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Colorado Springs Gazette Newspaper Archives Dec 5 1999, Page 4

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Colorado Springs Gazette (Newspaper) - December 5, 1999, Colorado Springs, Colorado M the Gazette sunday 5. 1999 omm a san petted Rae Diers of in american a Lytic a Multi detached Fri lax Are expected tif be de Theca Tisor concern list Mage religious groups is Mark the new Jennum. Wuh violence police sources said saturday. The 16 alleged members of the Denver base Grout ceded Chrish Aurare Olsi. Citizens and and tide five children they Are expected to be expelled in the next two Days As their residence permits have expired Tizie sources said. The suspects were living in towns near Athens where the group is believed to have settled after alleged members of the group were expelled from Israel in january. Ments since parliament approved an investigation against his party former German Chancellor Helmut Kohl said the probe into secret payments and alleged graft will not unearth anything incriminating. Quot these accusations and suspicions will collapse Quot Kohl said on television Friday. Kohl who ran the Christian democratic. Union from 1973 until his election defeat last year has acknowledged that he set up secret funds to Channel Money to party it i i cite and campaigns. While it conceding the practice May have broken party financing Laws. Kohl has denied any of the mraie involved bribes or kickbacks. Parliament also wants to exam there were kickbacks for the construction of an Oil refinery in Eastern Germany a l y France s Elf Aquila like in the Early 1990s, As Well As several other business deals while Kohl was in or sanctions will have to go Iraq says Brimmo the . Security Council must choose Between Trade sanctions on Iraq and disarmament inspections tiie Deputy foreign minister j said saturday. Quot we have always said that we cannot take both the sanctions and the inspectors. One of them will have to Nizar Hardoon told As Sci ated press television news. Quot without removing the sanctions entirely it is impossible for us to Deal with any in soft Tion activity Quot. Said Hardoon the previous iraqi ambassador to the United nations. His remarks came As the United states pressed . Security Council members to reach agreement in a new policy toward Iraq that would restart . Disarmament inspections As Well As upgrade the humanitarian program in the country. Toevs a vices a tie Van struck the Back Ofa tractor trailer As traffic skid because of Ari Accident up ahead. A a Van that had been i wife 17 p4k�ie, most of them apparently farm workers crashed into a by actor try ill a Rig on an icy interstate Early saturday killing 13 people. Us. Border Doug Metier so a Tho rites of two documents in Ute Van tit suggest the occupants Vivertt i Isican nationals from Chiapas find Border Bat nil agent Garth Rogers said he spoke to one of the survivors and was told the Van was headed to Kentucky at tile time. The Driver allegedly the alien smuggler had a list of names glance a Palti Stani police arrested the sex wife arid Childreth of a Man who confessed to killing i children i n Hopes of bringing we out of hiding and amounts a was ubing paid for a Cutty us wmyers Tice tir Imd Filc few a indent Ahe and slowed under the Back end of the . Santa be county in de sheriff Benjie Montano said. He said there did t appear to be any signs the Van. It Quot it was gruesome Quot said towing company owner Mii al Tavenner. There was Alx it it an Inch Fly ice on the Road where the crash occurred Tavenner said. An overnight storm had left two of three inches of Snow in the Region and wind had blown Snow into drifts 16 inches deep. The crash occur de about 2 . On a of interstate ,40 shout 35 mites it of Albuquerque Quot three a Rvivle of passengers two men and Simian were in satisfactory condition st to University Hospital and Mia Ernan waa ii ated in critical condition Hospital Spok Oman Cindy Foster said. All 13 killed were men. The Driver of the tractor trailer di<6it require hospitalization. Kris Klinek general manager at a travel Center near the Highway said the stretch was notoriously dangerous in poor weather. In january a car filled with teens crashed killing two and in december 1996, four members of a mexican Maria Chi band died when their Van was hit by tractor trailer rig.201iiiiir8dwhentiiicli nay new a Omli milk Twenty Chr a tto a or Hval a Artic pay to saturday Wesr it Apptt qty Cicack. Drove into amp Awn Hay ride a Thor to a a Quot the -20 injured were taken to Cape cod Hospital it a Yanitis but none of the a juries was believed to be life threatening said fire chief Williim Mulvey Quot the Hay. Ride an open Wagon with benches that was pulled by two Clydesdale horses was carrying dozens of Holiday revellers some As Young As 6 or 7, when the truck hit it on Toute 6 at about 5 Sald. A the Hay ride topped Over after the collision. The clydesdales were not lants Giro away pint 1 Mem a hoping to bring a Man Avo confessed to killing 100 children out of hiding police in this pakistani City arrested his sex wife daughter and son on saturday the state run news Agency said. On thursday police received Ojetter from a Man who id enticed himself As Javed Iqbal in the letter Iqbal said he sexually ass wilted the �100 children be fore killing their and police to photographs he said he took of All the victims. He said he is a trained chemical Engineer and that he used chemicals to dispose of the bodies. In his letter Iqbal gave instructions. That led police to a Large Blue barrel in Home in Lahore the capital of Eastern Punjab province where they found the remains two bodies. The 40-year-old Iqbal apparently rented the Home for the past eight months according to a police report seen by the associated press. Iqbal said in his Tetter that most of the pictures were taken in the House but some were taken in the Hills outside the capita of Islamabad. He also led police to pictures and clothes of his alleged victims. Police have not found any More Bod ies yet. But parents or relatives of 57 of the children have recognized clothing or identified photographs