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Colorado Springs Gazette Newspaper Archives Jun 16 1974, Page 1

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Colorado Springs Gazette Telegraph (Newspaper) - June 16, 1974, Colorado Springs, Colorado Those rho invoke the Lav to curl the liberties of others for Piv it a Paris which at ii later time vim by turned Pai is than if i ast the Law to Les trap the Freedom of my neighbor i have no defense when Mil neighbor uses the Law to Des roil my a John w. Rovil a Colorado Spring saw a spouts lifestyle by Siress no. Flo i i both a and up co lob Voo spa Ings is Nuan. Jine to. It i 10c daily Joe sunday we j pc Section 152 pages tourists not worried Den Var Ltd a inquiries from out of state tourists indicate very Little concern this year about a gasoline shortage a spokesman for the Colorado division of Commerce and Industry said saturday. A people calling in on the toll free line Are interested in weather conditions and events. Nobody seems concerned about gasoline a said bal Haney head of the divisions travel marketing Section. Colorado s tourist Industry this summer will try to recover rom la is year s 7.15 per cent drop in \ visitors. The decline was due to the Energy crunch a situation that earned Denver the title of Quot worst in the nation for gasoline availability. The influences Are still being strikers storm California Borax Plant in dispute Boron. Calif. About 500 striking workers upset Over an impasse in contract negotiations stormed a . Borax manufacturing Plant Here sat j gird a. Setting fires and 1 a Droving Railroad ears a Slier-1 iffy a spokesman said. It Tom Schull of the Kern i county sheriff s department said the workers set fire to the company personnel office a guard Shack and several other buildings after negotiations deadlocked and the contract expired at Midnight Friday. They also burned several i Railroad cars on a company siding and May have been responsible for a Volley of shots fired at a sheriffs helicopter and two reran helicopters hovering overhead Schull added a company spokesman described the damage As extensive but said no Dollar loss estimate would be immediately available. Schull said 45 deputies rushed to this tiny Mojave desert Community to quell the predawn violence at tilt world s largest Industrial Borax Plant. The Only injury reported was to a worker who suffered a burned Back. No arrests were made mainly due to the confusion and the Large numbers of strikers involved. Schuell said. About workers extract Borax from an open pit mine and process it at the Boron Plant about 900 employees were on strike. Felt however. Because of the Shorter a Lead time a tourist advertisements have been placed Only in newspapers this year. And two now publications Are out Colorado mini Tours outlining 15 Circle Tours in different parts of the state that can be made on a tank of Gas. And a tour folder of Public transportation. It lists about too trips by bus or other transportation some covering the entire state. Some Only a certain area and a few involve staying at one place such As a ranch. A we re making the information available to said Haney. A a we re not suggesting they done to take a trip elsewhere. Of every slate did that. Colorado would certainly lose a lot of Haney said the newspaper Campaign which began last month was enhanced by tie in advertising by local communities. A full Page and in a Houston newspaper was accompanied by several smaller ones bought by Durango. Estes Park Colorado Springs individual resorts and airlines. The advertising pays off. According to Haney. Studies show those who clip the coupons for travel brochures spend about nine Days and $5 12 per group when they do come to Colorado. A the a a informed will visit five Days and spend $150. The state will have spent $70,-000 on tourist promotion when the fiscal year ends this month. What exactly will happen july i is anybody s guess. The Colorado legislature appropriated $207,000 for the Effort in 1974-75, but it stipulated the Money must be matched by funds from a the private sector a the attorney general a opinion May be necessary to determine if the lawmakers had a Dol Lar for Dollar match in mind. Officials also wonder How Hie Money must be directed. If grand Junction provided a certain amount must the Combina Tion of state and local funds be used to promote tourism in grand Junction the Western slope or Colorado in general sen. Joe Shoemaker. R Denver vice chairman of Hie joint budget committee said the appropriation and the Matching funds were a Compromise necessary for passage of the Bud get Bill. A House members said we spend a dime on this. The other View held by legislators mostly out of the Denver area was to provide As much Money As possible a said Shoemaker. He said the Matching agreement was the heart of the co Promise stipulating that if proponents feel so Strong about tourist promotion they should be willing to spend some Money too. Shoemaker said it was purposely left to the Commerce division to administer the funds fairly. 