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Colorado Springs Gazette Newspaper Archives Jun 14 1965, Page 1

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Colorado Springs Gazette Telegraph (Newspaper) - June 14, 1965, Colorado Springs, Colorado Colorado Springs Quot my can never be sure that the opinion ire Are end Moring to stifle is a false opinion Anc if be were Anre Xii Fang it would he it ii a John Stuart Hill o m e edition no. 30.076�?94th year Boh associated press and United press internet onal Colorado Springs monday. June 14. 1965 Ioc Dotty my Sladov dial 632-464 three sections�?24 pages australian ship sinks boat with All girl Crew by Gordon a. Tait Sydney. Australia it a it a a the neophyte was my Home for 24 said Lee Quinn. But its gone now and there is nothing More to say i have no plans for the future a Quinn. 37. adventurer from los gatos. Calif. Has been sailing his 45-foot Ketch the neophyte. Around the South Pacific for the last 30 months with All girl Crews. Before Dawn sunday the 4 too ton coastal freighter Woomera ran the neophyte Down a mile outside the Sydney Harbor split the Ketch half and Sank the Forward Section Quinn and the three girls with him were rescued by the Woomera s Lifeboat after half hour the water. A i still say girls make the be said Quin there want absolutely no panic Quot Helena Anderson. 18 of Hobart was watch alone when the freighter loomed out of the darkness Quinn heard her cry out. Raced deck and shouted to the other two girls sleeping below. Barbara Sodt. 29, of be Gwyn 111. And Jennifer Shad Dock 22 of Tasmania Quinn and Helena jumped overboard i had a eat called voyager Clandy a Ine a because she s not allowed into Australia a and i went below to get Here said Barbara a that when Cie freighter went through the Middle i could feel the suction i was positive i was going to drown but somehow i got to the surface with wreckage falling All around Jenny Shaddock it liked to be difficulties and i helped her reach a piece of floating Timber a a the four survivors swam to the wreckage of the Stem Section of the ship they were treated at a Sydney Hospital for Abra it i mgt and Shock the a err Section was towed into the Harbor and docked the freighter undamaged continued it voyage Quinn has been sailing around the Pacific since late 1962 using Only female Crews he a had a total of 41 girls aboard girls. He said once Quot try harder a they have a feminine instinct to please that really helps one of his Crew girls one described him As a Quot Tough demanding skipper but a f ant Istle teacher he tolerated no nonsense from any of the girls a Barbara Sodt had been with him about 18 months Quot Lee a Damn Good skipper. She said Viets ask help of . Troops after massacre search goes for family lost flood v by tre associated press searchers have located the battered car belonging to a Salt Lake City family of seven lost a flood northeastern Utah s sheep Creek Canyon near the Utah Wyoming state line. The Highway patrol said searchers were unable to see into Tho ear because of Silt and water. They planned to use pumps and shovels to remove the water and debris the search continued for the bodies of the Keith Woodruff family and a Nephew of Salt Lake City. The body of a second Nephew. Randy Swenson. 15. Of Salt Lake City. Was found saturday about five Miles below the battered car downstream from the Woodruff s flooded Campground. Woodruff. 31. His wife three children and the two nephews were washed out when rain sent sheep Creek a rampage thursday ripping out five Miles Highway and several Camp &.unds. A search also continued for a Vernal Boatman. Les Oldham. 25. Who fell into the Yampa River Friday Western Colorado while guiding a River expedition. Jim Jones acting superintend ent of Dinosaur National Monument. Said Oldham fell into the Yampa near its Confluence with Green River near the Utah col new Orado state line trunks witnesses said he tumbled a a. To the River when oar broke j he was last seen trying to swim mined .n,.r Reg Photop achy flrm5 have ashore for precious metals. Saved developing solutions for said his firm refines Gold from the Highway patrol said the High prices for Silver mercy years to reclaim Silver but Metal eyeglass frames and jew Woodruff car was buried by and Platinum Are making it