of missing boys and girls police spokesman Riaz Shafqat said. Police Are trying to identify the other children. Quot we Are working around the clock to try to find this Man and identify the other children Quot Shafqat said. In their report to military Leader police said they suspect More than one person May have been involved. Iqbal s family members were arrested in an attempt to lure him out of hiding Pakistan s state run. News age icy reported saturday Mouw when Barbados pet store owner Rodney car ringtone tried to enter the United states he told customs officers al Miami International Airport he had nothing to declare. But his pants said otherwise officials said. Carrington was arrested Friday after officers said they found .55 red footed tortoises stuffed in his pants. They became suspicious Federal prosecutor Thomas Watts Fitzgerald said after they noticed that Carrington s pants were wriggling and had Quot some ominous bulges ,., in unusual places Quot new services. Also new accounts Sahi Day hacked claim that russian soldiers idled about 40 a witnesses said ii asked troops opened fire on a White flagged Convoy of seven ars and a bus cunday at a checkpoint South of Grozny. A the bus erupted in flames in an explosion As bullets pierced its Gas tank one survivor said a russian i military officials a a Quot a i Linued to deny reports Caixing them disinformation. The associated press Yudik Ukaz russian forces blockaded the chechen City of Argun but ran into fierce from the militants who control the Eastorn Gateway to the capital Grozny russian officials said Satui Day. Fall i Days of heavy fighting. Hussian Foi oct spic in the Northern outskirts of Argun Mcneir dins the Day Nino Miles cast of a irony the military said. Their no Lance complicated though by mines the rebels planted in their Retreat from the City the Luigi Tail said Accordini to the hate fax news Agency planes and artillery pounded rebel controlled parts of the City saturday but troops were l Utu ainu into harsh resistance. The chechen rebels had built serious Abr Tifilca tio is. Said till Yuri pm. Who is Rouman Diimig the russian operation in run according to the 1t.\h Tass news Agency Arun is a key target in the Kussian drive to encircle irony. Kiis Sianii forces a geared to have blocked the main roads in and out of the chechen capital and continued to bombard Grozny on saturday.  1 think that within a few Days i la invite you to drink some water from the Argun River Quot a top russian commander in Chechnya maj. Gen. Vladimir Sha Manov told nov television Satur Garefo from Chemya Kirks her Chu saturday As crosses a checkpoint near ,31 has Weston Grozny. Cliche al cubans have poured out of the breakaway province fleeing the filming and Are living in refugee Camps or with families in nearby regions. Day. The waterway re a East of the chechen capital Between Argun and Grozny russian forces also seized the Village of a Khan Yurt just Southwest of , civilians had been trapped in the Village for Days unable to leave because of russian shelling in the area. Of banker nurse in fire the new York times Monte Caljo Mot co French investigators said saturday that the billionaire banker Edmond a. Safra died of smoke inhalation because even after the police and firefighters arrived at his Penthouse he still believed he was in danger from masked intruders and refused to leave the bathroom where he had barricaded himself with one of his nurses. The French prosecutor handling the Case said Safra had a cell Ihone with him when he took Refuge in the bathroom and had several conversations with his wife before to died. She encouraged him to come out. But the prosecutor. Daniel ser det said Safra had heard banging on the Walls and believed intruders were still trying to get to him is ret said the noise Satra heard was from the firefighters trying to control a Blaze that had begun in a Small infirmary just outside his duplex atom a six Story Pink stucco building overlooking Monaco s yacht filled Harbor. Safra and the Nui be who was with him in the bathroom Vivi Enne torrent died in the Blaze that spread thi Ough the Loof and destroyed most of the building s top Fioti Early Friday. His wife Lily in another part of the House survived. Safra a 67-year-old lebanese born businessman and founder of the Republic National Hank of new York had Parkinson s disease and was in the process of re tiring. Exactly what happened been a the fire took hold is still unclear including whether Sifra was actually under attack or Simily the victim of a botched robbery. The Monaco police said in to statement Friday that the nurse had fought off the intruders who then set fire to Safra s apartment. But on saturday in answer to a question. Verdet said he had no evidence yet to corroborate the nurse s account that he was attacked by two men the infer Mai v. A billionaire banker Edmond Safra died of smoke inhalation because he refused to leave a locked bathroom in his Monaco Penthouse even after police arrived. A Safra s death took on a further air of mystery saturday when investigators said they had no evidence that intruders were in his s news shows a Abc s Quot this week 10 ,. Cd 13 topics presidential politics the Reform party and the world Trade organization Mars. Guests Republican presidential hopeful Steve Forbes reach us wire desk Donald Trump and gov. Jesse Ventura of if Minnesota or. Daniel Mcneese Nasa s chief scientist for the Mars exploration project. A lbs Quot face the nation 9 30 ., the world Trade organization. Guests Commerce Secretary William Daley and al Cio president John Sweeney. A Abc s Quot meet the press Quot 9 am. Cd 5 topics presidential politics the world Trade organization and Hillary Rodham Clinton guests sen John Mccain. A Ariz gov Jesse Ventura of Minnesota a Fox news sunday Quot 7 ., cd. 21 topics Are the Media racist and protests at the world Trade organization meeting. Guests Republican presidential candidate Alan Keyes and protest organizer Mike Dolan of Public citizens global Trade watch. David bean wire editor. 636-0241, Dean Gazette Comy Joel Millman 636-0243 Gazette com h

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