0% # Ili h Kcf St St it the Civ % Iii i m dec Denver Ain olice. Sons suspected of being in the crackdown would continue in the week with police striking have rounded up More than 40 solved in drug traffic. At a reduced rate. Swiftly in several simultaneous persons in a major sweep of 1c round up is expected to he said police would continue raids suspected narcotics dealers Denver. Continue to be on the sergeant Gerald sweeps of the City. Lookout for persons named in the operation began earlier the outstanding warrants. Lie the largest Ever conducted to look for the up. I a persons named Many officers have now re in the area by the time it is in the arrest warrants but that turned to their Normal duties completed. There would be no More mass but i authorities say 75 arrest War police rants have been issued for per Mccormick said saturday that Power struggle reported in arts Center battling a Community storm Over the demanded resignation of Fine arts Center director Milo Naeve continued Over the weekend in Colorado Springs. Reliable sources told the Gazette Telegraph saturday that at Issue is an apparent Power Battle in which arts Center president Brig. Gen. Ret. R c. Crawford. Jr., has proposed to take Over the operation of the cultural Center at least temporarily As chief executive which involves the dismissal of Naeve As director. Crawford announced Friday night the demand for Naeve s resignation. This followed weeks of hedging rumours of a Battle at the Fine arts Center. The Gazette Telegraph Atter a weeks investigation broke the Story in its Leisure time Section on june 8. The Fine arts Center Battle has shaken the local cultural Community to its roots. Support for Naeve Lias come from individuals throughout the state and from the Community for having transformed the Fine arts Center into a Busy Community institution. Particularly for showing the works of pikes Peak Region and Colorado artists on a consistent basis. Previously Naeve had indicated that there were no a legitimate reasons to be forced into resigning and that he stood on his record saturday. Naeve issued a Public statement through a spokesman which said Quot or. Naeve has not resigned and is continuing at this time to Honor his previous commitment to Prosi a a a Dent Crawford add the Board of trustees that Public discussion of the issues involved would await formal Resolution at the Board meeting of june 20.�?� also on saturday the Gazette Telegraph Learned on reliable authority that copies of a statement of Naeve a resignation had been distributed to fac1 Board members by the president. However lacking Naeve a signature. The same statement also proposed that Crawford himself be designated the chief executive of the Fine arts Center giving him the. Power to run the institution pending selection of a new director. Some informants told the Gazette Telegraph that this would. In effect make Crawford the executive of the Fine arts can a a a or. Even if a new director is picked. Informants also say that Crawford has told of plans to reemphasize contemporary Art showings. Instead the emphasis would be on the Taylor museum collection of mexican and new Mexico Santos and similar material. On a permanent collections and �?o19th Century critics of the proposed policy change claim that such a move would make the Fine arts Center a a Crawford said that the june 20 Board meeting would be open to news reporters. However he hedged this offer by saying that when the question of Naeve a employment came up. The Board would go into executive session turn to Page g a column 6 wow newest fad a with summer cycling the a a in thing. Margaret Pederson and Mary Loken add a new twist As they introduce two a Bone shakers of hic 1800s Vintage to tile City streets of Watertown . They re not museum pieces however. The 48-Inch front big wheel bicycles Are making a comeback through a manufacturer in Ohio because of a nostalgia craze. A wire