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Colorado Springs Gazette Newspaper Archives May 1 1965, Page 2

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Colorado Springs Gazette (Newspaper) - May 1, 1965, Colorado Springs, Colorado 2-a�?Gazette Telegraph Colorado Springs Colo. Saturday May i 1965 i Abel named president of steelworkers nos briefs and announcements Frig id a Ike appliances and Maple furniture at Bur lews 410-413 South Tejon Street . Troops join with Dominica forces i continued from fag Ona steelworkers Are United a Abel jail i he indicated that his immedi ate goal would be to get Back to bargaining Over a new contract a Quot Nevada Arith Basic steel May is. Quot to task of negotiating and new from Page owe command has been set up in the Shrinker Buffet and fat �?�nbas5y night May 4th. S m p m Reser the two dead marines fell to nations please phone 633-w92. Sneers bullets at least four other leathernecks were ditch oven restaurant rounded open sever Day week serving an unknown number of Para american and mexican food roopet5 the Njuty by heavy firing at the Duarte Bridge during the Day the rebels gymkhana horse show captured Chama fortress an old 01 k Quot a roping sunday Mav hid Reed Span battlement about a mile by a Quot a Quot it i a Quot a it it cd a. Us a a re in it a to Hod to Hartm. Had been held by some i so steel Industry is among the immediate challenges we Laid. Mcdonald said he would protest the election to the Union executive Board which is expected to give him a hearing Britton three weeks he said the Hoard is empowered to order a new vote in locals where irregularities Are found. Face he admission. Is of wife claims husband Home on Day of crime National policemen Loyal to Wes so but they collapsed under a heavy barrage it Aas not known Bow Many were killed Mere since the Start of the civil strife last weekend As Many As 1.000 persons May have died. Most of the american wound Mississippi Crest moves on Buffington w Oman says she took w Rong pills los Angeles a a. Housewife who says she took sales tax rebate plan reported set continued from Page one by the associated press limping pills on a prescription the Mississippi River Crest or an contraceptive is go to meet higher a proper swelled toward Burlington. A Chain for turns. Iowa and the already sub was Ujj against about $13 million would he merged town of Gulfport Iii. Sav of drugs. Inc. Thursday used the first year. Lamm said. Friday on its record flood ram my. And mrs Albert a., for property tax replacement Page which has caused an Esti per Jason of Miguer their us in the next fiscal year be said Quot s1� ? pc nor court complaint said that Only about $2.2 million would be Between Dubuque Iowa and of Yih a pharmacist s available for replacement and Hannibal. To. Is the amount is Likely to drop in around $2 million the following weather Bureau forecast a showers with a few thunderstorms Are forecast today from the Northern Rockies to the Pacific coast and Over the Eastern great lakes. It wih be warmer from the Southern Plains to the South Atlantic coast states and cooler in the parts of the Pacific Northwest and North Atlantic coast states. A wire photo map As a result of mistake. Mrs. Pearson. 40 the preliminary damage est expect my a Chiw a Quot Quot a 0jl army the Taw said they in jew. Quot economically and psychology Lamm told reporter he wants the flood still maintaining Cau and Unready to All of the added Money to go High water pressure on Walls rear cd m to schools he said the state Cai and earthworks of Dubuque a. Get More mileage out of pay Clylon and Davenport. Iowa. The c0�?opie 1 p _ ment to schools than from re and Moline. East Moline and Hattier a old mrs Bales. Bock bleed. Rn., upstream. Pm a need the pm Ruml thursday for contraceptive to a phar during the afternoon me Ani. Maoist in a store last oct. 28. Continued from Page one. _ Moore told him he had nerd were taken aboard the or. The 33-member Board b con Conr Danied the two men in Roto a a a. Or a in tkv aka.1 in Enner Boxer in Santo Domingo a i ni0 5totct cd and Harbor in Washington a pen Donald declined to Sav if he held up the express company Tal on a they would Carn his protest to the a it co Nim to Moore he received spokesman said the it tilt i Rivir re Tver Tarrh it is. Wooer be received obviously were seriously enough Sisr to Zzz to act ii to rom robbery a a a a a a Quot a goes against him. Ehtle then abandoned and Lonj it Thor. Ltd a up quoth it nos no matter what Mcdonald the Trio went Back to Denver a c �?of&Quot/1�?T does. It b not expected to de a _1 s radio and television a Abel from taking office june i Wienc