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Clovis News Journal Newspaper Archives Sep 28 1970, Page 5

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Clovis News-Journal (Newspaper) - September 28, 1970, Clovis, New Mexico Nixon Mast deride Ato commitment Mil mid implements new regulations by it Leateth Washington up with to the next few president Niton must mate a crucial decision on the Flor to reduce the size of the troop commitment to the North Atlantic treaty organization its a Tough America s european allies Are exerting powerful pressures against any while a Strong woe in Congress is demanding significant vital to any decision is a Clear assessment of russian so american and european diplomats and military planners Are busily trying to figure out just what the russians Are up in recent weeks they have made what appear to be a number of moves aimed at relaxing tensions in search Fer he Nafea a twers none of the nato partners wants to do anything which might reverse this promising they face Between and Warsaw forces in the communist blocs equivalent renter Region East Poland and Czecho an approximately increase in from mid states pm most of the increase War i Mansfield and the Isa staff consider this so unlikely As to be unworthy of serious this faction also argues that the United states has borne a disproportionate share of nato nato was devised primarily a Tofts note this h fee first two deaf Ftp my motor veto Cle regulations Frich will go approved protective headgear and is designed to complement the existing regulation requiring All riders under the age of Tate effect m new Mexico to Wear crash h e 1 me t above that the decision is left to the in order for a helmet to be it must meet or exceed the Amer Sparcia the new journal the first Day of october will Sec 17 new motor vehicle regu lations put into effect in new the 17 Are part of group adopted by the state dem addition to the manufacture Ansi z90 specific Kiuru i invt it a Fzli i f f is to shield Western Europe from apartment of motor vehicle sleds represented by soviet forces i comr unjust threat the Vidov in late for the the helmet must moved into the Region at the f Fiir wan most the purposes of the have reflecting material attach of the czechoslovakian relations Are to clarify stated to each Side and cannot be moved into the Region at the time of the czechoslovakian but not have been the total also includes eight czechoslovakian divisions which could prove if dubious value to the Warsaw pact in event of War with the approximately half of the not concerned nations Are enough to Bear their fair share of the less help the United states finance its it is not up to the United states to continue to carry the it is difficult to fix the total already in effect rather altered in any material than to bring any sweeping changes to the new Mexico motorcyclists will find two new regulations of particular regulation 70 4 deals with standards for and the neck or Chin strap must be fastened whenever the motorcycle is in regulation 70 5 is intended to set standards for Eye protect nato total in the Center Region Cost of the share of but All Are closely for hidden for the russian features were a result of recognition of nato determination to maintain the status quo any unilateral no matter How could upset the Apple is provided by now numbering approximately most of which Are in West the soviet Union provides approximately on half of the Warsaw pact Long Range planners in the Isa argue that political conditions have changed drastically in the 20 years or so since the Force Levels were settled but stress that there have been no corresponding changes of poli on the other soviet Union is prepared to one Man said the present undertake a genuine easing of Foyn m fight tensions in moving from its new pact with West Germany to Mere Symbol a but far too Large to be a too european defense because of variable it May Range from billion which covers Only the expense of maintaining personnel in the operation of the sixth Fleet in the Mediterranean and maintenance of troop All the Way up to a maximum of to december the larger sum includes indirect logistic and administrative expenses for major procurement costs of general purpose forces maintained primarily for use in a european based support for All of the above and a proportion even More Eirons ate share of the estimated costs at the number the hinges in j of us troops stationed there part on a Basic estimate whether the soviet Union is i based support and the Likely to begin a conventional military Aid would become of Only secondary importance and have Little or no Impact on future military and con Gressional experts who Are attempting to solve the problem Are under pressure from two approaching deadlines the nato ministerial meeting at which Force Levels for the coming year Are to be announced and the Federal Many candidates in sheriff1 race by Raymond lamp and thrown on the Washington up they would prefer to which must be read is running for sheriff Pound on economic issues and for submission to Congress in in the political debate of blame the Nixon administration Republican National chairman Tor High prices Early january planners i Rogers Morton finds self and High interest in the Republican National but the experts Sre still at j appointed sheriffs among prone Odds on the Favorin Gjent democrats he says were committees weekly publication a continuation of the status quo formerly too tolerant of Morton pointed to for at least one More Vear is Ani Olence in Fulward Kennedy As a alignment which includes the1 Republican candidates this classic example of a prominent state department and the from senator on Are Democrat who was soft on Law chiefs of staff in the defense i running for said Adlai and order but who now has Stevenson democratic pinned on the sheriffs badge arguing for reductions Are nominee for senator in and become an election Csc International Security Agency they Are running against i Isa i planners in the Pentagon and communists and Morton also mentioned