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Colorado Springs Gazette Newspaper Archives Dec 20 1965, Page 1

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Colorado Springs Gazette Telegraph (Newspaper) - December 20, 1965, Colorado Springs, Colorado Colorado Springs a a i is n str in fir the free Market that Otue Benefit at other people expense. The to results. Instead from inter Ference with the free Market Hart Burk no. 3065�?94h� your Gazette both associated press and United press International Home edition Colorado Springs monday. December 20. 1965 dial 632-4641 four sections�?34 pages peace feeler political storm erupts by John m a Hightower n. Apr it h4x hot get to it a John in add Quot. N Strati h Cund i a a a a a a a in Al Ai today in a not or ill be n y i Pute Ltd it it. Pub Ltd a am Erml ii his of i it or esp twit e rep or v i a fit in hit i a in i a a probing .1 a her. A. I t a i a it it i re ii by Mfd tar a to t a Rii vim int n a \ a in sols 4 desire the a urm Quot. w a i a. T ire Ai it a Joni hint a it vat icntr., que h.1 in a or r or re a a i a h Ain in jut yen a. T s art4 a Dis r. T g Ettley it a a. It in in or k n j let t % tit Mistr. A a a re a Stu air ii a h Smen v a v 4 t s que to v the s up re a n a Ucler a j v. X n a it Den j 4 it 41 could go a. J Aliner % a a a p a Viv Yth f. A my l a in a h r w Quot it t re. To Cill a a a a m i of a of vie Njuty by i a w up a a rat keen sell rut of be n e it \ ,. Direction. Bad a. Officials said a Day by ,.d by in no diet a \ \ Ira i s action the a a,r.1h, a of a Quot or it a Quot \ r Friday at i. Nam wh.1,1 and n to a a ii v of student finds Yule Lek a Charles Mullen. An 18-year-Okf Colorado College freshman from Denver. Is shown astride the Yule log which he found in la traditional of Quot Goa a Palm i in it Sand. Y afternoon men than Kos pet it is were on hard j the search and a he Wasai. Reran by m the town Hail t it at in Telegraph photo1 de Gaulle wins 54.66 per cent of French vote regional building code approved by qty Council or i Etal y. A Val i it a i Strot Igor a ii to. La i to be Hope ii Exchange Ltd Hulk a blame i was pulled in pro i pjs How from Elm nce n a Aue he a get it it. Piously wanted us in Quot to Ujj Tail by disclosing a Advance Dong what had been line to get state department Offin it . Calling the charge Ltd tags a it pn.,-1 Aid the publication was forced Saigon is High vie Nam i veil Cross request ast duty to Gen William c Westmore by concern a what Thev Eon y map Niter Many a plaints both Yurt Tiara -. me can land i s dec Munde m v it tended Way a if v a or a a a a that it lures wife to iterating officials tor treatment of prix pc Nam. Rex in i in issued orders to Neon account which had Ai pm pc Sasieni i run out i jul from sawing the you a of the l�n., i wit r in he Annua Hall sin Yule l a. Ute til g a it vol be it Piru it rid Ila in pro get Marin Penn com w n an i Premier Pham \ an t a a South Viets say captives to be treated better by David Mason tired voters balloted a near guile faces two items of until Paris apr France settled Recd turnout shed Burines hark a nov Vears of caul i tier and termed de goalie one is the negotiations in one. A Victory Quot mediocre and sad six bail european Mem Mon its. Today following Idem would turn his attention to Market which in Gaulle i bar Les de Gaulle s re election the nationals Assembly elec brought to an abrupt halt last at a 15-minute session this humane treatment to Tommu Manx <�6>rier Nave come hand i s officials to another seven year term. Bons in november 1967 june to Block attempt to give morning the Colorado Springs most captives i s officials we Back Tromba de areas with re similar directive in tie although de Gaulle a failure a a All by efforts. He said. The Economy Community s sex City Council Pas de on first sex mud Ttye Promise ports a if Bru to to by vietnamese Jainese languor have to we on the firs ballot two to Mae a be legislative ecu Tive More Power Reading an ordinance establish Premier Nguyen Tao by s soldiers Aga l their abet Cong distributed on to weeks ago gave Clear notice elections the decisive engage in Gaulle opposes any move inc a regional building code government announced sunday captive to \ Naime a name ment which i save tile re pub toward Supranational by the army inspection department in