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Acton Free Press

May 1, 1958, Page 6

Acton, Ontario, CA

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OCR Text

Colorado Springs Gazette (Newspaper) - July 21, 1997, Colorado Springs, Colorado A12 the Gazette monday july 21,1997 archaeologists Trace Jamestown s history unearthed Skeleton May yield wealth of data about colonists a look Back Knight Ridder newspapers Jamestown a. A nine months after retrieving a badly damaged Skull and Skeleton from a shallow centuries old grave archaeologists at Jamestown say they May soon be Able to look into the face of one of the first English settlers in the new world. The reconstructed likeness will be based on dozens of surviving cranial Bones most of which a physical anthropologist from the smithsonian institution has successfully reassembled into a partial Skull said Bill Kelso director of archaeology for the Jamestown rediscovery project. But some of the facial structures will be drawn from a computer Model in which Jamestown archaeologist Jamie May who traces her family Back to one of the earliest colonists used Loose fragments and digitally generated Mirror images of existing pieces to recreate features damaged beyond repair. The third step in the labor in Tensive process will be played out before visitors to the historic site late next month when a Reno Nevada based forensic artist Sharon Long begins to sculpt a face based on the Topography of the Skull. Using Standard thickness measurements for the facial tissue of Early 17th-Century europeans she will simulate the layer of flesh that once animated the colonist s features. Quot this is going to be one of my greatest challenges because of the damage Quot said Long who recently completed a reconstruction of an Early Frontier explorer for an Iowa museum. I unearthed by archaeologists just one Day before they announced the discovery of the site of America s first permanent English settlement last september the mysterious Skull and Skeleton May be the most sensational a and most revered of approximately 220,000 artefacts found since the project began three years ago. Though Kelso and his colleagues including senior research archaeologist Nick Luccketti suspected they had located an Early burial site Back in 1995, they did not Complete the excavation of the find until they could secure the help of a forensic archaeology team from the smithsonian institution s National of natural history. The Jamestown scientists also decided against cutting the 5-foot-5-Inch Skeleton up in order to remove the parts safely from a 2-foot-deep grave. Instead in a dramatic Daylong Effort that ended under a flood of hastily erected portable lights Kelso and his team devised a method to lift the remains from the ground intact a the fragile Bones supported by a one ton bed of Clay. Since then the archaeologists have scoured the notoriously incomplete records of the Early Virginia Colony hoping to link the remains with a name. Though evidence of a gunshot wound pointed to capt. George Kendall a colonist who was executed As a mutineer or spy in late 1607, recent dental analysis has thrown that theory into doubt. Quot they think this Guy was Only about 19 when he died Quot Kelso said. Quot that May make him too Young to be because the body was found in the remains of a coffin researchers still believe he was someone of status a probably one of Many gentleman adventurers in the original company of settlers. Someone recorded the deaths of eight gentlemen among the first 104 colonists Kelso said and another colonist listed 12 before his own poor health ended his reports in the fall of 1607. Among those names one William Bruster is described As dying Quot from a wound Given by the Savages Quot on aug. 8, 1607, while Jerome al cock died from a Quot wound Quot six Days later. Quot whoever he is a and we May never know for certain a we can study this person for a Long time Quot Kelso said. Quot he could have a lot to Tell the archaeologist said the 1997 digging season will focus on several questions left unanswered after the site of the fort once thought lost in the nearby James River was confirmed last fall. The digging teams also will begin looking for the North bastion of the fort and portions of the West Wall employing about 30 students from the University of Virginia. Conceived by its sponsor the association for the preservation of Virginia antiquities As a Public dig the project has attracted tens of thousands of tourists to Jamestown Island. My. Min Blind Crystal Pleat woo lines. W n d c a of Quot a s to i. 0 on Salenow 6-month same As Cash free estimates 719 576-4539 Marlah Morris left a great great grand Niece of Klondike Gold Stampede Thomas Lippy and her Friend Samantha Clay examine a bar of Gold july 13 in Juneau Alaska. One Hundred years ago the discovery of Gold on the Klondike River triggered the Alaska Gold Rush bringing thousands of prospectors most of whom never found any Gold. Some of their descendants boarded the cruise ship spirit of 98 to commemorate the anniversary. A Cen tip after Gold Rush miners descendants meet most missed out on Klondike riches associated press aboard the spirit of 98, Alaska a a cruise on this Small luxury ship has been something of a family reunion for descendants of Klondike Gold stampedes who set out in search of riches 100 years ago this week. Accompanying a Gold shipment out of the Yukon were sons of stampedes grand nieces and grand nephews of a wealthy prospector even a great grandson of the newspaper reporter whose Story captured the country s imagination and touched off the Gold Rush. Quot the Gold Rush was what Woodstock was to Many of our generation Quot said Beriah Brown whose great Grandfather and