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Colorado Springs Gazette Newspaper Archives Aug 20 1967, Page 1

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Colorado Springs Gazette Telegraph (Newspaper) - August 20, 1967, Colorado Springs, Colorado Quot of Ever the free institutions o America arc destroyed that event May be attributed to the omnipotence of the majority de to it que Ville Colorado Springsgazet-tfr4ei�@raph weather forecast Fikes Peak Region a generally fair through monday partly Cloudy afternoon and evening with a Light Chance of thundershowers mostly Southern mountains locally a Little warmer East sunday High sunday 85-95 at lower elevations 70s mountains. No. 30,872 -00th ear Bolh a Ami i i dial 032-lot x lok ado Springs Sini by m Gist 20. Loo 10c daily 20c Stit Nlay nine sections 124 pages state Solon asks for dividers in highways to Stop Headon crashes by Gordon g. Gauss to reduce Tho Impact to the in associated press writer Divi duals in the automobile by Denver i Aid a Colorado the car in an orderly state senator who studied traffic safety intensively last year called saturday for construction of median barriers on Multi Lane highways to prevent out of control cars from crashing Headon direction and reducing the possibility of its being bounced Back into the line of traffic which it left. A i realize that such safety devices Are expensive but it is my understanding that Matching into vehicles travelling in the of funds from the Federal govern polite direction. Ment Are available for the con the recommendation was Striction of median barriers on made by state sen. Anthony f. I the same basis As for other Vollack a Arvada in a letter Highway construction i know sent to chief Highway Engineer that your department is hard Charles e. Shumate. He said he pressed for Matching funds but realizes the construction will be i feel very strongly that Beauty expensive but added that the Ful four and six Lane highways Federal government will pay for High Speed traffic Are of not a part of the Cost. Value when there is no protect Vollack was chairman of a 8�n t the Highway users from bipartisan legislative commit tee set up last year to study j safety on the highways. Several of its recommendations were enacted by the legislature last Winter including the Controvert Sial implied consent Law the committee automatically ceased to exist when the legislative session opened. Vollack noted in his letter to Shumate that several fatal accidents have occurred As the re John Tumpson started out the suit of automobiles crossing the summer driving a cab to earn a median strip on divided High Little Money and wound up with Jet Volty Ststa 3 he 1 new Youk a. La rap ban. Who a had been set by . Direction Tumpson Sald Viday he s Brown jailed on a Federal Bun commissioner Earl n. Bishops cracked a Gas station Giveaway a Elm in run a the real crime is his being turn to Page 6a column 4 Law student cracks code on Giveaway game by Doug Bailey associated press writer Pittsburgh a. A Quick strike aimed. Viet hideout Saigon up a a us. Marine task Force whirled in by helicopter charged up Jungle covered Mountain slopes saturday in a lightning strike Headquarters hideout of a Beld packs canteens and am nor a via Namow i Viskov marines chasing Cong from holes with Gas Brig. Gen. Foster c. Lahue the task Force commander a a a by the ground War Jay had a destroy Vietnam Here a it May look like Vietnam but this action is thousands of Miles away from that War torn area. This action took place last week at the air Force Academy. It is part of the Basic Cadet program in which dollies Are taught the basics of the military and to have Confidence in themselves. The full Story and pictures will be found on the first Page of the second Section of today s Gazette Telegraph. Gazette Telegraph photo by Robert i. Ohman. Saigon apr four Viet munition for a communist As Cong suspects emerged alive a a if from a Tunnel in the Hills 27,. ,. Miles Southwest of Danang highlights of other develop hoped to overrun the command saturday because . Marines Nientsu Post of the North vietnamese used riot control Gas rather than a a s. Pilots flew a near division before High ranking More deadly weapons in one of record 1hb multilane missions up Mun St offers the minor actions that now Topi Tho rom Tiv Ovna Nhoh nce escape or f lid a in the Etc moly expanded valuable documents. Air War against North Vietnam it the explosion of a grenade this was second Only to thei the area was 30 Miles South of bearing chemicals