fonday evening to or Mcdonald a a a Raj the witness be Gamin ution of american states methodists to hear or. Lehmberg two sentenced to state pen passed Muscatine on night the River running seven to eight feet above its overflow stages put levees at Keithsburg and Oquawka of to their maximum tests each town has about 1.000 residents. Johnson closes first too Days Washington apr i ate gave final legislative approval to the Bill allowing the state to regulate irrigation Wells. The vote was 294, follow 1 tog a Sharp debate Over conference committee recommendations which eventually were a resuming to his pulpit after a very Brief vacation. Or Lehmberg. At 8 25 and loss sunday morning at the Fust methodist Church will preach it a pres proved 21-12. The House acted ,, Frere Pap on a Kosley who testified. Saniei m Kelt Teburg to Hainaut. Den Johnson closed out Friday to measure Friday room Rora part of he Odense was was first inched up for being Powll s main the first too Days of the White also approved was a Coro or it ing to is. A drunk and when he was search Fum. Cannon Bronze House term he won to a tidal Panion Bill on water. X �. Con it plan cmpl0>�?~nr of Nawy by before putting to Senate marijuana cigarettes were m was Safe As a 20 38 and a typical Day it was. Gave jts approval without Dis there was an ominous note. To a revised version of the sheriff Dave Sturgeon at the marijuana cigarettes Lime judge Knoch remarked found on him Sanbei told to of a Root huge nearly 15 feet z Zzz tote inf to ab0&Quot Nood is report Das her a 00 my o bul authoring Airport autuori have endangered to fives of user and that he had Only smok these too Days. For an hour any possible bystanders de one of the cigarettes ties to be set up. The apparent critical Point these too Days. A a downstream was at Niota. 111., Johnson conferred with Cabinet i 62 appeared re to Brothers said Thev had Ltd the subject. Leaping Over 2 Enoch remarked that the nver from Kort a level officials on the revolt in based and Jovial after the an cased Quot. Denver Hank and that War an unusual a a Nini y i has pm it re far from Dison. Iowa where town super the dominican Republic that nou Cement that marked the Moor an ered he was not in. Wil pro Entz i to the men More Good even if he did have no visor f w old about 500 w to another Landing of . First official word that his 12 crested to bar Robbines Domingo but Post method it than 15 years the state re Fei a convictions the judge Duke workers a doa t tor marines and paratroopers year Nile was ending m a Nso a it m having the salvation army a a tor it was then put on pro cited Vanous past offences sure. Whether re winning or As there have been through he attacked Only the report of fast to by brass band of Ballon j which include Joy Tom. Drunk Losif. These too Days there were refile tellers and made no com a a try is Dos ho�?�00 a Beplay sacred Sanchez pleaded guilty March enness. Approximately three Herp continual p0 Quot a Johnson a Lese ate t a people to Ratov Dou Nide the Muu it Attr tirs of he 36 to brins in Possession of a convictions for a Ravine Minu Economy and things Verne Johnson has been dec a a a go. Iii two. A wok. It was a Day on which heed president of the Colorado Uke prowling to Illinois High Namu Spring. Knife end Fork Chib. Ment about Abel. End added a there Holly Wood. Calif. Pix veered Sanchez pleaded glumly March enness. Up proximately three continual p�?�0 a jets a a a we a a of a a a a a for drive my be booming Economy and this in contrast to to tto cd tkv m u i b co dig under suspense Disint it a Quot a it _ bitter give and take of the com with the lest to veers he had seekers a a _ _ m a a Richard Long will preach on the Johnson Heads knife Fork club Here to the Brink of a steel strike just this week. Or conferring with to president of the Bible in to at the White House that the do Hom it a pm a a the beginning of National family week and this is a timely subject for that occasion. On sunday night or. A he Berg begins a series of sermons pain which forced a in a North been convicted of a fedral Lei id news Morlier Afi recess m Basic steel Neotia ony interstate transportation of twas and was blamed by the false securities. Industry for begin. The nation of having been Mim can rebellion May have in Colorado Springs april. 