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Colorado Springs Gazette Newspaper Archives Apr 21 1974, Page 1

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Colorado Springs Gazette Telegraph (Newspaper) - April 21, 1974, Colorado Springs, Colorado Your Freedom newspaper the lesson Lins Hern i earn a everywhere that since Voles give pm Vrr the supreme Art of politics is getting voters to the polls. And that is the concern of organisation and a Bertrand de j our Encl in news sports lifestyle business no. .�?~53,031. 103rd ear both a and i Picolo to Springs Simla \ pm ii. 21. 1071 i or daily Lac Sundt in eleven Section a 118 pages banker escapes from kidnappers by swimming in by Richard Carelli Hallandale Fla. A ranker Albert l. Dantzler said saturday ins reputation As a practical joker made him fear for his life after he was kidnapped and ordered to phone a Ransom demand to his Bank. A in a known As a practical joker a Dantzler said from his Hospital bed. A i was afraid they the Bank might have thought i was Dantzler 43. Spoke to newsmen at Broward general Hospital. Where he was admitted saturday morning after being found by police a wet and shaken in the front Yard of a beachfront Home. He said he was kidnapped from his Hallandale Home thursday night by two men who ordered him to phone officials at City National Bank with a $60,000 Ransom demand. Dantzler an assistant vice i president at the Bank said he phoned the Ransom demand to the Bank Friday morning after being taken to an unknown location. Lie said that after he was held for More than 24 hours his abductors took him out in a boat and he jumped into the Atlantic Ocean and swam for Shore. He said he decided to take his chances in the Ocean because he was convinced that i a they were going to kill Dantzler would not say How he reached that conclusion and would not elaborate on the details of his kidnapping saying the Fri had told him to talk i Only in general terms with i newsmen. A i never gave it much thought about being kidnapped a said Dantzler. A a Low Man in the pecking Dantzler said that following the kidnapping of a Bank president in nearby Hollywood last january his Boss jokingly told him a wed give them $5,000 to keep a fall through this thing i was afraid that was exactly what he Dantzler said. Fri officials and police held a seminar for Bank officials following the january Kidnap offering advice on How to foil abduction attempts and Dantzler said he attended the seminar. Police chief James r. Bongo said investigators a have treated this As a kidnapping since the first notice but now that or. Dantzler is Safe and sound we can begin the followup asked about chances of the abduction being a hoax Bongo said. A there is always that police said they found a note of a things to do on a desk in Dantzl cry a Home. One of the i things was a reminder to a get a asked about the hoax speculation. Dantzler said a i wish i they the police had been with me. I could have used some he said the a get a jobs note was from an old list. A i never throw away anything a he said. In i have a stack of papers on my desk and some Are a year or two while declining to be specific Dantzler. A scout Leader said two men abducted him from his Home shortly after la . Thursday As he sat watching television. In i a i in a re %9 Rose far w i is Quot in b Imi m in out inflation action declares by it. Gregory Nokes Washington a americans face a lot More inflation in the months ahead and the administration says it is helpless to do much about it. Administration economists Are virtually unanimous in predicting that the High annual rate of inflation a now More than to per cent will continue until mid year at least. And Edgar in Fiedler assistant Treasury Secretary for economic policy said a 5 per cent inflation rate once considered unacceptably High probably will continue for several years. These economists including Fiedler also say the administration can to do much More to help the inflation Wear consumer than it has been doing which is to follow a moderate restraint in spending and Money Supply policies. The problem As they see it is that there is not enough food. Fuel and other goods to meet demand and the problem won t be solved until production increases. Or demand Falls a neither of which will happen Over night. The problem for the consumer is that his Money is Worth less and so he buys less. He is growing poorer. No longer will americans have the wage and Price controls program As a Security Blanket. It is scheduled to expire after 2 a years on april 30, with few beyond director John t. Dunlop of the Cost of living Council hoping for a last minute reprieve. By most accounts lifting of controls will result in sharply higher prices in months ahead for health costs and steel. The higher Price of steel will