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Colorado Springs Gazette Newspaper Archives Mar 31 1974, Page 1

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Colorado Springs Gazette Telegraph (Newspaper) - March 31, 1974, Colorado Springs, Colorado Kissinger wed a or. Henry Kissinger and Nancy magnums. Wore married in a civil ceremony saturday afternoon in Arlington a. The . Secretary of state and his new wife left Arlington in afternoon for Acapulco Mexico where they will honeymoon for ten Days. A wire photo Kissinger weds fix Barry Schweid Washington a Secretary of state Henry a. Kissin Ger. Who cultivated a a a swingers reputation by dating pretty actresses was married saturday in a civil ceremony to Nancy Maximin a tall Blond foreign policy researcher and his most constant female companion. The couple left immediately in a private air plane for a 10-Day Honey Moon in a rented House in Acapulco Mexico the first vacation the Globe trotting Kissinger has taken in a year. Kissinger 50, and miss Maginnes. Who appears to be in her late 38s, met about eight years ago when they were both working for former gov. Nelson a. Rockefeller of new York. She currently supervises International studies with Rockefeller s commission on critical choices. The ceremony was performed by judge Francis e. Thomas built a reputation that he of the Arlington county Cir i listed As a a he was cult court. Five relatives and seen frequently in the company friends As Well As Kissinger a of Beautiful actresses including two children Elizabeth 15, and Jill St John and Liv Gilman. I David 12. Were present. Kissin actually reporters and oth Ger is a jew and his wife an ors who saw Kissinger Episcopalian. His first mar frequently tended to discount Ridge ended in divorce in 1964, the reputation. For one thing after 16 years of marriage. His 14-hour Days at the state miss magnums a new York department and frequent Diplo socialite was in Washington Matic trips abroad left Little Lover the Christmas holidays time for giving Rise to rumours that she and Kissinger were about to be i married. But he said frequently that he was too Busy in his Job i to consider marriage. The wedding was a closely j held secret until the couple was airborne. Then an announcement w As made at the state by Gaylord Shaw a Aey Biscayne Fla. A reporting Progress in a sol j ving the welfare mess a presi a Dent Nixon asked Congress sat urday to trim Federal welfare i spending immediately by $800 million. He said he was acting because of a the first major drop in the nations welfare Rolls in a number of years Quot a a decline of 225,000 people last year in the program to Aid families with dependent children. The Cut in welfare spending can be made without reducing benefits to any eligible recipients Nixon said in a teachers to vote on punishment Englewood Colo. Up an estimated 500 teachers from throughout Colorado will vote next month on whether to take a stand against physical punish ment of unruly students in class rooms a spokesman said Satur Day. Ronald e. Carlson said that the delegates to the Colorado education association Cea i meeting in Colorado Springs april 4-6 would vote on a proposed Resolution drafted by the Ceass human relations committee. A the human relations commis Sion believes that use of physical Force or emotional abuse is a poor Means of accomplishing behave rial change because it does not Deal with problems that cause disruptive behaviour a said Carlson. Statement issued saturday. I a in recent ears a the Prest-1 Dent said a americans have i had to live with a continuing upward spiral in both the size of the welfare Rolls and the Cost lot the welfare programs. A the talc has been a tragic one and because the welfare i system is marred with inequities it has also been an out rage us one to both recipients land now however the Ardc i Rolls have dipped to 10.8 Mil lion. Nixon said calling this a encouraging evidence that we Are beginning to make some Progress in solving the welfare he said Caspar w. Weinberger Secretary of health. Education and welfare reported at a Cabinet meeting thursday that a we Are starting at last to turn Back the Ever incr Cas ing welfare Rolls which had become a tragic Way of life for far too Many Weinberger had used those precise words in los Angeles Friday when he jumped the gun on the presidents statement and disclosed the decline in Ardc Rolls. Both Nixon and Weinberger cited tighter hew management As a reason for the drop. The Secretary said states showing the largest decline in their Rolls were West Virginia 14 8 per cent Idaho 18.6 per cent Nevada 10.9 per cent and Oklahoma 10.4 per cent. Declines also were reported by the two states with the largest Ardc programs a California 8 per cent and new York 7.2 per cent. Key Biscayne Fla. Apr president Nixon will deliver a live nationwide radio broadcast on veterans affairs today at 11 07 . Met. The Florida White House announced saturday. Nixon was reported working on the speech at his residence turn to Page 6a. Column 7 no More cliques Ford warns republicans by f. Richard Ciccone Chicago a vice president Gerald r. Ford said saturday the political lesson of watergate was a never again must americans allow an arrogant elite guard of political adolescents to dictate the terms of a National election Campaign. Ford referred to the committee for the re election of the president which ran president Nixon a Campaign in 1972. A it violated the historic concept of the two part system in i America and ran roughshod Over the seasoned political judgment and experience of the regular Republican party organization in the 50 states,1 Ford said. A the fatal defect of creep was that it made