1963 some a aspects of a communist and Ever having made any con movement a state department the tellers report gae no to the Fri agent the officials said three dominican of toe a Ole by witness said he was arrested communist parties had joined v0. Str\7uf.a a May 21 by an Arkansas state with other extreme leftists in geared that most of Abel s a Post in. The officer. Glenn the shooting and propaganda Jonty came from Canadian to testified thursday. Aimed at defeating the new Mil pm a Var id. H according to Moore he was itary Junta a Tomp Tuit Basic ated a Quot Quot a Quot Ila Quot i Cal a Law an met a or it a a a a a Ltd books Bishop Short also co free press Industry what employ Quot Ersel cd a titled one witness in one made St than 450.000 of the unions 7m is Arv Oenar a Jose a Mora to would based on to letter to i City. Million members the rest of a�.,. San Quot 1>wn,n0 p"1 the ephesians will be to source commission Ped the pair for a routine h cease fire in effect former . The study following the eve Cense Check and on thursday ambassador John Bart to .4 m of the according to Dei. Sgt Thom incr Charles Lund 18. It Carson printers Battle with City planner a continued from Page one missed by the District Atter based on the quadrennial pro within about 880 Yards of the s office when the defendant Gram of the methodist Church Union printers Home land be pleaded guilty. Was sentenced to six months in Rrt t of Tours around a a Yard. Succeeding Jota e Kennedy Counti Jau and then was Given at Zzz Eti cd by a it time off who held the office for the past probation Razz the record with reporters year. I Usuf i residents shaking other officers Are Albert is Lund praded a Tufty Panl a a Crest of la text two feet to risk a a a has and for a Glt. First vice prescient Burl a Row a Quot rr5 it a a who work Mak Liney second vice presi Toteh be Otto Ltd z m Aduth ground a t�s5 it Quot a a e a Ufa a Quot n Ira it Matt air Madts n 00 was department Johnson strolled Secretary. So Over for a Chat with Secretary they were elected during the the Crest expected sunday at Henry Fowler and other treas group s final dinner meeting of the a Toram has the title one my considered for i acro ran to Quincy 7 officials but spent More the season thursday night. New this program a the use Une a a Rev Slon was for Day time talking and shaking hands directors Are Phil Green. Biu this charge was made by the stale a by electing razor from 8t 22 5 feet. Quincy s 45 too res with run of the mine employees Westbay. Mckinney and Henry been a car belonging to \ Erie c dents were snug on a Bluff Well crowded into the Halls. Witness in one world the it has not one made at any Public meeting of Hatton. Dec 18 above the Stream. The membership works for Independent steel firms fabricators can and aluminium companies and other operations. More than �,80.000 Steelwork Council or planning Lund has already spent More it to the North and South of _ thin four months in jail. In 1958 Quincy however backwaters Shepard denied thursday that he was involved in what the Pread Over 15 080 acres of a a. Nung service on earn of me he has development interests Ludge described As Quot an frae ,1__ be test ted a gun Martin arrive Tel at she san let a Dro nday evenings As Long As this near the Union printers Home Tion of the Law a a but later the Diw Trisi Ntantis Stilt no tested on him and was then arrested a to take up what he called a Senes is presented there will be in a Tell a to maw Harry Hoth. to talk i Dividu Dik Tea. Hon of the Law a but later the dust rial plants series is presented there will be n a letter to mayor Harry Hoth charge was dropped the gun was identified As the a Nate peacemaking role a discuss we to period to the Church and the Council _ ers voted the tellers reacted to it Kofrom Rea a a As a former ambassador parlor for those who wish to closest area that i am that Abel polled 308 910 to. Apr so a it Tel pay inures the doral i remain and discuss some of the personally interested to is in 168 for Mcdonald a Moor few put a # lab and feels question raised by this study Milf a Shepard said a to a Tea Frt Mai w 0ww 1 for on sunday night for the first Shepard said bouncer rent of Mizz m Quot Quot a gun at him said. A i decided to come As a four messages based on the a to record will show that i caused he a tests of vat Mair at Froc we be also said he private citizen to see what help quadrennial program. Del he questioned whether i should Rote regularities to t. Liers tray m re Quot 1 cow Bute a after his speak on the subject. In the matter to Advance of the Ewe and the Chi Umry hear be and that a a won�"1 to cr0ct a Quot one Lort of All Voie and was not asked to be r-.-. A. On., some 150 such protests out of w k other messages in the series excused Shepard said units and building new bunkers these hearings the vote to Only he then went 00 t0 tjnd5�?