photo Nixon arrives in Syria for top level talks petition drive for fac director Naeve launched a petition Campaign has been Seum directors and officials. Arts Center staff wish to sex support for Naeve was also launched by members of the Friday night Brig. Gen. Press our support for director expressed among other people Colorado Springs Fine arts Cen . Crawford. Or. Pres Milo Naeve and urge that his by the following prominent Pretor to retain the services of the ident of the Fine arts comr administration be Fessio nals in the education and Center s director Milo Naeve. Announced that a resignation the Community petition being Art Fields i he petitions addressed to had been asked from Naeve circulated by members of the Otto Karl Bach director of the Board of trustees at the but said that no termination Fine arts Center says i. We the Denver Art museum. I a. Are being circulated Date had been set. Naeve has support the administration of Mel Strawn director of the i throughout the Community the not resigned. Fine arts Center director Milo school of Art of the University i Gazette Telegraph Learned Sui saturday the Gazette Tele Naeve on the unchallenged of Denver urday. Graph Learned that 22 members record of accomplishment com lots Lyman president of the the petition Campaign is in of the Fine arts Center staff Trinity responsibility and pro Central City business Assoc prec dented in the cultural his had signed a petition to the fess Onai competence. And ii Adon and chairman of the Hon tory of the City. Board that Naeve be retained As Vav e petition the Board of zoos committee of the Centen also unprecedented is a flood director. Trustees to take no further a Nial Bicentennial committee. Of letters in support of Naeve the petition by the Kine arts Ion in the termination of his Elizabeth Yannieh noted Colo from Colorado Springs and co Center staff reads a the under services and to affirm the con Rado artist and chairman of the Lorado artists Art teachers my signed members of Hie Fine i nation of his office. Turn to Page 6-a, column 6 Warden might resign if death penalty passes Canon City Colo. Apr must inflict the death penalty Quot he performed at the became disruptive a he said. A i Warden Alex Wilson of the col Wilson said. The Warden must Penitentiary in and Case. Personally heard vile language made slate Penitentiary says pull a lever connected to the this is corrections in. Being addressed to the Warden. He might resign rather than sex Gas chamber releasing deadly t i cute a prisoner. Gas into the face of a con not a punishment in you have to remember that lies been making speeches damned Man. Station a he said. A carrying there s a volatile group of against capital punishment to the Warden said if an exec Lut an execution Here would be p p a. Convince voters to reject a ref Tion were scheduled with rehab Iota the a o Piovosi map the weather or porn i urls bad by National weather service at Peterson i eld i r5 to so. Low tonight near Munday near 90. Winds today ii variable except Rusty near atoms. proved As seems Likely Wilson Wilson witnessed the last exe wants executions to take place prison Walls. He organs from the Damascus Syria apr Here on its flight from Jidida. Arabia the Day before there Brendum on the Issue this no he d reluctantly perform the after leaving behind a pledge saudi Arabia. Was none of the wild jubilation vember. Chore. But Wilson added that of More military Aid in saudi four migs approached the that marked Nixon a visit to tile legislature referred the he might also change his mind cution that took place in the a ours. Arabia. President Nixon came Boeing 707 and split off two on Egypt on wednesday and measure to the people because Aud consider it necessary to re Tion when Luis Jose Monge was Aman to. Up to Syria on saturday with an each Wing. Unaware that the thursday. The previous death penalty Law sign. Executed it the Canon unexpected escort of soviet-1 syrians had planned an escort. Nixon and Assad Rode voided by the supreme he bases his objections to Jumson m june ub7. Monge con a plkkj5i\khregion1-Pafnv built syrian jct fighters. Info Nixon s Pilot col. Ralph d. Al or in an american limousine court. A capital punishment on religious a fessed murdering his pregnant it could prolong Tho do o mums said the president would Borlase put the presidential brought Here especially for the Witson it 48< said restoration of grounds. And three of his to dub an Chi a i set in motion Here Tho renewal plane into