its own rules and thus made its own creep is the double edged acronym Ford used in referring to the Campaign committee in his speech to More than 1,000 Midwest republicans. The audience including presidential hopeful sen. Charles Percy and Gap National chairman George Bush stood and cheered when Ford said a the political lesson of watergate is this never again must americans allow an arrogant Clite guard of political adolescents like creep to bypass the regular party organization and dictate the terms of a National Ford received another ovation when he said a your Republican party organization must be the vehicle for future elections of there Are any More cliques of ambitious amateurs i who want to run politic Al campaigns in the future i say let the democrats have them next he opened his speech noting. A i was specifically admonished before coming that i talk about watergate but with some prerogatives of my own Iti ignore those he later told newsmen he really was not admonished by anyone and inferred that organizers of the conference indicated they wanted him to speak to the conference theme a a looking the vice president told a news conference his remarks were not cleared with the White House. A i spoke As my own Man a he said. Ford also said a i Don t think you should interpret my remarks As a criticism of the Ford also urged in his speech that each and every candidate for the Republican presidential nomination in 1976 a should sign in Advance on the dotted line that they will not set up outside committees without the specific approval of the Ford was Aiso asked about his political plans. A i have said it simply and emphatically. I have no intention of being a candidate for any political office in 1976,�?� he said. He said republicans a Are blessed with a spectrum of candidates any one of whom if they got the nomination could win in 1976.�?� he listed Percy California asked if he had intended to gov. Ronald Reagan former divorce himself from the Whitener York gov. Nelson a. House or president Nixon a Rockefeller a All of whom at philosophies he said. A not at tended the conference at Vari All. I simply said creep did Ous times a and former treas a great disservice to the re-1 iffy Secretary John b. Con publican Nally. Rile weather report furnished by National weather sir file at Peterson meld 150 students forced out by Greeley blast Greeley Colo. A department in the name of the some 150 student residents of brides Mother mrs Albertb Snyder Hall on the University Maginnes of White plains0f Northern Colorado Campus . Were forced to spend saturday a every Man. When he gets night outside their dormitory married is entitled to have after a bomb blast caused i i s o in e spokesman nor damage to the building. George Vest said when asked two police officers received Why there was no word in and very minor injuries in the i Vance. Blast which occurred shortly Between marriages Kissinger turn to Page 6a, column 2 Index amusements.8-9d astrological forecast Ioc builders news. 10d business financial. 1-7f classified. 2g-11h dear abby.6j editorial. Of Heloise. 14j lifestyle. 1-14j local news1b news briefs.6a sports. 1-9e vital statistics. 6a weather map. 6a today s Gazette Telegraph consists of 11 main sections 126 pages plus 8 pages of color comics and a 28 Page Magazine Section plus 8 Page target insert Pius a 2 Page Scot towels insert of your paper is not Complete please Call 632-4641. Tiny Mercury desolate by Richard Saltus Pasadena Calif. A i Mariner to sped away from Mercury today after revealing the tiny planet to be a desolate t Moo like world of craters Sui rounded by a thin atmosphere j of poisonous gases. Many a first close up views of the mysterious planet were relayed 92 million Miles to Earth Friday in a series of television pictures. One scientist said the pictures were a spectacular beyond my wildest hundreds of pictures streamed across television monitors at a a a the Jet propulsion Laboratory leaving scientists As puzzled As they were excited. The flow of pictures was halted Only briefly As Mariner skimmed past the planets dark Side just 450 Miles above the surface Friday. Television team Leader or. Bruce Murray said Mercury seems to be like the Moon a pitted by thousands of craters ancient Marks of meteorites exploding against the surface. Like the Moon Mercury is dry and rugged so inhospitable that chances of it supporting life seem virtually nil. It is the a a a solar systems closest planet to 1 the Sun and is scorched Mer j cil Essly. B u t Mercury a craters a j some As Large As 70 Miles across others Mere tiny pock Marks a were unrelieved by j any visible Rno Antams valleys or Plains similar to the vast dry oceans of the Moon. Geologists were at a loss to give immediate explanations for several features. There was a Long depression that looked like a narrow ditch etched into the i land occasional surface cracks or a 100-mile-Long raised Ridge i a a a slicing across one Crater. They were also wondering about a magnetic Field detected near Mercury. It is stronger than that observed near the Moon which is about one percent of the Earth a Field. Temperatures varied tremendously on Mercury a from about 950 degrees fal Trenheit to 300 degrees below Zero. The Sharp sighted spacecraft will continue to photograph Mercury As it streaks away at 24.000 Miles per hour. The photo i sessions will last until april la. I then Mariner will sail into an orbit around the Sun. A a a i a ii i of Rei ast pikes Peak Region partly a iou Fly today Thi ugh monday cooler monday High today 65 to 70. Low tonight nearly and High monday near 55. Winds northwesterly 20 to 30 mph and Gusty today. New Hope for some cancer victims seen tempi Rai res Al ii Nof Tif. Telegraph sate a Day 12 Midnight 1 a in 2 . Sarn. Dam 8 a in. I . 