filter Down through the Economy raising prices of virtually everything made of steel including autos and Home appliances. The government said last week that inflation As measured by the Gross National product Rose at a to 8 per cent annual rate in the first three months of 1974. At this rate the Dollar will be Worth nearly la cents less by the end of the year. It lost about 5 5 cents in value last car. Says was kidnapped mistaken for Hearst by Don Horine san Francisco a the Roommate of a Cousin % Patricia Hearst says he was kidnapped and held for three hours by three Black men who mistook him for William in Hearst ii. Police said saturday. The Roommate Van r. Bush 31, said he was kidnapped thursday morning As he left his apartment and was released after he convinced his abductors he was not Hearst. He was gagged and Blind folded but not harmed he told officers. Police inspector Ralph Brown i said Bush was hazy on key details. Including his abductors description and would be asked to take a lie Detector test. William in Hearst la is the son of the late John Randolph Hearst. A brother of Randolph a. Hearst. Randolph s daughter Patricia was dragged from her apartment feb. 4, and the terrorist sym ionese liberation army has claimed it kidnapped her. Bush said he convinced his i abductors that he was not1 Hearst by showing them his Drivers License. R a n d o i p h Hearst asked whether he knew anything about the kidnapping said a no i Don t really. As i understand it a Roommate of my nephews was grabbed for two or three hours. A when they found out be was t Billy they turned him added Hearst editor and president of the san Francisco examiner. Hearst was asked if he had talked to his Nephew a yes but he wont Tell me where he is at the moment Brown said Bush told police he was too scared to remember details of the kidnapping. He described his abductors Only As Black men. Randolph Hearst a who has five daughters including Patricia a also was asked whether his other children were receiving special Protection. A As v j Rawl travelling Medicine show a or. Cd Darwin Jurss and his wife. Shelsie sit in Railroad car that doubles As i heir Home and office in Flint. Mich. The doctor travels through the Midwest in he car and examines about 1,000 Railroad employees each year. A wire photo Revenue chief facing conflict of interest9 Van wants to muscle in on local government by John j. Sanko office told legislators in private he wants his aides said. The weekend working on it and in a j Denver up a gov. John talks that he will reject any land Senate measure leaves the confident we can come up with d. Vanderhoof in what aides use Bill that failed to give the whole Issue of land use up to something that s acceptable to regarded As his strongest show state a a muscle to take Over it local government the state can everyone lie said. Of executive Power since taking local governments Don t do the offer advice and Money but not although land use is the May Job. Much else. I Jor Issue still unsolved it Isnit a a j Vanderhoof a views were be the House version of land use the Only one. Other Bills which i Ile w eat Lier Hind his warning to legislators Cai s for creation of a state land i still must be completed include it of Poi runic hot i by weather that he would Call a special ses appeals Board which could step 3 veterans tuition waiver a Peterson Field Ision of Tho Colorado legislature int0 the pm court if and when to 01.3 billion appropriations Mea-1 Quot a Mui r i on cyst unless the House and Senate a government Falls Down on sure. A government Reform Bill j risks Akk parti came up with a new measure the Job it creating a new office of state Cloudy through monday. Lush today w hat suited Bim. Vanderhoof told Republican j planning and budgeting and to the Ltd m a 3j Ash Mooday the threat forced the closer j leadership he wants a land use Campaign Reform. Native Senate to agree for re Bill that will give the state despite the fact that those consideration next week of a some Power. He threatened the major Bills still Are unsettled Bill it approved last week. Sen a special session unless he got the legislature is pushing Forit actors claimed they wanted no what to wanted. Adjournment. Lawmakers Alrea-1 m repeat of 1973 when the general rep. Betty Ann Dittemore r by Are nearly three weeks be Elj i Assembly failed to reach agree Englewood one of the House Are Hind schedule after setting air it a a ment on land use. Chite cts of land use. Said a Spe-1 april i target Date for winding 1 former gov. John a. Love Cial legislative session could j up work. A was unwilling to bring the legis moan a a disaster for majority House speaker John Fuhr r 1 gators Back into session. Republicans at the polls. Aurora thou gift the legislature Iii Vanderhoof a who succeeded monday the Senate will