isgar s birthday children. Or. And mrs. Leo Kosley. Alfred Bodhaine of Garden the presentation to the Prin sunday dinner guests of or City. Calif., visited or. And Cess. The former american mov and mrs. John Mikita were or. Mrs Leo Kosley sunday after Star Grace Kelly of Philadel-1 noon rial paper working daily said today Peoples and mrs Joe Sproch and family and or. And mrs. Larry phia was made thursday night callers upon or and mrs a a dinner dance salad Apple pie a la Mode poach and Coffee the master Washington of ceremonies was Bob Thom and Rev. Herman Storey Carl of their cousins Jefe Ami Gari the paper said the monks and Mikita and daughter Dora Lynn. I Lee Pearson and family Satur m urn cousins Jessie Ana gar1. A. S ,.n re a a a a. Five civilians were arrested visitors of Jessie and Quot Mues the face Washington gave the invocation. After the brother and his wife or. Rod i Ili i a or it Lynn , a a to of increasing unrest among Young buddhists earlier this meal Jerry Raterree gave a mrs. Milton Washington of Den recitation followed by a speech ver by Marty Mcclelland Linda is Mael Sang a song followed by Randy Kell a a moaned w he a a Quot 7 monks raids across the coun Lois Peterson to Bennett. Cok it a speech Given by Rev. Or Rado Liere they spent the week try. Miss Evelyn Zentz of Colorado Springs. Or. And mrs Gary Bohrer and son Greg were dinner guests monday of or and mrs. Harold Zentz Randy and Ronnie sons of or. And mrs. Ron Leach were overnight guests of or. And mrs. Goerge Isgar. Or. And Storey. Or Hightower then presented the awards which chided the sweaters received by end rots visiting Lois grandpa unrest mounted following mrs. Isgar spent sunday visit attempt by senior Buddhist the juniors. A trophy of App re of Squirrel Creek and Robert elation was presented to High Owen miss Julian and mrs. Or. Der Miu Rire of int to sett forms the clergy my or. And mrs Isgar Princess Grace flew to Phila Day were or. And mrs. C. A Delphi to attend the it dding of Pearson. Grandma Smith and a a Ltd Niece today. Robert Pearson ail of Denver or and mrs Pete King were Hardin to talk visited by mrs. Josephine Ris new York up a former co of Fullerton. Calif. Sunday Navy had coach it Wayn har Din has been added to the team Winters a telecaster teat will be Bein Colorado he i tee microphones this fall covering National football league games. Hardin will assist the Baltimore Colt the Peyton High school girls third Toce a my county soft place place basketball second place county basketball tournament and third Pace Peyton invitational basketball tournament the seventh my eight Grade mothers. H c. Vete of Colorado Springs attended the sports banquet saturday night As guests of or. And mrs. Bud Ishmael and lag their with the Girts a i. A. A a a Caid a rho Pep Chab unite the place cards were amal mrs placed la aul cups. The Centrepiece whih bang front the ceding helped of my and Lana Sebring Debbie a 4-h cooking Intel Al Fri Beme Al mrs. It pfc a Why can Emily by Emma after school the group mrs. Clara Hamlin accompanied mrs. Bert Hays to Denver Friday where they visited mrs. Jim Hamlin. Or. And mrs. Glen Kinnaman and family of Colorado Springs were sunday dinner guests of or. And mrs. Ben Kim aryan. Mrs. Arnold Gehring. Tony end Jena Marie called at the Ben Kinnaman Home Friday. Or. Mil mrs. Lavern Bangert and family spent the weekend visiting or. And mrs. Prank Daniels of Canon City. Or. And mrs. Clai Leoce Ferguson and daughters were tuesday evening Sipper guests of or. Nod mrs. La Vero Bangert and family. Mrs. Leroy Cotton Terry Sod Robbie visited mrs. Sid Peck thursday Malory mrs. Anna Stanovich and Matt or. And mrs. Dean Cox visited mrs. George Blehm Friday a the fire treatment will make Yon a Little evening. Or. And mrs. Spent saturday Springs John Sakala was a late Satur dinner guests sunday of or div afternoon visitor of Orand mrs Andrew Manyik were und mrs it Steve Cirbo. Joe and or. And mrs Frank Eurich and Chuck or and mrs. Harold Zenti dmrw1.�uktj. Or. And mrs. Gary Bohrer and son Greg visited or and mrs. _ loony Hess South of Limon Sun Day afternoon. Recent visitors of or. And ave neg mrs. 0. C. Carter were mrs. De Johnston and Judy of Omaha. Neb or. And mrs Frank Malloy of Simla visited or. And mrs Dean Cox saturday afternoon. Or. Rod mrs. Joe timers of Colorado Springs mrs. Helen Hemmock Andy Eurich. Mike George we Rich spent sunday dinner together at the George Eurich farm. Mrs. Pete Mckay was a Brief visitor of or. And mrs. Glen Nichols of Simla wednesday afternoon. Or. And mrs. Norman Brooks and Dave of Long View tex., were overnight guests of or and mrs. Fred Isgar sunday. Or. And mrs. Donald brims and Billy of Colorado Springs i s. A. I mow e. It Richardson. A associates taints Camu Tants developers of Good Public relations w4-473t 1504. Nevada Spring it clearance Sale today amp sunday save a up to Ami Moue Ruise of t. A. Display Mode s demonstrators Irons mixers roasters can openers grills blenders hair dryers knife sharpeners docks Coffee makers Fry pans. And More choose from the most famous Brand names Many items still the original Cartons quantities limited a charge it at Kmart buy now and save Mother s Day presents. Open today to . To to pro. A i a sunday t 12 noon to 7 . 25 20 Airport Road Kmart Plaza

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