7 a in 8 . To a in. 10 a in. 11 maximum ii pm yesterday minimum for t hour la pm. Sal urday. 48 snort 46 1 . 44 2 . 42 s . 40 4 37 5 . 37 6 p. In. 37 7 . 39 8 . 48 9 . It to . 59 la . For a hours in did Houston up a cancer a up to about four years ago researchers say significant the drug programs available Progress has been made in particularly for the adult were lighting the Type of cancer that virtually unable to significantly killed Texas University football help these people a be Good for the four drug combination. A of 25 patients who had Complete disappearance of the Gottlieb i disease. 20 Are still alive two player Freddie Steinmark of said. Years after they started the ther 7 a Lakewood Colo., three years however he said recently he apy a Gottlieb said. A before a Iago. And his colleagues at the uni the average life Span was four a Steinmark who was 22 when verify of Texas . Anderson to six he died. Became a National Fig Hospital and tumor Institute a we Are going from a Point Iii ure of courage in 1969 when tested a combination of four Dif where we had virtually Noth 75 his left leg was amputated six Ferent drugs including a new ing to offer a patient once the v Days after he helped t e x a s antibiotics on a group of 82 Sar tumor has spread to now when win a National College football coma patients. Over half will have significant championship with a 15-14 win Gottlieb said about 55 percent i tumor regression with an impor-74 Over Arkansas. Of the patients responded to the j Tant increase in their life a or. Jeffrey a. Gottlieb at a treatment with 15 percent hav Gottlieb said that although we not Rio cow a Quot map m = a a or or meeting of the american so ing a Complete response. The improvement Outlook for Paul Quot aired Ion Ull . Northerly i yesterday i s him her i in air Dat a 1-1 verson Field maximum for 21 hew ended cell pm. Yesterday minimum fur 24 hours ended to Quot Inu Luli timidity Quot at Quot ii . 28 per rent defy of clinical oncology said a although it is too Early to j Hents is significant he also de 11 to i researchers have been Able to know the survival duration it scribed the Progress As modest at la pm hours ended at sea level pressure and steady. Precipitation for a a it . Yesterday precipitation for current month Normal precipitation or current precipitation so far this year Sunset tonight at 7.21_p.rn. Sunrise tomorrow at i n am. Albany album que Amarillo Anchor a Ashe die Atlanta or Grinham los March Motse Boston Browns is Buffalo Charleston Charlotte Chicago Cincinnati Eland Denver rvs Moines Detroit Duluth Fairbanks fort Worth Irren Bay of ten. 8,. It instal in a i oils lacks Hie Kansas City weather elsewhere Hilo 3ti 21 or Quot vegas 12 41 Little Rock 44 los anodes 29 32 louisvi1 in i 42 Marquette 72 53 Memphis 49 Miami 43 26 Milwaukee in increase the survival rate seems Clear that it is going to since extending a 25-year old Quot among patients who develop i be Superior to previous reports a persons life by two years is not .771 Sarcomas a relatively rare Gottlieb said. Like helping him live to 70. Type of tumor that arises in an earlier study using the new j he added however that re Bones joints and Muscles. The antibiotics called Adri Amylin a search Progress May offer More cancer occurs mostly in teen and Only one other drug had Hope to the 15,000 people who my agers and Young adults. J suggested that the Outlook would j contract the cancer each year. Fit 5r it program for schools Given Praise the Gazette Telegraph Spon will be published daily until All such As 40 new Orleans f,6 of i us it 45 63 new York 42 35 of lit City i 43 78 56 of i 71 Oren 4 loft 7 39 48 in Hila Psia or a a j a Iii Phoenix 90 a a 63 74 Pittala Uvelt 37 i a a tinn i or a i \ t ii 34 p tlam.1 to 3# to a -18 35 rapid by of 32 73 4 Heim Richmond 48 38 90 45 is. Or. Ii is 63 41 37 o snit Lake fat it run Sun i Helio 3 86 to is san fran 62 seat up s4 38 59 34 Spokane i 1.8 Tampa 40 42 Washta a current events program responses have been covered for nearly 50 Pike schools. Recently visual 14 Gorman Junior High school a your students have be come More aware of initial events at Home and abroad and ire Enthus Are showing great interest in High Peak area the answers follow 13. Fountain Junior education school a students consultants of Madison wise., spastic about keeping up with them. Thanks for the use of this 3.-j who prepare the program con the news so they can take an i valuable teaching ducted a Post card Survey in Active part in the vec Dis 15. Harrison High school i a Quiring As to How the schools i Cessions. Because of different j teach current issues and on liked the program every school news areas mentioned each news Day we use this and feel it responded. Week All students know some gives us a very detailed review comments on the program thing about at Lea tone area j of that weeks Crater within a Crater a a fresh new Crater in the Middle of an older Crater Basin was photographed by Mariner to when it. Was within 12,860 Miles of Mercury. The picture released at Jet propulsion Laboratory. Covers an area measuring 90 by 105 Miles. The Small Crater is about to Miles in diameter. I a wire photo no. 33,010 103rd year both a and up Colorado Springs is no a Xvi Kuch 31. Jot i 10c daily 25c sunday fifteen sections 172 pages news sports lifestyle bes Ness 7 he first step to solving the Energy shortage is to Al. Tov the free Market system to Nark. All Price ceilings id government r Antler o i s should he pc. Philip Gratton professor it it of economies at. Texas a nit Estt if

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