several Sharp turns president s visit. He is the first j Caditan punishment would con a i Don t think christianity is Bien. That experience Mack a Wilson became Warden last Thunder of diplomatic relations in talks in an Effort to confirm the a american chief executive Ever front him with two choices. He compatible with taking another profound impression on Wilson March. He joined the with president Hafez Assad. J tonality of the migs and to 1 to visit Syria. Could carry out the Java or re. Persons life a Wilson a roman who was associate Warden at Penitentiary staff in 1966 after diplomatic ties were broken Termine their purpose. J just a few hours before Nix Sjon Catholic said. Tempi Kati Al sir a. V/1 i to Telegraph saturday i Midnight re noon 79 1 . A it i . 81 2 . F>3 2 . Khz 3 am. 1.4 3 . To 82 4 . 83 4 . To a it. To 5 . 78 i a in. I 8 . To 7 . Is 7 . 71 a . 70 s . 9 am. 73 9 . 71 to . 75 to . Of 11 a in. 79 i p in. At 70 maximum for 24 hours ended it . Yesterday 82 minimum for 24 hours ended at la . Yesterday fat d saturday 1 by Syria during the 1967 Middle Security was heavy through on said Farewell to King Faisal and the syrians is out this capital for Nixon a 24 of saudi Arabia at. Jidida after closed links with hic hour stay. Palestinian Ger making his Promise of in it a. Rillas some of whom have creased voiced objections to sign. Quot by Law the Warden himself he added that the time. Serving 14 years with the a executions a the prisoners in Many cases role Board. To the Nixon received a warm official Welcome from Assad and a 21-gun Salute at the Airport. Tain base Camps and head Quad syrian officials said they Asti tors in Syria in addition mated that about 350.000 syr neighbouring be paratroopers military Aid Nixon a i desert kingdom.main-1 Faisal told Nixon that he hoped a fall problems and ble to Mishos that seem to exist be i tween the United states and soviet-1 some Arab countries will be re j rifles the Monarch also assailed with ak47 automatic during its Normal Rush hour lined the 25-Mii e motorcade the crowds waved and some route into Damascus from the those who oppose Nixon chanted. Airport. This was Nixon a third Stop a Large number of syrian ians saw Nixon As his motor. Cade drove through Damascus made in a. Weather in ii be Hai a Peterson Vii i i maximum fur 24 hours Owlet at j 11 . Yesterday minimum fur 24 hours ended at it . Yesterday of wind velocity at 11 10 mile per or. Wind direction at la no a relative humidity at 11 p sea level pressure at error Ipiniu in for i hour ended a it Brief period of concern just be coming Nixon and his wife Pat Golan Heights in the precipitation1 for current month Quot in fore the presidential Jet landed i at the Airport but As in saudi East War last october. N o r in a i precipitation for current month precipitation so far this year Sunset tonight at 8 26_ . Sunrise tomorrow at 5 33 . Requirement of . Family said to be $12,600 Washington a to maintain a moderate stand a res motorbikes join Hunt for missing boy Minidoka Idaho a unless they were willing to separated from the study searchers Hunting for an la work under an experienced res group. 10-year old Rocky Nicl year old boy lost since monday Ecuer. Son it was found tuesday when requested 200 motorcyclists sat she said a set of shoe prints he wandered into a farm. It a urday willing to scour Barren made by hiking boots similar to was estimated the farm was about 20 Miles from where he left Jeff the previous Day. Rocky said Jeff decided to turn to Page 6-a, column 2 typical american City family of Southern Idaho desert in tem ones worn by the missing boy j jailed four requires $12 600 annually Pera turns soaring above Loo de wore found saturday Cai j shoddy Well a watering Hole Nixon s arrival in Syria Coin and of living the labor depart searchers Numbat my As High Foj livestock about 12 cited with the return of syrian j ment said saturday. This is As 400 or More. Have been look Northeast of Minidoka. Pm j on his Middle East tour and the dignitaries accompanied presi forces to the first Section of Ter. Nearly $1,200 More than the gang for Jeff Hodgson since or ii pm 30.23 syrian mjg jets provided Ai Dent and mrs. Assad in Wel Mitory taken by Israel in the j previous car. Became separated from a state lat Miles Middle 2.31 i 4.28 i that s where we Coneen Jated the search Early in the at sponsored wilderness survival wee a she said. A they Are masterpiece of Art defaced Iii Cambridge the same family austere level for $8,200 