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Colorado Springs Gazette Newspaper Archives May 1 1965, Page 1

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Colorado Springs Gazette (Newspaper) - May 1, 1965, Colorado Springs, Colorado It Colorado Springs Quot if an Mankind minus one were of Oma opinion and Only one person were of the contrary opinion Mankind would be no Molt Motif cd in silencing that one person than he if he had the Power would be justified in silencing a John Stuart Mill weather forecast Fikes Peak Region a fair this morning. Partly Cloudy Thia afternoon and sunday. A few Light showers and turning cooler sunday. High today near so. Low tonight As-50. No. 30.033�?94h. Yor b0h1 associated press and United press International Colorado Springs saturday. May i. 1965 in deity dial 632-4641 three sections�?44 pages $12 million damage by earthquake sales tax rebate plan reported set for state Seattle map a damage by Gordon g. Gauss. Denver apr a House Senate legislative con Gas estimated at All 5 minion err Nee committee working on a Bill to increase Colorado s to and a rom to so cd and Earth state sales tax from 2 per cent to 3 per cent has decided quake thursday morning in to give rebates to offset the tax paid on food. Which two men were killed by democrats have insisted on the Point. Gov. John a falling debris and four women has Askil that a Quot the suffered fatal heart attacks. Increased sales tax Money be used for replacing local pro-0�e of the women. Mrs. A Perty taxes for Public Drey c. Bowman to. Of port schools. Townsend on the olympic pen has insula North of Here. Died Madr to let the k a pod Townsend Hospital Urf . Sen Edwin s two sentenced to state pen the committee has five defendants were sen fret a the nth a the i "�?T7. 7&Quot fenced. Two of them to us slate during the t e in by of which umm it Ranj Junction a Penitentiary Friday by District Uzi i 2 la ankh no it Ember told a judge David w Enoch miked stat and British is that the agreement had been. E Cotenia reached umm said hire j of Quot no Ltd two men injured by falling to. T. Four to six years term in the ,.------,-----. 10 a Lon quoth late p1&Quot Penitentiary for burglary and a further four to six for Lar both to run concurrent in. A. A. A a to a however us the Small business admin no needed ,0 it end u t0 Spencer. 34. Formerly of 106 Stratton in Arlington. D.c., the House and Senate for action. Brookside St. Was charged declared All sections of was with the Ort 8 breaking at the in ton state which suffered earthquake damage disaster areas this permits businesses homeowners. Churches and Cha table institutions to apply turf to Pogo a2.column i rubble remained in critical com and has of Penitentiary Quot a hospitalized we a a a a a finer will less serious injuries has Natur Hal tvs a airborne cities a the Coe twins of Kansas City. Mo., framed up to create this illusion. That s Sandy in the Frame and Judy outside the Frame. The 21-year-old twins have just graduated from american airlines stewardess College. Fort Worth. Tex., and Are based in los Angeles. Map wire photo printers Gay planner fight with hot words by John Kuglin Gazette Telegraph staff writer Lamm said that late Friday a a. _. ,. The i Ommittee Suh was debating r0 "1 Quot Quot a a a he a whether to me the rebate in m Lush a f Movw earn per person �7 per person of Quot h a its found asked by sen Rov Romer. D �?o2 i 1 a a _ Venver Truman Tommy Mathews. 27. _ a. A a a 10,5 Manitou ave. Was Given the committee is cancelled to a it of our a mrs finalize tis report saturday. Its the p,.r,Hmar, he Ursla Lin dogs May open the Way for agreement on the Long a proper a re a the d Edam was attorn Bill a Hicha Soerens a commute has been Studym and a a half for two weeks. Broken into Courtesy motors one source said the decision jog $. Nevada ave the Dis map the m spending by is Likely to rms sed count accused him of House armed services com 7� of a red Spring with Curtis Lee Dean by the democratic majority in 29. 6 hop. who has pleaded the House of representatives. A Nogent and will he tried May its dispute with the Pentagon Over tots Boss Tien it a Quot la ,0 testimony was Given by proved do tense department re ,0 the Richard Anderson of the. Chairman of the legislature s police department who said that joint budget committee and is co Hon and kept a were a Ken usual Steo of starting out its re on of authors of the Senate the office of Courtesy to ,.approved la a be Shoemaker Bill. For and a car from the lot port to author Ute funds for Mill ,. Row a a a a ors an0 rom he Lotary procurement and research it. A defense attorney Sand Kra Mer told the court that math Lamm said that under the tax news was drunk at the time of House group reminds Dod of authority Mittee waved the