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Colorado Springs Gazette Newspaper Archives Mar 10 1974, Page 1

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Colorado Springs Gazette Telegraph (Newspaper) - March 10, 1974, Colorado Springs, Colorado , newspaper v a goals or ends must always be the summation of the Mentis employed to achieve them. However lofty the goals if the Mentis be or. Proved the result must reflect that a a Ralph Waldo Emerson news sports lifestyle business hic daily 25c sunday eleven Section 144 pages another tape from Pat Hillsborough. Calif. Apr the terrorist kidnappers of Patricia Hearst broke a 17-Day silence saturday with a 30-minute taped message charging the Fri was setting up for execution. Miss hear St. 20, who has been held hostage by the syn by once liberation army since feb. 4, also spoke for about to minutes. A the fascist state and the i by have attempted to manipulate Public opinion concerning Patricia hearses safety and eventual return while at the same time creating conditions that it knows will Force execution. Said an unidentified woman who spoke during More than half the tape. She said the a police state wants Patricia Hearst killed so the Middle class will rally around president Nixon s policies. Later miss Hearst spoke for about to minutes and appealed to parents or. And mrs. Randolph a. Hearst to cease cooperating with the Fri in the Case. A i really want to get out of Here. I ask you not to Aid the Fri a she said. Hearst. Editor and president of the san Francisco examiner issued a Brief statement at his Home Here after hearing the tape a we were glad to hear voice and to know that Patty a i alive but Well have to study it before we make any reply. We i need the tape was received by san Francisco radio station is an. The Quality was described by listeners As extremely poor. I some portions were virtually inaudible. Tom Donahue general manager of san said a woman telephoned the station with word that the Sla communique was in a restroom of a downtown restaurant. A station representative picked up the package he said. Much of the tape was devoted to bitter criticism of the food distribution program demanded by earlier Sla communiques and set up by Hearst. The tape like previous ones linked miss car St a Fate to that of two men charged with the nov. 6 slaying of the Oakland school supt. Marcus Foster. The woman charged that the men. Joseph Ramiro 27, and Russell Little 24, have been i a issued tickets to ride the Railroad to the a the Sla has claimed the men Are fellow Ann los Angeles a a Young woman and two jailed men were charged saturday with plotting to Kidnap a foreign Consul general to bargain for the release of the two men the Fri said. One of the men is a convicted skyjacker and the woman was identified by police As a former member of the Charles Manson family. The Fri said agents arrested Maria Theresa Alonzo. 22, at Lier apartment. The two men. Garrett Brock Trapnell 3 i and Robert Bernard Hedberg jr., 37, Are prisoners in los Angeles county jail the Fri said. Trap Nell is serving a life sentence for sky jacking and Hedberg is being held on charges of unlawful flight and assaulting a pol-1 lineman. The three were accused of conspiring a while both men were in jail a to Kidnap Tho Consul general of one of the following countries Estonia Paraguay Uruguay Canada. France. Germany Switzerland or Haiti. The three Are to be arraigned monday. A los Angeles county sheriff s spokesman said miss Alonzo was once a member of the Charles Manson family and had picketed frequently in support of Manson during his murder trial. Manson and three female followers were convicted in 1971 in the murders of actress Sharon Tate and six other persons. Trapnell. The Fri said. Is currently serving a Federal life sentence following a conviction in May 1973, of sky jacking an aircraft in route from los Angeles to new York. During that incident lie demanded $308,000, the release of a prisoner being held in the Dallas jail and the release of Black militant Angela Davis the Fri said. Trapnell was shot by an Fri agent in new York who posed As a Crew member. He was in the los Angeles jail awaiting action on a state charge. Hedberg the Fri said was being held following his arrest Jan. 29 by local authorities on charges of unlawful flight to avoid prosecution regarding a charge of assault with a deadly weapon on a police officer. Kelley said the plans of the three included a demand for $250,000 and a guarantee of political Asylum in Sweden. Innocent pleas entered by former Nixon aides by Harr k Rosenthal a California psychiatrist Byi then Haldeman. A not guilty special watergate prosecutor Washington apr . Sending burglars into his office. On All Leon Jaworski under whose Haldeman John d. Ehrlichman Rhc proceeding before