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Colorado Springs Gazette Newspaper Archives Dec 16 1973, Page 1

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Colorado Springs Gazette Telegraph (Newspaper) - December 16, 1973, Colorado Springs, Colorado Your Freedom newspaper r seemingly painless in. V 1 u 111lf deduction loin Var hrs Hare proven to he Quot wonderful my of extract in mom from the Lei Doc 101 in Rife social welfare plot nuns. Jonathan spin a a or Ell Street journal. Colorado Springs news sports lifestyle i siness no. 32,006 i02n,l y oar both a and i Picolo Voo sub i Ngsi sind a. December 16. J973 mud daily 2.>c sunday twelve Section a 136 Page a kidnappers Cut by Victor l. Simpsons Rome a j. Paul Getty Iii was found alive saturday five months after disappearing from a Rome hippie haunt. His right ear was gone and his release was reported to have Cost nearly $3 million in Ransom. Family sources put the figure at $2.7 million. Moro than a week ago Getty smother said Ransom Money was made available through her sex husband. The 17-year-old grandson of american Oil billionaire j. Paul Getty was in Good health despite the missing car and what he said were Long transfers by his kidnappers through rugged Countryside from one hideout to another. Police said he did not de scribe How his ear was removed. A Rome newspaper had received an ear and a lock of hair described As Paul s and allegedly sent in an Effort to prove the kidnapping was not a hoax. Paul was found shivering in a rainstorm and sub freezing temperatures at a gasoline station along the superhighway leading South from Naples to Sicily. A i had been standing there for hours trying to Stop passing cars a police quoted him a saying. A but nobody would Stop. A a truck Driver saw the boy and called police. Later he was reunited with his Mother former actress Gail Harris and then they drove Back to Rome. Police said the boy gave scant information on his Captivity. He said he was abducted from Piazza farnese a hangout for hippies and drug pushers in downtown Rome Early in the morning of july to after leaving a night club the Case at first prompted a family Brawl As the Mother blasted the boy s Grandfather and her divorced husband. J. Paul Getty jr., for refusing to pay the Ransom and for considering the Case a hoax. They both live in Britain. Miss Harris said the boys father then made the Ranson Money available. The father was not immediately available for comment. Getty freed by kidnappers a newsmen mob around Paul Golly i. 17 As he loaves police station in Lagonegro Southern Italy escorted by military fellow Carabiniero soon after his release saturday morning. His right ear had born Cut off by his kidnappers. A wire photo Moths in skylab by pall Recer quickly than the six months it station for a scheduled photo Spack Center Houston takes on Earth. Graph of the Comet Kohoutek i api a three excited skylab scientists Hope Tho sex the ailing Gyro is one of two 11 pediment will Lead to control of Surv Vlnar stability and Maneu Sci �?"��?1 a Urdaz in an Experiment aboard i Moth a pest we jul astronauts announced that Gypsy Moth eggs hatched in an Experiment aboard control devices left on a third one sat. Var inc to Gypsy Moth. A pest which the space. Station the space station and said the do Grove thousands of eat Jar newcomers were alive mov 0 in Carr Pogue and Gibson Are we inc and somewhat the girly hatching May Daylight time starts Jan. 6 by prank Cormier Gross i riday and Nixon acted considering appeals from parts Pul Sory. Clean air standards some administration actions Washington map pres quickly so docks can be moved of the country notably Stales could be waived to permit have been announced in Antick Idem Nixon signed a Bill Satur ahead one hour beginning at 2 falling into two time zones to r., ,. 4u. Day putting the nation on year a in Jan a. Had he waited an Light time requirement. Tan mid a Quoter a on of Passabi of he bl11 around Daylight saving time other Day the Law could not the House worked into the deduct on in limits the president had set aside starting Jan. 6. Have taken effect before Jan. Early morning hours saturday thermostat restriction in both saturday morning to go to the he also called for Congress to 13. To pass an emergency Energy pubic and private offices and National naval medical Center act before the Christmas recess Ender the Law. Daylight time Bill the one Nixon is urging curtailment of hours in schools in suburban Bethesda md., for next week on the More sex will be in effect All year for a Quick action on. However it and other institutions would be his Annua physical checkup passive