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Colorado Springs Gazette Newspaper Archives Aug 22 1976, Page 1

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Colorado Springs Gazette Telegraph (Newspaper) - August 22, 1976, Colorado Springs, Colorado A excuses excuses the jury commissioner for Elpaso county has heard just about every excuse possible but few work towards getting a citizen out of jury duty. When your name is called you have to in a food for an army instead of chowing Down in a Dingy mess Hall today s Volunteer army dines in the atmosphere of a modern cafeteria offering Quantity Quality and variety every Day of the in All american team the 6th annual family weekly College All american football team will be unveiled today in the special Magazine Section. It s Nice to know who to be watching this weekly the incentive of Prive ownership is far More powerful than the sentimental thrust of Labouring for the Good of a Leonard e. Reed your Freedom newspaper 105th year Springs sunday August 22 1976 15c daily 35c sunday thirteen sections 144 Page Summit sees danger of War in Korea first televised debate Between Ford and Carter May be held in St. Louis report furnished by National weather service at Peterson Field by Jorn Barbour sating a associated press writer of four if the league of women Vot says a we. Petition with a target the leagues steering com-1 tween the two major party vice a i Ford and president to meet in Public de Ance speech also accepted the again no Structure has been a variable 5-15 Mph except Gusty american officers. Ers has its Way the first tonally televised debate be-1 Ziajor tween president Ford Democrat Jimmy Carter will hate on the he tuesday Ixia is the people urge party candidate Pikus Peak Region Clear to partly Cloudy through monday with isolated afternoon re and evening showers and Thun and have de showers. Highs today and zone during cutting of the 40 North koreans million signatures it Mittee. He has not however presidential candidates. Accepted the leagues auspices publican Robert Dole the yet. Democrat Walter Mondale president Ford in his accept agreed to a debate though tonight in the mid-50s. Winds a which North koreans killed two Village of Panmunjom. A . Helicopter intruded military Power in Korea Seoul. South Korea apr mated posthumously from Cap away backed up by five True the United states staged a Tarn to major. Loads of soldiers and a Helicon demonstration of military pow in the operation an Armada ter All a creating a terrible War or in and around Korea on sat-0f warplanes and troops was atmosphere a the broadcast urday at the same time As Allied forces felled a tree that poised near the demilitarized i said. Monday mid to upper-80s. Low was the Center of the dispute in f00t Poplar at the Neutral truce Agency charged Central news that one . For sept. 28. In St. Country issues facing the idea of a National debate but did not specify who should or ranged. So farms. Lampl says Abs near the showers. The league hoped that its be Ranize it. The league Hopes to and Abc have agreed to cover they be been pressing for a tit ions would be in by labor meet tonally televised debates be Day but it now looks As if the near tween the two major candidates Long before those candidates i pled that. With Ford people in the future is. Lampl who the title by preference. The leagues executive director Peggy Lampl were chosen. The leagues Board of directors made the debates a target at the annual league also embarked on convention in May and league Vional Public relations delegates met the proposal bal in May to convince the presidency. It has proposed the Jeral league sponsored debates Between the candidates. The leagues debate steering committee is co chaired by Charles f. Walker a former in temperate rest at Gazi i the i i i. I go a i la yesterday s hourly of in erasures to candidates have Preem uses said. The league would like to see said the three presidential debates one Jde Secretary of the Treasury a a each on Domestic issues for and an economist Newton n. Cam reign policy and the role of the Minow former head of the fed 12 Midnight 62 62 to . . Am. A in. A in. Am. . Am. A in. . . To 58 hoho fir it 74 7> i for noon 1 pm. 2 . La . 4 . 5 . 6 . 7 . 8 pm 9 . Their president Ruth Closen of j candidates they should debate weeks of oct. La and Green Bay wis., with lug ovation. The league is currently circus a stand Carter accepted the idea in final two. Principle More than a week it Iago and has named his press Posa aide Jody Powell to work with Bate 15 for the Sion and is also Eon Diering a pro for another televised de the week of oct. 18 be communications commis now a lawyer Rita e. Hauser Delegate to the United now in Law practice York. 16.7 16.7 15.5 15 15.5 14.4 15.5 15.5 18.3 23.3 25.5 27.2 24 hours ended 83 Navy task Force steamed to president Ford personally a Ward Korea. Proved a the plan to go in there and Cut the tree Down a a White Twenty six ships of the helicopter gun kind used in the into North korean air space along the Doz on saturday a committing espionage and a hostile a broadcast of the report. 