that induce record of 197 missions set aug. ? an tears and nausea caused three 3 communist Supply lines were Iasi men and a woman to crawl out he prime targets of their hiding place after they a a periodic updating of the Leatherneck strike was had Spur nod orders from Icath-1 aircraft losses in the War the port of a determined Allied Enecks of the 5th Marine regi command said 2.573 planes drive to break the Back of what ment to surrender. My helicopters had been de appears to be a new communist associated press photograph strayed from All causes. Planes Campaign to capture the norther Rick Merron. Who was on the downed in combat Over North porn provinces with thrusts South scene said a search of the Tun-1 Vietnam totalled 647, Over South from the demilitarized 01 and some to Miles from the South China lawyer for Brown says High Bond is political he said he is pleased to not game hut can t get paid for a a that median dividers have been cards he Arp my saturday Over installed on some of the newer charge was held in $25.ooo bail rap Brown and a militant Black the protests of Man if America. Said miam wounded is and East from Laos in support of North vietnamese and Viet Cong troops already in the area. Sporadic sniper fire hampered the Marine drive in its Early hours. Lahue said he believed that at least 2,000 communist troops were lurking in the Jungles. One helicopter was shot Fairbanks. Alaska up 1 the River still remained above Down by machine gun fire a thousands of refugees sloshed flood stage dropping at a rate a Short distance South of the Back to their Homes saturday of Only a half Inch an hour but new Marine sweep . Para a Buret from his As massive recovery efforts City and state leaders went troops from the 101st airborne wounded cop fights Back kills attacker san Antonio Tex a Nel by masked marines yielded turn to Page 6a,column 31 Fairbanks begins Job of cleaning after flood Esso stations in Pittsburgh his lawyer who said the militant Kunstler Brown s attorney own pistol a san Antonio police began five Days after n it Odra ahead with a full scale clean up fought their Way out of an Quot Tzana 0pm their Giveaway negro i is is no e Case Meh had customers scratching prisoner of our new or our thu 1 �?o1 a was a with most existing High Speed Little cards to uncover Heads and tails. Political Brown was charged with Man shot and killed a negro ters from the marrying a semiautomatic car i Man after a Melee on the City s covered the cily flight from ea8t 8d<. Early saturday. Rayford Lee 26, of san Anto Chena Tiger Brown chairman of the Stu Bine on an airline Dent nonviolent coordinating new Orleans to new York while a median dividers Are designed s. Parent firm Humble committee was arrested at 2 under indictment a violation of. I Oil and refining co said a m outside a friends manhat the Federal firearms act Pun nl0, was foully wounded by a Only to Stop the vehicle in Mung Lusala a a oui siae a Inena s Mannai the Federal firearms a crossing the Media Tumpson had nothing to do wit Jan apartment and put in the Shable by up to five it not from Vollack said a but also the halt in the game animal entries set hew Mark at fair opener years in Shotgun blast fired by police Federal House of detention jail and a $2,000 Fine. He is in Man tack e Wea fir Weaver students his lawyer applied to a Feder Der indictment in Maryland on and fellow patrolman meanwhile Law Tumpson 25. Carries a Brief Jal judge for reduction of the inciting to riot Case bulging with 3.000 cards he Park service told to trap wild grizzlies Helena. Mont a when arrested. Brown was Charles Jakeman were at backed by about eight negro says Are winners he s trying to i find someone to Send them in he says the company won t redeem the cards for him Tumpson is keeping his secret to himself Pueblo. Colo. Up a the a there Are certain Basic Laws 95th annual Colorado state fair of physics and chemistry a he and Industrial exposition com says a i use a principle that any National Park service was and turn to Page 6a.column 2 plated its first full Day Satur nigh school student could use. Vise saturday it should trap Day with a record number of and. In fact a 13-year-old boy marauding grizzly bears alive animal entries. As Een helping me instead of shooting them on first a limited amount of judging the game started in Pitts offence of Fine arts baked goods Field Burgh five weeks ago to meet t. A pro a. Man crops Needle work and Honcut the Competition from other Gas. A Jan Fth Tore began wednesday hut sat turn to Page 2 urday was