namesake a Seattle Post intelligencer reporter covered the arrival of an Early Klondike Gold shipment so creatively that people quit their jobs and struck out for the Yukon. Quot the idea of instant wealth was like dangling a Carrot but for Many the Carrot never panned the we Klong voyage of the spirit of 98, which ends saturday when the ship docks in Seattle is part of a series of events this year and next to commemorate the Gold Rush Centennial and the hardships the stampedes endured. Quot this is to remember them Quot said Judy Gin Gell commissioner of the Yukon territory and a great grand Niece of Skookum Jim a tlingit Indian who found the first Gold Nugget that put the Klondike River on the map. Quot sometimes you have to look Back and not repeat history but think Back on it and what it Means today Quot said Gingell who like Brown joined the cruise for a Brief Jaunt Between the Gold Rush boo town of Skagway Alaska and nearby Haines. Others Rode the whole Way from Skagway to Seattle including relatives of Clarence Berry who went to the Klondike with three Brothers and found one of the richest Gold claims. Berry was among 68 miners who came South to Seattle aboard the Steamer Portland whose arrival in Seattle on july 17, 1897, sparked Gold fever and sent 100,000 stampedes North. Most never found Gold and those who did generally blew it on wine women and gambling or lost it through bad investments. Berry though went on to find More Gold near Fairbanks then invested in Oil in California and built a Fortune that supports the family today. He even set up a Retreat for family members in need relatives said. Quot he had Good values Quot said Wanlyn Bejach a grand Niece of Berry. Quot that s what was different about Clarence. So Many people went to the Klondike and squandered what they found. He did t do that. He thought about his descendants of another Rich prospector Thomas Lippy also joined the cruise Between Skagway and Haines. Lippy wound up losing his Fortune through a combination of bankrupt businesses and a variety of Good causes lavishing Money on a Hospital and participating in charities and an anti Saloon league. Quot i m just glad he was a clearcut person Quot said Marilyn Morris Lippy a grand Niece. Quot he was very big in his the Lippy and Berrys said the cruise brought their families together for the first time in a Century. Quot we re All such a diverse group Quot said Gail Berg a great grand Niece of Clarence Berry. Quot other than our connection to the Gold Rush a Hundred years ago we All sure have gone our own one descendant Gerald Pennington is trying to keep tabs on Gold Rush families. He has published a registry of prospectors and organized the Klondike stampedes relatives association. Unlike Clarence Berry and Thomas Lippy Pennington s father never found Gold in the Yukon. Quot he went up and like a lot of the 100,000 stampedes he came Back the same Way he went Quot Pennington said. smithsonian bringing out hispanic artefacts museum recognizing culture s importance Knight Ridder newspapers Washington a deep in the hushed archives of the museum of natural history latin America specialist Laura Larco is on an expedition for the smithsonian institution. She dons White gloves and decides to shun the face mask she sometimes wears against dec Ades old dust. Gingerly removing a turn of the Century 8-by-lo Glass negative from an envelope she describes a scene from the 1899-1902 . Occupation of Cuba Quot it s a Parade Quot she says squinting at the image. Quot crowds of people. A town Square. Mounted on Larco a peruvian musicological anthropologist is cataloguing hundreds of photographs negatives and slides that have been gathering dust in the institution known As America s attic. Even if the pictures Don t join the 3 percent of smithsonian artefacts on exhibit she says her one year project to Catalon latin american photographs will be an invaluable online research tool for future scholars. Larco s work illustrates a nearly 3-year-old Effort taking place in All sorts of nooks and crannies around the 16 units of the smithsonian. From the Freer and Sackler galleries to the air amp space museum curators and researchers have received a mandate to make hispanic culture and history an integral part of the cherished museum of americana. Quot we re doing a Little better in hiring. We re obviously trying to be More conscious of what we re doing in reaching out to the latino Community Quot said smithsonian Secretary 1. Michael Heyman. The smithsonian was stung by a 1994 task Force report called Quot wilful neglect the smithsonian institution and . Latinos Quot which said curators had insensitively left out the contributions of hispanics in american society. In response the institution hired task Force investigator Miguel Bretos a cuban american historian from Miami who has been overseeing an institution wide Effort to be More sensitive to hiring hispanics and More aggressive in showcasing their history and accomplishments. Quot White males have run this place Quot said Bretos who before coming to Washington was founder of the cuban archives at Florida International University. Bretos traces the Anglo Bias to a National psychology that he said is still rooted in the English Victory Over the Spanish in settling the United states. Quot it s the victors who write the history Quot he said. Coit carpet cleaning was a lifesaving recommendation for Over 45 years Coit s advanced equipment and rilly trained certified technicians have provided the most effective cleaning available to assure you the finest results possible and we guarantee it i woke up one morning to find a horrible big stain right in the Middle of my living room carpet. 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