~y Are on May 16 when the sub a my vote reflected my honest along the cease fire line m that four wreak by Tova that a Tiuch of is Given a Cuba asked for action by Jet Isi one world under one feelings on the matter insofar Border state it said eight in Csc to get Rianon books Gerber retiring from the Board Are Franklin Fielden Kennedy. Ray m Ryerson and Jota Young. Or. Holdover members Are Robert w Hen Dee. Johnson. Or. Ben Lehmberg. J. E. Martin. Anton Nelson. Slagle. Harold s. Teats no peace for India Pakistan bottomlands leave after such flood. At his conference my thursday it in the s absence Secretary general u Thant at lord a on May 23. One per As Over All Good planning pm Diane were killed to two Skir Donald confirmed that he spent Tell a was to nerf mfr u n a quarters in new York i _ the methodists a and Shepard said a and toe millies monday and tuesday continue from Page one. Several hours thursday Takin 10 Dautas is Bandai fed and to prevent what it called moves by 30. Oneness in the local Best interests of the surround 150 Miles Northwest of Rawal Biery a that s not our depart result of a failure to save the feb 8 with Sec re tar of i Thor w Wil shackled beaten up several toward total us. Military occur my neighbourhood and the entire Puidi a building. Funds collected to ran a Africa times by police officers and his pation of the dominican re pub the Book by or Short is Avail Community Secretary lard Wirtz to Washington. Sources close to Mcdonald fort Collins. Colo. Up cropland was expected to be a a the Library collection at the and jul an p Tatum total loss this year to owners Rianon mansion in Colorado club is International to because of the mud cake drying Springs will go to Colorado state sc0pf and was first organized a. University it was announced 1w5 membership top a limited to married couples Only. Or a r. Chamberlain vice speakers scheduled next sea president for administration at Arf Csc. Announced the acquisition Ort 6 a Herbert Philbrick he called toe 10 000 volume col the red underground today i Lection a the finest and largest nov n _ per Reich a a Jet personal Library Ever assembled missiles. Space and in Colorado Jan 17 a Philip Lovejoy the decision to give the Cohen world problems from Ameri Tionta Csc apparently was the can Pant View a miss Shirley Dun african adventure Quot col. Cloud considered for City Job. _ a a. A _. President Johnsons special a col. Cloud is certainly to i move requests about too. For an at lie the Castro regime said it m the Church office for Quot the record will show that i envoy Henry Cabot Lodge a Good position to help with the were insufficient Orri the nun f Tea Mimir lor7> denied he testified he feels that the military occupy to Road in preparation noted for their printers Home riving in new Delhi on a trip Airport Quot she said count number 01 a it Tkel Chi prepared for to Senes of messages. J requests at the time they re scheduled earlier to explain the a a Ltd r a ass it ind out Wirt on is m d without being cannot be ignored by the secur Quested consideration for their . Viet Nam policy also Dis Fyk. Al a t a i enthusiasm for investigating the a a _ a _ ,. A . E. Said that the assistant to the ejection. A ow"1 10 he floor pc a flak. I a a 2 a 2 a a sch Quot Quot a a Yew a City manager 5 do icy we old in attorney Lions or by its general assent 0yico Dolive ten. Development building prime Munster la Bahadur c adv the move of civilian ter during Cross examination my i n i Al a perhaps they printers Shastri on fonday night the mansion to Denver March 7 or Orlo m. Bree. A grist for the Grin Mill a the results of the meeting reportedly were inconclusive. A we made no Appeal and in Congress backs mining Cross examination a i d i in a a a a to conducted by District attorn papal Nuncio Emmanuel Ike in 1 0 11111109 Home would have asked waft via it i a Jiji ajl a a a a a a t a Ajmal. I. A a Ira Ai Ira a it Auto parts Worth $227 taken at lot second graders visit Gazette Telegraph automobile attachments Val second graders from uncool excuse myself. No. My by Bob russe he said thai Clar ice the Vatican s disk. State policeman s own s re magic representative in communist take Mark concerning Moore pointing Domingo a flew by helicopter a gun at him was a a lie Quot add with . Ambassador w. T _ _ 10 or a Quot in Etas a refreshing 1 Lyle rated a Vount ports Britain s mediation heave went on to say that the meet with the new Junta on a. A be from a conflict of interest. I pm. Ump a. w Oum Nave asked me Lom a a a a 0west Sld a ,0u1 no 20 school visited the Gazette Tel v if Erx a Tow Shasta that Wash Peterson Field Biery said stolen from cars parked on the and thurs due and were tar. Ref news a la regret Lnda a a a a the assistant s work on toe Tat of Darnell motors inc. Bjes san of they