Flag of congressional authority Friday in quests for funds. The committee took the in by citing chapter and verse of its constitutional authority Quot to . Troops join with regular Dominica forces by Loi is i Critelle Santo Domingo. Dominican Republic api a sniper fire kill Al two . Marines and wounded other american troops Friday As combined us. And dominican forces advanced Block by Block through heavy irregular opposition to set up an International safety zone by Nightfall leftist rebels seeking the return of exiled sex president Juan d. Bosch still held More than half of this old Spanish colonial capital. Tie . Forces suffered their first casualties since they began Landing Here wednesday. These came after they joined with regular dominican troops in launching a two prong movement into tile downtown area from East and West. The action brought us servicemen in combat together for the first time with troops of Brig Gen. Elias Wessma y Wes sin. Commander of the newly installed military Junta a Marine column of tanks and amphibious vehicles came under heavy fire As it pushed off from the Seaside Al Emba Jador hotel at the Western end of the City to carve out a zone designated earlier in the Day by the organization of american states As a Haven for refugees from the fighting mrs. Frank rms Ley Moore an Oral confession admitting his another clash occurred As testified on behalf of her bus per in the stick up. My by arrived paratrooper of. ,. To witness said Moore told the Quot $ 82nd airborne division hand in District court Friday Law Hiowt Iochi marines guard american embassy a . Marines taking cover against persistent sniper fire. Stand guard at the . Embassy in the embattled City of Santo Domingo where a bloods revolt entered its seventh Dav Friday. The Marine detachment at the embassy numbering about 70. Killed several snipers on thursday without suffering any casualties. The first marines landed in the dominican Republic wednesday afternoon. Map wire photo no peace for India Pakistan by Conrad Kink new Delhi. India map and wife claims husband Home on Day of crime its constitutional authority Quot to. A a is was a runs Ai me Lime 01 Delhi. India map a and said he was her on a a 7. T 77 a Quot ppr plan discussed in the conference Kana Hon a Wmk. A a a a Call from two Brothers in Den Elk c so ,5 a a a a the report and a statement on. U to a urn Fri a a i Wuriu City planning commissioner o. F. Shepard has blasted pro ment Htu were made a a in 2 Morr pm no �4e�c judge proposals to end fighting in the it we ant to charged to Union printers Home for making to Espo Sibie Fra Lay after the roam it a j v01 Enoch said that the defendant Rann of Kutch. Mrs Moore told the court i rtt trp a thou. I. Vot. Against. Re Grul Ralpd l0 a Thome ,s�3 a a a a a ted it a cd i Romba was a a pm try a she husband and the two on the unions land. Non in Mew remainder of tile Money a tl0 v arks tha seemed Fairfi. Hav and u turn to a a go a2. Column a a. __., and it was children were All together Atto tote rpnr1 d he in led sues and her Horne in f. Worth. Tex bring in about $34 million an 0ffwsp deadlocked Friday on cease fire armed robbery with which the helluva Good Story to make him be had received a joined Wessma s men at the Stra Duarte badge Over the Zama River at the Eastern end of the City. The Span is the Only the charges were made by the printers Home and and Anc develop wrap and later Moore joined them in brei link with Tessin s head mrs Moore told the court that the Ibi agent continued say turn to Page a2. Column 2 Becker and Davis construction co., in a letter to the City Council dated april 22. The letter accused the planning Ion i Mission of being Quot arbitrary Quot and Quot capricious Quot and said Shepard Quot should have Dis a qualified himself from sitting in judgment of the matter because of a conflict of interest Quot the shopping Center in ques St., a Gazette Telegraph Denied Al the april is Carnif Meenen Al the a taming com Mission it was proposed for 43 5 j acres Southwest of pikes Peak car Accident at Boulder Street Canier boy injured in Street Accident Gary Vesper. 14. S32 w Mono ans of the future the committee approved the measure after agreeing to retrace its Steps and to restore most of the 9ss4 million it Cut March 13 from Pentagon requests most of those cuts a Security sets watering hours Security a new summer a is04.c million a were far pro Erin hours became effective the beefeaters feb. Of was sen Tom to Pago a. Column St this morning quarters at san Isidro air base. 20 Miles away. And the River s Eastern Bank in Santo Domingo. Because the ragtag army of armed civilians and rebel soldiers dominated much of Santo Domingos historic downtown sector helicopters provided the Only Supply line Between the the pikes Peak Highway has . Embassy and the san Isi oui Ltd titty ive�?Tirvirourv"n7 rpm it Pons ble officials in new Del Hospital and unable to testify been cleared of deep Snow and Dro base. The us. Military .77 -.