that ii was inviting into a lion their treat nun a Primmer i no a that hrs popularity had slipped from the adventure into common Market adm Milra when the it and Munty a. Red Cross fab Tab to Imp t no a or to or than that int re Gay Ria almost no one expected the a which a discounted Gaul ii it lion the live other members a it a re Punj her prison Camp conditions die the a i m not it nne in _ going to plunge it scheduled a meeting in Brus he the code. Drawn up tr.,>r� than in a month ago Titer much Tody will bring the to inspection departments a Fie get it and county Togo her and will sex socratic old Man to alter his pol lev covals he May soften his de Gaulle who begins his new today to discuss the impose Sci. Or term Jan 8. Is used v Ictor Thev lk�5�d tor sumo word trom methods however. In the run Olf sunday. A a Temerl Lam or Duron of in it ready to comply the returns from euro hot in a it in a Quot Quot. A k a a Peon Frank a plus my of rho a its supporters Ere overjoyed the Savuno to. the. That he had pulled out a com a item on in Gaulle Agenda i overseas territories gave the to r a of me department at Ramg Foi Lable margin after i Reform of the North Atlantic a humiliating first round setback. Treaty or Ganu at Ion de y r 1 a it pm a in which he win Only 43 9 per has called for an end to military r Quot m Una i cent of the vote integration in the la Natton a. A 11 a per Quot non Junction with the regional bund my code ordinance a Central ? tic tween the City and Al i in county establishing a Region. Bunding impart men new ode will go into it pm ration Jan i. And moves the depart men of Fri turn to Page a 4. Column so Only a i minute Tim h h.1 two a a hid it in if fit nth ii a i end Quot to i la in Telegraph photo \ re vietnamese Anet tit.tiered in us pm trom the account which a Pas edit it a to Bahan minister amino re be i v general a Cia and Whit h part Sconers the so hath \ a name a ers in Acx Aird with the Geneva Ai his men to prevent mistreat ready become Public Rusk was f>u1j reported to Washington in a government has pledged to give conventions int of prisoners in la. S reported angered and up it by a 31 letter to president John said the a tits ism \ Iet Arthur j Goldberg. I s am tile la a a it Una then Assad he the i United nations fld the \ vietnamese were \ it Ami another who played the role prep ired or place negotiation in the Hasi of the i9m Geneva agreements creating vie Nam provided the i cited state accept the comm in no program which hued definition of the was in response Oomman Dei foreign n a Ai Ollie o a4. Tiv Oso i a of Imam to column 1 Britain launches own Airlift of Oil to Zambia year old president 12 763 666. Or 54 66 per cent leftist Francois Mitterrand got io.585.150 about 84 per cent of the Regis the weather Ihm by a u s Aumi fat cown no Puk Region up Rhrou i t set so b a ext it Atiar Cwa la a Umeki 9-3 hid to rely it Arar 5 a Flor will a i it fir to us ass tvs i Terra i it Quot Arnac eat Trwin Tea by a ill we All w Annet eat a a not in a i m r i ele Avoca. I win a re Eva Mou Tail a a a a it. Vav a 3-ii rive Havet wac Cost is a Uasa i a nay it it m anti ump Araa a a Artir Arasa l to or Ila Tell at him nut in it a it a Baar to Tai a in i a by 3 a by i a big a a. I a a a t a Law a a Bita ii on the internal Lorn i Cene. In turn to Page a 4. Column i rebels army clash again in Dominica by Robert Berrellez my ended following the Arm. Santo Domingo. Dorm of Ino u s paratroopers of the ran Republic i apr a the pre inter american peace Force this carious peace eff Cru in the inc s is Xun Zambia it a Britain a Egan an Oil aired sunday As Leader Ethiopia and i Gar. F a.ix tir another to in am in t meeting a Gie or a toward Rhode to the Airlift Titan a it re a Landing a of a Roy a air i Nep re bringing j 77o Garn a ii fue from liar c it a act r Tan an f a a Nond a the air pm it L.U-ak., Are president Kenneth Kaunda of /. A 1 anti i a c no Wein mire a led t Wyn Hugg the plan a it re ii be3. 5, Furrow or ugh he Airport Arna if Wing the wrong a Iii one to it the rat a in a panned Kef men Quasti in tee >4 dry pm the a r i t Megan Atli re Fille Monty g Ernie no of re pm ii in a <.