the first Day for the., ,. Men after the officers stopped not armed but Federal agents negro women for a traffic said they later searched the r women ror a Ramc father admits slaying family burning House River Campaign a fall things Are going today a said Pat Ryan special assistant to gov Walter Nickel a a the recovery process began and is going ahead full heavy equipment rolled into the City to begin the hurried j repair and clean up with the Start of Central alaskans Early up a a Winter Only six weeks away. Ambush Laid by part of the North vietnamese regiment they believe they have boxed in. Six americans died and 15 were wounded bit Ore the ambushed platoon of less than 40 men managed to fight free another paratroop unit in the area killed 30 North vietnamese Yum to fag it apartment with a warrant and found a gun in a plastic bag with a a a banana clip of 31 bullets. A carbine is a Light Short bar the Reed. Rifle Denver la fir v rot est rally draws 2.>0 at violation Lee was dead on Arriva Robert Green Hospital. Both officers were beaten and kicked before the wounded Weaver fought his Way to the Denver id Tana Idaho and Wyoming should change their Laws on Hunting the big bears its authors also took Park service hear manage me practices especially delegation there were no serious Inci-1 police searched for a of authority to Deal with Nui dents reported although some is a a roman who fled the scene Mackinac Island Mich sane hears. They pointed to the hecklers were present. The Jakeman it pistol it was l apr gov George Romney. Cod or m re cooperation primary speaker expected for not known if he was wounded St. Cloud Minn. Former army helicopter Pilot the governor and mayor h. A has admitted shooting his wife Boucher coordinated recovery and setting the fire in which his efforts with Federal officials four children perished but he under a presidential insisted the deaths of the disaster declaration children were accidental a about 4.000 of those evacuated thormities said saturday durin he flood returned home., Farmer David Hoskins. 30. De spill of Cial warnings to wait Parol car and got the Shotgun. So d statement admitting a Ltd buildings were inspected f a Weaver As saying report of being lied up and they inure he Musty and he flied once with the Shotgun so t by five or six intruders pungent smell of mildew filling a the Rush of humanity to Call after Lee began shooting with who it wanted t0 a the Damp dwellings River Silt fornia eased a bit in the last the pistol one of the two attack j 0ax sheriff Peter la or and debris covering everything year but the nation s most pop ers look from the police offi plaster and Wallboard Crum Ulous state still grew by nearly it. La la or Lahr said hoskins1 statement and carpets a 400,000 residents to an estimate Lee s to by was found some 50 big Rush to California slowing Down by Bill stall associated pre writer Sacramento Calif a told of shooting hts wife mess. Cd 19,535,000. A crowd of it Ards from the scene o f theto0 the water ravaged Homes the midyear estimate by Romney plans speaking tour about 250 people gathered at the shooting. A pistol was found in a. Hooting himself fleeced the k a slap at state Capitol in Denver Satur de Neath the body four spent j. A a Ith 1b.000 person management Day to attend a peace rally shells the Cylinder l til rising Waters such Large events As horse racing exhibits the carnival horse show free entertainment in the ban Shell and the a cattle Call Quot pageant at the grandstand. The fair ends next sunday among the record animal in apr gov George Romney. Need or More. Tries were beef 789, up 300 one 0f the top contenders for the amon8 and Federal Agen the rally the Rev James Rev Weaver was shot in the thigh from 1966. Hogs 789. Up 363 i a Republican presidential concerned with Bear Man a was absent. Bevel director-�0 officers suffered in poultry 600. Up 200. And sheep nomination will begin at the gement. Of the National mobilization Junt a police quoted Wilo esses 567. Up 125 end 0f this month a series of these recommendations Are against the War became ill Assa it ing som it six or eight men j about 1,200 rabbits had to be speaking engagements taking the product of eight years of re Friday in Atlanta and was flown plan scuff nos with the a rejected from the Rabbit show him t0 15 Stales by the end of search conducted in Yellowstone to new York City for treatment. Tin men who were said to have because of Lack of room in throbbed authoritative sources National Park by or. John j Corky Gonzales of Denver the in