�. I foreign Indian a would and another who Iii Ai Home w v open to Public trave turn to Page a2.column 3 Ihan am Britain exerted heavy pressure that Dav and that so spent Al laahen3 v but it Fth melons t0 Cail it most the entire time with him t�ti2r hostilities. In five flank the Ai had Din but blood ran hot on both Ner together she said with two Leonard Duane Hamilton. 30. 421 Valley Way who pleaded Peak Highway open today sides of the Frontier and few friends one of whom was ill in fenced to three to five years predict what the future holds for m Texas. Starting at 9 a m today. Highway superintendent Jack Wilson enters innocent plea Briony tote Ndu pry and the put a a Quot a Ste the re Reg until further notice. Secor m probation i Pakistan s to million. So Well. She explained As they 1 Quot a Allyl Ujj put h i y residents will v allowed to i judge said Hamilton had u a v no Hgt Ern ment Warp a Kunf a a atoms for a Quot Ohhad 1%. Owns and gardens be no previous record and that the shark d la Ltd to top have birthday party for her son who of in it of no a Highway and i i in Foj Minir a 5 and a. In and s and a a to St a a ars old he Luid Ltd Quot a adj 1,1 Nicholas Billy Wilson. 32. Using by water tween 5 8 p m., seven Days a week the 1502 Board members of the Security car struck by bullets and Gary avenues Becker and and Cooper Avenue a Davis said they would build the Vesper was taken to St. Cheyenne blvd., who has Alrea do Tel decided to install More than 50 Aoa Square foot Francis Hospital by e and e by pleaded innocent to Volun he daily watering program on Structure ambulance where he was re tary manslaughter will be tried Tea basis a at the same last wednesday the free ported in fair condition Ute june of Tim we More stringent press which is owned and sub Friday. Vesper suffered a com Wilson is accused of shooting los violator a car eastbound on Costilla sided by the Union printers Pound fracture of the upper Richard Lee Rossie 38. Cas the new watering hours win Avenue wednesday night was charged right leg. A fracture of the left Cade at the dead Man s Farmer he kept in Force unit Board hit twice by bullets fired from Quot runner o. F Shepard has Arm. Severe lacerations of the wife s Home. Carol m Rossie members and Thomas k. Rem the Side of the Road the Driver development interests of his own lower left leg. Numerous con 32. Creek Road. Chipeta Park. Pm manager of the secur reported to police Friday turn the fag Al. Cal urn 8 fusions to the face and head. Monday try a an j was suffering from severe chock water Kashmir reinforcing Frontier turn to Pogo a2. Column ii permits for buildings at High for year trouble from Snow ice. Us daughter of the witness. A up up to the n no foot Washington up a con is year old Jackie also gain summon Al this time of year is Gressional leaders Friday Gen similar testimony. An Unfong Tahle Enji Prience be Rall it endorsed president John ix4fendant Moore. Is. Testified Caus it i the Snow and Moun son s action in sending u. S. And repealed his wife s Testi Anous drifts along some of the troops into the strife torn do Mon. He also accused an Fri inside shoulders of the Highway,1 minivan Republic but there agent a police officer and five he said. Was Little agreement on How men who had identified him As for the time being the toll Long the troops should stay one of the men who robbed the Gate above Cascade will be open former president Dwight d. The weather jrtxti1 Rea express office in Colorado Frow 9 a in to 5 p in the hours Eisenhower also announced his building permits issued by Springs As liars will be extended later in the support of the action Eisenhowe the Elpaso county planning earlier Friday in the presence season . Returning to his Gettysburg very according to a sheriff s re Drain on the Community s water Colorado ave., told police he commission swelled to a value 0f the jury the Fri agent said the Highway was officially farm after four months in port Rossie had broken into the Supply has become too great was driving East on Costilla lion totalling $3,252,448 in april he saw Moore in Dallas Jai on opened for the season last sat California said be considered 1. Aam a Joseph i. Duran. 