More of the smaller shops one Eire and Silver from candlestick More than six feet of mud. It worthwhile for dentists and Pho Man photographic studio and holders torpedo batteries de was found with a Metal Detec tog Raphers among others to very Active amateurs can also salivation kits used to purify tor. Salvage metals that once literal save Money through Salvage water and military insignias. A a by went Down the dram. Parry said one of his neigh army Sharpshooter medals William Parry refining oper Bors a portrait photographer contain about 20 cents Worth of actions manager for Handy a salvaged nearly $300 Worth of Silver and army uniform but Harman. A leading Silver refine Silver two years from h i s tons Are Gold plated Gold braid Saigon. South vie Nam map a \ let namese rangers combing a rubber Plantation just North of the shattered town of Dong it Vai found the Bodier of about too government troops today the remains of the 7th airborne battalion a i s military spokesman announced Xoai a reported qui-1 but braced for More Rouh o from tile \ let Cong As the Ranger moved through the French owned Michelin rubber Plantation a Quot few Miles North of Ivyng Ai they found a sort ment of grim relies Eft to Hind by the Viet Cong am my them tiny wreckage of a is army helicopter and a is army Man s identification tag i s authorities announced Quot at the request of the vietnamese government elements of the 173rd i Quot s airborne brigade hav e moved to Phuoc \ inh to protect the Airfield and aircraft there Quot Phuoc \ inh i the main air Field for the d no now area thu i s paratroopers had been expected to move from there into the Dong Xoai conflict but the vietnamese commanders were reluctant to ask for them the \ let Cong mounted a number of attacks and ambush is various parts of Viet Nam today All the Way Felt a the 17th parallel t it the Southern tip of the nation ninety american and Viet a move planes hammered targets North Viet Nam a series of separate raids seven americans w Ere Al i1 cd during the weekend tile american paratroopers were rushed to the Airfield at Phuoc Yinh Atter the Viet Cong ambushed a vietnamese paratroop battalion saturday night the Airfield. 40 Miles North of Saigon is the main Uppit Point for the Phuoc Binh Thanh Cia military zone tin vietnamese battalion attacked As it moved into thu Xiu Village. 4 Miles North of Long Xoai tile Viet thing struck from the North and West. Sealing off the government a tempers from the rear reports from the area said 2.v0 of the battalion s men were killed wounded Cap tured till brought the number of vietnamese dead mis ing the fighting around i Tong Xoai since thursday to the. A win eighteen americans Wert 11-Tevf a dead missing vietnamese gov ? a Force claimed they k. Led ton vie Cong the fighting thur Day for i gang \,.u and that i s air strikes killed a not Lier 4w the figures were not oui inned by i s military sources \ Relief Force entered twin la i Siinda and found the town empty both Viet Cong and g a eminent dead had been f unit d away. And there were no civil lans acs helicopter made i mid night flight through enemy fire and rain to a three i s adders out of Thuan iou during the fighting explosion aboard a rut k at Chu Lull beachhead sunday killed the re i s marines my injured la other a i s no i Tare spokesman Aid a he Mon turn to Page a4,column 2 Victory Hopes Viet Nam to be probed ground broken for addition Arnold Schneebeck. Chairman of the building committee presents f. I it Imbt re. Past fat a. Tile shove for turning the first Earth sunday morning a ceremonies launching construction of a si.065.952 addition at a he first methodist Church. With them from left Tare the Rev la a Critchett of Pueblo do Inni superintendent. And Bishop Marvin Stuart of Denver the building will match the present Church exterior appearance and will he used primarily for educational purposes ii will con is of three stories and a basement. But the top floor will not by completely finished until its future use is determined it Carette Telegraph photo i by Bober t s. Al j. and Pai l Scott Washington real Rea son that special Houe armed services subcommittee is South \ Jet whether a possible under to Kris i adminis the full approval of House Lead who Are deeply concerned about tie Drift toward a korean Type War Viet Nam