Energy conservation two year period and for the differs in Many respects from authorized. The House Hill he cancelled that plan How Bill which cleared the House first time since world War la similar Senate passed Leiala however would require con Ever because aides said he Early saturday. Some estimate its Impact could Tion and requires compromises session Al approval of these wanted to devote most of the Nixon said the extra hour of reduce electricity and heating that would have to be worked conservation actions Day to the Energy crisis evening Daylight will save a an demands by up to 3 per cent out quickly. Other major differences Are Nixon met with William e. Estimated equivalent of 130 000 mainly in the North. Both versions would give the the houses inclusion of anti Simon head of the new Federal As a companion to the Law president such Powers As ratio busing provisions and its re Energy office and his Deputy Nixon also signed an executive Ning gasoline and making a ban striations on Oil company prof John c. Sawhill. To discuss order setting up machinery for on sunday gasoline sales com its Energy policy. Dependence on Federal Revenue sharing seen barrels of Oil a Day this Winter. The measure cleared con cd i n sit ran or i Rill end la by boosted by Jerry t. Washington apr trans who hold world War i and world War la i insurance get another record Divi Denver Ltd a the Colo said. A initially state and local Crowder said Federal Revenue funds for capital construction. In no danger should the device Send next year the veterans Raj a a Public expenditure coun governments tended to earmark sharing also was producing a $8.5 million to operating Agen mean that Gypsy Moths could fax Ole you thl.be a used Iii Large numbers astronauts Gerald in Carr William in fugue and edward1 Quot a Quot Uri planned 84-Day Mission could g. Gibson reported that the f1&Quot orbiting rockets and Al Cusbord Ttoe a were in the exp Quot a Arrieu plural department my Dav of the Marathon flight j to use sterilization of male saturday a be Moths As a pm this was the fourth episode climbed. Of distress shown by the Gyro during first of Ewh eggs in the pediment hatched during afternoon about a month fore Tho expected time. Administration announced Urdaz. It will be the seventh year in the dividend Row sat cil said saturday state and to shared funds for one time pro shift of funds away from social aes and has invested the rest Cal governments were beginning jets or Caudal and humanitarian programs due to Colorado s present to pump More of their Federal Crowder said the state and toward More traditional serv huge surplus if has Little actual governments Revenue sharing funds into to municipal governments May Ces Uke keeping streets in Good not d for Revenue sharing funds has lice Protection and Street main have b in tearful that the end shape and to improve police de at the moment Crowder said. Tenancy. Of the Revenue sharing program i payments. Crowder said Denver approx 1974. The 3.75 million Xora Crowder a staff mein might leave them with new and the Council said Colorado printed $20 million of si3 Mil to use sterilization of male Gator Jav Moths As a Means of pre a Vas venting their reproduction in the Moth egg Experiment is Niit lire it a space official said. The indications Are the same As holders of world War la nation Ber for Tho research Agency expanded projects which could state and local governments will lion received during 1973 for an attempt to learn if space has l Ren us gtd signals Given by Gyro number i a service life insurance Poi Sai j governmental units were not be continued if Federal funds receive $148.744 626 in Revenue capital improvement project. 1 a a successfully on screw Worms. A a a w. A a a. A a a a a a weightlessness will cause Gypsy. ,. A a a a. Ii but it has not been effective for Moth caterpillars to Hatch More Gypsy Moths because it takes the gyros Are 242-Pound $72 last year for so Long to raise them in Labora wheels which spin at 9 too Revo $282 3 million. Tories lotions per minute. This action tit 138 000 world War i vet any other curing expenditures a Crowder appropriated $22 4 million of its for fire Protection Crowder said $j0 9 million in Revenue sharing a besides the state and Den ver 313 other local governments pile weather a Fri Wal for nth or Ltd he c s. Writer Farr Riff Al Fri Fumi he kit failed Early in the ides will receive an average beginning to overcome their re should cease sharing funds by june 30. 