�, a a to god a a /-amb., . R to a Ltd a. A by Alia an in for. A Oil embark i of an r s. T in the vie the govern ment of it in minister fan peace sri a it. De. Ared Rhodes and it it it Vii after fetal a g a it \ a a British demand a St p a Ward eventual Ain if Cir of go Between said Nunda on a s issues and answers the Mimin stration would have a referred to t Arry a it a Thi i Russion in privacy Bat a faxed with a fit not lie Nee with the .,.� ver r. Ted Hitty it i1 a a a i a it i Rovfberg arg he a a add trait in aced re. Or leasing the Orr Goldberg by a disclosure a i next a negotiate. A w Gnu a four i it a a in that a 4. Tofu \ j no by a a zambian com m Gnu s k a an i paying to to e if an emerge by Tut Quot to Page a 4,column ii Saigon guard tightened against red terrorists a to Fuy food tedious toward end of space flight the violence spread to Santo v. A a sax 4 Lam it am. 4 i a a is a i t a in w a m a a a in a wan. La dem Jvn a 3 a Jim Stafford rated re. Tip. A j minivan Republic a ppm red to ate Feliki Cape Kennedy. Flap we and demm Day to have been dealt a Shat _ astronauts Frank Borman ail four also Remai ked now terms setback by a Battle be i v \ Ai Ark Janies a Lovell or. Who Eay it a to be through ear tween army troops and former armed and Alaiti snot to rough fax enough during their others space Craft window the head by a member of an angry pro rebel mob. One of Many roaming the littered per on who i., red wet. To it Bonaut us ted Bor Man a saying new a Vougn fun ure space men not did n have a a by or Buiko us on Ong Dura s rebels at least 13 persons were be i in a pcs Xitas 4i a dents sunday. Twelve were. Ii reported killed in a six hour Bat a re ? a Orv spare Al has on Ryan tha the it 7 capsule a Pat. Cud our Civ no ded a a tie that raged around a hotel on a Lvi a an a u people who talked with the geared twice As Bright As the to to. Gen n 7 i but oui Brici bring Thil hidden weapons after a i run Quot a Birri in and Scurra and Stafford were re get on hand to me a a it \ a y planes that flew the Gen in 7 Saigon Nuth \ a ap1 a police and wrap a Saigon n a a a. A be Unity in year t it Day a a a. A against major terrorism or a. N fifth Annivera Arv a the \ Longs nation.,�?T lift front in the Field. I s Marine Iki army men marked the birthday eve by killing nearly Joo com a it indo ii i s it a a Fuho re one rial a Man y a tree turn to pig a4. Column 9 9nlddohs by Wisla by two weeks in spate to make to while they were rendezvous ing and a a a k an round rips to the Moon. Begin High above the Earth Medne Jar sure system r Metic Crew Felt it a the it a to a ape munits in three clashes with three Day s of medical checks Day Man suggested it in to a into Kenov by stable Viet Cong forces Here to determine what physical Schurra was quoted As saying the spacecraft rate or ban my in Tead Scurra a crouched for the second consecutive in a Dixie was a Trona Crew Day. Had weather prevented Headquarters on neighbouring i s fighter bombers from Rara tar a Al Wava people who talked with the geared twice As Bright As the to two p a a flew n the outskirts of Santiago the 1,1 a Hwan eap oos astronauts Aid their main com brightest Star sinus when he much o Trie r a. In i Renti Island xxx non Borman inc North set Nam sunday country s no 2 City prompted the to reinforce Plait of the Jay Hight was was approaching it and Schirr. Unde a and a have am l Oell walked Down the official said they Aid Tho there were conflicting reports its Maii Ransons n the 5orm�?T the confinement a they could t and Stafford indicated that Fen done a even a a a ?. N has jumped out and began strike w. D re ume me Quot a a nor High i ,/.an a a a tar m a a a Ana today on the cause of the Battle that or rebel territory downtown stretch out they asserted they Dez our was easier than they Contr Perm by a nein to air a to n Arm a skies cleared and discounted is pitched army tanks against an 00jn? ixht5d be heard in dreamed a lot during the mis though Borman and l a. R.