chief then Ehrlichman. A not Gull leadership the charges were and John n Mitchell once District judge John j sity on All i brought. President Nixon a chief ides Rica As cd Only six minutes. Then Colson Mardian Park a John How Are you. Good to and confidants stood before Ai Quot As a a a your pleas Jinson and Straiten. A not gait see you again a Jaworski said Federal judge saturday and Isje Quot it of a Urt How you to a Are you in Good health a Mil pleaded innocent to charges a Quot of hear fsr a u the a "vniftt"1 o pm of of. Amoc Ani Tanin be Tho trip Mon or non my run Ftp a Tatum they conspired to cover up the watergate affair. They entered their innocent pleas in a closely guarded courtroom along with Charles Chell asked. A fairly Well a said the prosecutor and moved off. As the others arrived they Shook hands All around and clerk James Capitanio As the the men were Given vip status seven men and their lawyers none had to fill out the Cus stood before the Bench. Tomary probation forms or in Mitchell charged with six Fel j Dergo fingerprinting a the usual i stood in clusters talking. The ony counts in the indictment procedure. None had to Post i seven men were represented by a was first in the unprecedented Bond to remain free. Iio lawyers at the proceeding. W. Colson Robert c. Mardian i Rol Call. I their trial is scheduled for police and marshals were eve Ken Veth w. Parkinson and Gor-1 a not guilty to All counts a sept. 9, six months to the Day. Jery where. Identifications were Don Strachan All former White and the former attorney Gener-1 Sirica will preside. I checked to gain Entrance into House or Nixon be election Eom Ai Here from new York where if there was Strain in the re the courthouse. Everyone had m it tee employees. He is on trial with former Sec Union of one time associates in to sign in. But lawyers per Ehrlichman and Colson also rotary of Commerce Maurice the same courtroom where the a pleaded innocent to charges a. Stans on allegations that he watergate burglars stood trial levelled by another grand jury traded a favor for a Campaign 14 months ago it did no to show. That they violated the rights of contribution. J Mitchell Shook hands with formed the chore for the defendants. A Metal Detector scanned eve turn to Page 4a, column 7 heave How a stroller stuck in the Sand can to a problem when All three Drivers barely reach the handle. Nancy la Violet to 2. Is still just along for the ride As she directs from the Drivers seat in Loomiller Park in Longmont Colo. Pushing Are from left Julie Ann Collins 5, Nancy a sister. Amy la Violette 4. And Michelle Beck 5. All four children Are from Longmont. A wire photo Nixon and committee confrontation unlikely the weather by John Beckler Washington a a House judiciary committee a report furnished by National weather convinced of its fight to Evi Vervlee at Peterson Field j Dence for its impeachment ill Ouirt and a president deter father forecast Quay Emu pikes Peak Region heavy Snow j mined to protect his Ottice Are is ,5ssf5tvls&. Ass Orion said to to on a collision subpoena and it is quite so Stisi a ski siring a a so course. But arc they j meshing else to enforce it. Cumulation of six inches or More in the1 por a a 0f la bold talk from under Normal congressional a the committee last week about procedures a person resisting monday now Quot a prec Prat s issuing a subpoena for White j a subpoena would be cited for liability diminishing to 50 per cent to pm Busg right. Backed by the full authority of the House and resisted by the president would produce a constitutional crisis. Also deterring Hasty committee action is this realization it is one thing to Issue a committee As the houses agent in this proceeding interprets that to mean it has the full Power of the Constitution behind its subpoena. To ask the court to enforce its subpoena would be to admit its Power is something less than the Constitution seems to say and the committee is not about to do that. But the Only alternative incl our pull in 1vi of Hhd. U of Wyum. In a 111j tapes and president i contempt of Congress with the i mediately available is to Dis Arab chieftains meet to end Oil embargo by the associated press spokesman Mahmoud Roushdy. J the prediction appeared to j israeli Bulldozer and another an egyptian spokesman said there has been no word from j end earlier speculation that j vehicle in saturdays 15-minute saturday that All key Arab Oil i lit Yak which opposes egyptian i Only a few ministers would barrage that began when is ministers except Libya s will president Anwar Sadat a efforts show up to consider the Deci Rae i units tried to improve 1 in Lynn ski it och open to their Niqi Tifin the attend a crucial Cairo meeting to consider ending the embargo against the United states. The sem official egyptian newspaper Al ashram predicted a i Vui Utti i Mumi u j v i to talk his brother arabs into Sion on ending the embargo be their positions the communique lifting the embargo in return fore Israel withdraws from All i added. No casualties were Rotor . Mediation in the i occupied Arab land and even j ported. Middle East he added. J before syrian and israeli forces i the Al ashram embargo pre but Roushdy listed these separate along the Golan diction came in a dispatch from Riyadh capital of saudi lit it. 1 much. J. I it a a that the ministers gathering countries the major Arab Oil Heights. 