1974. But later diverted $7 million to $75 per policy compared with dance for using the Federal a was Revenue sharing enters its with one third going to the state meet expenses of general gov total of funds for Ordinary government third year an Ever greater per and two thirds to local govern eminent. Of the $1.1 i Ilion to a1 expenses. Cent age of shared funds is being Rozenf be received during 1974. It has a now they generally treat the budgeted for Ordinary and re Crowder said the state has committed $12 million to pay earlier saturday an ailing stabilizes the space station Gyroscope aboard the space turning tile gyros slightly prot life policies source. Erans who hold . Govern receipts just like a a station faltered briefly and the ducks a twisting motion which Svi a ret an average $156 per pol Pikios weak Region Vair a Quot astronauts were instructed not causes the space station to partly Cloudy monday. Warning trend 1 f of and hut Quot no in a. Sgt v a a it. To Man Euver the 118-foot space Man Euver. High monday in the up it a 50. V mid flight 1 a in. 2 am 3 a m 4 a in. 5 a in. Ham 7 am Nam a in 10 a in 11 a in. Maximum to Sci Usu Al a at Iti 11 1.1 or veil an it Chi 1 . J . 3 pm 4 . $ p a ii 7 . 9 . T to . 30 la t hour a nerd v. . Defense Secretary warns attacking reds la p in Yew verday minimum of Quot a i hear la pm vote Day pm cml at i s. In iat blur Al Al i data pm i Chaon i Iii i maximum for 2. A unix in nil at la pm. Vol troll minimum for k�?T4 hour la pm. Yesterday and a at Washington apr Sec 12 Miles South of Saigon a Sui 3 rotary of defense James in visor said. A Schlesinger denounced the he said one South Vietnam shooting attack on an unarmed Ese jul was Stajn Anco at e s. Search helicopter in South. ,. J a a East three other vietnamese Vietnam As a despicable act and said saturday a we should crewmen were wounded and icy totalling $21.5 million. Last year they averaged $142. A administrator Donald e. Johnson said the increased dividends result chiefly from higher interest earnings in the funds for the two types of policies. No dividends Are paid on korean veterans policies. And the government has not carried Over Post korean or Vietnam i coverage into civilian life. 3� 17 be prepared to take the Neces that lie saw about five dead at Jim velocity it ii pm. 5 Mil a i or we him uni at la use Surv measures Quot to prevent a tackers left in the Field. Twelve relative humidity at la mfr or 11 7ndlva.n-? Quot quota recurrence. South vietnamese accompanied print Pitton in it Houri pm Iii to we will indicate our sub americans in their three precipitation Lur for rest month .13 Sta initial displeasure to the other choppers. Normal Pienzi nation for currents be but we will not cease the Mideast peace conference to be delayed truck Drivers to continue stoppage by the associated press a we will slay shut Down for of Highway near East liver protesting truck Drivers who sure through pm Al ohl0�?T continued their propelled their rigs off the Road to Mike Parkhurst editor of a a s dramatize their complaints overdrive Magazine said How a Ever that truckers were Back 10, Sofia do in Colorado receive Revenue sharing Crowder said. A Revenue sharing funds Are not being used to initiate new programs. Nor Are they used to provide direct tax Relief. They Are used to supplement existing programs and Crowder said since Revenue sharing funds Are spent As local government officials see fit they tend to go toward services turn to Pale 6a, column 2 about fuel and other items bout 200 trucks were involved. Cairo. Egypt a Tian foreign minister Egypt Ismail Sun Loni fief at 4 3d Sunrise tomorrow at 7 la a in. The h rather Lim whirr by the Ash a u Kreis la i 25 3 i a Vega jul 25 Little Rock 51 2b Ixo Nyrle 20 15 Taw is Ville 3s 31 Mem Phi i i to Miami <1 12 Milwaukee i -23 mils St. P. Prices and Speed on a cd capt in he area limits said saturday they would around Denver Lamar a City officials Saidla Dan had continue their stoppage through an old Washington. Otlo of a a a a. The Vivenes within the City. Quot a weekend truckers Are starting to were new reports of there were indications How nude. He said saturday morn 5poradc Troub a but no in j. Ever. That the protesters were m8 juries were Reix irked and Lead month a 3�?