or at s 11 8i0up Var do a level allowing some luxuries 0ne searcher do a Day for $18,200, said. The government fresh prints because they Are on top of cattle tracks. It might Lead to nothing since they May Albany Alban oae Amarillo Arn Horace Asheville Atlanta Birmingham Bismarck Valise Rost on Brownsville Buffa Lotar test on Shii Rentle Chicano Cleveland to ten ripes Moines i it i nit Thi Tui Fairbanks fort Worth Helena Honolulu Houston Infix a Polis tacks Lite Juneau Kansas City i i o Iii i o 79 51 la vegas 108 7fi of 62 t ittle Rook 93 to 95 62 i of Angeles 9t of it 81 43 Louisville to re i 79 58 Memphis 86 pkg 83 81 Miami 88 79 85 64 m ii Waukee 67 is 70 46 Mills St. P. 61 55 97 66 now Orleans pour 88 55 new York 75 to in okla. City 93 6 73 58 Omaha 5# 79 us Orlando 84 81 pm philae Hithia s3 5� 84 Phoenix 115 Jim 75 55 Pitt Tho cd 72 Chi 78 9 Biland Ore 7t to 74 58 pliant me to 17 74 55 rapid City 76 59 in 111 Reno 90 4�?� 75 47 Richmond St j a 95 72 St i Olds Siel 88 56 Salt Lake 102 to 88 70 san Diego 78 0? 92 74 san flan 61 54 79 6 Seal tie 68 57 is 06 Spokane 89 pkg 81 52 Tampa 83 7 ? Rock Washington 8 63 Cambridge England a Iza Tion waging a terrorist Cam was not until later in the morn the costs calculated for fall . It Quot mrs. Goodnight said mrs. The Rubens masterpiece pain to unite the British ing when a tourist spotted the 197 Rose jq.8 per cent for the Nas f mar Horn i in tend. I of the worlds most Valu province of Northern Ireland with the Irish republic.,a a the Lith Century painting thing Cise had happened. Damage that we realized any austerity budget 10.8 per cent. For the moderate budget and 9.9 of sunstroke. Power county Coroner Bud Kelley said mrs. Hir-1belong Tot searcher lev Egan 29, american Falls i a a Pisi Egan was helping comb a lava brought her to the Pocatello _ in Able paintings has been de-,.1 stands Emhe Kings col despite the initials scratched l r cent for the a Gher budget laced with the letters the painting there was Over the previous year. Strewn area 16 Miles from the la nearest Landing strip when she face. Cambridge University a a spokesman said the letters Nessman Alfred two feet High across the Center years later. Of the 128 Square foot Canvas a a the Chape at the was bought at auction for $660, no other too in 1959. It was Given to that Kings College by London Busi Tor the vandalism. Immediate indication the changes reflecting last Airport. Quot Shn Chee he a Urf we overcome by the taut search said Kelley. He said unofficial temperature Reading in the Remote Southeastern c women have been serving As Oaks at base Camps. Search the Ira was responsible years breakaway inflation. Cie sort went As High As 120 Fri coordinators have tried to Dis Allnatt two a the adoration of the magic was painted by Pele Paul Rumolt began publishing was broken into Bens in 1634. It fetched a world a i Quot i Quot a were the largest annual increases since the labor depart its appear to have been scratched during the night and a Large record Price when sold at Soth c o n s u in e. R prices Ira stands for publican army Oak coffer was also broken into Ebyn a auction in 1959 and today jumped ant thet .>4 pct no Patchet Lur Irish re and some coins removed a the could be Worth More than $4 since last fall the the roman College spokesman said. Courage women and youngsters motorcyclists irom joining the Hunt some officials have indicated there was not much Chance the goodnight Dis youth would be found alive. Be the mini Cassia Side the heat the area is Char search and Rescue unit eau a Terizer by dryness rattles Day. The Call for or went out saturday morning on local broadcasting stations a have though Ruth Catholic based guerrilla Organ Quot police were called but million it Peris. According to Artex the budget is based on a City tinned that officials would not nukes and rugged lava Beds. I turn to Page 6 a column 4 allow anyone to join the search a second youth who became Index i amusements. 14-15d builders news. 7f business financial a. 1-6f classified. 2g-15h dear Abby. So i editorial. 10-11f Heloise. 4 d lifestyle. 1-12d local news. 1b news briefs. 6 a sports. 1-11e vital statistics 6 a weather map. 6ai today a Gazette Telegraph consists of 8 main sections 104 pages plus 8 pages of i color comics and a 28 Page j1 Magazine Section. Plus 8 Page j. C. Penney insert plus a 4 Page Aetna i finance i company insert. Of your paper is not Complete please Call 632-4641. Fit

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