12 Midnight 1 a in. 2 . A . 4 . 5 . To . 7 . 8 . A a . To . I . Maximum for temp i la Ati at Gazette Telegraph �15 noon a i i . 44 2 45 3 . 45 4 p a. 44 5 . 45 6 . 42 7 . 41 8 . 41 9 . 40 10 . 39 u . 3.4 hours ended at i pm. Yesterday minimum for 24 hours ended at la . Yesterday . Weather Bureau wat a Peterson Field maximum for 24 hours ended Al ii pm. Yesterday minimum for 24 hours ended at la . Yesterday wind velocity Al la . To Miles nor i wind direction at 11 . N it relative humidity at la 82 Lier cent sea level pressure at la . 3.2< a and steady precipitation for 24 hours ended Al it . Yesterday a it precipitation for current month .0. Normal precipitation for current Mon thin precipitation so far this year .49 Sunset tonight at 7 01 . Sunrise tomorrow at 7 17 . Weather elsewhere Hilo Hilo Albany 93 2fi Las vegas .63 36 album clue 70 40 Little Rock so 63 Amarillo .67 39 los Angeles .60 44 Anchorage. 21 8 Louisville �?75 62 Asheville 80 43 Marquette .36 22 Atlanta. 84 53 Memphis 80 63 Birmingham a i 51 Miami to 74 Pix mar cd 40 19 Milwaukee .45 36 40 22 Mph St. Paul 44 34 33 30 new York. 38 34 84 72 okla. City. 77 63 43 29 Omaha. 57 39 83 53 Orlando. 87 60 47 40 philae phia 40 37 84 62 Phoenix. 58 44 73 56 Pittsburgh. 75 46 67 39 Poland Ore. 58 43 56 42 pm land me. 32 23 18 33 rapid City 36 28 Reno -8 -37 Richmond Forth Quot Worth 79 8 St. Louis Green Bay. 43 32 Salt Lake Helena 39 13 san Diego Honolulu. 82 69 san Cran Houston 74 69 Seattle to do Apolis 88 57 Spokane jacks Ville sit 57 Tampa Kansas City 71 48 Washington Nixon a repeated insistence that j citation being sent to the Behn will do nothing to weaken apartment of Justice for process-46 the office of the presidency ing through the courts. A i certain practicalities diminish but impeachment is not a la the likelihood of a con Normal congressional proce-4j fron tation. I Dure. The Constitution gives the both sides realize that a de j House the sole Power of in Patch the House sergeant at arms to the White House to arrest Nixon and take him off to jail an unlikely event. There is a third possibility. The committee could report out a Bill giving the Federal courts sunday in the egyptian capital i exporters to the United states a syrian military spokesman Arabia. The correspondent said will lift the four month old emas having confirmed they will announced in Damascus mean a a decision to lift the embargo Barse that has contributed to i attend i while that More artillery tire would come in accordance with the Oil Pinch across the United saudi Arabia the largest erupted on the tense Dolan a decision reached last month cd a a a a Arab Oil producer and Leader of front where israelis and by in Algiers at a meeting of King o. A r i a 4.1. Alii ii at skin Daroci a a it i 1ju la i 51uco i Vail Al Faical n Aav. J a 4uuol v a a r a. 331 in and made by the committee j pachment and the judiciary i turn to Page 4 a column 1 48 five being held in boy s kidnapping Case by Stephen Brown Hackensack . A the Fri arrested a 17-year-old Girt saturday night As the filth suspect in the kidnapping of 8-year-old John Calzadilla who was released by his abductors on Friday. Four Young men were arrested earlier and charged in the kidnapping. John was kidnapped As he walked Home from school on wednesday. Boise Boston Brownsville Buffalo a Charlotte Chicago Charleston Cincinnati Cleveland Des Moines 11 roil Duluth Fairbanks a indicates that other individuals Are believed to be involved in the kidnapping and that an extensive investigation is under Way to apprehend All arrested earlier and charged with violating Federal kidnapping statutes were Norberto Fernandez 17 his brother Eligio 19 Ricardo r. Tuero. 