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Colorado Springs Gazette Newspaper Archives Jul 21 1973, Page 1

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Colorado Springs Gazette Telegraph (Newspaper) - July 21, 1973, Colorado Springs, Colorado F Quot at least one third of Man n life in spent at work. Thin time should be Joyful and rewarding full of satisfactions for things attempted and for goals a or. James w. Fifield or. Springs Complete weekly stocks no. 32,758�?102nd year dial 6324641 both a and up Colorado Springs saturday july 21, 1973 i or daily 25c sunday four sections 88 pages fewer tourist visits reported for Region veto seen despite big vote beating victims pvt. John Shoemaker talks to Gazette Telegraph reporter Rick Hendren Friday from his Hospital bed at it. Carson about an assault # at the Mountain pc it Friday. Gazett 4 tells Story of beating in jail at it. Carson Post s personnel control facility Telegraph photo by John Hall Ashland admits 3100,000 to it i Ixon Campaign a Rick Hendren Bons by two enlisted men that Shoemaker said from his hos by Jean Heller associated press writer Washington a by Stephen Bobbitt the gasoline shortage is restrict times to Purchase gasoline. Gazette Telegraph Stalf writer de to the front Range in cobra a we know there Are times a major drop in tourism do. Motel association president when area residents cannot buy Washington apr the throughout the Region is cur Jane Schimdt says that $10 too gasoline during the week when Senate Friday passed a historic gently the state of affairs if Fig is being spent on educating the the lines Are Freitag limiting Hie president s ures at the areas number one tourist to the current gasoline said. A what we would like . Tourist attraction Are any in situation and advising them to see is most of the residents buy Power to commit american dictation. Buy their Gas during the week ing their gasoline during the troops to War without Cong res figures for the first 15 Days a we Are telling the tourists week and avoid the lines and signal approval. In july show that the number of that there is a gasoline shortage tourists who also need the Gaso though similar legislation visitors through the air Force in the metro areas but there is line on the weekends.�?�. this Academy Chapel was Down 34, gasoline available in the Moun the Basic tourist Dollar a 325 persons. Gains a mrs. Schmidt said. A we cording to Freitag is spent As its ultimate Fate is Uncer visitors to the Academy Chap Are trying to undo the publicity follows 27 per cent for food 25 Tain because a veto by presi Al numbered 57.204 As compared circulating which says Colorado per cent for lodging and the Dent Nixon is considered cer to 91.529 for the same period a does not want the tourist. They remainder on attractions Gaso Tain. Year ago. Are More than Welcome and we line and everything else the ?1 g margin by which will Ketterson civilian info Are trying to explain the Situ tourist buys. That Dollar. Frei the red by Meas mation officer at the Academy action to them so that they wont tag added is left in the comm ure was Mosc Thyn the two said that the figures for Tho vis get mad and leave without in nit to bolster the Economy and thirds that a Jujj neet Jed to tors Center show that 11,643 Joying the help hold taxes Down. Override a veto. However the fewer persons have visited the members of the pikes Peak a the fear of tourists coming a a ,. Ash Academy show Case this year. Motel association and the at to Colorado or Colorado Springs j in Oniu a till Clio. Gazette Telegraph Stab writer assault use of narcotics Sui Natal bed Friday that he would land Oil inc., and its chair a i think that the Chapel is the traction association said that and staying Here is fallacious. A a a it. Carson Soldier who was Eido attempts and abuse of de rat Ier do anythin1�?T men go Back Man in Atkins have vol Best measurement of the num tourism in Colorado and parti Motel association Board Mem Beverly beaten at the Mountain minces by army cadre were Unitarily acknowledged an Ille Ber of tourists visiting the Cul arly Colorado Springs is vital Ber Bob Lynch said. To go absent awol. Leave Day said Soldier pvt. John Laker of Ottawa Ohio with an Eye toward the expected veto the Senate Post n Perso Imel control Quot Facil widespread Atule holing fac if to comp it und want iiiioo.nuo7-Ash contribution to Academy because it provides Law important to the Economy of a the figure of those who refused by a 5334 Ujj t0 ii pc i on thursday said late it 10 6et out of service and go president Nixon a re election local Point of the main facade the area. The season consists of come Here on a visit and then broaden coverage of me Meas Friday he will never so Back to conditions at die holds com Home to my wife Quot he said. Campaign w grounds Quot act Turson said. Approximately 95 Days and the stay is less than one half per unite amen conent the. Pound a even i have Pound