following a Erie of Back Silver Salvage is becoming popular . Una Noum a so meeting at the Capitol the joint chiefs of staff warned the unless the present a a Olu is changed More than 50.000 i s Nam is to a see of a stage military briefing the leg troop mid by Home Fogg d military Victory is i native chiefs agreed to have Down a War endangering no a emitted seek first hand Only their soft to but Securi i us commanders to other areas of the world the Field what is needed for a military Victory arrangements Fie the spot Survey were made by Rivers after the hot use leaders became con Meed there is no policy to win league despite the growing commitment his office of us. Forces tation policies a Ltd representatives. A. D y., Richard Ich d do. William Bray. R ind. And a Piarie Chamberlain. R Mien. Were Given this emergency a sigment by committee hair Man l Mendel Rivers dec the congressional Mission has facing the Faits Quot our biggest problem vie Nam is that we do not have a policy to win that War Quot representative Rivers told col a private briefing All Ltd military a turn to Page a4. Column 91 York apr attic amalgam a that s Rin de from the Market Price for Silver had basement darkrooms the Mouths of patients even the made the Silver Content Worth bit of cloth the amalgam is about twice the face value of the mixed is saved coins. Mined More intensively photography firms have spiral president Jack Kaplan russian reds plumbing Are . Air Force embarks Golden Rule program seek showdown with chinese the Wea Klier hid it a 0.s. Win str at by Fred s. Hoffman enunciating a kind of military Washington Cap a the Golden Rule air Force has embarked a Quot i am convinced that vigorous Golden Rule program aimed at action to improve the treatment improving tile treatment of Jun of our personnel will pay tre Lor officers and enlisted men my Nous dividends by increase the keynote was sounded by my que. Attractiveness of service Gen John Mcconnell. Air Itofe and will Lead to the High Force chief of staff who told his qua to Force of dedicated commanders Quot our air Force is professionals which h we All rec and dealer notes Quot a sub Stan basement Darkroom operation Navy uniforms and Caps con each member should Gomze we must have Mccon tial increase the amount of he said that hospitals and Tams real Gold and turns up of treated that Way. Nell said i a policy letter Mcconnell tile four Star air Force Gen by Henry s. Bradsher Moscow i Al the Sovie t communist party appears to be making a new drive for a slowdown meeting the spin with freking the chinese reds have unleashed a new attack the Kremlin s leadership. Pravda. The soviet party paper published sunday a Resolution adopted lat month by the pro soviet portuguese comm a a he said that hospitals and Tams real Gold and turns up of wit i iwo . Pikes Peak Rex Ion cow such scrap being saved physicians have Long sold out ten scrap shipments it a to us Rorr Tran us Topaum a i cant say exactly How dated a Ray negatives for their the Market prices for the counselled Good hard look at a1 seemed to Fie specially con he said. A but we can Silver scrap Quot now we re trying pure refined metals Are Silver ourselves and at every aspect of corned about the Janior officers 1 urn to a 0 urn 1 Tell that More is coming from to get More veterinarians to is 293 ounce Platinum $97 our handling of these 830.000 entering the air Force. He said $100 ounce and Mercury $700 of cers and men wearing a i a too Many of these Young and up for a trounce flask lore Blue officers Are poorly received. To Kwh a fc-#1 the eve one be hts this mall boy was civilian found alive the rubber Plantation Tiuan i. A w m a Vici name so Ranger company entered la i today All other civilians were either dead Ltd disappeared rangers were searching for the 2nd casualties missing intr saturday when the Vici Cong ambushed the 7th Vietn Aroe a airborne battalion to Vav w Cut a Mulc Ray destroyed by the. Fighting and i s air i ikes a wire photo boy tells of Brush with death Texas flood a Antonio and fit Manly Mountain and a a a i. Rad rout tha Numa and nor individuals As poo de to regu save theirs Tov Tutaj till own no much Cha Nae .a , Tom the 45-ss North far scrap from companies spiral Metal to of South am Kim Kwh. 5-75 mountains five Dav forecast for pikes Peak Region Arthur a afternoon Shower Fin of Vertod to it sent Terry a thu and saturday a ii manner late Meek. Highs aver Alana is la a inns near. Dental equipment now comes boy j. Recently refined the Gold transactions regulated by should be self understood poorly treated inadequately it thro?1 a with traps to catch excess filling Silver out of 55 tons of coins the government Are at $35 that we must treat our sub Ordi counselled and somewhat Lignor material a a Silver Mercury from Ecuador the increase ounce no at casette Telegraph Yao Tradar i Hon str today hourly i . J . Up. 4 . 