kicked and Stom a to fore said saturday night. Craighead and Frank c Craig Leader of the Colorado crusade a it r 80 is s 1 in Between the engagements head or for Justice was among t h e Romney is expected to make a John Craighead a professor speakers attacking the War. I tour of Europe to meet Heads of at the University of Montana Gonzales was expected to restate and bring himself up to Heads the Montana cooperative turn to new Mexico saturday Date on european matters in wildlife research unit. Frank evening where he is now run solving the United states. Craighead represents the Enning a Spanish american or new York apr a trans 12 Midnight is noon 76 the series of engagements Viro mental research Institute a animation. Gonzales Drew a few orld airlines Jet that lost one of them to boost Gap and is a professor at state uni Boos from the crowd but t h e is wheels on Takeoff at Shan i Ziretta 29, with a .22 Caliper j. Haste with which state experts put California at sons Fol before the roughly the same population As i the Holt action weapon my in the mire nation of Yugoslavia and Quot after wounding himself with a search for stranded flood state finance department a a a death weapon and netting Var a Quot is a Sld Mwai do scr a Al Al i piloted today that Call. A. I. A i t l. J w a a a a. A him i la r ill _ a a 11 it i a i lilt i1 the fire he tied himself to an turn to Pape a column 6 Index and water filled Homes in the forma will pass the 20 million downtown area of Fairbanks Point in about one year. Was Cross depressing a worker e m said Siee the weather let wed by l6e u i Weott la two fat Oraon tots i time a 11 res at a a Kate Lelec Kain a Jet liner lands on foam in new York 7 a in. La a. In. A in 51 noon 50 i p. In. 49 2 p. In 47 3 p. In 41 4 p. In. 4s 3 p. In. Ii i. P. In 49 7 p. In 54 pm 62 9 p. In h7 id p. In. 73 la p. In. Ney has confined his speaking Ousby injured the male compan and several other local anti War turn to Page 3 turn to Page 6a,column 1 leaders. Plight 877. 79 Many r. So candidates and raise funds for varsity of new York in Albany Force of 15 police on foot and n n Ireland landed safely at 7b the party Mark renewed vigor the report was released six several on motorcycles kept the Kennedy Airport Friday with 126 by on Romney a part in his appear Days after two grizzly bears crowd orderly. Passengers and a Crew of nine. 6 ent quest for the nomination. Fatally mauled two girls in Gla other speakers who denounced the four engine Boeing 707 maximum for 24 hour ended at n pm except for a tour of five West Der National Park 400 Miles the War included Colorado state touched Down at i 55 . On a p Muu Nam for "4 hour ended at u Orn states last february rom North of Yellowstone a no Geri University professor Paul Bates runway coated with foam p. In yesterday,47._ Ney has lined his speaking Ousby injured the Toale compan and several other local anti War it was trans world airlines la p. M. Is in. Weather Sereal data be i or on held maximum for 24 hour ended at la p in yesterday. 2. Minimum for 24 hours ended at la j p in yesterday. 49 wind velocity at la p. In. To mile per hour. Wind direction at la p. In. N relative humidity at la p. Rn., m per cent. Sea level pressure at la p. Rn., 30.23 and steady. Precipitation for 24 hours ended is ii porn. Yesterday. 0. Precipitation for current month. 1.56. Normal precipitation for current month. 116. Precipitation so far this year 14.41. Sunset tonight 7.47 p. In. Sunrise tomorrow 6 1 a. In. Amusements 8 9c astrological forecast 3c business financial. 1 6e classified. 1-9e Oate line. 7c dear Abby. 2c editorial. 9d Heloise. He local new. 1b news Brief. 6a radio a. To log so society. 1-12g sports.1-6d vital statistic. 6a weather map. 6a today Gazette Telegraph consists of 9 main sections 92 pages plus 16 pages of color comic and a 16 Page Magazine Section if your paper is not Complete please Call 632-4641. Arab terrorists kill 3 in Aden red earlier forecasts projected Hie population to 20 million by next january but the rate of in turn to Page Ftp vow overthrow of White groups critics Back off War Challenge to lbs the weather elsewhere by the associated press aids no Vixen Guerque allans Bismarck Boston Buffalo Chicago Cincinnati Cle pc land Denver Des mollies Detroit Fairbanks port Worth Helena Honolulu Indianapolis Jacksonville Juneau Kansas City i Jot Angeles pm my Aden up a Royal air Force sergeant and two airmen were shot and killed by Arab terrorists in separate attacks Lusaka. Zambia up a saturday. Outlawed rhodesian and South