~v,v Quot a r the american Oft ice i killed Fahmy said saturday the Stait Arp Amft among themselves loaders of the fraternal As r a a Manet Rueiinn a Fri precipitation a fur the Var >3� search for the missing in a Iris in Ifird As Cadt Rinhard of the Milton Nece Confer a Guin a Niong items eyes i Ayers or me pers of the demonstration said a a a wish Comer i Irene a to entities a p i Tiara of the Mideast peace Conin about How Long to continue the Socia Tion of steel haulers. T Cona no any Vio Tion. Schlesinger said during am n 32 of Kent oh0 in g a has m m Myers Bey did not condone any talk before a group of Jaycees the Pentagon also identified Laved three Days. Cairo Sofii. A. A and z u. T _ a 0 is defense Secretary did is Dot t St a a Isk t stoles voted saturday Jess is 2 2 not indie ale what the Neces a a. So Dlly to l,1�mer than on a Norrall Saluri Quot Shu do Quot a urday and an official of the Day. William Hill the association jul Oil terminal in Hunt Dave Townsend one of two president said however the Jungton said most of the service Ina p hmm be Cav truckers Manning a Clearing group would Call for another stations supplied by the terrain Agency quoted Fawny ass it it House in Denver. Colo., for Tele strike next month if the tru Ai were out of Gas because the my phone Calls from Drivers Akers demands Are not met. From pulled its Drivers off the the announcement said the throughout the country vowed i truckers blocking a Section Road Friday. Albany Albu Oue Aman Uii am Horak Vihrov ill Atlanta firm Tosh a Numack hoi Haiton Bri was 111 Kul Tai Quot Charleston Charlotte i Hie a so Stein Aal i Cleveland hem tide Monte i Trmal Duluth Karbank Livirt Woith Helena him Lulu Houston ind Aioli Lark \ tile Juneau Kansas Cit is 30 sary measures might be. The m a United states is barred by con-21 29 Gress from any military action ii 36 new Oriean 67 s. Indochina. 43 36 new Vork 35 31. A Jile spoke several hours after i The South vietnamese com-1 of i he okla City to 13 Omaha >7 45 Orla it Quot 30 23 philae phia 29 27 Phoenix tit a ii plot Burkh to 38 Pollanti Ore is fat p Lland me 23 tit rapid City 22 lit Keno 19 7 Richmond a 14 la St a i it Utju 37 sail 24 23 san Diego is o7 san Cranss of seat i in 30 36 s Alkane 42 Tampa 26 22 Washington a 17 73 40 Mand announced in Saigon that solution of Energy crisis Ltd is discussed can solve the the conference scheduled to begin tuesday has been postponed until Friday the news one american had been killed 3 and four others wounded when no for. 2� 25 1,0 44 43 a i 22 communist gunners fired on a a helicopter searching for m servicemen still missing from to a the Vietnam War is 44 40 36a Saigon of communist troops what can solve the Energy delay is due to contacts under crisis Way now Between the United Only the free Market says states the soviet Union. W Philip Gramm. Proles France and Lebanon. Index i amusements 8 9f i astrological forecast. 108 builders news. Of business financial. 1-6g classified 8g Ign dear Abbey 2j editorial. 6-7f Heloise. 41 lifestyle. 11-8j local news. 1b news briefs 6a sports. 1-13e vital statistics. 6a weather map. 6a today a Gazette Telegraph consists of 10 main sections 108 pages plus 8 pages of color comics and a 20 Page Magazine Section. Of your paper is not Complete please i Call 632-4641. I in it Art disease inscribed to Colletia links Sor of economics at Texas amp a University. Or. Grammes recipe for solving the Energy crisis is Dis Fahmy met saturday the Cairo ambassadors of those countries and informed them of new York up a coronary spoke at a three Day symposium but Likoff said just because with heart disease is More the result kid no a Honor said. A it a1 the old theory that heavy smok of genetic makeup than it is most appears that there Are my. Eating too Many fatty the egyptian position the Agen Voiette Teleg Mph musing. I 632-4641 be toil 8 . 2pm weekend. Dict weekday certain people who Are pre foods High blood pressure and bad habits like smoking Aoa ordained to suffer this an indolent life style caused bout 30 cussed in a special article in by said. Overeating according to or. Those people often the Chil heart disease is being Chal ambushed today a Gazette Telegraph. Or. Valmy also has contacted by William Likoff professor of Dren or grandchildren of those toned is no reason for people and killed an unarmed Ameri grammes article appeared orig Rian oth vials about the delay of Medicine at the Hahnemann to have already suffered from to acquire those habits can officer and wounded four finally in the Wall Street Jour the conference and a there is College and Hospital in Phila blocka8e of the arteries leading other . Soldiers saturday As Nal and is printed in Tod their helicopters landed to it in full adjoining today a Egypt search for the remains of a i editorial Page. Agency added. College and Hospital in Days Complete coordination Between Days Egypt and Syria on this a the 1 p Salt Likoff a cardiologist a for a lot of other medical to the heart a Damn Well better reasons however i still behave themselves a Likoff said advise a patient to who in an interview Friday. Smoke or overeat a Likout said. Shopping Days to Christmas \ s

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