17. And Wilfredo Alvarez 18, All of in the embargo Kuwait the Sec rians fought with artillery and Faisal of saudi Arabia presi Ond largest Arab Oil producer rockets in two engagements j Dent Hafez Assad of Syria and they would show Qatar Bahrain Abu Dahabi i Friday. I president Houari Boum Dienne up said egyptian Oil ministry Algeria Egypt and Syria. I syrian cannons destroyed an of Syria and Algeria two previous holdouts sent word Fri streaking continues Fri agents arrested Maria i it on to. Margaret Marida at Home j. Wallace Laprade special in Jersey City and charged i agent in charge of the Fri in with conspiring to violate , said the four arrested a1 kidnapping statutes. Men and the boys parents Are Fri director Clarence Natives of Cuba but he Dis Kelley in announcing the arrest counted any political motives said that information available i for the abduction. T h e Fernandez Brothers pleaded innocent saturday at their arraignment Here before . Magistrate Bruce f. Ban to. Who set bail at $300,000 for Eligio and $250,000 Tor Norberto. The pair was returned to the Bergen county jail at the request of . Marshals the county sheriff said. Tuero and Alvarez pleaded innocent at their arraignment saturday afternoon and were also taken to the Bergen county jail. Bail for each was set at $250,000. The Fernandez Brothers were generally quiet during the a by Louise Cook associated press writer mrs. Lyndon b. Johnson laughed. Walter Cronkite blushed. And the Streaker was dragged out the door. It All happened saturday at the lbs Library auditorium in Austin tex., As the fad for dashing about nude continued with no end in sight. A it beats football rallies a said one Young woman who shed clothes As she strolled Down a Street near san Jose state College in California. The incident at the Library came As Cronkite a lbs newsman and former student at the the late president laughed at popular in West Virginia. Nine the incident. Cronkite resumed j Young nude men dashed across his speech chuckled then com the toll Bridge from East liver Raign ment in the private Law University of Texas was a office of magistrate Banta. Hepting the school of comm turn to Page 4a, column 2 Nica no a Dewitt c. Rented a my composure was destroyed. And me without a lbs the Streaker was unidentified. A a we be got a White male Down Here a said a spokesman at police Headquarters. A a we a like to know who he is ourselves. He does no to have to Tell us anything but he Isnit leaving Here until he the san Jose streaking fest began Friday night and lasted into the Early morning hours on saturday. The police concentrated on trying to keep traffic moving. Pool Ohio to Newell w. Va., Early saturday. Pedestrians pay no toll on the Bridge but toll collector Herbert Patton 70, extracted a fee of a sort from one of the youths. He reported he smacked the runner on the Bot Tom with a Broom As he sped past. Two West Milford ., streakers were charged with disorderly conduct after they j disrobed inside police head quarters. Authorities said the two Young men entered the station shortly Atter 3 . Saturday and stripped. They were a the dashed out of the toilet and ran Stark naked through the first class the Economy class and Back again a said a pan am stewardess. A everyone was flabbergasted and sat in their seats with Mouths 46 21 55 25 58 44 crested Butte blast kills waitress a on a warm night like this it spotted leaving the building and award for outstanding achieve will probably go on until 4 were arrested charged and re ment. A m.,�?� commented one officer. Leased on their own recognize the Nucie Man wearing Only other groups of California Ance. Butte Colo. The explosion caused heavy Fred Mcgee and another per Tennis shoes an Orange base students decided to get Organ another incident of airborne son were in the Kitchen area to it an Cap and a Home made sized. Fifty Stanford University streaking was reported Early and were not injured he said cloth mask entered through a streakers who dashed along the saturday. Pan american world there was no fire. Side door about 12 feet from Golden Gate Bridge at Rush j airways said a Man described 49 42 Here a dining area of the restau. 7, m 1 crested a. 52 apr a waitress was killed j damage to the restaurant the 44 i saturday in an explosion at a j Steak House Hickok said. 49 27 restaurant one mile West of he said mrs. Saya was in Gazette Telegraph missing dial 632-4641 before 8 . Weekdays 2 . Week ends. Melt Vivao no int. Slue Yuul. Duful 14, Icci 11 in i uni urn Vian. I Ai i Usa no Quot Raja a Iii an Uca Tuuu ult inning Dita i me i is urn Hickok said a Gas explosion the speakers platform but hour on Friday said they were Only As a a Short bearded Turk Bill Hickok of the crested i rant near the bar when the occurred at the Steak House did no to get very far. Two secur members of the Bay area run in his Early 30s�?T streaked Butte Volunteer fire department explosion occurred apparently late last year but damage was i Ity men pounced on him and ners Extraordinaire and the As through one of the Carrier s identified the victim As Pauline from a Gas leak. Not extensive and no one was dragged him away. Socia Ted Stanford streakers. Jumbo jets during a flight from Saya about to the owners or. And mrs. Injured. A witness said the widow of Bridge streaking also seemed London to new York. 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