assumed i would conflict with it neighbor in Almon alone would take about tween wednesday and Friday a. Vet for them Anam alrpor1 alone Usu Twain Hedges Al a arx3 Friday., the pupils included Dan Coa s12 million damage by earthquake Over sen be voting yes for them again formed sources said. And pm l8 a months j Strom Thurmond. R a in fit opinion this proves that phased the United slates sup Rector Maurice Pierce has been i Ore. A gun at him was Quot a add with . Ambassador w. Tag a the knows it s a be a Pley Bennet to san Isidro a r from past a Fri agent was lying and be Felt cease fire 0n lat amen can crisis the Man Quot had a feeling of in it was presumed the papal and Jtj a been Many Shepard said his vote Agama Wake Beth Shasta and president Miry against him a envy a May have had some con Vears since americans have the proposed syk song it Mohammed Ayub Khan of Pak referring to his alleged beat tact with the rebels. In Wash occasion for such Pride and was Lri Ely because 29 acres of tan. Calling for a withdrawal police reported pupils. Aster Dan Owington Vinca up to now. Public works i an employee of Daniels Mot i Puzick gob Wilson Richard 311 s. Chestnut St Al continued from Page one for 3 per Loam for repairs rebuilding Ever get handled by the Dallas la Olympia. Gov. Dan Eva f a the quid make Adeta Oad me Mun Tel a before deciding use to do Zug Clare a disaster making the state eligible for additional Federal Aid the d state Carfl defense department put the financial loss at half the my by the Dallas police the my tex die Oas said clan co had Confidence to witness said to Rusada if you telephoned encouraging pros. Crisis a pasta for a Sallen j. Ellender. Do. One of the rebel strongholds is1 said the United states a fluid at the Santo Domingo Cattie put aside its moralist attitude dral to the old part of the City in foreign this old Quarter has bred a if continue to look for a fled Moore to court we tax sur momnctt5 George Washington in every Day. The thu had the dictatorship been a encouraged in Kaivel l Trujillo. Who a iwo do a Casus a a a a a a a. 4. And the police adding that the to iq61 Der said. 1? but us in act attorney and the pol tiv a a mad v Secretary of sule dealt Rusk a had an axe to Gand a Alor with u�15 of the 82nd men after two hours i hmm i of a a feed Law enforcement officers he 10lst airborne divisions. Briefing the Senate foreign hav Dooe in 1/ 22 jjjw5wwi�sti the re won a of Tab Austin Sraybr Roodahl. To 5 is a , 5 grow Veid Tat for approximately a week Manuel Gonzales. Dale Quig mrs Krouse said that it was of or two l Cen Ley. Ted Ralston. Calin Perry parked in the lot wednesday Jackie Judson. Debra Codding three four barrel carburettors Karen so Tummy i pfennig and valued at to each and two air j Ber Mother Julie Tenney Vicki toe handling of shopping Center Bone at the of combat Aune by both k Mart location is still unde James a cease fire Taiau eloped. Shepard is vice president of a pakistani spokesman to Rawalpindi said Ayub rejected a Shepard land of Suffi Evurd by she to Voore hed k a ent for a the Sproul development Ca he is Abo president styled Homes of Shepard Sot nation. Breed Rem any other kind of a a pm met Rene for human being i read to be Tulve Bele Zered Day. About Law enforcement i m not mount i feed Durons the different is. Tru port plates landed states last major earthquake. A a a a a a a Jan april 13. 1941. That one killed eight Persona to addition to do fag i million in Dan re. The Chi defense department set matai damage at in my lion to private property and $44 of Bon to Public fade Cha. In House group reminds Dod of authority any Mare. I was paralysed when i got to Dallas casualty jail. Do you think that s a human being who would do that to latter cracks to Notzer cd be gnaw a of in mate Capitol ind a a a sweeping on excitedly he said to Russel rather than toe court �?�1� a a Lieut projects to guilty of this Case. You in i know in and toe whole shooting match knows it do a utile soul a Archag or. I know of True and you know ill to True a to court re Ceaud at approx innate in five thirty and Wei re this Mora fag at nine it is hoped too Case will go to toe jury Toto today. Is Betag assisted by Deputy District attorney Tom Treava end div toe by Hay Dob Kane. Judge David w. Enoch is on too Tench. Relations committee on vie Nam that he would not Call the Doam Ucan uprising a a second communist front a but he said there were a a few Todink Farais Down there who would give a appearance of International communism Quot Tath revolt some congressmen however said they considered toe rebellion to be communist inspired Mufti from pm go on i rap l. Mendel Rivers