5 Pas. It i a . Pm p it pop int Nam i to urn for noon mad it Maul Lur noon today is. To i a of j a m 77 s a m 71 4 a 74 5 a id a a . A am i a . To Arati a noon is ass a St m m hour tided at is Sass i is 54 54 s3 up 44 55 2 june Mammoth Art festival staged at White House his weather Crear Peterson Field maths no for 34 Minim inn for m Houri ended by Frances Lewine preparing a Reading from Washington a it s Book a Hiroshima a a a a and Art is Bustin out Allah the White House was ii Over the White House 54 it s even up staging the pres arts at invitation of presi. F Dent and mrs. Johnson. A . Mrs Johnson opening from the ski room to la. Suva polio victim walks after 15 Long years nates the same Way we sex cd to such a degree As to frus pet our superiors to treat trate their ambitions and void said the top air Force general turn to Page a4,column 3 couple buy old Frontier town with life savings gunman foiled by merchant with own gun victims he paso ten of the k were cry Karen a Ksn it Vaid the search would continue As Long As there is any hopi of recovering the Menlo Park. Calif apr until 1900 Currie was a rail the Sagebrush and Jackrabbit head for cattle and sheep grow some for Meo and women of the Nancy Malinosky. 21, a polio country of lonely northeastern ers now the livestock goes to locked the doors of the store at Here. Said a Cleveland Ohio a by Mike Cim Uran Sanderson. Tex i Quot i gratified a tree but there was a Snake it and i let go a i went under 5 time maybe to times a i thought i was going to die Quot this was the grim Story o Nirei i Iii attempted armed robbery Michael Johnson 12. As he told the re Crosz Kati my was foiled late sunday night of is Brush with death the and assorted military units a be m for t a temporarily Iso continued massive cleanup of chased a Lone gunman off with a Jalid this Southwest Texas com eral Lons gun of his own police reported Mummy Friday t. David Doolan. Manager of the slender Blond youth. The 7 la store at 829. Union speaking from a Hospital bed at. Blvd., old p.,i, de Tad us a . A my web of i i bodies grief Tom families aided by Maxinino a i Atman wind Trodo m to away i rat Kiis a h urn Cit so v Al Bim pts can tation far 34 boar rim Smurr at noon 17 Lei per 3 Normal Rannik Surwit Tom to Iii tam la 2.3a far this year about it for today. Props costumes musical instruments. Sculpture paintings and photographs Are place create All these wondrous things ends weren to told. She said be the office said sustained losses. 244 families 13 trailer additional 36 Homes received victim confined to a wheelchair Nevada. Kenneth Krueger a Market trucks but Currie stir approximately la 06 . Sun we were the roof of this had Fri tout Page data Dent Itou a a a for 15 years started practising train weary san Francisco Bay caters to Hunters and Fisher Day Hon a Man rapped the Motel when it started cracking �?�1 t. M mrs Johnson opening the walking last january behind area commuter found the Little men it lies at the foot of the door Doolan said he went to All to pieces a Rich feast locked doors. Only a few close town of Currie a population 50 towering gos Bute and Ruby door and was about Loun a Mother said. Michael get a South Lawn the Mammoth fes indeed a declared a of the arts friends who helped her knew a for Sale. Mountains whose slopes abound Ock 11 when the Man Dre 8 hold of i tried to grab my Quot Fprd destroyed and 27 a a rival of the arts has taken Over a Are warmly welcomed this about it it was just what he and his m Elk and Deer and whose pistol and pointed it at him brother but he was too far sa11 businesses were Aam a a my parents have done so wife Jeannette had been looking streams Tumble with Trout. Doolan said at that time he i3�?