were Reveau wednes Shumaker was sceptical tile original announcement be Ca attractions to Large ask the buil Dong incl the tourism that Are visiting would include civilian advisers toe Mitiu. La Fem n i t in i Quot c Quot Quot a f0� a Fyk it v a a the orca because it is the Only and larger than the military. The area Are spending Money. Central intelligence Agency twi. Com Hospital Friday for fear that prosecutor Archibald lox and one of kind a a a Quot Friday is our slowest Day a tableau said. The proof he personnel and foreign a proxy Quot the Academy is also one of Tabuteau said. A the tourists added is visible in the steady troops As Well As . Armed the major attractions to the re Start rolling in on saturday and or Al Trade in Manitou Springs forces. Gion that is available without sunday making mondays and who. The tourist business is amendments also were Ric i done to want any More according to the committee Cost j0 tourist except for tuesdays the biggest Days of a holding its heated that would extend the he said i just want the contribution was made be transportation. The other at the a but that income does not measure to cover peacetime de out of he army a he said fire a new Federal election Law traction in Colorado Springs tourists arrive on the week make up for the drop in the at payment of troops abroad and after satisfying himself that the a nok effect april 7, 1972, require Are Crown on the average of 17 end. Seek lodging and then try Tendance to the attractions and limit the circumstances under press cards carried by the two in Public disclosure of All per cent according to Greg to to find gasoline. Motel Assoc the increase of vacancies in which a president could commit f. A. Gazette Telegraph staffers were Campaign contributions. Buteau of the attractions Asso Atin spokesman Bob Freitag. Lodging facilities a Tabuteau troops. To it n or i it Rea and they did represent Atkins said the contribution Chat Jon the drop in tourism he said his organization is working said. A we need More tourists or m. H to act the Gazette Tole the newspaper. Was made through a subsidiary added is due to the gasoline with the attractions association the Industry will be affected for Senate sets a to Day limit on a the enlisted men who told of and without he knowledge of shortage. And area Chambers of com several years which will Strong dry old onto a Quot to commit his Board of directors. He the Colorado Motel Assoc Merce to educate tourists and by affect the Economy of cobra. Of action Rocc Nelv confirmed that and residents As to the Best do without r of Hospital Friday for fear w. Petely out of hand. They we r e cramp Ninal Aid thirty told of Deta ices at division Ariady that he was attack d by tempting to take Takir own agents. Two inmates at Ute pc com lives indifference toward the Pound late thursday after prisoners by guards wide trouble being accused of stealing per spread use of narcotics by in Sonai property from one of the mates and frequent assaults by attackers. Prisoners on their Fellows. The Gazette Telegraph inter it. Carson information offi viewed Shoemaker late Friday cer it. Col evening at the it. Carson hos to Contact Pital where he was recoup rat graph in regard to the acc Sals from the beating. Tons by the enlisted men but the beating incident occurred Only hours after it. Carson offi dais had flatly denied Allega c t v amounted to nothing More than compound is a major a a piece of a irresponsible Jour for sixth army personnel nazism. Who hav gone awol or Corn in addition to the incident in mixed other minor infractions. Rod did Tell a or. Or by Coto a. Ltd a a at amc7 he on. Teuton a a to ado Spring Sun that the a to Zzz a Gre Tobolo Quot Gazette Telegraph Story thursday m a ranted. N a Euer a cd jul the weather report inn itched by i7 s weather Erttie at in tit win kid it july 16. 1973, to the Nixon re election if Nance committee. Fred m. Vinson or. Said he was acting As the attorney for Atkins his wife Colorado Par in Cloudy through sunday with a few afternoon and evening thundershowers mainly East portion a warming trend High saturday and sunday in the hts with bus and Low 70s in the mountains lows saturday night in the jibs with 40a in the mountains pikes Peak it sex i on cloudiness through sunday Chance of showers arid a Tew showers saturday afternoon solving Shoemaker another de the army holds the men in and the Ashland Petroleum a trainee. Pvt. Edward Blunt was the area until a determination Bon corp and was notifying injured at about i . Friday is made whether or not they the Campaign finance Organ morning when he reportedly fell can be assimilated Back into Iza Tion that the $100,000 Contri into a window in a pc bar a regular army units or if they Button received in the name of Racks. That incident according should he kicked out of the Mili or. And mrs. Atkins actually to information officers is under tary. Was made from funds of Ash citizens buying food to avoid Brice likes with investigation. However info the enlisted men accused land Petroleum Gabon. Vinson read i no warmer Mants say that Blunt too was army cadre of being apathetic asked funds be sunday High saturday 75-Ku Tow Saifur me victim of an assault by Fel toward the detainees and treat Day nights it a. Inc High sunday bus j precipitation saturday. I Babi hey Low detainees. Ing most like a a duds. To Mph it Ati res Gazette a Imi Friday pm noon t . 