con-1 should have finished up its work 391 love in office a said land use Sider the land use Bill and sen last week. Was his priority Issue and ate majority Leader Joe Schief a sen. Hugh Fowler a Littleton warned legislators to expect to Oclin a Lakewood said an at showed his disgust with the return to their desks if they tempt would be made to offer dragged out affair during a sen did no to pass a Bill he considered amendments acceptable to both ate Republican caucus Friday acceptable. The governor and Tho House. When he demanded a timetable the Senate Bill was not what a we re going to spend the be set to Complete the work. T amp k ii at i us it Gazi in i Denver a a device that is Able to Check the authenticity of Colorado Drivers licenses is being sold by a company owned by the wife of state Revenue director John in Hockers the Rocky Mountain news reported in a copyrighted Story sunday. The $69.95 device called a detection is used to determine whether Drivers licenses submitted to bar and restaurant operators for proof of age or for Check cashing purposes Are those issued by the state. According to the Denver newspaper Deckers As director of the Revenue department authorized the state last november to begin issuing a new Type of Drivers License that could Only be authenticated with the detection machines. Tom Kruse vice president of mrs. Heckers company clean air distributors said the company also plans to sell the machines to motels drug stores grocery stores and other retail outlets that need to verify Drivers License when customers ask to Cash checks. Kruse said that thus far none of the detection machines has been sold since the sales literature was mailed out Only last week. Deckers meanwhile denied saturday there was any conflict of interest Between his position As Revenue director and his wife a commercial interests. Deckers has admitted that he has played a role in the company but said it had been Only As a a technical adviser and not As a Salesman. Quot in my official capacity As state liquor licensing official a i Haven to visited any of these places bars and restaurants a flickers said. Heckers also said the work for the company was done a on my own time during lunch Breaks and after work. A i personally done to see any conflict of interest nor have i used this office to go out and solicit sales or put on any pressure a he said. Deckers confirmed that he has discussed the situation with governor John Vanderhoof. A i told him All about the situation and How my wife has been trying to get out of the business since last August a he said. Deckers said he told the governor hat both he and his wife Marian Felt the charges of conflict of interest were Deckers said that he Hasni to done anything that would justify his resigning. Saturday 12 Midnight. 1 . 2 . 2 . 4 . 0 . 6 . 7 . A . 9a.m. Loam. Ii . Maximum la . Minimum la . Saturday noon 1 . 2 . 2 . A i . 5 . 6 . 7 . 8 . La . 10 . 11 . Hours ended f 14 years in Asylum for crime he did t commit \ pesto Day for 26 hours yesterday i s. I m la or i in m Mai v cd Llison Miah i in my in Ter 21 hours ended St i . Be eld a a curium i \ it pm. Y a my \ Al Okilj a my direct j Riel at Ive Hun fica level and min precipitant la pm. Precipitant nor in a i month precipitate Sunset to Sunrise i 24 hours ended Al Gerdav 23 at la p.ir-4mules per or at la 1, northerly a try at 11 p no Uit Ith sure at la a . 29.68 w 74 hours ended at a Gerdav Al 1 current month 1.17 imitation Lur current 1 far his year at 7 41 . It a at 6 13 . 1.43 2.13 Alban Albi am in Anc roue v Ville it aria rim in he Avn Bismarck poise Boston Brownsville Buffalo Charleston Charlotte Cheaco Cincinnati Cleveland Hen or prs Moines Detroit Duluth Fairbanks foil Worth Green Bay Helena Honolulu Houston Lori Apolis lacks a die Ather elsewhere Iii to 63 23 Kansas City 73 a a Las vegas til s Little Bock 49 32 los Angeles 70 36 Louisville 78 51 Marquette la 49 Memphis 49 42 Miami 59 37 Milwaukee 111 to 72 co 30 78 m Pis St. R. 71 new Orleans 29 new York 57 Olla City 48 Omaha 46 Orlando 39 Philada phia 30 Phoenix a 35 Pittsburgh i ,.> 57 by Lind Ore is 30 petard me 53 33 rapid City 47 36 Richmond 73 87 St. Of his 67 23 Salt i Ake 55 13 san Diego s3 72 san Cran 75 68 Seattle 79 43 Spokane 79 47 Tampa 3d Vav Rushing on 70 70 screaming fans is red i in ligation Boulder Colo. Apr because the building will be Dation will go to the Board of the planning director for the built partly beneath the ground rents thursday when it meets University of Colorado has rec Yand jul have 13.000 scream in Colorado Springs flu m8 basketball fans it needs he said he is not opposed to commended that Solat heating Jess heating and More Sentila solar heating and another study not be installed in cuts planned is being conducted for a pro $7.5 million events building. Gov. John Vanderhoof said posed Library classroom build Gary Andrew said the solar last summer he wanted new ing at the Colorado Springs would Cost about state buildings built to use so Campus. He said he expects the report to show solar heating Recommen-1 would be feasible ther e. 73 82 51 66 55 78 49 63 33 of so equipment 36 $500,000 More than a con i a r heat. Iii vent Ion a i Healing system and Andrew said 14 a 61 59 58 38 50 his correction it was known. The Gazette Telegraph pub address is incorrect. 