the sergeant was filling his african nationalist parties sat car at a Gas station in Adens urday announced formation of residential Maala District when a Quot military Alliance Quot pledged to he was shot at Pointblank overthrow the White govern Range the terrorist got away orients in their homelands with an hour later two airmen guerrilla Type violence apparently unaware of the spokesman for the Zimbabwe earlier attack were filling their african Peoples Union Zap car at a nearby station when of Rhodesia and the african they were gunned Down. One National Congress Anc of died immediately the other in a South Africa announced their Hospital later. Forces were using arms supplied by communist countries but were prepared to use weapons from the East or the spokesmen declined to confirm Leports their forces had been trained in Algeria where guerrilla tactics won ind Epen what we Are doing a but he has Dence from France in a seven time of War. Cited it several times As indicate and a half year War a it is one thing to have a ing Congress supported his poli the joint Zap ant an mandate renewed and another Des. J claimed their three foreign relations comfy res had cd 86 Security by Jack Bell j this was a reference to the terminate it by a Resolution a would be politically feasible or support of the president in a and Robert t. Gray so called Gulf of Tonkin resold proved by both houses and not not a Fulbright said. He ques associated press writers tion adopted aug. 7, 1964 with requiring a presidential Signa toned whether there would be Washington apr sen Only two dissenting votes those Turey Johnson said Public support for such a step ate critics indicate avoid of Sens. Wayne Morse Dore. A a the machinery is there any Fulbright has contended the to repudiate the policies of the _. Mi�?~sh7um Memphis Quot a a Ali accepting president Johnson a and Ernest Gruening Dalaska time Congress decides to with Resolution passed during what president a Javit said. A i think Mittee members said in sep troops in neighbouring Rhodesia is 67 Montreal 2 a Challenge for Congress to try to the Resolution put Congress draw its views on the he says was the emotional read his policies Are vulnerable be Arate interviews Congress had where officials have said a a 99 67 not comm 90 to rescind a 1964 Resolution he on record As approving and sup chairman j. W. Fulbright. Tion to a communist attack on cause they Are out of Date a not envisioned a major War of Jor sweep is under Way against in Kokitas or cites As an endorsement of his porting a the determination of d-ark., of the Senate foreign ships in the Gulf of Tonkin. A the Gulf of Tonkin resold fort when it approved the 1964 nationalist terror squads Bess 65 Phil Delphi w 74 Vietnam War actions. The president As commander in relations committee who said did not authorize Large scale tion is obsolescent. I think the Resolution but added they saw lived fighting their Way so a pms. A m Johnson told a nationally Tele chief to take All necessary he did t know in 1964�?~�?~what we War in Asia sen Jacob k president would get More a no Point in rescinding it. Through to South Africa. 72 53 up a nil. My. 75 63 ptland., Oro. 64 is rapid City is 70 Richmond. 94 69 a a. A a. Is 77 Sallie City is 61 Bority to conduct the conflict. United states and to prevent tion said he does no to really know ask Congress for a fresh Raan tons a he added. A is a he said if Congress wants to further aggression in Vietnam Whetter he might try to rescind Date on Vietnam policy said it Johnson said the 1964 resold Sens Eugene Mccarthy d so a Sastic m m withdraw its support a a the a since the Resolution carried a it would he inconceivable that tion was not really necessary to Minn., George Aiken r-vt., and and four wounded in week Long is 73 Lviv i Ruhi a i 73 is there a provision that Congress could a i done to know whether it Congress would withdraw its authorize a a what we did and John Sherman Cooperr by. Clashes with the terrorists m 0 \ v m Vised White House news Confer measures to repel any armed were getting into and apolo javits r n y., who has for Hority than he has if he asked All doubted there would be c a a ence Friday be has ample an attack against the forces of the sized for sponsoring the resold months been urging Johnson to for a fresh review of Bis a any significant move to do so. Expressing this View were in the rhodesian capital of Salisbury official announcements claimed two rhodesian Security men had been killed

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