2 pm .1 pm 4 a it pm. B . 7 pm. R . 9 pm 10 . 11 pm s ended at f2 Friday am 12 Midnight fit 1 . <9 2 . A 3 . Us 4 . 57 it a in. 56 ram. Is 7 a in 61 8 a in. 65 a 66 in 74 la a in 74 maximum for 24 hour la pm Friday 71 minimum for 2 hour ended at la . Friday 55 National weather Bureau data Pete reon Field maximum Tor 24 hour ended at la pm. Friday 71 Mintum for hour ended at la . Friday 55 wind velocity Al la pm it Mph wind direction at la pm be relative humidity at la pm. He sea level pressure at ii 30 20 and rising precipitation for 24 hour ended at la . Friday 6s precipitation Tor Orient month 215 Normal precipitation Lor current month 2.37 precipitation so far this year ii 89 Sunset tonight 6 20 pm Sunrise tomorrow 5 50 Clora a 11 m be rat i res la i. Ii l 46 grand jct 55 Greeley 75 53 la Junta ,72 56 Lamar 78 53 la Adwill m m Salida 64 56 Trinidad 62 42 St Rachel re port cd budget for spying that the turned. The letter concluded will acknowledge that my in. A a a a last Day or so in anticipation of have a so revealed that l. L a us a troops giving Only Congress the Power to extend the period. The Bill passed 244 to 170 by the House wednesday would set a 120-Day limit instead. Another major difference is the spelling out in the Senate Bill of circumstances under which a president could commit troops for a limited period. By Barbara Smith the result of the freeze the exhausted until the new fruits. Senate s War pm a Gazette Telegraph Slaff writer other is a seasonal phenomenon Start making the trip from the is we tical to one it passed ast ifs hard for the shopper to parkers to the distributors this it car a ,0 16 but Welcl it died a ,.,. I. find canned peaches pears August it s not going to get any apricots and fruit cocktail be easier to find the rare cans House last year approved cause the new pack for this almost with out exception a less sweeping Bill requiring year has not come in yet and stores have had a hard time it presidential consultation with last years pack is very nearly turn to Page 4-a, column 3 Congress but which did not prevent the president from deploy taking a spot Check pulse on grocery stores Rcd throughout Colorado Springs it this appears shoppers have stepped 1 s up the Pace of buying in the $4.50 plateau As pork prices slip from Peak Alamosa Colo. Spas Craig Denver Eagle Estes Park it. Collins Fraser 71 Albany a thu a que Anchorage Asheville Atlanta Birmingham Bismarck Hoise Boston Brownsville Buffalo Charleston Charlotte Chicago Cincinnati Cleveland Denver. Des Moines Detroit Duluth Fairbank fort Worth Helena Honolulu Houston Scapoli Jai Ksn vice 92 60 Kansas City 88 69 67 5 Little Rock 93 7s 82 6ft los Angeles 76 61 87 7.0 Louisville 90 76 88 72 Memphis 93 77 81 43 Miami 87 78 87 62 Milwaukee 66 61 is 69 . P. 81 62 92 75 new Orleans 94 77 to 67 new York 87 72 85 76 okla. City 98 79 r6 63 Omaha 1 70 Orlando 87 72 Philada phia 83 69 Phoenix 72 56 rapid City 68 65 Reno 77 68 Richmond 70 56 St. Louis 53 52 Salt Lake 96 77 san Diego 84 60 san fran. 88 73 Seattle 96 78 Spokane 87 72 Tampa 92 72 Washington ii Iris Nave my in Vlaicu by Ber prices in the near the Nixon finance committee r ? p was not informed and had no a Way of knowing that this Contd-1 uses of canned fruits and Button originated from a corp vegetables quarters and halves rate 0f beef big bags of sugar and a reply dated the same Day four and dry Beans these Are to Vinson from Paul Barrick. A a a in nor the things housewives Are pack w Ashi no ton api a Gor Matruder a Strachan to let the treasurer of the finance com Adon Strachan testified Friday Senate watergate committee in Nii Ttoe enclosed a Check made Bofoixthex-1 More by the associated press 20.000 a week ago and 29,000 a that More than to o months be prepared testimony. Out to Ashland Petroleum a the number of �8 prices is my As year a8� the respective aver fore the watergate break in he d in Bon for the full amount of the expensive. While the number of j1>50 at nation s marketing age costs were $46.75, $42.51 a a the his bus h r Haiti j to k Mee Quot contribution. Shoppers has t grown much. Centers Friday after the 46 jump Al min i three Lino report of Quot a 1 Are per car it and March Tulp committee bad n0 idea the regulars Are tilling their thursday and specialists said. Ssu Cito polits 0f mvol7s those Quot ton. Where a hat to contribution had a carts higher than usual. The record inc Casc thursday he said there were not Toni Genco gather in system avers was Tom l �rp0ra,t funds