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Clovis News Journal Newspaper Archives Sep 28 1970, Page 2

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Clovis News-Journal (Newspaper) - September 28, 1970, Clovis, New Mexico Tip cd flt j9w my Epe Mam Mil Obj Miv bomb we dear Abby i am French and after nine years in United states i am puzzled beyond description with Ameri can i dont understand nine years ago i married an american and i cannot go into details Here about what life was like with i wanted to any i just dont know where i went and neither does anybody else Ive been alone for five years with my age i am not 35 and have Given up on Ever meeting a Nice and your advice is the last i am going to seek from i am College fluent in three languages and i am a Nice i love to wait on a love to car for a i love i love to i Jove to and i love peo what is wrong with Abby How do i get to meet a Man t am going to to school even tried parents without and i meet Only women like Are in the last year i had two arranged by respect Able in both cases the men tried to Rush me into i am not lying to nobody wants a virtuous if i am please Tell me disillusioned dear disillusioned my Are wrong dont let two foe balls Pat Yon out of the Yea have a lot to if change year Scee take a Hanem Yoer to veh meter a a d ten Yew friends Yea Are still dear Abby please help i dont know if i am going crazy or a year ago i was standing in line at the super Market and suddenly i Felt that i just had to get out of there w i would scream or faint or i left my cart and ran out the i was so pm since that time i Haven been Able to go into a supermarket without my Hus i cant go into the Bank w into elevators alone now in making excuses so i wont have to go to parties or oat to i have a Nice Home and fam and i keep making excuses so i want have to go the crowds do not bother 1 just have the fear that i will panic dont Tell me its All in my i know the and it is very real and outside of this problem i am a Good wife and have you Ever heard of anyone else having this kind of problem god bless you for any help you can give no please dear no name Maey peo ple have had this and it is indeed a very real your fear the same panic is the if Yea knew Yea please talk to your he can recommend help far these fears will i Yea nest face them fencing on win peek Yea can do others god dear Abby i am Laid off right now but my wife is work 1 feel terrible about not being Able to bring in my share of the but theres Noth ing i can do about weve been married Only a year and have no my wife says she likes to unwind after so she and a coworker a Divorcee go to a cocktail lounge and accept a drink or two with strange she says there is no harm in it As she is being honest with i am not by nature a jealous but just the idea that she wants to unwind with a few drinks in the company of another Man makes me very in i am sure if the Circum stances were reversed she want me to buy drinks for strange girls and unwind with i would appreciate your View on troubled dear troubled veer wife has a bes Tess leg i a cocktail Kedge with strange whether Yore Wertag to bid a her company Fer a few is is Mckee to Gene thing 1 a what what the a guest Tell her Yea appreciate her bet need polls pointers by Polly Cramer dear Polly can make her Slipcover with worn cording look As Good As new if she will rip a length of the cording from an inconspicuous such As an inside Corner or across the lower part of the and remove the covering from this rip seams where Cord is worn and cover these threadbare sections with the fabric that was removed from the re stitch the seams that were it should take a Good second look to realize that it has been re dear Polly and i have repaired worn cording on upholstery Many times by getting thread As closely matched to the cording As possible and then whip stitching with it Over the worn place until they Are completely of it is easier if not delayed too Long and if done be fore the cording starts to come do it at the first sign of dear Polly when you do not have a Hanger with a cardboard cover across the lower bar and you want to hang a pair of just hang a mag Azine Over the Hanger and the Slacks across the Maga Zine would be draped Over the Rod so one half hangs on one Side and the other half Over the Nancy polls problem dear Polly one really Ancy altar Linen at our Church has a drop of Black Wax on i scraped off part of the Wax with a Small knife but was afraid to scrape too hard for fear i would damage the i have washed the piece in hot it cold water bleached it but he to hate Tor Eveitts dear Abby i am sick and tired of hearing widows com Plain because they Are called Jane Doe instead of the More John i am a widow and care less about what people Call me As Long As they Call lonesome in new bed whats Yew a Mem dealt fed Tetter if Fet it Ell Yew write to b Lea my Perse eel reply Carlete letter wifi Law cae he a pm a Hys h e e k i e to write letters far and seed to Bei Lee Calendar Extension club sets fall plans we my sacred heart Sluda from will monday from to in fhe schoo Library Hose seeking informal on May Call Clovis theatre group organi National meeting monday n at Emmanoel Luther an filth and stated meeting of the order of Eastern Star monday at at masonic the altar society will meet it sacred heart auditorium thursday at father chaplain of the the Forrest Extension c in Bon foil Thror september meeting Dorothy North wept re at the Forrest Job huge on ported the Tab had 15 thursday Witt Bob Morris at the recent the and mrs John As hos group discussed having a Home esses at the covered dish lunch products party As a fund rats Escar Burton r e a d ing event and chose 2 As Day and the Date for a garage Sale Roll Call As answered w i t h As scheduled to be held in the Quick meals 1 Home of Dorothy Doose in plans were made to entertain Clovis on it was an the Lesa club and everyone bounced that the crafts pro was assigned a dish to Gram would be hem at Hassell White me program was planned on with everyone act to show a Craft the Cha voted to order More Vanilla to i to the afternoon Morris and John Reagan gave a program on Interior decorating and tie dying and the morning hours had been spent in gourmet a num Ber of pamphlets were distributed on various fourteen members and three guests were Newman Center at will speak of the the Newman club in this ugly stain can someone Tell me How to remove this Wax stain without damaging the Linen newspaper eat Trerise to the mid of the Park this Young Sigrunn and son capture the brisk foil Sig lots the Comfort and practicality of her Midi coat and Matching when she removes the the pants look just right with a lean Turtleneck this is a Henry Hutman creation for miss the tit Hsc of much finals toe Holtse of u motto exclusive feature Sis were the mine when i Udall dial 7633451 owls first professional pharmacy celebrating our 90lh anniversary liter for Froe 25 celer to the be Given away a Toms paint 7633451 sauce cubes or dog mix the feature Cudahy cars i wheless fully cooked whole vegetables Bacon time Steak hum Steak 1 Kudo Steak Cikk roast Plain Chiu 69c prestone or 1 Gal plastic swifts Frozen swifts protein health a Lauty aids shave Cream or shampoo Petto Lebi Jelly Shurline 4te Ubbes fruit cocktail 2 i we Tomato 2i2se Shurline Early Harvest Mas 303 can is vegetable juice 4g can Ajax cleanser21 of punch detergent cans giant Box 39e tic Sweet White Duncan hikes 19 Fox Wilsons chopped 12 can hawaiian punch or hic fruit drinks i we Hunts Tomato sauced 10is1 soft of luncheon Hunts Catsup 3is1 napkins baggies Sandwich kleenex facial tissues berbers strained new crop a capt 2 r Freeh Crisp carrots new crop red or Golden delicious virus Dairy Case soft t Bon tent Maffe Lotti Grade a medium Frozen foods mexican or enchilada each aunt Jemima Complete Pancake mix 2 4fe Stanzius with this a Mdabu Cowon 1 can of thus Coteff preserves Apricot Cash value of la Tumenne 51 Highland met

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