831 e House and was attacking mrs then the previous alternate Avenue at approximately 8 30 highest for the year Vespier was hit by a car drive it. 2151___ _ a 31st St according to police port was fired from a 178 Call ably he installed for the Vesper went it ver toe Bood Ber Winchester and severed the minder of the summer in by Robert j. Such. 18. Ils Roane. The Bullet Saki the re Day watering policy would prob p m wednesday and had just of the of permits issued one tar Moi a. Tto itutaua inv Imp ten Riv i m hmm re passed under the underpass in was for 100511110 100 of a $386 a the 900 Block. He said he heard too Safeway store at 3169 w j the staph vehicle and a heart j Board members in Anontine three shots and could set the Colorado ave two other per dragged 256 feet at toe time of toe kill to tog the new daily watering Reg fir from the muzzle of toe Goth nuts totalling $930 too were for is die Cir so still had a restraining Arder Illarion warned residents that a but did t realize his car had construction of school building was ticketed for care against Hun issued by District mandatory installation of a a hit unti he washed it facilities in District 20 the air less driving according to court which forbade visit his sex wife. Hire to ter meter would he toe penalty thursday Academy District. May 21, 1963 when Moore made urday but had to be closed at toe action Quot sensible Quot and he a a p m sunday because of the had no criticism. Storm which left More than Southern congressmen were three feet of Snow on the ground particularly emphatic in their and deeper in some places be support of the presidents because of Drifting. Hon. Most said the u. S. Troops the Summit House is open for should stay to the Island nation business turn to Page a2. Column 4 Ess for breaking the new regulation col Cloud considered for City Job Abel is steelworkers chief col. Howard Cloud ., com hot Burgh a in Abel has been declared Winner it in tinted Steelworker a bitter president Jai election today but Defeated incumbent David j. Mcdonald vowed to Content the result a to the fullest sex a in Obi a i cannot abandon my response can United stodge America a Mcdonald told a Mvi cooler once Friday aborted after the Union s National tellers de dared abet Toor by 11,14 votes. The median wee Fob. I Abd St Veteran of Eniy onion urge idiom who has been the Union s no. T Man Fence Mcdonald took office to Hsi brushed aside Mcdonald s prospects of overturning the election. Quot we have demonstrated admirably up to this Point that toe turn to Pogo at. Column 1 David j Mcdonald one of die bullets hit the left a $780 to permit was issued fender of the car and the other for East Junior High school �?ot1 t7 7t7t and 15 of a Quot a a Quot 7 pm air fore by. A tit b being considered by qty , Tefr John m Bien for the said the bul it holes were of during january was $1,426,656, to the Rita Man approximately u cd Ber. For Brit to nov a a d test unt to the City min no estimate was made As to March is 383 96515 the plan toe amount of damage done to Ning commission issued 478 per a is a >�?~5lablisv the car. Duran said he was trav mits ring the first four a an Ordi Naik to approve a fling at approximately 25 Miles of 1965 pay Grade for an assistant on a Quot the a a pm a Quot of april s Lotsi include la com a for. Is. We a Stop he added that he permits valued at $541. P11 27 by cloy a testify anyone who might represented by three office it would have to be approved have shot at him buildings. Pizza hut at 1605 s. On second Reading by toe Council Nevada ave. Addition to a before the $800 to $1,256 a month shopping Center at 2300 e. Position could be filled the Platte and Concrete mixing next regular Council session is Plant May la. Permits issued for apart col. Cloud told the Gazette ments hotels included a sum Telegraph Friday night that he 978 a unit Structure a 38-unit had been considered for the Job $168,186 apartment and a $780, by Biery and was giving St Seri Iii 73-unit building a total of Ous consideration five such permits and planned a i might not accept the pop construction totalled $1115.978 Cloud said. A i have re the total for dwellings was Cei Ved another offer a a ii permits and valuation of this offer is business Mazag $163,500 ten permits issued of Jefferson county schools for trailers totalled $827,858 la councilwoman Betty Krouse additions totalled $35,848 and a said that any assistant to to Cess tries 48 permits and $27, City manager would a hired Fry Iii turn to Page at Catoma 7 India Tab bul Mara a wa6-a Buat n aaa firm Nelt 4-s-a Church Nawa -12-a classified. In Cam Lea. 7-a Delta real. To a lacs i maws. To Nawa briafs2-a Paola a to logs. Tab �?�parte1-t-b vital stat is tics a Aathar Welcome drink a a Little dominican girl receives a drink of water from one of the us Marine encamped near the Al Emba Jador hotel in the Dominic a Republic. The violent revolt that began last saturday has left the City without electric Power and almost without water. The . Navy began on thursday massive Airlift of medical supplies and Tome tend of help the hundreds of wounded in the jammed dominican hospitals. A trat Fito

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