�. She gave a special Salute to much for me. I wanted to do it for. So they bought it with their a blink of the Eye and you re bad around without unlock a just seemed like a dream although no official damage a the men and women w h o for them she said. Her Par life savings of $85,000. Past it us 93. 76 Miles North "8 a door and walked to the to me tuesday. Krueger and his of Ely <4 the store where he got swept away by a 15 foot Wall a Van 01 paso Esu Matea. Losses at $2 million. Colorado the a Ich la a la ran ii 7 49 of Ici 73 47 Craig to 44 i of 43 54 a Quot land scores of arc for our mind s pleasure and our cause she did t want to build wife will pull up stakes at their the Krueger Don t know sex a a set it la of is own and started of water were Mike s parents is is set too m Sale soul s up their Hopes. Apartment Here and Point their artly when they got the yen to for the front of the building and mrs John Wesley b cd a 4ca. A aaa Arfa. Pimo a to Cummin Mannii help had inn can and the non let Civ Quot a is nothing like it has Ever Hap she said her prepared re--/�?T�15 5 la a Quot anon b s opened at the White House i Marta Day hoi earned the a a a a a by Way sunday. Paid station Wagon East for Currie. Flee Suburbia. I the sex suburbanites Are As but Krueger says a five the gunman meanwhile had Johnson and the couples five started for the rear of the store other children ranging age she walked across the stage sired of a cordial reception years ago. our vacations we by Gou around the South end from 5 to 14 Index Quot a for Erst St Quot Quot 35 pro by anywhere else for that of american for other 396 members of Krueger until last week motor began probing All the desolate and going Down the Alley. Dool search parties probing along matter the beamy me meaning Ana me Baldom Warace College vehicle inspector for Pacific areas of California. We were said he opened the Hack a normally dry Creek Sander you cold bump into Alexand-,51rf Coni Younng to our graduating to get her Telephone Telegraph co. Hunting for a spot where if you door saw the Man running son Canyon recovered Cahier s huge sculpture Mes i Torna. San Francisco automatically wanted to make it As such you the Alley and fired one shot bodies of All but Johnson. A tet Tow to a Flash Fri a the stage Teie wite the if a a j Helen Hayes preparing to serve the rest of us to support if a measured it last february a sheriff fire chief Ranger asses 1859 All Over again a Taybe Vav. A it wifi Fie clue town May coaids w the yeas it amp Cut a Teri Ani Kex amp de the door we to per War cited s mistress of ceremonies very few did not make the per mk1 Nancy. A last tuesday i Sot and landlord a threesome from the cast of Sonal sacrifices necessary for practice the stage it was that a because the subject was roses was the arduous act of creative uneven but i was sure i bought the town s 75 acres but Appeal and called police. As missing. For various reasons the land Doolan described the gunman a we can assume Only that All he not Only they saw California did t As Between 18 and 20 years old. Are said Terrell county five feet to inches tall with sheriff Biti Cooksey et5 catching up rehearsal time Aem a the first lady noted they missed sunday night to get the Johnsons returned from a a Tony award for the Best play weekend at their Texas ranch to a if the year take part to the Day Long events and author John Hersey a tam Tael a alci1w� 4 its few bottles and businesses As then we began going to Neblack Wavy hair he was Wear officials have counted 15 dead could do _ just to be the Safe Side she Well Krueger and Las Wile will Krueger sighs contend my a three Quarter length ski and 35 injured from the storm. Got word to Baldwin Wallace run the general store the Sarv edly. A far into the Interior. And jacket and dark pants and was which devastated the Southern president Alfred b Bonds to ice station a bar and a trailer a re tune a found it harder to armed with a Small cattier Section of Sanderson a Railroad Tom Tawa a4.i spark. 4 rum to Eup .Cofawm 2 Black pistol. I f Center of 2.350 about Midway amusements6-a business financial 4-7-1 classified. 4-7-c Cemke a aaa. A. A a. A h dear Abby a editorial 2-c local nows. 1-1 news briefs 4-a radio a to let a a society. 7-a amp ports 2-4-1 vital statist leo7-w

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