� tj., Emit 7 Crew needed speculation of any new pause in a or woj estimated 12. Former rebels scamere<1 par5 of the Cap Tal Sion sources said and Borman Stafford and Schurra co piloted ukr to stay at a Kennedy Landing instruction the air War against the co menu per am barricaded in the rambling to let int0 the inf was quoted As saying that Lov two Small air planes in Thor until wednesday com Intra Ting my Schirra had a Nisi North to encourage peace a a two Story hotel Datum stint said none Olathe shoot Eji was dreaming All the Day from the prime recovery on medic. . They L.U Public a bet Over which talks fwd a a m 1 a so an far Curry Kwo 1 Vas we far Curran a boat a sat a a a wide i fid m atm w.x4 Duraron m a a ratio Kokh. A its Pobi Tuum m i to. A a 3 w vests t Tco Christmas Trees Are status Symbol h Miaow St Rishto a so Cai r ii 9 Mew a caul i Joll new Orf Rax m to u be by la okla Closs a a of Talca Ai a a a a a a i ton a i a. Or a in of m Ca Ca i b u it a n to ing involved the hemisphere time Quot ship the aircraft Carrier Wasp then Pian to Fly to tie manned spacecraft would and closest to with us military Perm Nel army that was organized and for vol on the spacecraft to Bermuda spacecraft Center in Houston is targe he a a officials restricted to Quarter by a dusk brought Here in Early May to _ some of it dehydrated a got on the Way. Sources said. They Tex to Begines get Days of Tell it Aid Schirr., a in hedged that a Dawn curfew. Saigon passed help forge a peace in the do tedious and somewhat object tried to Fly their two aircraft in my and retelling the Story of Borman got sightly closer but through the night without in minivan revolution turntable toward the end of the formation and noted that it was their Mara n Hight to project blamed it on an instrument in Dent a heavy guard paroled a violent explosion rocked the flight the sources noted much easter to Pilot two gemini official the gemini 6 capsule which was Western part of Santo Domingo air Force it col Borman spacecraft in formation even Navy Cap Schirra and air slightly off los Angeles a it a a at Midnight there was no in and Navy cmdr Lovell Aswell though the spaceships were Force maj Stafford flew from astronaut Donald k Clayton o i Railroad freight agent says mediate report of the cause of As gemini 7 astronauts we alter speeding at 17.500 mile an nearby pair car Force base director of the gemini 7 Crow m Schirra or and Thomas p hour to h Ltd a sunday afternoon. Turn to Page a. Column ii is sold out j55 carloads of Christ the Santiago hotel Battle a it Mas Trees and gives one reason geared to dash Hopes of Reintje 59 for the bumper sales the new grating rebel troops into the n est Southern California status regular armed forces a a key a Symbol is having two Christmas step toward creating a peaceful a a Trees climate for the general election w Ashington api a the the lunar Landing before the end Wor Ltd report 41 Richard Givens Southern a planned for next june head of the i s Man in space at 1s0 a if All goes Well a g ctr Railroad freight agent in anon labor Leader blamed program think americans May Mueller associate Admi in Quot charge of handling tree ship the army and Daman did that land pm the in we before the Trator Ai the National aeronaut j meats Here Laid the trend a pm Ammi pres akm Hector decade end is and space a Saitu a a it pm a Low Ard a natural Gre a i tree Max birr fee the mib tar said or Morge e i net Lee made in pret item by a rope a plus a Voree a myth Rel ame it to a to a a a a a. Cotom. A we vhf Wajid be hate to carry in right movie a it new 4 Rozum Tuoi Milb Hual. Utti t Ai 41 la grand act a i la 4 to Juta 7 m a i a or of 5 it a a put it 1 17 ass 4 a a Quot Quot a a a Tati a Pluto u ii tax Ltd 6 we atm a else whew wholesalers Here have already the blast Mica us _ _. Hic Low Haw amx War a of Yew americans May land on Moon within decade sniff of roses of practical Vor City buses Detroit Mich Gap it a Detroit is giving up on the Rose odor for its City buses that a me Dav ome Way we the fuel additive smelled he Aid the chances of Ltd May Loe i be of air astronauts Lovely coming from the sex Cess Ful Vox be and return Are or even a Crew it to astronaut Haust by was found to con Tam quite High i r ear Brand that a chemical which it wooded in at the vane time be Aid am program in n a i k part the a Stern is or Arpir Muu Brace chem Cive sneering in our Pae or g am a a to rho gut another additive and or witling i accept the tart. In wives is which a in tiny smell ing Days till curl read our ads Index amusements6-b business financial 6-7-c classified. 4-7-0 comics. 5-c Date line.8-c dear Abby. S c editorial. 2 Heloise a local news. To new briefs 4-a radio a to logs so society by a to Quot 2-4-c vital state a a so Wra Atner Mao 4-a \

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