48 listed two incorrect addresses Given to the Gazette Telegraph Henry Westendorf another i in a Page one Story saturday on by assistant District attorney Man indicted by the grand jury % indictments handed Down by a he in Gentry. Does not presently live at 225 e. 43 special grand jury. The District attorneys office Brookside As was reported sat an the Story read that a Robert said saturday that the indicted urday. Gentry said that that ad-39 Newman one of those indicted. Newman is believed to be living dress was the one Westendorf is lives at ish n. Wood ave. The out of town. His address is in gave to the police. By Pat Leisner Daytona Beach Fla. Apr Jessie Daniels spent 14 years in a state mental Hospital for a crime authorities say he did not commit. Now he spends his Days peddling a Bike door to door begging for menial jobs and says he finds people reluctant to give him a break. A i go from place to place looking for jobs and when they find out i was in an insane Asylum they Tell me a we have no Index astrological forecast 11c builders news. 13e business financial. 1-5f classified. 8f-11g dear Abby. 9c editorial. 13e Heloise. 6c lifestyle. 1-11d local news. 1b news briefs6a sports. I -11 e vital statistics. 6a weather map. 6a today a Gazette Telegraph consists of 8 main sections 104 pages plus 8 pages of color comics and a 28 Page Magazine Section plus 8 Page target insert of your paper is not Complete please Call 632-4641. Work a says Daniels 35. Daniels spent his youth in a mental institution on a rape charge that the state eventually dropped rather than bring to trial. The Florida House last week voted Daniels $75,000 compensation for being a victimized by our Tho Bill now goes before the Senate. Since his release from the state Hospital at Chattahoochee some months ago Daniels has i managed to find a few part a time jobs As a dishwasher bus boy and Cooke a Helper. He lives alone and travels around this resort City on a Little Green bicycle. Although now a free Man Daniels says he cannot forget his ordeal. A to be locked up All those years was pure torture a he says. A i would sit and think about being outdoors fishing somewhere. I got so lonesome. A i thought to myself i would never get out that i was put there for the rest of my life. I m bitter. Its hard to forgive for what a happened. It Cost me 14 Long years and destroyed my teen age Daniels was 19 when the prosecutor and his court appointed counsel agreed to commit him without a trial. He was accused of the dec. 17, 1957 rape of a prominent Leesburg i Fla., woman who initially told police she was attacked by a i Black Man. Daniels is White. After More than �?~20 Blacks were interrogated Daniels was arrested. Several Days later Willis Mccall then Lake county sheriff announced that Daniels had signed a confession. Daniels says he did t know what the paper said and was held for four Days without seeing his family or an attorney. A i could t read Good and nobody read it to me. They told me it was none of my business. The next morning i signed. I was interest rate hike to Hurt Home sales Denver Ufi a Denver Sling to suffer the higher rates cent interest to borrow Money three major Banks will raise this Spring than they were a needed for Loans and that the their prime interest rate to io14 year ago hut a one half per current rate for Federal funds per cent monday executives cent increase would wipe out a borrowed from other Banks is said saturday and one said la big segment of the Market a he to 7s per cent. Hire increases might Cut into said a there seems to be a feeling the Home buying Market. The first National Bank of that some of this pressure will a there has been some psycho Denver United Bank and Colo ease this summer As pressures logical adjustment made in the ratio National All said they on companies inventories past year to higher mortgage would begin charging 10g Peri ease a he said. Quot there is some interest a said Chuck Hazelrigg cent prime interest rates to pre legitimate talk about a races vice president of the United Ferrod customers for Loans. Sion and a decline in sales. Bank of Denver. Haverigg said the reason was a if this begins to happen then a whom buyers Are More evil that it Cost Banks nearly to per the pressure will

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