85 29 4icolo., where Ford is 35 29 4 85 29.4 he 31.1 8-8 25 5jscowcroft who is keeping the president abreast of i purity Agency director Brent a. 74 23.3 maximum . Yesterday or 31.1 in Chicago minimum for 24 hours ended i at 9 . Yesterday 58 14 4 nation Al. Wea ukr service Peterson Al Kei maximum fur 24 hours ended at 9 . Yesterday 88 31.1 minimum for 24 hours ended at 9 . Yesterday 57 13.9 wind velocity at 9 . A Calm. Wind direction at 9 . A former nations in new House press Secretary Bon Vietnam War backed by an un-1 monitored in Tokyo did not Nessen said saturday at Vail. Specified number of f4 Phan specify what the a hostile act vacation Tom an j pm Jet fighters and was but it said it was a linked my. With Ford is National be three b52 bombers from Guam with the provocations that the circled overhead while a a Quick United states a is conducting reaction Force of 300, and without setup in the joint secur the Situ South korean soldiers protected Ity the tree cutting Allied military in sources said. North korean soldiers at the both carrying the bodies of the two i scene limited their response Toland slain american officers arrived shooting photographs hut their the amid a Brief solemn ceremony government accused the United Midway and its 75 warplanes. As the plane returning their states of a grave military pro four frigates and a guided mis 26-Man vocation. Sile Cruiser were in route from nation. At Travis air Force base California Flag draped caskets the 151-mile-Long quiet elsewhere but sides were Washington Doz was armies on on the Alert sources said 51.000-ton aircraft Carrier amusements. 12-14e astrological forecast.78 builders news. Us business financial. 1-5f classified. 5f-11g dear Abby. 2e or. Brothers. 2e editorial. 2d lifestyle. 1-10e Maverick. 5b Raj Mal activities. 4a sports. 1-10c to log. 12c vital statistics. 4a weather map. 4a today a Gazette Telegraph consists of 8 main sections 92 pages plus 8 pages of color comics and a 20 Page Magazine Section plus an 8 Page target insert and two 8 Page aids inserts. Of your paper is not Complete please Call 632 551 1, ext. 316 Between 5 30 amp 7 30 . Weekdays 7 30 amp. 12 00 am. Saturday a sunday Canon City 275-2772. Secret plan is aimed to distribute Hughes estate same sort of secrecy that sur rounded Hughes for most of his life. In most states autopsy re attorneys for the late Howard ports Are open to the Public and arrived at a Robard Hughes have put Ogeth even where they Are not they rom Mexico. A secret agreement Between Are routinely made available to by Donald l. Bartlett and James b. Steele in 1976, the Philadelphia inquirer have disclosed whether there was any criminal neglect involved in the death of Hughes who weighed 94 pounds when he Houston Hospital or a secret agreement Dei Ween Are routinely made available in such opposing factions of the Hughes a w enforcement authorities have family to distribute the Hughes but to Date Hughes attorneys Hughes an autopsy also could determined a tether had been mentally in a fixed percentage to have successfully blocked efforts by the Texas attorney estate on 19 heirs. In addition they Are attempting to keep secret from Law enforcement authorities the autopsy report of the billionaire reel competent for any length time. If he had been the of general a office to examine the would be far leaching Legal Hughes report. The importance of the autopsy a which was made by use who died april 5 aboard an Vale pathologist at the family Sailplane in route from Acapulco request rather than by the plications both in rial for aides what a Pri his business affair thus the sea int. Ii and Corni i carried out m his name. Of the Auto it Houston. In both instances he Atte-1 it Ltd a a a o k is shrouded in the Houston medical examiner is s two fold. A thorough autopsy might like the secret agreement splitting up the Hughes estate it a amicable terms could turn to Page 4a column 4 ret. Hum. At 9 . 42 per cent sea level press. At 9 . 30.25 rising i precis. For 24 hrs ended at 9 . 0 i precipitation for current month 5 28 Normal pre rip. For current month 2 .18 i 1 precipitation so tar i this year 14.39 ? Sunset tonight at 7 44 pm. Sunrise tomorrow at 6 19 a in. Colorado tempera i of s i i Hilo Hilo 1 Alani a 43 la Junta 97 631 Eagle 87 41 i clonal 96 is. It. Collins 91 52 Leadville i 31 la Cir. A ctn. 94 h2 Pueblo 9 i Gunnison i 36 Trinidad 87 59 j the weather elsewhere Hihi Amoc Tatad pkg is Hilo Hilo i i Albany Mihi Kansas club 91 Albu que 85 h3 Las vegas 102 711 Amarillo 87 62 Lillie Hock hoho Anchorage he 47 l3>x Angeles 78 63 i j ashes ill 77 h2 Louisville tilt a i Atlanta 79 to Marquette 91 h4 i Birmingham 8h h3 Memphis 91 67 Bismarck 1 8 Miami 87 78 i Boise so 58 Milwaukee 85 6 Boston 87 m Pix St p 92 67 Brownsville 90 new Orleans 89 69 bul i a to 82 62 new York 87 he Charleston Al 59 okla City 62 Charlotte 71 63 Omaha 91 i Chicago 87 65 Orlando 88 Cincinnati 83 Phi Lamphia 84 4 21 Cleveland 15 56. Phoenix 1 8 he Denver is Pittsburgh 79 51 i Des Moines h3 p i land me. I so i Detroit 89 Poland Ore 73 i Duluth 89 70 rapid City too 65 Fairbanks til Richmond 87. Hiet wort h St Louis 87 63 Green Hay he 58 Salt i Ake 91 62 Helena san Diego 79 70 Honolulu 93 74 san fran 79 60 j Houston 91 74 Seattle 72 56 ind Polik Spokane 75 53 Macksville 75 Tampa 87 Juneau Washington �?