for and a sizeable bipartisan bloc Amer vice president Hubert in i Republican leaders Are now democratic Senate democratic Leader now that they have found what nominee for senator in Minne Mike Mansfield is mover and spokesman for the latter teems to be a cutting As another one who has they can blame the democrats suddenly seen the Light Kroup he first called in 1983for encouraging violence by a Stevenson argued during a for reducing strength attitude and can Washington visit sept 22 that nato unless the european Hope the Softon crime Issue the gop had decided do Rajjo partners met their own grou wiil overshadow eco no m i c Guery is Good politics this issues which appear to three years in the from Dadi Era he made a major speech j sheriff Pautke demanding substantial the democrats have troop reductions and introduced a Resolution demanding the return to the United states All the troops and dependents then living Ini plus an additional 10j per cent of the troops in to Bdl City police like West nato a Symbol proposal stirred furious opposition in Western Europe and among diplomats and military and mans Albuquerque policeman in Albuquerque May like his Job but Hes underpaid and Doest really believe the Community behind Field has never tried to press it j a crime Pori to the Kial Law enforcement and plan Nung commission Friday said the policeman in Albuquerque motivation to exists in Den told up his proposal stands i have been holding Back it to gee what the i i he Tion would do on their explained he added that conditions Are looking up for troop reductions because of the recent Russo Job German no aggression e and other indications that Germany is seeking an accommodation with the communist chairman William put Bright of the s e n a t e foreign relations committee would go even further than Mansfield has he recently described the troop contribution to nato As a and said be sees no reason for maintain ing More than american troops in Europe As a Token a buyers View peat the Isa to known As the pentagons mostly agree with Bis they feel the original Force Levels of nato were formulated during an Era when there was a very real possibility of soviet aggression in the forces never were Large enough to fight i Tan term but were intended Oaly to provide a holding while forces nato ctr liar it eur Peifei Hay live nato lit Tucson and Amarillo police the prepared by Albuquerque also pointed out deficiencies in the cites court system and District attorneys Daniel res lab said the report among other that police men on patrol be allowed to carry and areas of the City with nigh crime rates be flooded with Ahearne also said the report recommended a study on a pos sible metropolitan police composed of the existing police and sheriffs the combined Force would be under police commissioner picked by panel of the report said Albuquerque policemen wre As Well trained As those in Amarillo and Tuc son but that they lacked similar this motivation is apparent not since 1952 has there Bee been such a calculated political pandering to our our prejudices and our he in 1952 soft on communism was the political today its soft on in Stevenson was serving in the marines and his father was governor of Illinois and a candidate destined for defeat As the democratic 1 nominee for the Joseph re was a potent influence in the politics of he had spent two years stirring up fears among voters that care less policies of a democratic administration had permitted j communists to hold jobs in to his he was a i Landrun character what became known As mccarthyism was viewed As one but not the Only Factor in democratic losses in the 1950 congressional and 1952 presidential of and aids to the civilian to Tucson and am Anil in winning Community Ahearne Ahearne said salary Scales should he he said a Tucson police main with three Witk exp Trimm Polk Emma Rimm earned of my mom or Ayaji to vc4ers in qty aft am Al be ajar lot Flat make Tion already required for All Motot cycles pre Vious regulation states that a rider must me either a face goggles or safety Eye glasses if his motorcycle is not equipped with a either Eye Protection or a wind shield is but not windshields must meet Ansi specifications and f a c e goggles and safety glasses must meet Ansi i Contact lenses Are not considered adequate Eye a third number 79 also deals with motor cycles but does not go into effect until time for 1971 registry it sets up a separate classification of scoot ers and motor driven cycles whose engines produce less than five these machines May be Ridden by operators As Young As 13 and will have a separate License plate with a prefix letter there also will be an x sticker or decal to be attached to the steering head of the i regulations numbered 70 12 and 13 Deal with issuing operators or chauffeurs Licens the first specifies a 30day Grace period for new residents of new Mexico to re Register their vehicles and to obtain Dri vers the div has of ways observed this Grace period but it will now be number 7011 specifies the minimum age a person May of issued a learners permit As 15 eight this does not apply to students enrolled in an approved Driver training to w Drivers i chewing to take an Eye test and Lish a fetal act fruity of ii better Fri both eff for or without renewing their he this fro m see mid is see t wittau Santt Upton instant Tea Coffee nestles Quik i Steak glovers us a Good glom Steak glovers Coda Good Bone Steak Bacon Golden Corn 4tel1 Cream style or who Kernel velveeta cheese 2 Box 1 von 300 com Kraft Porky soft Leo 39 Orange juice Strawberry preserves von Camp sausage 300 con fruit cocktail Gold Medol flour pot pies sea Star fish Sticks Morton flavors Cream pies Shu fresh or bordens fresh produce extra fancy Leodous apples Hemet potatoes new crop Sweet potatoes cello carrots Zamalis Ellit jumbo 2h can 10 Job giant Box super suds paper towels toilet tissue jumbo Roll Northern via hair Spray la Witk Wack we of 17 pm Sci a at thru 3 Antifreeze a Mil Eric Iaal 9jw v 59 Murphys food store

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