d posed research and develop s c., chairman of the House i armed services committee mat if a . Ism umm h reportedly Ane reason for the said forces prevented reduction then was an attempt takeover by communists direct to find Money to the budget to de by cuban Premier Fidel Castra other were oat so sure. Sonata democratic Leader Mike Mansfield mote., said a . Forces could to once . Civilians Are evacuated and there is a a stable Goce Romeo to that and ofter deform officials Kave Mansfield said the returned to the committee and organi Astira of american states Oas should be primarily re Spon stole for obtaining a cease fire. A a billion pay raise for servicemen which is you to by chairman l Mendel Rivers . Riven a source Saki told toe committee the Money is Betag restored because Secretary of defense Robert s. Mcnamara ghee a Fud and detailed Plant too of what toe will be used for. Not the feeling of the Council that the assistant s Post would automatically be a stepping Stone to City manager a we re going to Start inter viewing people As soon As possible for City manager a she said. One of Shasta s reported pro Biery is due for retirement in Posas is that India withdraw its november 1966 officials say do spa Ltd rate Qaji loud was assistant chief took a tour through the Gazette land fronting on the arabian 5laf m the air defense con Telegraph Plant thursday sea and replace them with Mand since jul lf59 he we visiting were Allen Sevenson. A Kaka a nifty no kit i p010 "1 a Tacti to India named commander of the 4600th Rosalie Scott. Marie Camp. So a a it air Bare Wing eat afr by. In Weatherly. Susan Klu. A Al t. Of is in Cash were Uken re tor Ore of the that it Miltn Ai arc Jao a room lint Dew franc do a a a Cash. Items taken cleaners valued at $23 60 each were taken by the thieves. Peyton school pupils tour Gazette Plant pupils from Peyton school Benell Cheryl Stevens Lanai Sullivan and Kathy Roger. Suit from the Savoy Motel april 24. Prevailed before toe shooting police reported. Started april t. Mrs. Leon Mickey manager of toe hotel located at 24 s. Nevada Ava. Told police she was on vacation from april 13 until thursday and when she returned she discovered that a he has been Active in civic a Boerne. Numerous hems takes Flea can fishing tackle clothing and affairs including the presidency of toe pikes Peak Rock i boy scout soon Cal. Talent at the hold Baa left and acc�3on� Lud at a to had apparently take a play pre a a Quot Quot t and a woman a suit valued atreus Ratkaj in Frow of the total of is her owners Home Between is or. Maxey said Tiree withdrawal slips tax Jet cd a drawer for Hai erne Aho Stod to toe Lena it who left she said toe withdrawal slips wire in authorised an employee to charge of toe botel while mrs. Mickey was away told police to woman who allegedly took the missing left april 24. Police Are looking for a worn identified As june Stooe-28, five feet two Tach so Tail with dark hair and tag p m. Thursday and 7 . Friday. Police reported. Maxwell a. Meyer Sii e Willamette ave., told police too articles were ii a him Modo car and a Imi an Otto Cor both or few Wadt Aflaki Semi Rizii in my. A voc were parted to croat of kids House. He said off few car was a to at to time of to burglary. Among toe Mich articles Bere three Fiher Teu fishing poles five spin tag reels a tackle Box a jacket three pairs of part two lid a set of tire chains. Vicki rat Terre Rick Manyik. Arnold Gabling Dean Bauge to Moody Bailey. Robert Schawe Tony Lopes Richard took reported butt Ann ame annual missing from garage Tass study Iii. Tools valued at approx Mima in Buni Nira mately $50 were stolen from s Kwiw cd garage sometime prior to for United nations . Day police reported. Apr a Eta uhf. Wikis m. Patterson Xuy country club or. Told police v used the tools approximately one week prior to Friday and left than to a fetal Bat on a work table to his Gar age. He said v tooted tor them Friday Aud discovered they were missing. According to the report Tbs garage doors were often left open and Patterson said nothing else was missing. Among toe missing tools were a ast of of cart wrenches and a set of Rod it we tics vital statistics it. Or. L Buffer is in free fun to a a Luff do rvs. J Boro a me a Mille v rom Vilii flu \ a Viloer re a a pfc a fur Delegate said Friday the russians Arete studying whether to v anything at toe United nations Abote toe . Troop landings to toe dominican Republic. To described them As a Daggres sors ambassador Nikolai t. Fedorenko told a reporter Quot two question ii aider our dote "syk0m Quot a it it is i the f i a Joe Loveless \ i

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