bar gr0cery show uhf 4 s a tin of he .5hwp,#n the a Rke a with a budget of $300 too a a p was Rick letter said. Ages in several areas every freeze could have been a one establish a trend. Only 1,700 ,. He Laened. In a statement issued from where checked those being in Day Boom that left a $4.50 Hun were on the midwestern mar but by suit even though be Jeb Stuart Magrudor Deputy his office the watergate prose the departments of canned Dre Dweight plateau. Sets Friday and Over the entire was int Liaison Jet Ween Iasi in the Campaign to former autor Archibald Cox said it fruits and vegetables and porker prices shot up As week there were $1 to s2 indent Nixon Sie elect Ion come atty. Gen. Jolin n. Mitchell appeared that the contribution meat Chicken and pork Espe much As $6 per hundredweight creases. In terms of Supply and Mittee and the White House jihad testified that after the last was solicited by and delivered Dally. While one is apparently thursday in an overnight in demand he said the Price Rise pact from president Nixon a was about Normal new economic program w hich during the week 97.200 cattle no longer restricts prices on arrived at Midwest pens com hogs sheep and poultry. The pared with 114,900 last week Price freeze was left on beef and 104.000 a year ago. The re hijackers until sept. 12. Spec Tive Price Range for top Japan air a it now May be leveling itself steers was $47.85, $48.95 and lines jumbo Jet from Ansier a plateau Oil. _. _. Coming established a said Don a i done to anticipate very much dam to this persian Gulf Sheik-1 cd Jones acting officer in Chance in cattle prices until the Dom Friday night. A Corpse charge of the Market news of freeze is Over but hog prices and a wounded Crew member fice of the . Department of Definis a will be up. But maybe were carried off the aircraft agriculture in Chicago. Not a higher than they were after it landed. A it now Mah be leveling itself thursday a said r. C. Wil Jal officials in Tokyo said out. But it still can be regarded hams manager of the army troops. Graffiti 4973 we. J lv6nter is Tab i shtick a so irber Ita Llcy of Suff 0,1 pm let local mat meeting March 30, a i called to Maurice h. Stans then Rush ters John w. Dean Iii was the Strachan and indicated to chairman of the finance of t i m Whit House Contact on Politi him that the project had been the Nixon re election a hijackers land Jal plane in Dubai i by pwn a i 7 i v. j 87 60 White Tuuu vt., Lvuv. Nim that me project Naa been the Nixon re election com Oft Cal intelligence. Approved. I discussed it in de Mittee. Stans is under in m m a neither or. Haldeman dict ment in new York in con Quot or. Dean advised me of the but Strachan said a had any Section with a secret Cash the weather elsewhere series of meetings with or one Ever heard the details of $200,000 Campaign contribution commandeered of the asset i\ii.1> rank Mitchell Dean Liddy and turn to Page 4-a, column 2 turn to Page 4-a, column 3 83 63 Juneau 57 47 Dubai a bombs halt insurgents phenom apr to i Gen penh Cambodia in the most significant fight ported to Miles South of phenom the Garrison was run communist led insuring to Miles South of phenom Njong Jow or food water and attacked government penh on Highway 3, govern ammunition Ono 0f the one of the men 94. 68 109 a a. Viz g la around phenom penh the Cam troop battalion despite repeated killed and 40 injured in the last Hospital. He told the airlines packers buy up their supplies Williams said higher prices 53 a Bodian High command and . Bombing of insurgent Posi to Days. London office by Telephone that earlier in the w Eek and Deli will make hogs More plentiful 7i troops in at least seven fiercely ment troops failed for the loth 39 contested sectors Friday Day to relieve a besieged Para s 0 paratroopers were the wounded Crew member the As unpredictable. Friday is not Kansas National stockyards at chief Purser was taken a Good measuring Day anyway. Little Rock. 87 58 Field reports disclosed. Tons. Etc heavy . Bombing was re three to 69 ported in two of the contested through of areas. Rounding . F4 phantoms and a7 an explosion Early in the 3,000 cries decrease a and eventually when or Educ paratroopers slipped Corsair planes made repeated mile flight across Europe and in a Survey of la midwestern Tion catches up it will push insurgent lines sur raids flying As Low As 2,000 the Middle East killed a woman markets Friday. Jones said 33, prices Back Down a but this the outpost and re and injured him. 500 hogs arrived compared with will take about six Index amusements. Tab astrological forecast. 9-a builders news. 13-15-b business financial6-9 b classified. 19-b-13-c comics. 17 b editorial. 12-a news briefs. 4 a radio Ltd to logs. Tab vital statistics. 4-a weather map. 4-a worry clinic. 7-a today s Gazette Telegraph consists of 4 main sections 38 pages of your paper is not Complete please Call 632-4641

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