�3 60 i a Pyongyang broadcast Japan to Korea. In Pentagon full stressed that that 300 troops americans a in the de separa officials have the military moves including earlier reinforcement of Jet fighter units in of Ting North and South Korea and South Korea did not fore be not Only Cut Down the tree but i Shadow military retaliation for bodies touched Down Honor guard saluted. The bodies were taken to the i charged a. Army mortuary in Oak eluding and. Calif. Col. Erroll Irving combat entered a Avis information officer said militarized zone Doz maj. Arthur bonifas 33, Newburgh n.y., would flown to West Point n y. For also destroyed North korean the killings last wednesday but burial and 1st la Mark t. Bar guard posts and smashed bar were aimed at discouraging left 25, to his Hometown of co Viers. Another 4<>0 Allied troops possible North korean military null Umbria so. Bonifas was pro took combat positions 400 Yards turn to Page 4a column 4 Corporal says he filmed killing of Tho officers Gladstone 111. Apr an army Corporal from Illinois has Border patrol in the Panmunjom truce area wednesday told his parents he filmed the morning. Incident in which two american officers were killed in dispute in Korea last Day. He and several guards were a Border in a three Story Pagoda nearby wednes and had camera equipment parts of the film were shown on american television Friday night. Grays father Robert said saturday his son has since been Gray said he saw the incident removed from the demilitarized in ends Rura a Telephone Call to his Par develop and recorded it with a zone and sent Hack to Seoul Cpl. Timothy Gray of movie camera equipped with a where he is awaiting reas 1 Gladstone said he was on telephoto Lens. Sigment. Captivated a Christopher Smith age 5, watches puppets at the Citadel in wide eyed wonder. At such times it s hard to decide which is More important a an ice Cream Cone or fantasy coming to life on a Small stage in the form of Alad Din left the Heiken puppets presented the favorite fairy tales Friday and saturday and will again today at noon i ., 2 . And 3 . At the Citadel giving the children the magical experience of make believe fantasy and. May break out any time nonaligned nations w Arn Colombo sri Lanka apr the nonaligned Summit conference said in its final political report saturday that War May break out at any moment in Korea and that the United states should give up the Panama canal. The chapter on Korea did not mention the killing of two american army officers by North koreans at Panmunjom but referred to North korean statements denouncing the United states during the four Day 85-nation conference which ended Friday. A the conference expressed deep concern Over the grave situation in Korea created by the imperialists a situation in which a War May break out at any moment a the declaration said. A the conference strongly demanded that the imperialists immediately Stop their Maneu vers to provoke War and re move nuclear weapons Mill the closure of foreign military bases for the termination of the United nations command and for the replacement of the korean military armistice agreement by a durable peace in the latin american chapter of the document which was adopted by consensus without a vote the third world leaders said Panama should be Given total control Over the Panama canal. A the conference reaffirmed the support of the nonaligned countries for the panamanian control of the Panama canal and reiterated their firm support for All efforts that the re Public of Panama will make be the political declaration Alleg clouding a Section calling for an Oil embargo against France and Israel for Selling arms to South Africa and a Middle East Section urging More pressure on Israel in the United nations and possibly her eventual expulsion from the world body. The text of a separate Resolution on Korea approved by the Summit also backing South Korea was not issued with the final political declaration. Sources said it probably would be distributed next week. Diplomatic sources said 20 countries had submitted reservations about the Resolution which is believed to contain wording similar to that used in fore International forums in particular the United nations the latin american Section also called for the United states to give up its naval base at Guantanamo Cuba to end efforts to isolate Cuba economically and to a halt All political Gazette Telegraph of a into by John Morgan tary installations and All other Jar repressive Maneu vers that Means of War from South tend to perpetuate puerto Korea. Rico a colonial Quot the conference called Tor the final report contained the withdrawal of All foreign some chapters distributed or troops from South Korea for leaked to newsmen earlier in ing that South Korea had been converted into a military base for nuclear aggression. An economic Resolution issued earlier called for a new International economic order including a new monetary system. Curbs on International corporations and easier terms for repayment of third world debts. The conference also announced plans for third world countries to set up their own commercial Bank. . Continues its show of

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